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Remember, Driver Support can monitor the HP printer drivers for you as a service and make sure you always have the most up to date drivers. Driver Support will scan your computer to detect any problem drivers in your computer whether its related to your HP printer or anything else running in or attached to your PC. It is possible to update the HP printer drivers automatically with the Premium version of Driver Support, so make sure you upgrade to premium as well.

Step 1. Step 2. Let the software run the free scan for you to detect all your printer related driver download issues and any other optimization opportunities. Step 3. This will guide you down the registration path. Step 4. Once Registered and in Premium mode the software will walk you through the entire process, plus with your registration you will receive unlimited tech support with our Driver Support Signature Service!

Just call us toll-free after registration. With this service we can continue to help you with many of the HP printer related issues you may have. You can contact Driver Support here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Give Driver Support a Try Today. Was this article helpful? Wait for your device to find nearby printers, choose the one you want, then select Add device. Most printers require that you install the latest printer driver so that the printer will work well. If you recently upgraded from an earlier version of Windows, your printer driver might work with the previous version but might not work well or at all with Windows Also, if you've experienced power outages, computer viruses, or other problems, your printer driver might be damaged.

Downloading and installing the latest printer driver can often resolve these problems. Once the update check is done running, select View optional updates if this is visible. If you see the applicable drivers for your printer, select the updates you want to download and install. If your printer came with a disc, it might contain software that can help you install drivers for your printer or check for driver updates. After you download them, double-click or double-tap the file to begin installing it.

After removing your printer, add it back by selecting Add a printer or scanner. Wait for your device to find nearby printers, select the one you want, and then select Add device. Scroll down to Related Settings and select Print server properties. Select the Drivers tab, and see if your printer is listed. On the left, select your printer manufacturer, and on the right, select your printer driver.

Select Next , select Finish , and follow the instructions to add your driver. Find out how to install a printer in Windows. Find out how to set up a default printer in Windows.

Find out how to view the print queue in Windows. If you are having a problem changing your printer "offline" status, go to Troubleshooting offline printer problems. If you're having a problem with printer connectivity in Windows, go to Fix printer connection and printing problems in Windows.

Sign in with Microsoft. You have multiple accounts. Windows 11 Windows 10 More Install the latest printer driver Here are several ways to update your printer driver. Windows Update might find an updated version of your printer driver.

Open Windows Update Select Check for updates. To check for optional drivers: After the check is complete, select Advanced options, then select Optional updates. Select Driver updates if available. Select a checkbox next to a driver that's associated with your printer. Select Check for updates. To check for optional drivers: Once the update check is done running, select View optional updates if this is visible.

On the next screen, expand Driver updates. Select Download and install.

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How to Download \u0026 Install any HP Printer Driver in Windows 11 - Printer setup from the HP Official site We're sorry, we don't support this operating system Install HP Smart on a mobile device for the fastest printer setup. Scan . WebMay 9, For example, if you need to install "Offline copy" of the HP FULL solution Software, simply select the OS as "Win 7 (32 or bit) > Software Utility > Download the . WebRecommended HP drivers, apps, and updates Use these recommended options to download print drivers, install the HP Smart app, and locate additional software and .