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Dig dug pc download

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Dig Dug tasks the player of clearing underground stages of all enemies while trying to not get caught by the enemies that will pursue you from the surface. This leads to a game that is a perfect balance of being attack-minded but with the good sense to know when its time to evade and defend.

The game has quite a range of enemies to take out and evade along with environmental aspects that can also end your run but may also be used to your advantage. All in all, the gameplay is rather deep for a game of its time and as you progress through the stages you will find yourself challenged. There are some small issues with the input lag when using your air pump and when the action occurs on the screen which takes some getting used to initially.

However, aside from this, the game offers a fair and addictive experience that will have you playing for hours. This game in the light of is as good as it ever was. Plus the sound can be repetitive much like an arcade game from this period. However, the most important part, the gameplay, is still as sound as ever and shows that those at Namco had more than just Pac-Man in their locker. Browse games Game Portals.

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WebDilbert™ Cubicle Chaos. Take charge of Dilbert's world as the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert Cubicle Chaos by Namco. Delegate busy work & enjoy tormenting your favorite Missing: download. WebWatch out, as enemies chase Dig Dug through dirt in the form of ghostly eyes, only becoming solid in the air where his pump can stun or destroy them. Enemies eventually . WebDig kbijsetupdownload.com Version: 9 months ago. Download bit (32 MB) Note: Some people might experience some soft locks while playing the game. If you experience such .