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Ecommerce software download

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Most buyers of digital products search Google for online stores to purchase the product. This enables a well-optimized online store to get discovered by more customers. It is also expedient to avoid an e-commerce platform that negatively affects your site page speed.

For example, some e-commerce platform features might slow down the page speed. An ideal e-commerce platform must be user-friendly and mobile responsive. Users, especially beginners, must find it easy to navigate the platform to build a functional website.

Also, the platform should have features that make it easy to build a site that is compatible with smartphones and other computer gadgets. Other essential things to look out for in an e-commerce platform are security, customer support efficiency, and product management capabilities.

In this post, we will highlight and elaborately discuss the best e-commerce platforms to set up your digital download online store on. Hosting your digital downloads store on Nexcess WooCommerce hosting provides you with a wide range of premium features and tools that guarantee excellent speed, BigCommerce is a reliable e-commerce platform. It provides premium e-commerce solutions for digital download online stores. It fortifies digital product online stores with many features, extensions, plug-ins, and tools needed for optimal functioning.

In addition, it provides a wide range of integration options for marketing and product, inventory, and customer management. BigCommerce may appear costly to some people hoping to create an online store for their digital products store.

However, without the price constraints, you are good to set up your site on BigCommerce. Are you thinking of setting up your digital download online store on WordPress?

MemberPress is the best plug-in for you. It is suitable for selling subscription-based digital downloads. MemberPress enables you to also sell membership and your digital products without taking any share. MemberPress is integrated with WooCommerce to afford you features that will enhance the functionality of your online store. It also allows integration with email marketing services such as ConvertKit and Constant Contact.

MemberPress is apt for selling online courses. It may be difficult to set up your store on MemberPress if you have not adequately gotten yourself acquainted with their feature through their setup tutorials. Easy Digital Downloads is also a WordPress e-commerce platform, but it is not membership-based, so it allows you to sell your digital download with ease.

It is designed specially to sell digital products; it makes it worthy for your digital download store. EDD is completely free and very easy to use in creating a standard online store sale of digital downloads. It is not easy to sell affiliate products on a site built with EDD. Selling external products on Easy Digital Downloads requires the use of a third-party add-on. Sellfy is a great user-friendly e-commerce platform ideal for selling digital download products.

It allows you to sell different kinds of digital products in one store. Moreover, it offers the buyer many features and tools for easy and unique digital download store creation. Shopify is a simplified e-commerce platform with many amazing features, designs, and templates for any online store type. With Shopify, you can get your digital online store running in no time. Teachable is an e-commerce platform perfect for an online learning platform.

It allows you to set up your online store of e-learning courses. You may not even need a website to use it. It is suitable for you if you are solely into selling e-learning products. Podia is an e-commerce platform specifically made for selling digital products. This platform helps you sell digital downloads products like online courses, music, videos, and even webinars. Though it is new to the digital download market, it is very promising.

Again, it is a viable alternative for existing digital download e-commerce platforms. It is also a membership platform. It allows you to categorize your members. You can offer various services to people across the world.

An amazing beginner-friendly platform, Sellfy allows for seamless site navigation. Many features make this platform an appealing choice to sell digital downloads like multiple options for payment and the many language options.

You can sell audio files, eBooks, videos, and similar products. In addition, the site has built-in SEO and you have the option of choosing a custom domain. Some of the plans are cheaper when purchased on a yearly basis, so keep that in mind while signing up. Not sure if you want to continue using the site? When it comes to customer support, you can ask for help via mail. With almost 5 million monthly visits , BigCommerce is one of the most used ecommerce platforms in the world.

By using BigCommerce, you will have access to incredible features and tools like built-in SEO and blog, appealing designs and templates, and secure SSL. There are no transaction fees, which is always a plus. You can get a day free trial before deciding on a plan. Another well-known ecommerce platform, Shopify is a hosted platform where you can sell digital downloads in many shapes and forms. Speaking of, you can choose between three plans: a basic Shopify plan, a general Shopify plan, and an advanced Shopify plan.

You can test out some of these features by trying out their day free trial. If you like the idea of investing in a simple and uncomplicated ecommerce platform, then Gumroad would be an ideal option for you. Gumroad is a particularly popular choice among artists of various kinds because of some of its features.

You can easily navigate the platform, there are various payment options available that support multiple currencies , you can access in-depth analytics, and you sell different types of products for an affordable price. Gumroad focuses on customer loyalty, so you can give your most loyal customers discount codes and other benefits. By updating your account, you can access features such as importing customers and followers, HD streaming, and the ability to remove Gumroad branding from your products and receipts.

PayLoadz has been around for quite some time 18 years in total and you could easily make the case that it has pioneered similar ecommerce platforms. Just like Gumroad, PayLoadz seems to be extremely popular among visual artists, authors, and designers. Otherwise, you have the option of creating a free account that comes with some awesome features on its own.

If you change your mind in the meantime, you can always upgrade your account. Fetch App is another ecommerce platform that allows its users to sell digital downloads easily and seamlessly. There are plenty of options as to what kind of digital downloads you can sell — you can sell PDFs, eBooks, photos, and software. While shopping, your customers can choose between plenty of payment options.

One of the best things that come with FetchApp is the ability to sell various goods without worrying about any transaction fees. If you want a limited amount of space only, you can go for the free version that allows for 25 orders a day and 5 MB of storage. On top of all that, you also have the option of integrating Fetchapp with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. Users can get access to in-depth analytics that will help their business flourish.

Other than that, you can get access to other incredible features on SendOwl such as discount codes for your loyal customers, multiple payment options, an affiliate system, and fast checkout.

On top of being a great option if you want to sell digital downloads that include texts, books, and articles, you can also use it to sell courses and lectures. Teachable has a good combination of simple tools that will boost your ecommerce business and more advanced tools that will make the selling process easier.

Selz is an ecommerce platform that enables you to sell digital downloads in various ways. The great thing about this platform is that you can sell all kinds of products in one place — from video and audio files to several kinds of physical products. Regardless of where your talents lie, you can utilize this app and make selling digital products as easy as pie.

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WebDec 20,  ท Top 8 Ecommerce Platforms For Digital Downloads. Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting – Best for Performance Monitoring. BigCommerce – best for . WebeCommerce software provides businesses with a platform and software tools to sell goods and services online, as well as manage all aspects of online commerce including order . WebBest Free eCommerce Software All Products Buyers Guide Shortlist Explore these highest-rated tools to discover the best option for your business. Based on ratings and number of .