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Iso 3104 pdf free download

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CHF Buy. Buy this standard. Life cycle Previously Withdrawn. Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval. Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: 8 weeks. Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat. Under development. Got a question? Customer care. Keep up to date with ISO Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news, views and product information. The precision shall be of statistical equivalence to, or better 3.

NOTE 3—Precision and bias of kinematic viscosity measurements for 3. The precision stated static head, the pressure head of a liquid is proportional to its in Section 17 is not know to be valid for kinematic viscosity measure- density, r. For any particular viscometer, the time of flow of a ments with flow times less than s. Those viscometers whose upper meniscus is offset from directly above the lower meniscus shall be suspended 4 Available from National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST , vertically within 0.

See Specifications D , see surements. Operating Instructions in Annexes A1—A3. For those viscom- eters which have Tube L see Specifications D held 7. Reagents and Materials vertical, vertical alignment shall be confirmed by using 1 a 7.

It is toxic, a line suspended from the center of Tube L, or 4 other internal recognized carcinogen, highly corrosive, and potentially haz- means of support provided in the constant temperature bath. If used, wear a full 6. Avoid breathing vapor.

Dispose of used chromic measurement of flow time, any portion of the sample in the acid carefully as it remains hazardous.

Nonchromium- viscometer is less than 20 mm below the surface of the bath containing, strongly oxidizing acid cleaning solutions are also liquid or less than 20 mm above the bottom of the bath. For residual fuels, a prewash with an aromatic the thermometer. For temperatures outside this range, the solvent such as toluene or xylene may be necessary to remove deviation from the desired temperature must not exceed asphaltenic material. Filter before use. Warning—Extremely flam- Annex A2 of an accuracy after correction of The two thermom- 8.

Certified Viscosity Reference Standards eters shall agree within 0. Viscosity standards rection of When two temperature measuring Test Method D Calibration and Verification 0. It is mometers, and timers as described in Section 6. This information can 9.

A4, of the certified value, recheck each step in the procedure, 6. Annex A1 gives details of standards available. The data to support the limit of Annex A4 provides instructions on how to 6. The tolerance band combines both the frequency is controlled to an accuracy of 0. It must be appreciated that a correct result and the remove the stoppers.

When performing manual viscos- obtained on a standard oil does not preclude the possibility of ity determinations, do not use those viscometers which cannot a counterbalancing combination of the possible sources of be removed from the constant temperature bath for charging error. Where the acceleration and not restrict the flow of the sample by pressures created in of gravity, g, differs by more that 0.

Subject such viscometers standardization laboratory and the testing laboratory. The solvent wash- General Procedure for Kinematic Viscosity ings from these viscometers shall not be used for the cleaning of other viscometers.

Procedure for Transparent Liquids of the conditions given in Annex A2 and of the corrections supplied on the certificates of calibration for the thermometers. If the The flow time for manual ior, exercise care that flow time measurements are made at viscometers shall not be less than s or the longer time sufficiently high temperatures for such materials to flow freely, noted in Specifications D Flow times of less than s are so that similar kinematic viscosity results are obtained in permitted for automated viscometers, provided they meet the viscometers of different capillary diameters.

Where one bath is types of viscometers listed in Table A1. The operating used to accommodate several viscometers, never add or with- instructions for the different types of viscometers are given in draw, or clean a viscometer while any other viscometer is in Specifications D To for different temperatures, and for different kinematic viscosi- ensure that moisture does not condense or freeze on the walls ties, establish a safe equilibrium time by trial.

D — 06 timing mark. If this flow time is less than the specified viscometers for opaque liquids, filter the sample through a minimum see For samples subjected to heat treatment, use a preheated filter Record both measurements. This is to ensure that the sample will not Record the result. If not, cations D Where one bath is used to required, see Record the Procedure for Opaque Liquids measurement. Record the sample is used.

The kinematic viscosity of residual fuel oils measured flow times. Regard these as two determined values of Continue Record the result. If the calculated kinematic viscosities do not stirring until there is no sludge or wax adhering to the rod. If the material or temperature, or both, is not listed in The sample tures outside this range; it must be realized that these materials should be sufficiently fluid for ease of stirring and shaking. Cleaning of Viscometer Warning—Exercise care as vigorous boil-over can occur cosity, clean the viscometer thoroughly by several rinsings when opaque liquids which contain high levels of water are with the sample solvent, followed by the drying solvent see heated to high temperatures.

Dry the tube by passing a slow stream of filtered dry air For those viscometers that require a solution Warning—see 7. A single viscometer in which an 7. Remove any inorganic deposits by hydro- cleaning may also be used for the two measurements of flow chloric acid treatment before the use of cleaning acid, particu- time and calculation of kinematic viscosity. Charge two vis- larly if the presence of barium salts is suspected. Warning—It cometers in the manner dictated by the design of the instru- is essential that alkaline cleaning solutions are not used as ment.

For example, for the cross-arm or the BS U-tube changes in the viscometer calibration can occur. Request See Guide D These precision values were obtained by statistical examination of interlaboratory results from seven fully See Guide D These precision values international standard, were obtained by statistical examination of interlaboratory results for eight fully These precision values Keywords where: x is the average of results being compared.

Because viscosity of the extreme variability of such used oils, it is not anticipated that the precision of used oils will be determined. Ostwald Types for Transparent Liquids use for viscosity determinations on petroleum products. For specifications, operating instructions, and calibration, refer to Cannon-Fenske routineB 0. Cannon-Manning semi-micro 0. To avoid the necessity of making a kinetic energy correction, these viscometers are designed for a flow time in excess of s except where noted in Specifications D B In each of these series, the minimum flow time for the viscometers with lowest constants exceeds s.

S30 Temperature Thermometer No. Temperature ing to the generic specification given in Table A2. As an alternative, use thermometric devices such as platinum resistance thermometers, of equal or better accuracy, with the same certification requirements.

For new thermom- can change during storage and use, and therefore regular eters, monthly checking for the first six months is recom- re-calibration is required.

This is most conveniently achieved mended. A change of one or more scale divisions in the ice in a working laboratory by means of a re-calibration of the ice point means that the thermometer may have been overheated or point, and all of the main scale corrections altered for the damaged, and it may be out of calibration. Such thermometers change seen in the ice point. Any change in ice-point correction shall be added eters that comply with the specification in Table A2.

Keep records of all recalibration. Scale marks: A2. Discard any cloudy or unsound por- Bulb length mm 45 to 55 tions.

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Integrating risk management relies on an understanding of organizational structures and context. Structures differ depending on the organization's purpose, goals and complexity. Risk is managed in every part of the organization's BS ISO pdf download. Ships and marine technology - Marine evacuation systems - Testing under conditions of icing.

This document provides specifications for a test of marine evacuation systems MES under conditions of icing in support of Internal combustion engines - Piston rings Part 3: Material specifications. This document classifies materials intended for the manufacture of piston rings, based on their mechanical properties and the stresses the materials are capable Adhesives - Determination of shear behaviour of structural adhesives Part 1: Torsion test method using butt bonded hollow cylinders.

This document specifies a shear test for the characterization of adhesives in a bond Controlled equivalence ratio method for the determination of hazardous components of fire effluents. This Technical Specification describes a tube-furnace method for the generation of fire effluent for the identification and measurement of its constituent ISO pdf download.

This standard contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals :. CHF Buy. Buy this standard. Life cycle Previously Withdrawn. Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval. Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: 8 weeks.

Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat. Under development. Got a question? Customer care.

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WebISO Petroleum Products—Transparent and Opaque Liquids—Determination of Kinematic Viscosity and Cal-culation of Dynamic Viscosity ISO Glass Capillary . WebINTERNATIONAL STANDARD 0 ISO ISO (E) Glass capillary kinematic viscometers - Specifications and operating instructions WARNING - The use of this . WebBS EN ISO (R) pdf free download > BS EN ISO (R) New Sale! View larger BS EN ISO (R) Condition: New product BS EN ISO .