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Flight case design software free download

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This is useful if, for example, you want to use especially thick foam or particular handles. The dimensions can be changed for review purposes and the absolute size of the finished enclosure design is displayed. This makes communication with the flight case manufacturer far easier and optimally supports the workflow. The design is sent straight to the case manufacturer via the web interface. The final result with a detailed quotation can be returned to the customer via the web application for order confirmation.

October September March You must be logged in to post a comment. May Hardware positioning could not be any easier, either by using the automated placement of key hardware or by dragging in individual pieces.

Predefined or customer defaults can used to move hardware into position; auto alignment with other hardware and traditional CAD positioning techniques are all available in AutoCase. Simply select any hardware part and the mirror planes, the hardware is then copied and placed as required. You can choose to leave the hardware linked so that it continues to mirror the position of the master part or break the link so it can be moved independently.

One of the biggest benefits of AutoCase's 3D environment is the ability to get inside the case and customise the internals. At its basic level internal foam linings and dividers can be applied, however it is not limited by traditional 2D constraints. So foam linings, foam blocks and divides can be inserted and adjusted easily. Beyond these basic options features such as drawers, trays and shelves can be inserted and manipulated to easily create even the most complicated of internal designs.

As with any 3D design software, as you make the design adjustments, the DXF files and drawings are all updated and ready to be sent for manufacturing. The software is able to process and output photo realistic, studio quality renders for use on your website or for promotional purposes. A number of preset environments are available or you can import your own and lighting effects are fully controllable; just one of the many features that sets AutoCase apart from others.

The basic version will feature the core 8 model types required to produce most standard flight cases. Customer defaults allow for the extremely fast design of standard cases, with standard hardware already in position and constrained even when overall measurements are adjusted. Instantly output cutlists, DXF files and drawings to get your designs into production without delay.

From within the hardware library 3D environment, cutouts and drill holes can be defined and adjusted for all hardware.

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In this manner, we ensure that we obtain a fair price when purchasing our supplies, while still maintaining a high quality of all materials. An optimal system must have a solid foundation.

In our case, this is realized by selecting the best possible materials at the outset. Continuing quality controls ensure consistently high standards. Hallo Martijn, Nochmal danke! Ich mach das in meine Sprache. I wrote to six flight case manufacturers in Germany and England regarding a custom case. Megacase was the only one who sent me back a graphic of my case with dimensions and a price quote. The price was very reasonable for what I wanted.

I exchanged several emails with them and they were very patient, creative and helpful in helping me refine the design. Felipe Hello. Thank you very much! I will be sure to recommend your services to everyone I know.

Have a nice day! Learn more. Load video. Always unblock YouTube. Show the new reviews on Google. Circumferential aluminum extrusions profiles and firmly attached ball shaped corners provide a high level of protection against impacts, and optimal dependability during use no matter the mode of transport. Optional industrial castor wheels can be mounted on the underside of the cases with reinforcement plates and greatly facilitate the ease of transportation.

All 4 wheels can move around, 2 of which may be equipped with brakes. Even on smooth and sloping surfaces, they offer optimal braking power. Foam linings covering the entire inner surface of the cases offer great protection against shocks and scratches.

Linings come in thicknesses from 10mm up to 40mm. If requested, cases can also be made without lining. All of our flight cases are made from extremely stable and durable birch plywood, selectable in thicknesses from 7 mm up to 9 mm. Dark phenolic resin coatings offer protection against detrimental outside influences, such as scrapes and moisture, and a variety of colors are available in scratch-resistant PVC coatings.

All internal dimensions, such as length, height, and depth can be freely selected within the configurator. With our 5-year warranty service , we stand for our stable and extremely long-lasting cases. See for yourself! For special requirements or adaptations e. Simply fill in our inquiry form and we will take care of the rest. For many models and types of devices, we already have available the dimensions saved in our database and can build your case as soon as we receive the specific designation of your device.

Cases Transport Case for your equipment � an easy to carry case completely made according to your requirements. Trunks Trunk cases � the perfect protection for your equipment. Keyboard Case An individually designed Keyboard Case � you can build your very own Keyboard Case in only a few clicks. Heavy trunk try now. Keyboard Case spezial try now. Economy suitcase try now.

Economy Rack try now. Live trunk try now. Live cover case hood try now. Live 19" Rack try now. Honestly, maybe! But check out a few of the common industries we serve and maybe it matches up with your needs. Instead of worrying about blowing out your back or injuring your instruments by hauling your gear from garage to rehearsal and gig to gig�you can create and build the perfect Anvil-style case for whatever it is you need. Wow, congrats Steve Jobs Junior! The only problem is that it really is a big thing, and you have to bring that big thing to convention centers.

Lighting, speakers, screens, mixing boards, etc. Go, sports! Fly high with a tailor-made flight case that blows the ATA standards outta the water Life is weird and full of wonderfully weird endeavors that require equally bizarre stuff to make it happen. And whatever your personal path looks like�your beautifully bizarre stuff deserves a secure and well-made case to ride along in.

If you specify a dead body box we will absolutely call the cops on you. Your needs are reasonable, and so is our tool. Because time is money and money is time, and you may not have either for a custom case�check out our quick-ship options. Since I got my own custom cases, those headaches have melted away.

I've known for a while that I needed a custom ATA case, but every company I called either wanted an arm and a leg or outright refused because I only wanted a couple.

Road Case Designer helped me when nobody else would. Close menu. Design Shop Industries. Trade Show. Everything Else. Close cart. Design Your Own Road Case. You design the road case of your dreams and needs. And we build it. Road Case Design Process Do you need to design and build a customized road case? Yeah, yeah�sounds ideal, but how exactly does it work?