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Bend tech pro software free download

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Dialpad download for windows 11 Yes i am know. Im doing a chassis build and im only doing one so I don't need the full version but would like to have a program to help. Bend-Tech Software. Posted Soffware 19, Recommended Posts.
Bend tech pro software free download More Info on Bend Tech Pro Bend Tech SM Sheet Metal bending software here a practical approach to sheet metal design, and is by far the most easy-to-use sheet metal design product on the market. Bend-Tech PRO will allow your creativity to become reality. This product may require a signature upon delivery. Be the first to review this product. Custom Upholstery. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Bend-Tech SE.
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Xenia download If you are a serious hobbyist, start up shop or a small full time fabricator, PRO will save you thousands of dollars costly rework and material scrap. Metal Shop. Bend-Tech Pro tube bending software full chassis design along with tube…. Sign up. Welding Projects.
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1987 philippine constitution by hector de leon pdf download Multiple Document Interface. Any software like bendtech? Technical Sales. JD2 Squared has a free program you can download. Pre-Defined Templates.
Bend tech pro software free download The big deal — 3D parts texh accurately. Add Material for Post Bending Cutoff. By jdsharp81 October 4, in Design Software. Support Forum. Rated 1 out of 5. I use this software on every project I do!
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PDF reader installed For help guides. Full keyboard and mouse. High-speed internet. Made in the USA. CNC Machines. Dragon A Dragon A CAD Software. Facebook-f Youtube Linkedin Instagram. All rights reserved. Please fill out the form below for more information on the Bend-Tech Dragon. First Name. Last Name. Phone Number. Company if you don't have one enter your name - last name, first name. Zip Code. Would you like a brochure? Mailing address needed. How did you first hear about the Dragon?

Material Support Lift B-Axies. The material support lift automatically moves up and down and moves out of the way from the track when not needed. The complete automation prevents the center support from colliding with the track and chuck trolley. The fully automatic material support lift prevents bowing in long pieces as shown in red above for accurate cutting, marking, and engraving.

As shown above, the material support lift goes up and down to maintain constant centered leveling support as a square or rectangle tube rotates.

Dragon A - Frequently Asked Questions. What are the material capabilities? Tube Length: full stick length capable up to 24 feet. What is included in the purchase of a Dragon A?

What size of plasma cutter does the machine use? Contact our sales personnel so they can assist in selecting the correct plasma system. What is the warranty. Your Dragon A has a 12 month electronics and hardware limited warranty. What service is available for the machine? How does the initial setup process work?

Are replacement parts available? Yes, we keep a full stock of inventory of parts. Where is the Dragon A made? What software maintenance, charges, and updates occur with the Dragon? What is your current lead time? Is the Dragon A a production machine? How many Dragon machines are out in the field? How does the Dragon A load? What is the cut speed?

What is the tolerance on the cuts? How easy is the software to use? How long has Bend-Tech been in the tube and pipe business? Do you have more questions for us? We have a full staff of dedicated sales personnel to help answer any of your questions:.

Phone: sales bend-tech. Dragon A - Post Purchase Items. The lead time for the Dragon A is typically zero to four weeks. Shipping usually takes about a week, but varies on location. Once your Dragon has started shipping, you will receive a tracking number. Contact Bend-Tech sales personnel for a current lead time.

Bend-Tech is responsible for the package through the delivery process. Bend-Tech coordinates with the shipping company and if there are any problems, Bend-Tech resolves the error with the shipping company. If there is an error or damage in the shipping, please contact the Bend-Tech sales personnel right away.

The Bend-Tech sales personnel focus on making sure the necessary steps are taken to get the machine up and running as soon as possible. The Bend-Tech Dragon A is shipped in a fully enclosed wood crate.

Technical Documents. The technical documents are a detailed description on all of the different aspects of the machine so that an operator can be self-sufficient in all things with your Dragon A machine. Your Dragon A has a 12 month limited warranty. Defective or faulty parts identified on the machine within this time period after delivery will be replaced at no charge and shipped to the location.

Dragon A Software Maintenance Plan. Dragon A - Shop Requirements. Machine Footprint. This is an add-on feature that does not come standard with the machine. Setup Requirements. Dedicated Windows desktop or laptop with an ethernet port The computer running your Dragon machine cannot be running other machines. Technology Package comes standard with the machine. Active internet connection for the activation of your Dragon Software and to receive important updates.

An air compressor or inert gas with two lines one line for the control box and one line for the plasma system. A Post Purchase Items. The production lead time for the Dragon A is typically 0 to 4 weeks. Shipping usually takes about a week but varies on location. Contact a Bend-Tech salesperson for a current lead time. If needed, the Dragon A can be liftgate delivered and moved with a pallet jack. Bend-Tech coordinates with the shipping company. If there is an error or damage in the shipping, please contact the Bend-Tech service team right away.

The Bend-Tech service team focuses on making sure the necessary steps are taken to get the machine up and running as soon as possible. Your Dragon A has a month limited warranty.

Dragon A Software Maintenance Plan:. In Person. Virtual Cutting Demonstration. Sorry - this product is no longer available. SKU: Manufacturer: Bend-Tech.

The software contains innovative tools for calculating tube lengths, bend locations, rotations, and angles. Several part design interfaces are available in Bend-Tech PRO, including an easy to use assembly interface. The assembly interface will help to visualize the entire project, providing cutting instructions, and hole saw information for cutting the tube intersections. Countless hours were spent observing and asking our customers questions on how they would like to see Bend-Tech PRO work.

Customers wanted the power of a standard CAD system but didn't want the learning curve and frustration that comes with it. The layers of standard CAD thinking were peeled back and an interface was created which is logical for the fabricators themselves. Most customers are fully comfortable with assembly design in less than 2 hours.

Again don't let the learning curve fool you, customers are designing entire tube chassis the first night they sit down with the software.

Fabricators slide into Bend-Tech PRO's coordinate system with ease front, back, floor, ceiling, left and right. The ability to define tubes by connecting points in 3D space or by using the designers is built into the assembly interface. Adjusting tube sizes, part locations and line-ups are just a click away.

Bending instructions: Die libraries for our benders are built into the Bend-Tech software.

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WebApr 1,  · Bend tech pro freeware download. This page is dedicated to you! Bend tech pro free download iso. Source: Mentor graphics xpedition enterprise vx update 5 . WebMay 5,  · Bend tech pro, free bend tech pro freeware software downloads The professional version has all the features that are in the standard version plus the ability to . WebBend Tech Pro Software Tech-Pro CodeSign v Code signing just got easier! Tech - Pro CodeSign is a graphical shell for the Microsoft command line code signing tools. .