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Download anime kaifuku

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Anime Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ini bercerita tentang Ketika Keyaru memperoleh kekuatannya sebagai Pahlawan yang berspesialisasi dalam menyembuhkan semua luka terlepas dari tingkat keparahannya, tampaknya dia akan menempuh jalan menuju masa depan yang cerah.

Tapi apa yang menunggunya malah adalah penderitaan yang hebat; dia menjadi sasaran siksaan dan pelecehan neraka yang tampaknya tak ada habisnya selama bertahun-tahun. Keterampilan penyembuhan Keyaru memungkinkan dia untuk secara diam-diam mengumpulkan ingatan dan kemampuan orang-orang yang dia rawat, secara bertahap membuatnya lebih kuat dari orang lain. Tetapi pada saat dia mencapai potensi penuhnya, sudah terlambatódia sudah kehilangan segalanya.

Bertekad untuk mengembalikan hidupnya ke jalurnya, Keyaru memutuskan untuk melepaskan mantra penyembuhan yang kuat yang memutar ulang seluruh dunia kembali ke masa sebelum dia mulai mengalami nasib buruknya. Dilengkapi dengan kesedihan masa lalunya, dia bersumpah untuk mengulang segalanya untuk memenuhi tujuan baru ó untuk membalas dendam kepada mereka yang telah berbuat salah padanya.

Informasi tambahan: Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Anime adalah serial animasi yang bertemakan Harem dan juga mengandung demografis. Telah rilis di gomunime pada musim Winter dan saat ini berstatus Tamat. Update episode terbaru animeku Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi adalah tanggal 21 November dan telah di download oleh , orang.

Carilah tempat yang nyaman untuk streaming anime Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Sub Indo, karena animeindo Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi memiliki durasi 24 min. Kenapa kamu harus nonton anime di Anime Bagus ID? Ada banyak alasan untuk kamu nonton anime di sini jika kamu adalah penggemar anime.

Ada banyak pilihan genre yang bisa kamu unduh seperti anime romance, aksi, school, isekai, fantasy, magic dan semua sudah bersubtitle bahasa Indonesia. It is perfectly fine for media to sometimes be exclusive. I worked at a Walmart in Tennessee and sold easily about Pureflix movies every month. I am not offended if a movie is made specifically for straight, white, Evangelical Christians and everyone else is going to have a bad time.

So where does Redo of Healer fit into all this? Redo of Healer takes this reactionary power fantasy SO far that it becomes an absolute joke. At certain points, I was entirely convinced I was watching a Juvenalian satire. In other words, a show that wanted to make fun of these types of isekai by exaggerating their faults. Keyaru is completely unlikeable by design. He is a force of chaotic evil who happens to be torturing and killing lawful evil because they harmed him.

We can laugh our asses off when he casts a spell on his dick to make himself iron hard and slaps a princess in the face. However, it is impossible to see Keyaru a decent person. He was fully willing to poison and massacre an entire city simply to gain a sex slave that he can manipulate and commit statutory rape against.

When a villain tried to massacre a city to draw him out, he just sat there and watched the massacre happen. Only when a merchant he happened to sort of like was killed did he decide on a whim to save a few survivors. He is a broken man that has been driven insane by years of torture, drugs, and rape.

Now he exists solely to dole out hilariously over the top punishment on all those who wronged him. There are plenty that believe it is actually genuine and the original light novel author is simply that depraved. The director of the Wicker Man remake intended it to be a serious and disturbing film that he made as a critique of modern feminism.

Nicholas Cage said it best. The sadist who would be satisfied when Keyaru summons 3 ogres to rape and eat an evil lesbian to death will instantly lose his chub when Keyaru busts out a half rack of baby back ribs to munch on and tells her to spread her butthole more.

The tonal whiplash is simply too intense. Redo of Healer is a comedy just like Top Gun is a gay community cult classic and Dolemite is a comedy and not a serious kung fu film. Interestingly, this makes Redo of Healer far more inclusive and broadly appealing than Shield Hero or Mushoku. All you need to have a ball with Redo of Healer is a dark sense of humor.

Redo is about a sad little twerp who gets tortured for years by a team of evil knights who are bent on global conquest. However, this sad sack is actually an evil genius who is formulating a ridiculous revenge scheme. In the first episode, he uses a magic MacGuffin and goes back in time to take advantage of his absurdly OP powers and inflict suffering on all of his enemies.

So how is he so powerful? Allow me to introduce you to the moronic magic system in this anime. Healing powers are considered a cursed gift because you must relive all the memories of whoever you heal. That means experiencing all their pain and suffering. This also means that Keyaru can duplicate the spells and abilities of anyone he has healed because he has their memories and knows how to do it.

If that man ever comes here to my town, he will never have to buy a drink! I will pay his bar tab for life! Should you watch Redo of Healer? If you can appreciate dark comedy and want to laugh at something stupid, I absolutely recommend this one! Definitely bring this title to your next bad movie night. You will be laughing until tears stream down your faces! This should be seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible! More reviews by literaturenerd Shield Hero is having an inferiority complex rn.

Ok hear me out, I really want to give this an ironic high rating, but it is literally beyond my capability to even do so.

But still not that bad. After 12 episodes, I barely even know what happens. Comment on my intelligence In the end, what matters is that I was slightly amused by the show, sardonic or not, yet also got bored of it pretty quickly.

Ironically, that makes it all the better. Now after finishing the show you might be wondering, why are the characters over-the-top unhinged subhuman garbage with no redeeming quality? We, the audience, are conditioned to feel absolute contempt and hatred for the abusers, for it's only natural, and rational, to despise humans who have shown zero human traits and committed countless evil deeds. So, nuancing something this openly farcical and exploitative, be it under positive or negative light, is just mindboggling.

Because even more conveniently, a once sane, upright jack of a protagonist has become a psychopath beyond recognition, understandably after years of torment. It matters not if you disagree with the dude's perspective on punishments, because the man is already as far from sanity as humanly possible. Better yet, the show is completely aware of this, and acknowledges how evil the MC is.

And even better, this man also happens to be a literal god with the kind of power that can technically do anything in the name alchemy time travel?? Yes it makes no sense, though this is all but an excuse. It excuses his actions, his revenge, his methods, his fucking, his every misdeed simply because it needs to get to the point, the torture porn. In a way, this makes it hysterically enjoyable to watch at times. Watching a comically-treated gloating, egomaniacal psychopath not giving a damn about anything even if he might appear otherwise at first, and how his hedonic schemes are equally as horrible as his victims, is all so hilarious for whatever reasons.

Sadly, the formula gets worn out pretty quickly and soon enough, the show loses much of its entertainment after 4 or maybe 5 episodes. Everything is repetitive, which is to be expected, ultimately becoming the greatest flaw.

Sure there might be 1 or 2 funny things happen once in a while to tingle my mingle like the ferocious shadow schlong. Our protagonist's path of vengeance won't see any alternatives for as long as this goes on, and the outcome is predictably a 2-sides-of-the-coin. Whatever triumph lies ahead or catastrophe befalls the protagonist simply doesn't compel me, because I have no care for him in the first place.

I take none of this seriously so it shouldn't come as a surprise that for a repetitive formula, nothing can be of interest for a episode length. I guess avoiding the pitfall of Shield Hero not making a meant-to-be-adored MC and revenge a complete pain in the ass to sit through can only benefit it so much.

In exploitation, enjoyment is everything. The voice acting makes it pretty funny though, so I approve that. That said, it's whatever. Now, onto the real questions. Does it make you a psychopath for enjoying how absurdly psychopathic the protagonist is? Does it make you a subhuman garbage who deserves no remorse for rooting for the dude? Probably not except if you actually take it seriously in some twisted way, but morality is shit-fest of a discussion anyway.

And does it make you a man of virtue for feeling sick watching a torture porn? Fuck no. This is objectively the superior revenge tale. More reviews by Preachee 5. More stacks. Sadomasochist theme. More recommendations. View All. More news. More discussions. Add Detailed Info. PV 2 play More videos Edit Synopsis When Keyaru acquired his powers as a Hero who specialized in healing all injuries regardless of severity, it seemed that he would walk the path to a great future.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Keyaru Main. Hozumi, Yuya Japanese. Setsuna Main. Ishigami, Shizuka Japanese. Jioral, Flare Arlgrande Main. Shibuya, Ayano Japanese. Reese, Eve Supporting.