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Powerpoint infographic template free download

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It includes:. This colorful infographic slide designed in a flat style is free to download in both standard and widescreen aspect ratios. The download file also includes 2 color versions: light and dark, so the slide can merge into the overall feeling of your presentation.

These characteristics of this PowerPoint infographic slide are:. These infographic slides are designed in a modern flat style. They can be downloaded with the following characteristics. These curved and colorful timelines will perfectly fit any modern presentation of data.

The free download includes the following features:. A free template with 30 different modern infographic templates in a flat, clean style. The templates are compatible with PowerPoint and they are perfect for any project management-related presentations. Download Interesting designs of infographic slide templates shaped like trees.

These infographic slides can be downloaded in both Standard and Widescreen resolutions. You have 2 options for a color layout: dark and light. The designs come with easy-to-edit text placeholders and a free font Calibri. This huge infographic bundle with slide templates includes 20 FREE infographics on different themes, such as business, steps, timeline, ecology, comparison, world maps, etc.

A handy infographic PowerPoint template is comparing male and female populations by certain criteria. This free infographic slide is provided by PresentationGo and can be completely customized according to your project. Here are the characteristics:. We hope you enjoyed this collection of free infographic PowerPoint templates.

We believe these resources would certainly come in handy for every presenter. Enjoy your day! Like us on Facebook. Iveta is a passionate writer at GraphicMama who has been writing for the brand ever since the blog was launched. She keeps her focus on inspiring people and giving insight on topics like graphic design, illustrations, education, business, marketing, and more. A source of high-quality vector graphics offering a huge variety of premade character designs, graphic design bundles, Adobe Character Animator puppets, and more.

Viewed , times. Updated: May 16, Infographics are a great way to visualize your data and capture the attention of your audience. The features included are: color schemes; different themes; fonts for design; design icons and shapes. Download 2. Specifications: 43 pre-made charts; dark and light theme; ratio; free to use, attribution required. Download 3. This design comes with handy elements to visualize statistics such as: a doughnut chart, a pie chart, a bar chart, human icons.

Download 4. Storyset for Figma Illustrations for your Figma projects. Log in Sign up. Go back. No notifications to show yet. Stay tuned! Edit profile. OK, got it. Filters 1. Photos PSD All images. Infographic Powerpoint Template Vectors. Nine management slide templates set. Six logistics charts slide templates set. Editable business presentation template vector in modern design set. Green orange colored business concept power point presentation pages template.

Infographics slide template design. Ten management slide templates set. Modern flat template. Ten analytics slide templates set. Eight logistics slide templates set. Template presentation slides background design. Red gray colored maps concept power point presentation pages template. Eight statistics slide templates set.

Four analyzing slide templates set. Seven business slide templates set.

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Does the design remind you of anything? Besides that popular impostor game, the spaceship Of course, our Impostors Crewmates in the Spaceship template! You'll be Log in Psychology Thesis Defense Infographics We know that defending your thesis is a crucial step towards your academic goal, so we wanted to make the process easier for you by creating this beautiful template that contains many different infographics with which you can present the different aspects of your psychology thesis in detail.

We assure Do you want to present your business or company data in an effective way? Go ahead and use these Project Management Infographics. They contain a lot of different designs: circular, arrows, paths� We have created them using yellow, orange, pink and purple hues and plenty of icons that you can Log in Strategic Roadmap Infographics How far can your company go? We know that for you there are no limits and that your company is capable of surpassing everything it decides to do.

This is great, but to organize all the goals you want to achieve, designing a strategic roadmap will be a great idea There's a recent trend on social media in which people share with their followers a review about their dating life during the previous year. There must be some kind of educational purpose about this, right? Jokes aside, here's a template that you can use exactly for that purpose!

Beware: you'll What we have here is an attractive set of infographics, featuring watercolor and up to 30 different designs. It provides multiple ways of representing data about farming. Perhaps soil fertility, crop health, yield, pest control, profitability? Its customizability and nice design complements our template called Farm Management Plan.

Get ready We as humans need to interact with each other. We constantly have needs, and we must know how to communicate them to other people, but in a way that develops our social skills, too. So, what do we need? This template full of infographics! The design aims to be similar Being in charge of a vlogging agency can't be easy Collect all your important facts and figures in graphs, charts or diagrams included in this set of infographics.

As you can see, they match perfectly with another one of our templates, The Vlogger Agency, Are you familiar with graph paper? Don't you know what it is? We're sure you do, you just didn't know its name. It's paper with a grid, facilitating the representation of graphs or other math-related things. Speaking of which, is your thesis about mathematics?

Or maybe not but you just Log in Return on Investment ROI Infographics At Slidesgo, we care that your company's finances go correctly and that you get the most economic benefit from everything you do. This financial indicator will measure the profitability of your project, action, or The designs included in this new template have something in common: all of them have some kind of technological motif. Take a look at these resources for chemists and make speaking about replacement, decomposition or If you want to present the progress of your sales, project plan or manufacturing activities, process diagrams will be your best friends.

They have the ability to develop a clear description of a process, step by step. They are pretty useful to achieve better communication with other people involved in Bar charts are very adaptable. No matter what you want to represent: if you have some numbers, data and percentages, use these diagrams. We have designed many of them for you: simple bars, cylindrical, pyramidal, arrows� Choose one! However, from Slidesgo we want to help you and, for that reason, here you have a set of infographics on revenue management.

With the 32 infographics included, organize your company's performance and take advantage of all the resources included, such as The following set of infographics has been designed to represent the making of business processes. As such, most of the designs involve different steps or phases, each one with different colors for maximum clarity. Some slides incorporate timelines, others make use of cycle diagrams, others look like tables There's a These traction infographics present different data categories.

They are helpful to deal with investments, companies, startups, goals, big data� We have included bar, circle, pie charts, pyramids, banners. Your entrepreneurship is starting to come out. Yes, you've decided to run a startup!

That sounds great, so let us help you with your presentations: here's our new template full of infographics. This set includes everything you might need: graphs, tables, diagrams, SWOT analyses� They are easily editable and can Unlock this template and gain unlimited access.

Are you already Premium? Log in Account Based Marketing Infographics Account-based marketing tries to break with the thought that we must sell this product to everyone and, instead, tries to market several products to an individual customer or account.

The steps to take can be explained visually in these editable infographics for presentations. We've created a good variety of flat-styled Maturity models assess different aspects of a company, looking for ways to improve performance and resource allocation.

You have already the results? Lay them down in these infographics and show them to your colleagues in a visually appealing way. You can edit these graphs and diagrams to reflect your data Got any suggestions? Send us a message and help improve Slidesgo Send suggestions. Funnel Infographics Presentation templates There's a type of chart, diagram or infographics depending on who you ask that shows a progression of different blocks of data in increasing or decreasing order and, as such, are called "funnel".

How convenient! Slidesgo has some sets of these infographics for Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations, totally customizable and adaptable! Filter by Filters. Sort by Popular. Style Style All. Colors Colors All. License License All. Sizes Sizes All. Formats Formats All. Download Google Slides PowerPoint.

Infographics Cones Infographics Cones diagrams are perfect to represent hierarchies in ascending or descending order. Funnel Infographics Ready to use funnel infographics?

Lead Nurturing Infographics It's obvious that any business wants to reach to as many customers as possible, and maintain a nice commercial relationship with them.

Gradient Spiral Diagrams These Spiral Diagrams with gradients represent sequences or progressions, and we have added some text columns, icons, enumerations, colors and other resources to create hierarchies and to differentiate their 4 to 6 sections.

Strategic Alignment Infographics Strategic alignment in a business is fundamental. Sales Strategy Infographics Make your sales strategy understandable and impress everyone with this business template. Pyramid Infographics Pyramid diagrams are great for representing hierarchies! Goals Strategy Infographics We want to help you better represent visually the strategy or the steps needed in order to achieve a certain goal, and for that we've created these infographics.

Marketing Models Infographics This pack of infographics is intended for marketing gurus. Business Sales Strategies for Infographics looks to be a very productive and successful year at least, it will be if you use infographic resources such as those included in this template.

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WebFree online template editor. Storyset Free editable illustrations This infographic template will help you establish those goals and distinguish the different Infographics. . WebIt shows a central idea or concept that branches out into subcategories, sub-topics, or sub-elements, in a tree-like fashion. Tree chart and diagrams are used to visually organize . WebDiscover Template is offering a free Company Road Map Infographic Presentation Template that comes with completely customizable slides and colourful infographics. .