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Polaris 280 vs 380

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Like the has an extra wide vacuum inlet compared to the other two. Nice for those who have trees with bigger leaves next to their swimming pool. The has two jet nozzles while the has three.

Also the is driven by gears while the is belt driven. This could be a high maintenance item according to some users. The Polaris is powered by double jets and a booster pump. This particular pool cleaner will scrub and vacuum your pool floor and walls. Not only does it do a very good job of cleaning and scrubbing, but it is also able to trap large items that have fallen into your pool in its own filter bag.

Pros of the Polaris works well if it is set up correctly. Every few minutes it activates the back-up valve to reverse the cleaner so it does not get stuck in corners. Cons of the Polaris You need the extra power of the Polaris booster for it to function. Polaris Reviews are partially taken from second sites.

The admin will not take responsibility for what they claim. Main Features: The Polaris performs its tasks precisely and exactly how it is supposed to, without getting stuck in the corners or getting clogged. Ease and efficiency of use makes this particular automatic pool cleaner one of the best on the market. It is also very easy to do the initially setup and to make adjustments to it when needed.

This particular model it is very easy to unload and empty the leaf bag, what can be a hassle with some other cleaners. Being able to put it in the pool and knowing it will do its job without a lot of maintenance or adjustment takes all the work out of keeping the pool clean.

While this might be slightly more than you would pay for another similarly featured pool cleaner, I think it has been worth every cent. The is connected to the normal pool control system and can be programmed to run a predetermined amount of time each day to ensure that the swimming pool stays clean. Main Features: First benefit is that the runs on a dedicated return line or pressure line instead of a booster pump.

This saves money by eliminating the extra cost of electricity it would take to run the separate pump. Debates about the Polaris vs. But they differ quite a bit in price, features, and cleaning performance. For more options beyond pressure cleaners, read our best automatic pool cleaner reviews , which include suction and robotic cleaners as well.

You can also check our dedicated guide for the best robotic pool cleaners and best vacuums for Intex pools to get the best tools for the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. The Polaris has a wider inlet valve than other Polaris models. This makes it perfect for larger debris like large fallen leaves from trees that may be shadowing your swimming pool.

Regularly cleaning the filter bag is an important aspect of proper Polaris maintenance. It keeps the cleaner running efficiently and optimizes the operating time. Plus, periodic maintenance of the Polaris requires you to check and replace the filter screen, wear rings, tires and sweep hose scrubber if needed as these undergo wear.

Because it has only two jets, the Polaris cleans slower. You have to leave it in for hours to get a sparkling clean pool while other models can clean an entire pool in about hours. The other issue is that you need to adjust the cleaner to get the best cleaning performance.

But once you have the cleaner moving and cleaning properly, you can sit back and relax. So, there are no extra expenses after you buy the cleaner. This is a major difference between the Polaris and It has the same 3-wheel design as the and However, in the Polaris vs. It takes about half an hour to an hour to connect the houses, measure RPMs, and adjust the cleaner to the right pressure.

If you want to go a step up from the Polaris , the Polaris is next in line in terms of both performance and price. The Polaris is the newer version of the tried and trusted Polaris However, a key difference between the two is that the former uses a shaft drive system, whereas the Polaris uses a belted system. This is a useful update as the new and improved design has fewer moving parts and a rubber belt that is comparatively cheaper than metal gear.

This ultimately reduces the maintenance cost for the Polaris The gives you better value for your money compared to the The is more expensive, and yet it does about as well as the when it comes to cleaning performance. The climbs walls with ease and even cleans steps. This is because the Polaris is equipped with wide tires that make treading on tricky slopes easy.

Plus, this model is equipped with a large 5-liter filter bag that is a very decent improvement over the previous model, out of which the Polaris vac sweep had the largest filter bag capacity of 3 liters. This makes it perfect for large pools and cleaning larger debris. The Sport requires more maintenance than the other models. It could be because it has more parts, or the design is more complicated e.

Luckily, the Sport is covered by a 5-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for the other parts. The Sport is already quite pricey before you add the cost of buying a booster pump. All four models are an excellent choice for most in-ground pool owners. They are well-made, and they do a great job cleaning your pool. The Polaris is the best choice for pool owners looking for an affordable and budget-friendly Polaris pool cleaner.

The is the most proven cleaner out of the bunch and offers faster cleaning and debris collection. And the Polaris is for pool owners who want the best Polaris pressure-side cleaner they can get for their money as it has the maximum vacuum power and offers extra features like large filter bag capacity, twist release connection, etc. Your email address will not be published.

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A marine biologist by education, I became a pool blogger by trade. Now I'm glad I can help the guests of my store and the visitors of my blog know a lot of exciting things about pools, their types, best pumps and filters, necessary equipment maintenance, and so on. I welcome all people who want to choose a proper basin and the stuff to my blog!

Hope you'll find this information interesting and useful! Thanks for the review! Hello, Liam! Excellent question, thank you! Yes, Polaris allows us to adjust the Vac-Sweep hose length to meet our pool depth perfectly. If the hose is too long for your pool, you can Separate the hose at the center swivel or cut it. Cut the leader hose from the end attached to the feed hose and then attach it to the feed hose and connect the hose to the pool wall.

Please make sure you measure your pool depth correctly! This is essential for accurate cutting. If, on the contrary, your hose is too short, you can purchase an additional feed hose section, one swivel, and two hose nuts from an authorized dealer. Are hose connections solid in such a constuction with length adjustment?

Hi, Damian! Thank you very much for your question! Yes, the connections between hose elements are safe enough to allow numerous disconnection, joining and length altering. All joints are waterproof. Can you help me with choice? Hello, Mr.

Thank you so much for your question! Here we see the same hose length, filter bag capacity, drive system, inlet size, number of jets. Polaris deals with more complicated surfaces and is more powerful.

With this unit, you can process all surfaces, including steps. Polaris cleans the floor and walls only. Though both cleaners come with a 2L standard bag, and the package includes a bag with a zip fastener.

However, it would help if you mind that the requires an additional booster pump, which leads to more investments and higher electricity bills. Polaris is our favorite here. It requires no pumps and consumes less energy. A zip bag can be purchased separately. Anyway, both devices have their pros and cons, which should be considered separately in each case. The final choice of the right pool cleaner is always up to you.

Hi, Cynthia! I used Polaris and it ran about 2 years. I think it could have last much longer but for my laziness and bad habit of leaving it in the water after every cycle. My master said it kept lots of scurf inside. Hi, Natali! Thank you very much for sharing your real-user experience with us! We really appreciate it as it helps our readers to prolong the lives of their bots. And it also helps our team to provide more definite and true information.

Hello, Cynthia! Still, water condition and chemicals in it may damage your cleaner after long-term contact. Hello, Nina! Thank you for your question! Polaris itself recommends using Zodiac PB Polaris.

This is an original and quite affordable booster pump that perfectly fits Polaris , , , and pool cleaners. You can learn more about the product in our review. I use to have the Polaris That thing cleaned the pool well. After 10 years of ownership, I decided to upgrade and purchase the sport.

I do not like the sport and regret investing in it. I am now considering repurchasing the , since I got rid of it�. The sport does not do a good job. In furtherance it constantly is getting stuck in the corner or the stairs. It does not clean my steps. I never had this problem with the Am I doing something wrong?

The pool was built in Hello, Kitty! Thank you so much for your comment! Your experience will be definitely valuable for our readers and greatly help us. Polaris models may face more significant problems with leaning and getting stuck because of the full bag. The series cleaners come with bigger bags compared to the model. Anyway, your comfort is the main goal. I think Polaris now became too expensive for a simple pressure side pool cleaner. I mean, you can get a robotic cleaner like Dolphin.

The Vac-Sweep or are much wiser purchases. Hello, Paul! Thank you very much for your comment. Still, there are lots of pool owners who prefer pressure side cleaners only or whose pool systems are better compatible with pressure side devices. Also, this is the most powerful pressure side cleaner by Polaris. Hi I currently have a , it 15 years old, at least. Would like to upgrade. Is the hose it uses the same as the , therefore compatible with the wall outlet. Hello, Robert! However, in case of any uncertainty, please contact the nearest retailer or Polaris Help Center.

Will Polaris cope with it? Hello, Danny! Yes, Polaris will definitely cope with your type of pool. Please, only mind the hose length and adjust it if you need a longer or a shorter option. Thanks for such an informative review! It has a sun deck tanning ledge with three in-the-water lounge chairs on it. At the end of the tanning ledge are three steps that span the width of the pool. At that point the pool is three feet deep. It then slopes down to six feet and then slopes up to three feet on the other end of the pool.

It came with the house we purchased last fall. Still trying to figure out how to get it cleaned and all, since this will be our first year with a pool, ever. Would you recommend the Polaris Sport for this pool? If we get the Polaris Sport, how would we clean the steps? Hello, Jan! Thank you very much for your kind words and such an interesting question! I should say your pool has a pretty complex shape with lots of slopes and steps.

Indeed, Polaris will deal with most dirt inside, but some particles will be left since it has no special navigation. The price is the same as in Polaris Hope our team will make a choice easier for you. Hello, Max! Unfortunately, we cannot recommend using them with above-ground pools. You can find lots of decent alternatives in our other comparisons. Love your reviews. The units now cost more. Hi, Nelson! Thank you very much for your comment, you really help us become better!

Indeed, some information especially price ranges can change. Nice discussion. If money was no object, even if one already has a pressure pump, would you recommend the Polaris or alpha iq plus? Hi, David! Sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your question! Pool Cleaner. Marcus Robertson July 11, Editor's choice. Polaris Vac-Sweep Pressure-Side Polaris Vac-Sweep Pressure Polaris Vac-Sweep Sport Floor and walls.

Walls, floors and steps. Walls, floors and slopes. Pressure side. Shaft Drive. Belt drive. All-wheel PosiDrive system with stainless steel. Wide Trax. Check on Amazon. The high-velocity water will then boost the sweeping action.

When it comes to preventing splashes, the center diffuser calms and disperses high-pressure streams. There are several approaches in which we can dissect these three cleaners but to help you get the most out of this review, we will look at them in light of the important factors you will consider when shopping for a side pressure pool cleaners. So how do pressure cleaners work? Ideally, these cleaners attach to the return port of the pool dedicated cleaner line or pool return.

Please note that the three cleaners will require a booster pump to work but if the budget is tight, you can go for the Polaris , a special model that will work with your pool pump. That is to say, some pressure side cleaners need booster pumps while other will work with the existing installation.

Our Expert Advice. Like said earlier, these three pool cleaners are very efficient and will leave your pool clean, free of any leaves and debris. The Sport is still powerful and the reason is the larger vacuum inlet that boosts flow rate. The , and have this function but note, only the Sport comes with one included. All the models have this feature so it will be a rare occurrence to find your pool dirty because the cleaner got stuck.

What I want you to know is that while the Sport may have better torque than the , it requires intensive maintenance. On the other hand, the will give you average torque and requires very little maintenance � perhaps changing the bets only and periodic servicing. The problem was solved with the WideTrax tires which, in fact, is the reason why the model is called Sport. What I like most about them is that they are bigger � wider and thicker.

Nothing can be as bad as paying for a pool cleaner only to realize that you would have got a better deal at a much lower price. So when shopping, always remember that value for money is paramount!

Also read: Zodiac MX8 vs. MX8 Elite. Remember, the backup valve is responsible for disrupting the flow every 3 minutes to pull out the cleaner when stuck in corners and other areas of the pool. Also read: The best Dolphin pool cleaners. Is Polaris better than ? Yes, Model pressure side pool cleaner can boast of several improved features compared to Thus, it has 3 venturi jets instead of 2 jets of the Polaris can clean steps, which are inaccessible to Polaris Besides, the cleaner offers better movement, maneuverability, and faster cleaning thanks to the Belt Drive with reverse option.

However, we should note that Model has a bigger bag for 3L, while model bag was shortened to 2L. Why does Polaris pool cleaner not move? The malfunctions can be caused by disconnection of hoses, cables, and other elements, or their breakage. Often, pool cleaner stops working due to the clogs or weak suction and low pressure. How long should you run your Polaris pool cleaner? As a rule, when Polaris performs the full cleaning session of a 30 ft inground pool, which includes floor and walls processing, it takes about 3 hours.

Does model need a booster pump? Polaris pressure side cleaner requires a booster pump. How do I empty my Polaris ? This model comes with a 2L filter bag with zipped lock.

To empty the bag, you should remove the bag collar from the feed hose and depress the prongs to release the bag from the cleaner. Then open the zip and remove the contents. Recent Updates Dec 28, The manufacturer specifies that owners of Polaris can complement the unit with other Polaris pool cleaners for quicker and more thorough results.

Marcus Robertson. Related Articles. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. Best Polaris Black Friday Deals Hayward Trivac vs � Face to Face Comparison. Dolphin E20 vs E30 � Detailed comparison.

Reply Liam Miller February 5, at pm. Reply Markus Robertson February 6, at am. Reply Damian April 4, at pm. Marcus Robertson April 6, at pm. Reply Jack Harton February 16, at pm. Reply Markus Robertson February 20, at am. Reply Cynthia Crocker May 10, at am. Is it ok to leave the Polaris or any model in the water all the time? Natali February 27, at pm. Marcus Robertson March 1, at pm. Marcus Robertson May 17, at pm.

Reply Nina Williams March 3, at pm. What booster pump would you recommend for these Polaris series? In terms of performance, they are both worthy pressure side pool cleaners, but the newer model, the Polaris , has the upper hand. It cleans more effectively and is faster compared to the Polaris For more regarding how the two compare, read along. Comparison Table Polaris vs. The Polaris is undoubtedly the most popular Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners. It comes with two venturi jets, a shaft drive system, and classic tires except the TankTrax model.

View on Amazon. The Polaris is an upgrade of the Polaris It features three venturi jets, a belt drive system, and classic wheels. There are two Polaris models on the market; the standard white and blue Polaris and the Polaris Black Max model for dark pools.

The advantage of the Polaris over the is the inclusion of three jets for better propulsion, and the belt drive system. It also offers better wall and steps cleaning. But, just like the two sides of a coin, it also has disadvantages. The Polaris is more expensive, is maintenance-intensive, and has a problematic bag that drops off. There are many aspects that buyers need to consider before settling on any model.

In this main segment of this Polaris comparison review, we have compared the two models based on the important factors considered when choosing a pool cleaner. As you may be aware, different types of pool cleaners are designed to suit different pools. What types of pools are they designed for? You can rely on this pool cleaner to vacuum, sweep and scrub the floors and walls.

But then, it will struggle on the steps. Like the , the can vacuum, sweep and scrub the bottom and walls of inground pools. But, unlike the , the can climb and clean pool steps without any problem. Regarding the cleaning orientation, it is a close call. Both are pressure side pool cleaners and can work in all types of inground pools.

They will also vacuum, sweep and scrub the bottom and walls of the pool. However, the Polaris carries the day as it can handle pool steps effectively and, more so, it cleans pools more effectively and faster.

Besides the aesthetics, you should also go for a lightweight and compact pool cleaner for easy portability. Importantly, light pool cleaners will climb pool stairs and clean pool walls more effortlessly.

So, how does the Polaris compare to the in terms of design and aesthetics? When it comes to build quality, we really like the fact that Polaris used high-grade UV-resistant materials to craft the Polaris It can withstand harsh weather conditions, even during those sunny summers.

As for the finish, the standard model is blue and white, but there is also a black model. The can also withstand harsh weather conditions courtesy of UV-resistant materials. The two pressure side pool cleaners are sleek and feature strong and sturdy construction. They are also available in the standard blue and white finish and a black model for dark pools. The only difference is the dimensions and weight. Pressure side pool cleaners rely on the venturi effect principle for propulsion, up and down.

There are jets that convert incoming water into powerful suction. It also enables the cleaner to capture bigger debris and prevent clogging. Besides, the three jets mean it will clean faster and more efficiently. The feed hose length is also an important consideration when choosing between Polaris and Here, the idea is to go for a model with the longest hose, especially if you have a large pool. In this round, none of the two pressure side pool cleaners is superior. They both have the same hose type with the same length, so you get the same reach regardless of your model.

However, not all models require a booster pump. The booster pump is purchased separately, so that means you need to foot the costs separately. This is among the shortcomings of the Polaris Backup Valve Pressure side pool cleaners, unlike robotic pool cleaners , are not invincible. Fortunately, there is a clever feature that enables them to free themselves when they get stuck.

This is the backup valve. So, do the Polaris and feature the backup valve? In this case, you will have to hold the backup valve out of the water to complete the cycle. If none of these two methods work, you will have no option but to get a replacement. Pressure side pool cleaners rely on venturi jets for propulsion , but then there are wheels that facilitate the actual movement.

Polaris has two drive systems; the shaft drive system and the belt drive system. Each of these two drive mechanisms has advantages and disadvantages. So what drive systems do the two Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners use? There is also a model with the classic tires and another model with TankTrax tires to enable it to reach those hard-to-reach spots and go over any debris without getting stuck.

On the other hand, the Polaris shifts to an all-wheel belt drive system. The advantage of an all-wheel-drive belt system is that it makes the cleaner more swift, so it can clean faster and more efficiently.

On the downside, the belt drive system has many parts, making maintenance more intensive. When it comes to the wheels, the Polaris has the classic wheels ; there is no Polaris variant with the TankTrax wheels. As for the wheels, the Polaris carries the day as it has a variant with TankTrax wheels, so it can go over any debris and get to those hard-to-reach spots.

Besides the sweep hose tail, there is an addon feature dubbed the TailSweep Pro, which is an advanced sweep hose tail. This model is also compatible with the advanced TailSweep Pro , but unfortunately, this is an addon that you have to purchase separately. But with the TailSweep Pro, you get better water propulsion to flush out dirt and prevent water from splashing out of the pool. But then, it will also splash water out of the pool. The good thing is that, with the TailSweep Pro, you get better water propulsion and, consequently, a better clean.

The TailSweep Pro will prevent water splashes out of the pool. Here, the Polaris is the best choice. The vacuum inlet is an important consideration when choosing a pressure-side pool cleaner. Here, the rule of the thumb is to go for a pool cleaner with a large vacuum inlet. This is because a large vacuum inlet will suck in all kinds of pool debris, from small debris to large debris, such as large leaves and twigs.

So, which model wins this round? The filter bag is another essential discussion in this Polaris vs. Here, the aim is to go for a bag that requires less maintenance and can capture the most common debris and dirt that gets into your pool. While the Polaris and all come with the single chamber zippered bag, the former wins this round as its bag is larger.

The warranty of a pool cleaner is another important factor to consider when buying pool cleaners. This is alongside the after-sales services. A longer warranty from a brand that honors warranties is what you should target. When it comes to after-sales, assess the level of support you can get from the seller and, importantly, the availability of replacement parts.

When it comes to after-sales, we are glad Polaris is a trusted brand that avails original replacement parts at affordable prices. As far as the warranty and after-sales is concerned, there is no winner as both models come with the same 2-year warranty and are from the same brand. Regarding after-sales, Polaris has resourceful customer support, and replacement parts are readily available. There you have it, folks, a Polaris vs.

So, which is the best model for you? Well, it all depends on your cleaning needs. The Polaris Vac-Sweep is an excellent choice for those with small to medium-sized pools. It is cheaper and cleans pools satisfactorily. Besides, it is suitable for buyers whose pools get lots of large debris. On the other hand, the Polaris Vac-Sweep tags, along with three venturi jets and an all-wheel belt drive system making it much more powerful to handle large pools and even clean the steps effectively.

As mentioned earlier, the Polaris and are pretty similar in terms of design and aesthetics. They can be really confusing when buying their replacement parts. If you are not sure which Polaris vacuum you have, this segment is for you. Below is how to identify the Polaris Vac-Sweep at hand. While Polaris pool cleaners can be identified by their color, checking the serial number is the most accurate method. Besides the serial numbers, you can differentiate the from the by inspecting the main component to find out the number of jets.

The has two venturi jets while the has three. Another vital aspect is choosing the bag. As mentioned above, there are different specialty bags. Obviously, you should choose the bag that is designed for the particular model you have. Importantly, it should suit your needs.

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WebAug 11, �� The difference between Polaris and is most pronounced in the price than in features. has two jets and uses a gear mechanism for movement while . WebJul 11, �� Polaris and are two popular pool cleaners. While they are from the same brand and look similar, there are clear-cut differences. The Vac-Sweep is an . WebNov 27, �� Polaris VS Product Comparison Polaris Vacuum-Sweep Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Always a popular choice for pool owners, Polaris are .