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Idioms and phrasal verbs advanced pdf free download download zoom for pc windows 10

Idioms and phrasal verbs advanced pdf free download

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Reproduced by permission. Source: pp. It is a series of two books for students to learn. There are over 1. How are the books organized? Each book contains 60 units of vocabulary At the back of each book you will find: presentation and practice. The units with a unit reference to where each item are grouped together thematically in modules of appears four to nine units.

What are idioms and phrasal verbs? Why teach them together? In other words. So, under the weather has nothing to do although they are often singled out for specific with the literal meaning of 'the weather'; it attention in language-teaching materials. If you sweep something under the carpet, you try to keep something secret; and Putting idioms and phrasal verbs together has a if you put someone in the picture.

A relatively short passage of text As these examples illustrate. This makes it easier three words: a base verb and at least one particle to present the target language in continuous text preposition or adverb. Many phrasal verbs are rather than disconnected sentences. For example, the meanings of give up in a realistic way. As with idioms. When people think of idioms. To this end. These vivid expressions can be extremely colourful examples. Dictionaries do not classroom. It is also undeniably true that idioms always agree on what constitutes an idiom: hold especially the more vivid ones - hold a particular the line is listed as an idiom in one dictionary.

However, there are collocation in another. The same is true for under thousands of idioms. Here are some typical entry in another. Our examples: criterion for inclusion in this series is that an item bear sth in mind.

I thought as much. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Some of these will appear so mundane that they Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners often pass unnoticed as idioms. In some cases the meaning may be quite easy to guess.

How can teachers use the material in the classroom? The meaning of the they work individually or in pairs, and assist where new vocabulary is explained in an accompanying necessary. This is a simple, quick, minutes longer if necessary. This indicates a personalized partner's answers as follow-up.

You and your students should to practise their spoken English while using the new find this interesting. If you use these as speaking activities, How can students study alone? Firstly, spend at least ten minutes meanings. See if you can remember the meanings. Use the glossaries to help exercises, or several days later as a way of revising you understand the meaning of new items.

Practise the idioms and phrasal verbs. This gives specialist dictionaries: Oxford Idioms Dictionary you an opportunity to use the vocabulary more for learners of English and Oxford Phrasal Verbs freely to write in your notebook about yourself, your , Dictionary for learners ofE nglish. Abbreviations The following abbreviations are used: N noun sth something v verb sb somebody adjective etc. You use 'etc. SYN synonym i.

The situation is improving, but we're not out of not out of the woods INF not yet free from the woods yet. I'll probably take a back seat and let Marco do take a back seat deliberately become less actively most of the work. My heart sank when I saw the hotel room my heart sank used to tell sb that you suddenly felt they'd given us. Idioms are particularly common in spoken English. Some are easier to understand, but you will need to learn many of them as fixed phrases.

Having said that, the food is very good: '. I thought as much: Glossary having said that used to say that sth is true despite what you have just said.

Sadly, thick as two short planks. OPP deep down. He's mad keen on Alice. I was hopping mad. It just doesn't look that way on the surface I top. S She's a very dominant woman; she certainly has her husband under her finger I thumb. In other words, he's mad. In other words, he's thick as 3 Ella didn't show Luis her true feelings. In other words, she played 4 Ana adores horse-riding. In other words, she's it. S Don just talks and never listens. In other words, he loves the sound of his 6 I love Caz, but she's crazy.

In other words, she's mad 7 Mona does everything Pete tells her to. In other words, she's under 8 Grandad can put up with anything. Most of the group are very quiet - we need a a live wire a person who is lively and full of energy live wire like Jez to get us talking.

We could do with a bright spark here to bring a bright spark INF 1 a lively and intelligent person. Some bright spark left the door unlocked!

How stupid. She always asks Dad for help with cash because a soft touch INF a person from whom you can easily she knows he's a soft touch. I don't know if Ash would be right for the job; an unknown quantity a person or thing whose he's a bit of an unknown quantity.

Mrs Andrews runs the business and people the salt of the earth a good, reliable, honest person. He's tough, ambitious, and he's nobody's fool- nobody's fool a person who is too clever to be he's our best hope as a manager. SYN no fool. I hate dealing with Rupert; he's a nasty piece a nasty piece of work a person who is unpleasant, of work. He's a bit of a cold fish. Write P or N. Then circle the full idioms. Andy Cracker 1S a great boss: hardworking, honest. He's a real family man too and he adores his kids.

They only have to ask for something and they get it; he's a 2 touch. Mrs Bolton's been here for years and she's now approaching retirement.

She's the salt of the 3 , and will do anything for Andy. But things have to be done in a particular way - 'Mrs Bolton's Way'; she's a 4 of habit.

Mandy O'Neill is new in this department. She used to be in sales, and my friend Sally says she's a bright 6 and 7 fool. I'll reserve judgement on her till I get to know her better. Tim Richards - What can I say? I just can't stand him. I don't trust him at all; I think he's a nasty 8 , actually. Write in your notebook, or talk to another student. Well, ours has all the qualities. When things went wrong and Dad left us, Mum went to great lengths to hold the family together.

She was always there for us, but trusted us to make our own decisions. When we needed a shoulder to cry on , it was Mum we turned to , not our friends.

But what sets her apart from the other mums is her concern for others. She's always giving someone or other a helping hand. We thank our lucky stars that she's our mum! Patti , 16 have sb's best interests at heart care about sb and want to improve their situation. S Dad always makes a special effort to keep them amused.

She thinks she can twist me round her little finger, but she can't! He'd walk all over my parents ifhe had the chance. It took me years to learn to stick up for myself. Ifit weren't for me, her room would be disgusting! Also take sb for granted be so accustomed to sb that you don't appreciate them. If you can twist sb round your little finger INF, you can persuade them to do anything you want. If you get round sb, you persuade them to do what you want, often by being nice to them.

If you win sb over, you get their support by persuading them you are right. S If you have things all your own way, you do what everyone else wants.

It's not fair! S U's only nice to me because she wants my help. Don't let things like finance or hou sehold chores drive a wedge between you. Remember that things said in the heat of the moment can be hard to forgive later. On the other hand, if you walk away, you may be storing up problems for the future. My advice is: go for a short walk to calm down, then you can discuss the matter sensibly.

You'll need to give each other space in the marriage. Glossary be made for each other INF be perfect partners. Write G or B. Do you agree with all the points? You're free - nothing's holding you back and no one's nagging you because the dishes are piling up in the sink. You can do as you please any time, day or night. RUDY Not for me. I'm bored and lonely. Yes, you answer to no one, but I'd far sooner be in a loving relationship.

I'd give anything to meet the right person. Now that I've finished with him, the thought of going through the same thing again doesn't bear thinking about. I don't want another distressing break-up. Glossary hold sb back stop sb being as successful as they should be. SYN please yourself. I'd give anything to meet her. I'd give my right arm to have Anya back. OPP Her boyfriend 2 I don't have to explain my actions to my boss. OPP I have to 3 There's less and less work. OPP I've just 5 He didn't stand in the way of my success.

OPP She 5 Complete the texts with one word in each case. Then underline the full idioms, phrasal verbs, or phrasal nouns. Danny was quite possessive, so when I 1 with him, I was relieved that at last I could do 2 I pleased.

But not long after the 3 of the relationship I was terrIbly lonely, and I regretted what Id done. Now Id give 4 to have him back. I feel guilty about Donna. I know I 5 her down badly, and I'm sure she was sick of me 6 her about. But the truth is, Id far 7 be Single and be able to please 8 in what I do. And getting married just doesn't 9 thinking about; I'm far too selfish.

I'm sure there's a little sign above my head that says, 'I want to get married'! Id give my right 10 to meet Mr Right! Or do you have a different point of view?

What is it about your own flesh and blood? I've got two sisters. They used to fight like cat and dog when they were kids, and there's little love lost between them now. But as soon as an outsider criticizes either of them, they immediately close ranks and turn on them. It's a bit the same with me and my wife.

When we're together we argue, but when we're apart, we're miserable as sin. How do you account for that? I guess living on top of each other doesn't help, and I'm sure we take each other for granted a lot of the time. But families are strange!

He gets commission on top of his salary. The books were piled on top of one another. S His surname's different from his brother's. How do you explain that? If so, why? S Have any members of your family ever turned you? If so, who? The firstborn often gets the most attention and is put on a pedestal; the last to be born is the baby and tends to get away with murder. Some studies have backed this up, suggestIng that middle children who feel left out may distance themselves from others and become loners.

It is important, therefore, that parents make a point of lavishing attention on the middle child and praising their achievements. Glossary, result in sth cause a particular situation to happen.

Where does it go? Write it at the end. It's true that the firstborn IS put on a 1 and the third child gets away WIth 2 but in my case it didn't 3 In me becoming an underachiever. Quite the opposite. I made a 4 of ensuring that I wasn't squeezed 5 or 6 of attention. In fact, I craved attention and fought really hard to excel In everything. I became an overachiever. Now, I don't feel left 7 by my parents. We have a very good relationship and I feel they 8 me up in everythIng I do. Mind you, they still 9 more attention on my younger sister than me.

But I don't mind that now. If so, is there any truth in what the text says? One minute I'm on top of the world, the next I'm at the end of my tether, or crying my eyes out at some silly romantic movie.

I'm so short-tempered - the slightest thing winds me up. A guy in the office was tapping on the radiator earlier, and I just went off the deep end and screamed my head off at him. Poor man - I have since apologized.

Pregnancy has stirred up feelings I didn't know existed! It's such a new experience; I guess I just need time to take it all in. Glossary for no apparent reason without an obvious cause.

SYN at your wits' end. The meaning must stay the same. TAKE 2 The boy was making a lot of noise. HEAD 3 She couldn't stop crying. DEEP 6 The news made everyone angry. STIR 7 Please don't make her angry. WIND 8 I'm feeling extremely happy. Then write your answers in your notebook, or talk to another student. So, first I spend time alone with her, sides.

I try to involve both parties in the dispute, cooling her down, then I bring in whoever she but ensure that I keep any meeting on an even has upset.

It's a stressful job, and I have to keep my keel. That's easier said than done, especially if emotions in check. When I go home, I can pour my they're dying to have a go at each other.

Someone heart out to my husband: he doesn't mind at all! SYN calm sb down. I'm on your side in this matter. She always sides with my brother. She rubs. He poured said on this issue. Don't take sides the wrong way. I He must keep up outto me.

Whose me up. That's easier his heart a coffee. Don't bottle for are you on? I'm dying his anger your feelings. Then circle the full idioms and phrasal verbs. He's incredibly upset. She dealt the cards out. She stuck her tongue out. He zipped his jacket up.

He doubled up in pain also be She took the skirt up. SYN double over. We propped the tree up. I screwed the letter up. She curled up on the sofa. I mopped up the spilt milk. Some of these phrasal verbs also have figurative meanings. Example Meaning The business is in a bad state; we'll have to roll roll your sleeves up start doing a difficult or our sleeves up and get on with it. Judge Wallis dealt out tough penalties for people deal 5th out give a punishment to a person or driving without a licence.

SYN hand 5th out. The new Italian Prime Minister took up his post take 5th up start a new job or have a new at the weekend. The government is propping up the ailing car prop 5th up support sth that is in difficulty. Do you agree with that? SYN shore 5th up. When she sang, we curled up with curl up INF become very embarrassed. We just have a few things to mop up before mop 5th up complete or end sth by dealing with a signing the contracts.

S When you've rolled up the rug, it'll need hoovering D it can go in the lorry D. S If you screw up an exam, it means you make a mess of it. Write it in. What bad manners! S a The judge decided to out a heavy sentence for the robbery. I've hurt my hand. I hope I can 2 We need to see all the photos at the same time, so you'll need to 3 This skirt's too short, but it's easy enough to 4 That document's really important - why on earth did you S There's a lot of work to be done, so it's time to 6 There's a lot of water on the floor.

Could you 7 He was so weak he kept falling over. It will be hot, difficult, and you're not sure what to expect. You need people with imtiative, who will also work well as a team. Which four would you choose and why? And why wouldn't you choose the other six? Amy: a bnght spark Syd: tough as old boots Mandy: a cold fish Ollie: an unknown quantity Don: nobody's fool Clive: likes the sound of his own voice Bill: thick as two short planks Brenda: salt of the earth Isabel: doesn't suffer fools gladly Alec: a creature of habit I would choose I wouldn't choose the others because 2 Complete the phrases being defined.

Keep a similar meaning. STOP 3 They tried very hard to help us. SET 5 Call me if you need a sympathetic friend. Unit 7 1 Complete the conversation. I'm amazed - they've been together for a couple of years, haven't they? DOM Yeah, but I think the 2 was pretty inevitable, actually. ANA Why's that? DOM Well, they've been going through a sticky 3 for a while now, and to be honest I don't think they're really 4 for each other. ANA Well, Graham's not an easy person.

He likes to please 5 what he does, and frankly, he's not the kind of guy to 6 someone halfway. DOM Exactly. I think Tina felt he'd 7 her around long enough, and in the end, she decided to walk 8 from the whole thing. I don't blame her. Keep the meaning the same. He's going to have to Vl. It happened in the heat 2 It was money which caused them to disagree and argue so much.

It was money which drove 3 It would be much nicer if you came alone. I'd far 4 They're just spending too much time together. They're just living in each 5 I hear they've decided to get married. I hear they've decided to tie 6 I'd love to meet George Clooney.

D b we just don't get on. D 2 He always makes a point of helping; a why is he so selfish? D b why is he so kind to us? D 3 They started playing and left Michael out: a that made him sad. D b that made him feel special. D 4 Dan backed me up because a he knew I was wrong. D b he knew I needed support. D 5 Service was on top of the main charges, a which made it more expensive. D b which wasn't so bad. D 6 They always close ranks when a there's an external threat.

D b they're higher up. D 7 She turned on me; a I had expected that. D b I hadn't expected that. D 8 They take Mum for granted, and a they shouldn't do that. D b she likes it. D 2 Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of the word in capitals. Keep the same meaning. CAT Unit 9 1 Are you happy or unhappy about these situations?

Write H or U. He'd be too embarrassed to tell you this, but I think he's pretty much living on the breadline. Last week he had to fork out a lot of money on his car, which he badly needs, and next month he'll be even worse off when his rent goes up.

The thing is, I don't think he's got much to fall back on. I know he desperately wants to pay his own way, but would you be willing to bail him out just this once, or at least have a word with him - without saying I'd spoken to you?

Love Tracey Glossary. SYN pay sth out. When my daughter left university, she said she'd soon be able to pay 1 her debts, and then she'd 2 much be able to pay her own 3. But things didn't work out like that. After she'd 4 out almost all her salary on rent, travel, and food, she was 5 off than before; and as she hadn't saved anything at university, she had nothing to 6 back on - nothing, that is, except her parents.

We were naturally the ones who had to 7 her out. Then decide if you agree with them. Write your answers in your notebook, or talk to another student. That's what families are for: to out when things are difficult.

Fast trading can be expensive. It's too late to put him off. Don 't put me off when I'm working. My cousin is the complete opposite. Michelin -star restaurants don't come cheap, and when you splash out on expensive wines as well, a meal alone can cost an arm and a leg - and that's before he's even set foot inside the casino.

As far as he's concerned, money's no object, and he can lose vast sums in a matter of seconds. Would I fancy living in the lap of luxury like him? No, not really. The books you ordered should arrive in a matter of days. It was only a matter of minutes before he returned.

Write T or F. Because she's got more money than 2 I'll bet that boat was expensive. Yes, it was. It cost an arm and a 3 Did you have to wait a long time? I'm going to out on a luxury holiday in New York. Yes, they don't cheap. No, I've never foot in the place. Would you like to live in the lap of luxury? When was the last time you splashed out on something? What was it? He'd been living beyond his means and found himselfi n arrears with his rent.

Then he lost his job and got caught up in a downward spiral that led to him becoming homeless. His only real possession was a guitar, with which he managed to earn a bit of money from busking, but he was living from hand to mouth.

He told me he knew of a room going cheap somewhere in Paddington, and ifhe could Just put aside a bit of money, he might be able to put down a deposit. Sadly though, the last I heard, Don had been arrested to r stealing.

His prospects are not good to say the least, but it's the same old story for many people like him li ving on the streets. Busking: playing music in the street for money. PUT 5 This happens over and over again.

You're not your usual self today. I felt like death warmed up when I woke up this morning. I had a splitting headache, and I thought I was going to throw up. I just keeled over and nearly passed out! Poor you. Do you want something for your headache? I really hope I'm not coming down with flu. You'd better take things easy for a day or two. SYN black out. A rumour can also go round. What shall I take for it?

What's the matter with him? Then write your answers in your notebook, or discuss with another student. What was wrong with you? After the operation Dad seemed to be on the mend , but he suddenly took a turn for the worse and started to go downhill.

It was touch-and-go for a while, but the doctors reassured us that he would pull through. He's doing OK now, touch wood , I woke up feeling out of sorts and my eyes were incredibly itchy. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that they had swollen up , and I also noticed I 'd come out in a rash on my neck.

After a while, the swelling went down , but the rash has n't gone away. I'd better see the doctor and get it checked out. Better safe than sorry Said in order to avoid bad luck; the speaker will often touch something made of wood when they say this. Let's get some malaria tablets - better safe than sorry.

Yes, you're right. Better safe than 2 Is the dog any better? No, it downhill very quickly, and I'm afraid it died. Yes, just to be on the safe 4 Have you got over the operation?

It started to up immediately. Probably nothing, but you'd better get it out. Yes, it can take ages for these things to go 8 I see the swelling on your arm has down now. Yes, it's much better, thanks. Yes, but fortunately she's on the now. You pull over to help, but all they want is directions! You know the traffic is murder at thIS tllne of the day, and they want you to drop them off in the most difficult place.

Glossary ' , " '. It's only two miles from home to my office as the 1 flies, but the traffic in town is always 2 in the mornings, and everything moves at a 3 pace. I was 4 it fine on that morning as I had to 5 a neighbour off at the station before getting to work for an early meeting.

In my Impatience 1 6 on the person front of me when I was trying to overtake. Unfortunately, a policeman saw what happened and 7 me down. I 8 over, worrying about what he'd say. Luckily it was just a caution. Duncan feels that if the company can step up a gear, then a couple of years further down the road, who knows? They could be one of the biggest firms in the south west. It's the end of the road for Ken's little corner shop now the supermarket has opened next door.

The shop's barely ticking over, and at 70, poor Ken's running out of steam. Colin's gone off the rails recently and I've already given him one warning. I had enough problems with Rob last month, so I don't want to have to go down that road again with Colin. See spotlight. Early trains were powered by steam engines; this became a source of several idioms, such as run out of steam. S They've moved up a gear. S What does a person go off when they start behaving wildly?

They've given us 2 We won't take that course of action. We won't go 3 It will make us famous. It will put 4 We're finished as a company. Our company has reached S We're starting to work faster. We're stepping 6 We might feel differently in the future. Shall we grab a bite to eat? Would you like some more lasagne? It was delicious but I'm full up. She's on some strange diet. Gosh, that fish soup smells fabulous. Aren't there any leftovers?

How did you hear about this restaurant? What a great meal. Anyway, we'd better be going. I'll settle up. How was dinner? ADJ mouth-watering. I could eat a horse! She eats like a horse. Cross it out and write the correct word. S I can't eat this toast - it's burnt to a chip!

You may need more than one word. I'm 3 Did you eat everything up? I think there are some 4 Do you advertise your restaurant? She eats 6 Shall we pay the bill? I'll 7 It's nearly lunchtime. She thinks the world of him; he'll have sb eating out of your hand make sb like have her eating out of his hand. If this plan fails, I'll have egg on have egg on your face be embarrassed because my face. My last job was hard enough but out of the frying pan, and into the fire used this one is awful- it's out of the to say that sb who was in a bad situation is now frying pan, into the fire!

That boy's a real couch potato! He'll never cope in that job. He's bite off more than you can chew try to do too bitten oH more than he can chew. She tells lies and then acts as if butter wouldn't melt in sb's mouth used to butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. I shouldn't have left her, but it's no cry over spilt milk waste time worrying about use crying over spilt milk. He's 65 but he's still full of beans.

I worked really hard night after night. My teacher says It's all part of the learning process. I hope she's right. M A TTEI For a long time I did next to nothing, until my teacher told me one day that ifI didn't pull my socks up, I'd fail my English exams and then I'd have nothing to show for th ree or four years' studying. So, I decided to turn over a new leaf. I really began to apply myself, and I'm pleased to say I've just passed my university exams with flying colours.

My teacher's always telling me off for this, and says I should check my v"ork carefully as a matter of routine. She's right, because ifI don't cut out the errors, I'll be marked down in the next exam.

I went to the States three summers running , and that helped me a lot. Glossary ". You can also say that something goes over your head if you don't understand it. Write P or U. Then circle the whole idiom or phrasal verb. I think they down for my spelling. If so, what for? If so, which ones? If necessary, have the courage to go it alone. Then form complete idioms from the key words. In a couple more years, she' ll have enough experience to go It 8 if she wants to, but I know she has continued to 9 in with her old colleagues at Berwick's, so who knows where she' ll end up.

Do you disagree with any of it? Write your answers or talk to another student. People now just thmk of me as part of the furniture. I got the push from my first Job in a solicitor's office - my face didn't fit. Some would say it's a dead-end job, and it's true that it's not a career, but standing at a machine eight hours a day still takes some doing.

You'll soon learn of the trade. SYN prop sth up. FALL 2 We survived because of the government. WALL 5 A management buyout emerged at the last possible moment.

HOUR 6 Their future looks uncertain. BAIL 8 The company had withdrawn from the deal. PULL 2 Complete the text. The proposed management However, last night that deal was on the 6.

So, I decided to cut out the middleman and sell direct to the public. As it happens, I was in the right place at the right time because local street markets were gaining,in popularity, and my.

I ploughed the profits back into the company and expanded, and I'm proud to say that five years on, the company is still going strong. Cross out the words which are not necessary in the incorrect sentences. Both answers may be correct. It is thought that DIY is lDaking a cOlDeback during the recession as people do up their own homes rather than bringing in the professionals.

Also doing rather well is the bicycle manufacturer Raleigh. Bicycle sales had fallen offin recent decades, and after being in the doldruIns for a number of years, Raleigh had to sliIn down considerably. However, they too are bucking the trend as more people give up their cars and opt for bicycles instead.

The company is now hoping to branch out in an attempt to get new customers, as well as win back some old customers. The firm had to slim down. Rising oil costs are eating into our profit. I was pretty wound up by the time th e taxi called for me! First impressions: David appeared to have bags of confidence and was good fun.

And rea lly handsome- I couldn't ta ke my eyes off him. What was the conversation like? The waitress came several times to take our order - we were chatting away quite happily and it was a long time before we got round to looking at the menu. Will you meet again? We swapped phone numbers. As far as [ could tell, he seemed keen! David Preparation: This being a blind date, I wanted to make an impression , but I decided to keep it casual. First impressions: When Luisa arrived at the restaurant she was a bu ndle of nerves.

But she soon snapped out of it and started to enj oy herself. Luisa was shy at first but gradually came ou t of her shell and we talked about our friends, travelling, and the like. In fact, the time just flew by. I've got her number, but I don't think romance is on the cards. If you wind sb up INF, you deliberately do or say sth to make them angry or upset. If you pick sb up, you go in your car to collect sb from their home or another place. SYN flash by. I couldn't look her in the eye. It was midnight before we knew it.

I was a bit shocked, because when he pICked me all up at the station, he looked a complete mess, and as far as I could tell hllll, he was still wea ring the clothes he'd been gardening in and hadn't got him round to making himselfloo k presentable. I can't say that the evening flew well by: time seemed to drag interminably, particularly as Eric chatted hImself away while I sat there like a fool.

He took me to the station and said he'd like to meet again. At that POlllt I couldn't look at him in the eye because for me another date was not on the playlllg cards. There are more words than you need. Dad said, 'the sky's the limit - you 're to have nothing but the best ' Mansa just wanted to get a wedding dress off the peg , but Mum wouldn 't hear of it, and she ended up In a handmade gown which nearly broke the bank.

The ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch Then, at the reception, It was Dad's big moment - he got up to propose a toast to Marisa and Glyn, and you could see he was speaking from the heart Unfortunately, though , his emotions got the better of him and we couldn't shut him up. He went on and on about his beautiful little girl, then talked about Glyn in glowing terms , and ended up by saying how having grandchildren would be the icing on the cake!

Poor Marlsa had her head in her hands at this point. He finally had to stop when Mum broke down in tears , which was lucky because It was getting rather embarrassing! But actually, I think that speech really made Marisa's day. Sth that is off the shelf, e. You raise your glass to sb. If you speak in glowing terms about sb, you are singing their praises. Winning the cup made my day. It's not every day you go to a wedding. You may need to change the form of the words.

It was lovely. If so, who, and to whom? If so, whose? If so, who and why? If not, what happened? You're under no obligation to go, so if you're in any doubt, don't go. Personally, I wouldn't be seen dead at one; It would Just bring out the worst in me. Then there's safety in numbers. It was a great chance for us all to catch up. Go f or it! You've got nothing to lose. I wouldn't be seen dead I knew that I was under obligation to see him again, especially after 3 h ' way he'd behaved.

But in the end I decided that I had to lose, and my 4 i tt' rs said, 'Look - what's the worst that can happen? Go it! In the end, 6 I met him for dinner one evening and to my surprise, we had a of a time. It's Gemma - wow, she looks a million dollars!

Look, I know we're aU pushing 40, but that outfit Marilee's wearing puts years on her. Don't look now, but that man over there is an ex- boyfriend of mine. I was glad to see the back of him, I can tell you. Poor Clara - she used to be a model and now she's all skin and bones.

I guess time just catches up with you! Look at Marco - he obviously keeps in trim. I wonder ifhe's married? Oh, he seems to be with Gemma. Maybe they're more than just good friends! INF be nearly 40, 50, etc. Compare with page It's Olivia! If so, what was it like? Or would you like to go to one in the future? Chelsea brushed aside a Liverpool team that was way below par, and should have won more easily than the score suggests. Lampard and Ballack gave Chelsea a lead, and although Liverpool hit back in the second half, they were never really in contention.

With Manchester United's game rained off last night, this win means that Chelsea have gained ground on the league leaders, but there is still a long way to go. We're on a par with Arsenal. Yes, but we back ten minutes later. No, he's on the 3 Do you think you'll win the title? I don't know. There's still a long to go. No, I thought we were way below 5 Are they still playing tonight? No, it's been rained 6 Why aren't Coles and Low playing? The manager's gambling the younger players.

PAR 2 The coach treated the comments as unimportant. PAY 5 We're catching the league leaders. I think our manager's lost the plot: Glossary let sb off the hook INF allow sb to get out of a difficult situation. If something unpleasant or annoying eases off, it becomes less strong, e. The rain is easing off. The pain will ease off soon. The conditions were terrible at the start of the game and they had a much bigger side, so we 1 off worse in the early exchanges.

But the guys 2 deep and once the rain 3 off I felt we pretty much 4 our own. In fact, in the second half, we were the ones going all 5 for the winning goal.

Unfortunately it never came, and some people may say we let them off the 6 in the end. But I still thought it was a good performance, and if we win on Saturday we'll be within 7 distance of second place, so we're definitely still in the 8 for the title. The time just flashed by and 1came away with a "vealth of ideas.

You can give yourselves a pat on the back! I met some delegates who 1 I didn't see eye to eye with, but that's given me plenty of food for thought. Thanks from one very satisfied delegate!

Plus I got the chance to hear about the latest research, which had been my aim all along. You lined up some great speakers.

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