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Addicted to you book pdf free download r studio software download

Addicted to you book pdf free download

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Best friends since early-childhood, this dysfunctional duo is deserving of an after-school, Lifetime movie special. Holy hell, they were frustrating! Talk about co-dependent and enabling! These two needed some serious help. Oddly, it was their addictions that made them more human.

Even though their behaviors were appalling, their weaknesses made them personable. Otherwise, I'm not sure that I ever would have been able to feel any sort of connection to the two trust fund babies.

There was just nothing about their privileged lifestyle that I could relate to. Although addiction isn't something I can necessarily relate to either, it helped to see them as flawed humans that also have struggles.

As their addictions spin more wildly out of control, circumstances change. Lily and Lo are willing to act on their feelings, even if it means risking what they have. One bad situation leads to another and the two cannot hide their problems any longer. While I enjoyed this story, I didn't love it.

These two were a bit too dysfunctional for me at times. It does end without answering many questions, so I'll probably pick this series back up at some point. I hear that it gets better. After all, I am curious to see how these two manage on a more long-term basis. All in all, I'd say this was good, but not great.

This book was quite literally a garbage sandwich. I say that because I felt like the beginning was promising, I was kind of like, "Oh wow, this premise is really unique, and the writing isn't half bad, let's see where this goes.

Hot steaming f8cking garbage. The book did kind of redeem itself at the end though, I will give it that. I've given it like 2. Lily is a sex addict. Lo is an alcoholic. They're both trust fund babies and long-time childhood friends. They live together and they've been pretending to be a couple for like 3 years so they can keep doing all of their problematic stuff.

So- yeah, Lo drinks himself to oblivion and Lily has sex with a stranger or 5 like every day and she always needs to be watching porn or something, you know, addict stuff.

Lo kicks out Lily's one-night stands in the morning, Lily makes sure Lo sleeps on his side so he doesn't choke on his own vomit and die. You know, cute stuff like that. I could handle the dysfunctional relationship in the beginning. Yes, it was messed up and toxic but they had an arrangement, they weren't a couple and they didn't owe each other anything. It was almost kind of cute I was like, "Haha, these guys are so f8cked up, but at least they have a sense of humor about it!

First of all, what kind of a f8cking name is Ryke? Is it supposed to be like, "Rick"? Like what the heck? He was annoying. I know Connor technically showed up first in the story, but I have to talk about Ryke first.

Here are a series of letters I have written to each of the characters in this book because I don't know how else to express my grievances with them to you without addressing them directly first.

Dear Ryke, Your name is spelled dumb. Why are you here? Literally nobody wants you here and they have said as much. Yes, thank you for that one time you helped carry Lo home because he passed out at your party, that was kind of cool of you, but now it's time to go. We've given you those comic books you never shut up about, now go away.

Please and thank you. You are the son and daughter of major corporations whose reputations could very obviously be ruined if people found out about the way you guys are living, why the actual hell didn't you kick out Ryke the second he told you he was a journalist??

Be better social elites. Let's talk about the type-A power couple everyone seems to love so much in this book. Dear Rose, I dislike you. You show up at people's houses unannounced and that is just straight-up crappy. Plus you're just kind of mean for no reason. I started to like you more towards the end, but for the majority of the book, I was not a fan.

You're basically like Ryke but worse. You're nosey and superficial and just soooooooooo arrogant it's not even funny. You are actively mean and say inappropriate things all the time and you think all women are gold diggers and yeah I obviously hate you.

Frankly, you and Rose deserve each other. You can give people unsolicited life advice and show up at each other's houses unannounced together forever. I get that you and Lily are friends and stuff and you like each other. What I don't get is the human miscommunication trope that is you. I did not need to hear about all of your detailed fantasies about literally every stranger you saw throughout this whole book. Also, I'm a little mad that you didn't make that poor Giggalo a cup of coffee.

I actually really appreciated how in the beginning of the book that the author never described the sex that Lily had with strangers. I thought it was sort of a nice touch, speaking to the namelessness of all of Lily's sexual partners and her lack of emotional involvement with them. I get that Lily thinks about sex all the time, but eventually, I just got kind of sick about hearing all her dirty thoughts about essentially every human that existed in this book. In terms of the sex between Lily and Lo, I was actually very of disappointed.

I felt like there was always no build-up and that it was awkwardly rough, personally I thought it would've been nicer if the author made their sex a little more tender and intimate, I wish she that she would've shown that having sex with someone you love is way more powerful and fulfilling and DIFFERENT than having sex with a stranger or someone you're not at all emotionally invested in or attached to. The ending was ok. Last like, 40 pages, better. Sort of.

I know there are like 4 books left in this series, but I don't think I'm going to read them. Sorry, I know a lot of people liked this one, just- eh. Finally reading this series Crazy that I read this so very out of order. But what can I say? Train wreck. Want to get this one is and re-read the Calloways before I read the final installment Larissa Cambusano. It was emotional, heart breaking but refreshing, sometimes comical, full of drama, and also intense.

Lily and Lo- Lifetime friends. Lily is addicted to sex. Lo is addicted to alcohol. And they both use each other as a crutch to justify the addictions they cannot seem to control. They pretend to be a couple to their families, so they can continue to indulge in their addictions and not be questioned.

And that is precisely what happened here. And in the end it was beautiful and heartwarming to see how their family battled along side them. I seriously cannot wait to dive into the rest of this series! Hulya Kara Yuksel. Very bad combination I know but on the other hand, they can be very good for each other because no matter what happen, they understand each others weakness… Of course not always everything seems fine but still they're trying to be best version of themself and they are always there whenever other person needs help I literally devoured this book… And last pages of the book was so freaking intense.

I already knew the ending cause before I start to read it, I skip the whole book and I looked the last page. Dammit, I tried so hard but I just couldn't hold myself. Ugh I guess this is my bad habit, this is my weakness I love lily and her obsession with harry potter and superheroes. Lo please please get help but don't leave lily hanging. Lo's problem hit a bit close home to how I was for a while and I hope he gets the help he needs. Did I only finally read this -and will hopefully continue reading- just to get to read the companion Calloway series?

Not really. Were they as dysfunctional and toxic and a potential train wreck as you might probably expect? Again yes. Irena BookDustMagic. It's free on Kindle, so I download it immediately, but then as I started to explore the genre I decided it was not for me, so this romance stayed on hold for years. At the beginning of this year I found myself in the mood to pick it up, so I did. Since the main protagonist is addicted to sex, and the main male character to alcohol, I expected lots of graphic scenes and steamy moments, but instead, to my pleasant surprise, I got a well written story without explicit content, but with great message that was not pushed too hard in reader's face.

Now I wish I gave this book a chance sooner, to change my mind about NA genre, because it proves there are great books among it. However, I have to stress out that now I'm five years older then I was back in the day, so I like to consider myself wiser and more open minded, so maybe I just wasn't ready for it in don't try to correct my math, I can see it's actually 7 years but I like to believe that I age slower.

The story is written in first person, which is my favourite way to follow along. I've heard amazing thins about books written by these authors, and now I understand why. I will definitely read more of their work in hope my feelings about their work will stay the same, if not even get better.

I definitely recommend this novel to romance lovers, especially because it is a freebie. Coco Day. Kelly and the Book Boar. While Lo hits the bottle all day every day, Lily likes to hit up various clubs.

Just no. I know this was supposed to really hit the old emotions, but for me???? Congrats to all of you who enjoyed this one. Obviously I did not. Kezia Duah. This was really heartbreaking! Addictions are really scary!! I was expecting to give this 2 stars, but it just started to click somewhere in the book. Lily Calloway is addicted to sex. Loren Hale is addicted to alcohol. They pretend to fake date each other to make it easier to protect each other as they continue in their addictions.

Their families are really rich and have a reputation to hold. Is it possible that they are actually addicted to each other? Are they ever going to hit their breaking point?

Are they ever going to let anyone know? Are they ever going to receive help? That ending practically told me to get the next book. AND can we talk about connor and ryke? Give me a little to gather my thoughts for the full review. I love this universe wholeheartedly. I am so invested and obsessed. These people are my family. Go read it. Pearl Angeli. We're terrible at so many things, but the only thing we've always been halfway decent at is being together. A New Adult book at its finest!

So many feels! To my fabulous friend Scarlett who heartily recommended this book and this series to me, I owe you one, girl! A big thank you! Check out her beautiful review on this book : Addicted to You is definitely a book that made me become literally addicted. As a lover of New Adult genre, I expected myself to feel drawn with this book the moment I started it, because well.. And I'm happy to say that this book is not just about sex.

It comes in a very emotional, unique romantic storyline that absolutely tugs the heart. This book is a story about Lily Calloway and Loren Hale -- two perfectly flawed characters who are secretly self-conscious about their addiction. Lily, a girl who is addicted to sex, grew up together with her bestfriend and pretend boyfriend Loren a.

On the outside, they may look a really perfect couple because of their rich, shiny families, but little did everyone know that they have secrets that they shamefully keep. Thus, they choose to appear perfect and depend on each other to sustain their addiction. We may not be good for each other, but sometimes I feel like he's the only guy who could ever love me. The book definitely gave me a lot of surprises. The characters have this undeniable chemistry. Not to mention that Lo is absolutely one scorching hot male lead.

Definitely a new book boyfriend to add on my list. And as the cover suggests, apparently it's one hot and smexy read. But like I said, it's not only about sex-- it's filled with emotionally-driven romance, twists, and drama. I was so surprised to find myself ugly crying with this book, especially at the last parts.

The ending was so emotional and a cliffhanger as well. And I suppose, the fear of losing each other is always stronger than the pain we cause. As a whole, this book is definitely a must-read. I appreciate the message it carries, specifically about accepting the person you love despite the imperfections and holding on to that person until the very end.

I also appreciate the way family love was emphasized here. It's a book with a real emotional depth. Officially, it's now my new favorite New Adult book! Two years almost to the day and a reread later, Addicted to You still delivered what I loved from before: smoking chemistry and glorious angst. I must have been mad! Well, already amended. My preparation is complete. Also read: Shakespeare short Stories. Also read: Buddha Books Pdf in English. Also read: Atharva Veda Samhita.

Also read: Swami Sivananda Books. Also read: Science of the Soul. Labels Pdf Download. Labels: Pdf Download. Post a Comment. December 24, Read more. November 30, November 23,

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