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Introduction to materials management pdf free download fritzing software download

Introduction to materials management pdf free download

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This study considers the importance of material management in building construction site. This study considered the procurement practices and factors affecting material management with respect to time, cost and quality. The reduction of wastage, handling of material, on time material delivery, and tracking technologies are sorted out effectively in a systematic manner. For determining, each of its aspects in detail causes for damage, poor security, pre-planning in procurement before facing force majeure.

The problems relating to material management are discussed in order to achieve effectiveness in all types of construction projects. The results in this study helps in reducing overall cost and smooth running of the project activities. Dickson Onuah. There is a growing awareness in the industrial construction industry that materials management needs to be addressed as a comprehensive integrated management activity.

Researchers have acknowledged the importance of materials and the impact that these have in the total project cost, plans and operations. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google.

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A decision support system for rapid evaluation and selection of engineered equipment suppliers. The essence of materials management in Nigerian business organizations.

Afolabi et al. Importance of Material Management in Construction Industry. The efficient procurement and handling of material represent a key role in the successful completion of the work. It is important for the contractor to consider that there may be significant difference in the date that the material was requested or date when the purchase order was made and the time at which the material will be delivered. These delays can occur if the contractor needs a large quantity of material that the supplier is not able to produce at that time or by any other factors beyond his control.

The contractor should always consider procurement of materials is a potential cause for delay Willis, Effective management of materials can reduce these costs and contribute significantly to the success of the project.

In other words, materials are the parts used to produce the final product. Bailey et al. Stukhart defines materials as the items that are used to produce a product and which include raw materials, parts, supplies and equipment items.

Dobler and Burt classify manufacturing materials into five categories. This might include parts specifically produced for the company and parts bought directly off the shelf i. Chandler states that construction materials can be classified into different categories depending on their fabrication and in the way that they can be handled on site. He classifies the materials into five categories.

Table 2. They are bought in standard length or lot quantities. Examples of such materials include pipes, wiring, and cables. They are more difficult to plan because of uncertainty in quantities needed. These materials are used for a particular purpose.

This includes materials that require detailed engineering data. Examples of such materials include steel beams with holes and beam seats. The efficient management of materials plays a key role in the successful completion of a project. The control of materials is a very important and vital subject for every company and should be handled effectively for the successful completion of a project. Materials account for a big part of products and project costs. Materials are critical in the operations in every industry since unavailability of materials can stop production.

In addition, unavailability of materials when needed can affect productivity, cause delays and possible suspension of activities until the required material is available. It is important for a company to consider that even for standard materials, there may be significant difference in the date that the material was requested or date when the purchase order was made, and the time in which the material will be delivered.

These delays can occur if the quantities needed are large and the supplier is not able to produce those materials at that time or by any other factors beyond the control of the company. The company should always consider that purchase of materials is a potential cause for delay Willis, Unavailability of materials is not the only aspect that can cause problems. Excessive quantities of materials could also create serious problems to managers. Storage of materials can increase the costs of production and the total cost of any project.

When there are limited areas available for storage, the managers have to find other alternatives to store the materials until they are needed. Provisions should be taken to handle and store the materials adequately when they are received. Special attention should be given to the flow of materials once they are procured from suppliers. It is obvious that materials should be obtained at the lowest cost possible to provide savings to the company Damodara, In the late 's, construction companies experienced an increase in costs and a decrease in productivity.

Owners of these companies thought that these increases in cost were due to inflation and economic problems. Further research concluded that these companies were not using their resources efficiently and that the decrease in productivity was also attributable to poor management Stukhart, Material Management has been an issue of concern in the construction industry.

The need for an effective materials planning system becomes mandatory. Some companies have increased the efficiency of their activities in order to remain competitive and secure future work. Many other firms have reduced overheads and undertaken productivity improvement strategies. Considerable improvement and cost savings would seem possible through enhanced materials management.

Timely availability of materials, systems, and assemblies are vital to successful construction. Materials management functions are often performed on a fragmented basis with minimal communication and no clearly established responsibilities assigned to the owner, engineer or contractor.

Better material management practices could increase efficiency in operations and reduce overall cost. There is a growing awareness in the construction industry that material management needs to be addressed as a comprehensive integrated management activity. Different researchers provide different definitions for material management, therefore different definitions can be found in different references. Basically, material management is concerned with the planning, identification, procuring, storage, receiving and distribution of materials.

The purpose of material management is to assure that the right materials are in the right place, in the right quantities when needed. The responsibility of one department i. The purpose of material management is to control the flow of materials effectively. He adds that these activities should be interrelated. This process usually begins with the requisition of materials from the supplier until the material is used or incorporated into a product.

Activities include cooperation with designers, purchasing, receiving, storage, quality control, inventory control, and material control. It is the combination of purchasing with production, distribution, marketing and finance. Save to Library Save. Create Alert Alert. Share This Paper.

Background Citations. Methods Citations. Citation Type. Has PDF. More Filters. Material Management in Constuction Industry G. Kanimozhi , P. Latha Business, Engineering. Comprehensive approach to the inventory control system improvement M. Plinta Business. Received: 17 August Abstract Accepted: 2 September This paper describes a methodology for inventory analysis and reduction, which was developed at the Department of Industrial Engineering, � Expand.

In such systems MRP uses a master production � Expand. Nurhasanah , S. Hidayat Business. The increasingly competitive business environment has encouraged many actors to use information and communication technology as a competitive advantage, including the garment industry.

So far, � Expand. This paper aims to show the main demand chain management techniques used by production engineering in the forecasting process.

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You can download the syllabus in Material Management pdf form. Analysis, S. Classification, F. Analysis, X. Materials management is an essential business function. It is concerned with planning, acquisition and flow of materials within the supply chain.

Material is one of the four basic resources. It will help you to understand the question paper pattern and type of Material Management question and answer asked in MBA 3rd year Material Management exam.

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