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12 months to $1 million audiobook free download

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Thank you Ryan for sharing this book with the world. I am so very grateful for the impact you have had on the direction of my life, and the incredible opportunities that this journey has opened up for myself and my family. Thinking about the thousands of people who will experience this same transformation after reading this book honestly chokes me up. For anyone reading this, if you feel frustrated with your life, and stuck or trapped in a job or business you hate, this book is the key to your cage.

There is a great deal of work involved, and while the plan is simple, it is not easy. If you are willing to commit to this process, though, you have an opportunity to transform your life and the lives of your entire family. This book is the first step! I ripped through it fast, slowed down only by the amount of highlighting I found myself doing. The writing style is straight and simple, on the nose. No literary ego here. By the end, I felt I had a good handle on things, but more than that, I also felt I had gotten to know Ryan some.

I found myself identifying with Ryan a lot. Ryan Daniel Moran is the founder of Capitalism. Ryan is best known for helping over new entrepreneurs build seven figure companies, without big teams or hour work weeks.

He helps business owners scale and sell companies and invest the profits for passive income, which is his own strategy to someday buy the Cleveland Indians.

I flew through the first 70 pages in warp speed. The excitement that came across my body was exhilarating. The process is fairly simple, and if followed exactly, is definitely achievable within a years time. I have a few minor gripes, like the lack of focus on psychology and how to find US based manufacturers, but maybe we can find that info elsewhere�? Ryan gives you confidence and clearly maps out the entire process, making your job as the business owner a lot easier.

On a side note, since reading the book, I have found my product. The vision that you acquire from reading 12 Months will give you the motivation and confidence that you need to push forward. Stay on the path, believe in yourself, believe in your product and your brand and you will most definitely exceed your own expectations.

If you are looking for more information from Ryan Daniel Moran, please visit his website Capitalism. Powered by WordPress. Grind non-stop and find your product, figure out the financials, and start selling.

The Growth Months � Watch your baby grow over these four months. Go from one sale per day, to 25 sales per day. The Gold Months � Take your business to the next level by figuring out your next four products and how to get sales to an average of per day. Eleven sections : Opportunity � Using e-commerce and social media as a ground breaking way to start a business. Fantastic chapter that keeps the reader interested and motivated! Great start to the book. This chapter was lacking substance for me.

Psychology is such an important topic for somebody looking to build a brand new business. The mental strength to overcome some road blocks requires more than just 10 pages of material� Choosing Your Customer � Very informative chapter that brings up a lot of solid topics. This chapter definitely helps the reader focus in on their niche market. Develop Your First Product � This pretty much comes down to finding a supplier and a manufacturer to make your product.

Anyone that has dabbled in this sort of business plan before knows that there are s of s of products on Alibaba. The plan is to find a niche industry, develop or alter an already existing product and rebrand it to your audience. Fund Your Business � Kickstarter. Your own money. Borrow from friends and family. Stack The Deck � In a nutshell, get your audience excited about you product!