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Acupressure points pdf ebook download how to change download folder windows 10

Acupressure points pdf ebook download

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Each chapter contains several different treatment routines or formulas. In each routine, one page shows a diagram with the formula of acupressure points, and the opposite page explains the treatment procedures. Every chapter begins with an introduction including a brief summary of the possible underlying pathologies treated by the Thai acupressure routines of the chapter, followed by a diagnosis table to help you choose the right treatment routine for the specific condition of your client.

The anatomical atlas makes up the second part of the book. It contains 14 sections showing the therapy lines and acupressure points on the different body parts. The lines and points are shown externally, on the muscle groups, and in the skeletal structures the bones and joints.

The anatomical atlas will help you find the exact locations of the points. Knowing how to locate the lines and points of the formulas is an essential basis for the effective application of acupressure. By feeling the palms and feet with gentle pressure it is possible to get a fair idea about the diseased parts. If pain is observed on any point, the body part related to that point needs immediate attention.

I have applied these techniques for self diagnose and found it very effective. Application of pressure on palms and feet has the effect of charging various body parts.

When specific points are pressed the nerves leading to the related parts are actuated which in turn stimulates those parts. As a result flow of blood and other body fluids improve providing nourishment to those parts and cleaning away the waste material more efficiently.

Any undesirable deposits start dissolving. Functions of the glands improve. There is overall rejuvenation in the body. To use this free and no cost diagnosis technique just browse through online resources or buy the books with pressure points picture. The self diagnosis system can be learned very easily at home. What is acupressure? Acupressure sometimes written as "accupressure" is a technique related to acupuncture, where the energies of the body are regulated by manipulating points on the body.

This has effects on the emotions, tension and physical conditions. Most are probably familiar with the first, but not with the second method. To press points, use something blunt. Usually the fingers are used to press, but I find that for many points the fingers may be a bit too thick, so you'd have to press quite long and firmly.

Ideal would be something 3 to 4 mm thick, like a preferably used pencil eraser that's on the other side of a pencil. Some points can be pressed using a fingernail.

Pressing points for less than half a second can already have a distinguishable effect. So for just trying out a point you could press it only briefly.

To get a full effect however, pressure should be applied for at least half a minute, but preferably longer. One to two minutes should do. To reduce a point, turn a finger over it in counter-clockwise direction, also for one to two minutes. What happens when you do this is explained in "What manipulation of points brings about. I think it's a good idea not to get into the habit of doing the same points every day. Do them when you feel you need them, don't overdo it. Pay attention to what effects points have on you.

If you're weakened from age, disease or whatever , be sure to not reduce points more often then necessary. You could also additionally press these points for a few seconds. Do a point on both sides of the body. Feeling if it works When you are not feeling any effects from pressing points, several things may be the case. Try different spots around the location you first tried.

You shouldn't press lightly, but you shouldn't hurt yourself either. Also, don't press for just a few seconds although if you're very sensitive you might already notice effects then. To feel if acupressure is working for knowing that the location of the point is accurate , I usually sense what's happening in my face. Almost all points in the list on this site have some effect here. Many of the points also have some subtle effect on the quality of vision.

You may see more clearly and more colors. Meditation will develop your ability to feel the effects. If you're using a point quite often, or if you don't need a point, the effect may become very little or unnoticable. If you're tense, you may not feel much, although usually you'll become less tense by using the techniques on this site. Using information from other sources "cun" To be able to use information from other sources for locating points, you'll need to know what the "cun" is.

The "cun" is the standard unit of measurement for the body used in acupuncture. As everyone's body has different dimensions, it is defined according to the person whose body is to be treated. What manipulation of points brings about Acupuncture points can be manipulated in various ways.

To keep things simple, acupressure books usually just mention pressing the points. If you've ever seen an acupuncturist you may have noticed that he will turn needles after inserting them or do other manipulations. Acupuncturists also apply heat by burning stuff called "moxa" or using a laser, or apply electric currents. By simply pressing a point, you are reinforcing it. You, thereby, increase energy in areas that the point influences.

Reducing a point is actually not the opposite of reinforcing it. By reducing, you remove a blockage of energy. A blockage may be felt as tension, pain or heat. Energy acumulates there which 4 starts moving again after removing the blockage. So if you reduce a point after you reinforced it, you get reinforcement and removal of energy blockage.

They don't cancel each other out. In acupressure, you can reduce a point by continually moving a finger counterclockwise over it. An acupuncturist will turn his needle immediately after insertion. It's also possible to apply heat to a point to warm it.

This is an advanced technique that may injure your energy system, so it's best to stay away from this. Why you shouldn't use needles As for using needles, I've tried that, but have been discouraged to continue using them by both an acupuncturist and a healer. The acupuncturist thought it was dangerous because you can damage tissue, and difficult as you can't access points that well yourself. You may damage blood vessels, nerves, tendons or bone, which can all be quite painful.

On the breast or shoulders, you may puncture the lung. On an energetic level, the fear that comes with using needles on yourself may damage the First Chakra. This may worsen your problems.

Using needles as an amateur may not even be legal. I found that I feel more clearly what's happening in my body from acupressure than from acupuncture, whether administered by a licensed acupuncturist or by myself.

Using little balls and tape I devised a safe and effective way to press acupuncture points for an extended period of time. I use adhesive tape for use on skin to press ball-bearing balls on points. It doesn't work with all points e. The metal balls I use are 4 mm diameter and I apply nylon rings also bought at a hardware store on top of them to supply a larger surface to the tape.

The inside diameter of the nylon rings should be 3 mm. Perhaps you could also use the more common metal rings, but for some indefinite reason I prefer the nylon variety. The rings avoid bulging and thus press the ball a bit deeper into the skin. Keeping the balls in place for 5 - 30 minutes should do. A similar method is sometimes used for ear acupuncture. Little seeds are then taped to the ear. It's location, photograph, use for emotional well-being and warnings.

First locate the depression under the end of the clavicle, next to the muscle. LU-1 is one thumbwidth under this point, slightly to the side.

Use: Press. Effects: For internal emptiness and making contact to one's inner worth. Also for cough and asthma. The point is located in the depression between the muscles from the shoulder and the biceps under the shoulder muscle. Effects: For grief, feelings of loss and longing, internal emptiness and making contact to one's inner worth. It's location, photograph, use for emotional wellbeing and warnings. Bend your forearm with your hand towards your neck, the point is located at the end of the crease at the elbow.

This is halfway up the side of the arm. Use: Reduce, so move your finger in counterclockwise direction over this point. Warning: Use this point only when there is Heat, as when you're red in the face or your skin feels hot to the touch and you're feeling warm from prolonged anger not from exertion.

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Filled with insights into the history of these two age-old therapies, The Healing Power of Acupressure and Acupuncture helps readers choose when to see a licensed therapist, and even provides information about doing certain treatments at home.

Matthew D. Bauer delves deeply into the traditions and remarkable benefits of acupressure and acupuncture, explains the many benefits of both, describes techniques for self-treatment, and illustrates how Chinese healing can augment modern Western medicine. Increased stress and traumatic events in our lives have resulted in many millions of people who suffer from insomnia, nightmares, anxiety attacks, depression, and tension headaches.

It explains how emotional distress becomes lodged in the body as muscular tension and blocked energy, and shows how acupressure can relieve not just the resulting physical symptoms, but also their emotional source--often without the need for extensive talk therapy or medication. Acupressure stimulates the same points used in acupuncture, but instead of needles, firm finger pressure is used on the surface of the skin.

The pressure releases neurochemicals called endorphins that relieve pain. As in acupuncture, specific pressure points are connected with internal organs and energy pathways in the body called meridians that regulate the flow of electrical energy to all systems. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure can be used safely by anyone, with only the hands as equipment. Case histories from the authors' practice further illuminate each condition and the path to emotional balance and healing.

Most routines can be used independently for self-care and on-the-spot relief. There are also sections on how to use the techniques to help others, with appropriate safeguards. Skip to content. Author : J. The Complete Guide to Acupuncture and Acupressure. Author : Masaru Toguchi,Frank Z. Thai Acupressure. Acupressure for Horses. Acupressure and Reflexology For Dummies. The Healing Power of Acupressure and Acupuncture.

Generally, most individuals feel relief from symptoms after the third session. Learn a little more about this interesting technique of healing diseases with our more than 20 books about acupuncture in PDF format , available in this section of our virtual library.

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