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Chrome download video extension rslogix emulate 500 software free download

Chrome download video extension

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Unusually, FBDown displays both the video filename and a thumbnail image that lets you identify the video you want more readily. You also get more control over the file type and format when you download.

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store here. This functionality is also available in some countries with a standard YouTube membership. For instance, you can obviously only use it on YouTube. Freemake is free and web-based. To use it, just open it in a browser tab. We tested it by downloading a video of my co-founder, Hiten Shah, speaking at Startup Grind.

All you have to do is drop the video URL into the bar on the website and click Download. From there, it takes a few seconds to convert the video and a few more to download it as an MP4. You can change the format, with the most common options available on the homescreen:. And Freemake makes a big deal of assuring users that original quality is preserved. In the video we downloaded and then played in Quicktime, quality certainly looked equal to the YouTube version.

SaveFrom is built for YouTube. The extension is a little complex to install, but once it is installed, it works quickly and easily. You can download YouTube videos with a single click from the video itself, from history, or from browsing. It works by downloading a separate Chrome extension that enables this one.

Start at the website. Here, you can drop the URL of any video you want to download into the download box. Twitter videos require special instructions. You might just want to view videos offline. Instructional videos or communication from co-workers in video form can be easier to use and more intuitive than text. Downloading videos can make them more accessible. Sometimes you might need to share video with contractors or partners. It helps you to download clips quickly and safely. This application can detect videos and show them as a popup menu.

Wise Video Downloader is a tool that can be used to save videos to your PC. It can detect clips available online. Universal Video Downloader helps you download popular media formats like flash, videos, audio from Social Networks, and Video Hosting websites.

Turbo Download Manager is a download manager that can resume downloads and remote files. It can help you to grab videos from various sources. This Google video downloader application enables you to increase your video downloading speed. Video Downloader for Chrome are extensions that can be used to download videos from any websites.

The clips can be saved by just clicking on one button. Skip to content. Top Pick. By Click Downloader. List of the Best Video Downloader for Chrome:. By Click Downloader 5. Download entire YouTube Playlists and channels.

Download videos in p, p, 4K and 8K. Free Download. The general features of video downloader for Chrome are: You can download multiple videos simultaneously.

It is easy to use and light in size. You can use this program without any hassle. Enables you to skip the advertisement part in the video.

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Here we are going to cover 11 of the best Chrome video downloader extensions. Video Downloader Plus is an excellent Chrome extension that you can use to download videos from literally any website. This tool has over , downloads and has a super impressive 4. The good thing about this Chrome extension is that it is straightforward to use. You just need to install it on your Chrome browser. After that, this tool will start collecting all the available video resolutions. Select the one that you want to download, and it will process downloading in no time.

It is probably the easiest and the fastest way to download videos from the internet. The best thing is that the Video Downloader Plus is entirely free, but it offers an optional premium plan. This premium version of Video Downloader Plus unlocks support to a few additional websites and gives you the ability to download videos at a higher resolution. Aside from high-quality 4K video downloading, users can cast videos to other devices with the help of Chromecast.

You can also use the feature called save for later to save videos to your account for later use. If, for any reason, you are facing problems with the tool mentioned above or maybe simply want a chrome extension that is very easy to use. In both scenarios, Video Download Center by Silvestrs Kronvalds is going to be a superb choice for you.

Video Download Center lets users download videos from a wide range of internet websites. You can go to Facebook, DailyMotion, Twitter, and other web platforms. However, like Video Downloader Plus, it cannot help you download YouTube videos due to privacy policy issues. Therefore, if you are looking for a Chrome video download extension for the same purpose, this is not an option.

But if you are okay with that limitation, it will be an excellent choice to download videos from various web platforms. It is very easy to use and has a very intuitive design. It also does a fantastic job finding the video source that makes the downloading process much more manageable. Good Video Downloader is another excellent lightweight Chrome extension that allows users to download videos from a bunch of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Dailymotion.

It is an easy-to-use, two-step video download extension that can help you download videos on your Chrome browser. Whenever you visit a webpage, this extension starts reading for all the video files available on that page. Then, it enlists them into the extension with proper video formats and resolutions. Users can click on the extension and scroll among various video files, and select the one they want to download. Within a second, this tool will process the downloading, and when the download gets complete, you can find the video in your download folder.

However, this tool cannot help you download YouTube videos due to the Chrome Store restriction. But apart from that, it works miraculously great on other websites. With over 2 million downloads and a splendid 4.

Like other tools in this list, this one also lets users download their favorite videos from many popular video streaming platforms such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, and even from OTT platforms. However, I faced some issues while downloading a movie from Prime Video, but you can give your shot to see if it works for you.

The good thing about this Chrome video downloading extension is that it offers a bunch of excellent features. Some of the notable features of Video Downloader Professional are that it gives you the ability to download videos in different video formats and resolutions. Additionally, users can Chromecast their favorite videos to multiple devices, make a list of favorite videos, and download all of them on the go with a single click.

Therefore, you cannot use it as a YouTube video downloader. Earlier, that service was only offering a web interface, but recently, they released their Chrome extension.

This Chrome video downloader extension makes the download process much easier. This tool enables you to download videos directly from over 40 popular websites, including Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. SaveFrom Pro is not only a video downloader extension, but it can also help you download MP3 files from various websites. Users can even select the bitrate of songs before downloading them.

It also supports batch download that means you can download an entire playlist of videos or MP3s with a single click. Overall, SaveFrom Pro is a highly regarded Chrome video downloader extension. The features it offers are unbeatable by any rival, and on top of that, it supports YouTube video downloading as well.

Therefore, if you are in need of a reliable Chrome video downloader , I highly suggest you go with SaveFrom Pro. With over K users, Video Downloader Ultimate is a great Chrome extension to download videos from web platforms on your computer.

A few other sites that it does not support are OTT platforms and websites that require a premium membership. But the good thing is, it supports MP3 downloads. And you can use it to download MP3 files from a popular music streaming services like Spotify and Deezer.

There may not be a desktop version of this program, but this tool is very simple and convenient to use. This extension adds a button to the right of your address bar when you install it. Video DownloadHelper can be very useful, especially if you download more than a couple of streaming videos a day. When downloadable videos are available, the icon will change and will allow you to download a video or videos.

Click the Download link to the right of the desired video to save it. To make things more complicated, the extension sometimes lists multiple identical videos, which can be really frustrating for some users. Like every other video downloader Chrome extension, this tool adds a clickable icon to your toolbar to the right of the address bar.

This extension also lists all the available videos on the page and shows you how large they are below the Download button. Although this app lists videos by name, it also displays the size and the video format of every video. Click the video and the download starts immediately.

Flash Video Downloader also adds an icon to the address bar upon installation. Unlike many other downloader extensions, it lists multiple versions of any video on the page, indicating all available quality options. Although this is evident from the video size, it always helps to see them listed next to the file sizes. The interface, however, can be a bit messy. Here are some options that you can turn on for easier video downloading.

First of all, add the 3gp video format to the list of detected formats mov, avi, wmv, swf, asf, mp4, and webm are detected by default. Then, change the download trigger from KB to 1MB.

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WebThe extension also allows you to download HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) videos. HLS video is saved to your computer in a file with extension, which you can later view . WebClick download in a few seconds you will start downloading the video to your computer. The extension is convenient to use for downloading movies when you are going on .