accp updates in therapeutics 2018 pdf download
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Accp updates in therapeutics 2018 pdf download download epub free

Accp updates in therapeutics 2018 pdf download

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All-Access Pass Packages A total of The workbook includes: Chapters offering a comprehensive review of the full scope of Pharmacotherapy. Over patient cases with explained answers to enhance your case based learning. Over self-assessment questions with explained answers. Current and relevant references at the end of each chapter. Audio-synchronized slide presentations available online. View slide presentations and listen to faculty as they review each presentation, slide by slide. Downloadable mp3 audio files that can be put onto a portable listening device or burned onto an audio CD.

Downloadable mp4 video files. Faculty Deborah S. Bondi, Pharm. Bridgeman, Pharm. Burke, Pharm. Louis College of Pharmacy St. Louis, Missouri Jacintha S.

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Note: The authors and publisher of the Cardiology Pharmacy Preparatory Review Course recognize that the development of this material offers many opportunities for error.

Despite our very best efforts, some errors may persist into print. Drug dosage schedules are, we believe, accurate and in accordance with current standards. Readers are advised, however, to check other published sources to be certain that recommended dosages and contraindications are in agreement with those listed in this book.

This is especially important in new, infrequently used, or highly toxic drugs. To earn continuing pharmacy education credit for the home-study version of the Cardiology Pharmacy Preparatory Review Course, you must successfully complete and submit the web-based posttest associated with each activity within the course by October 31, Statements of continuing pharmacy education credit will be available at CPE Monitor within 2 3 business days after the successfully completed web-based posttest is submitted.

There is no intent or assurance that all of the knowledge on the examination will be covered in the ACCP process. BPS guidelines prohibit any overlap of individuals writing the examination and developing preparatory materials.

The program goals are as follows: 1. To present a high-quality, up-to-date overview of cardiovascular disease states and therapeutics; review cardiology pharmacy practice management techniques; and review biostatistical principles and literature evaluation methods relevant to cardiology pharmacy practice; 2.

To provide a framework to help attendees prepare for the specialty certification examination in cardiology pharmacy practice; and 3. To offer participants an effective learning experience using a case-based approach with a strong focus on the thought processes needed to solve patient care problems in each therapeutic area.

Baker, Pharm. Coons, Pharm. Dixon, Pharm. Baker, Craig Beavers, Dave L. Erin Allender, Barry E. Bleske, Jill S. Borchert, Katherine P. Cavallari, Judy Cheng, Adam B. Cochrane, James M. Curtis, William E. Dager, Anne Denham, Ian B. Moretz, Kari L. Olson, Kristin T. Pogue, Sara Richter, Toni L. Ripley, Cynthia A. Sanoski, Michael C.

Thomas, Barbara S. Wiggins, Craig Williams iv. Abel, Pharm. Bauer, Pharm. Benken, Pharm. Boucher, Pharm. Brophy, Pharm. Cook, Pharm. Daley, Pharm. Sowinski, Pharm. Welty, Pharm. Erin Allender, Pharm. Bleske, Pharm. Borchert, Pharm. Cabral, Pharm. Cavallari, Pharm. Cochrane, Pharm. Curtis, Pharm. Dager, Pharm. Hollis, Pharm. Kalich, Pharm. Moretz, Pharm. Olson, Pharm. Pogue, Pharm. Louis, Missouri Toni L. Ripley, Pharm. Sanoski, Pharm.

Schwier, Pharm. Stacy, Pharm. Louis St. Louis, Missouri Michael C. Thomas, Pharm. Wiggins, Pharm. Pharmacogenomics of Cardiovascular Therapies Precision vs. Experts in advancing ambulatory care pharmacy practice have authored.

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