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Google sketchup for students

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Overall, the SketchUp model needs to be complete with the measurements and furniture found on the blueprint as well as the design of the bedroom including color, carpet, textures, etc. All furniture needs to be labeled. Using the blueprint as a guide, all measurements need to be accurate.

This model also needs to be complete including all measurements, labels, furniture included, and design features as color, carpet, texture, etc. During this project, students should consider the importance of accuracy and measurement when communicating information to others, especially to individuals in professions as construction.

Student Assignment zipped InDesign file. Student Assignment PDF file. Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Mathematics performance standards for measurement for students by the end of 8 th grade:. Creativity and Innovation. Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

Communication and Collaboration. Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. Technology Operations and Concepts.

Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Sample Assignment:. Current Bedroom Blueprint:. Current Bedroom Model. More details about user reviews. You can make anything you can imagine, from anywhere, anytime you imagine it. Report Flag as inappropriate. SketchUp for Schools will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more. SketchUp for Schools will need access to your Google account. See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files.

View your Google Classroom classes. See your primary Google Account email address. See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available. View your installed application's licensing information. Google doesn't verify reviews or ratings. Report review. I used Sketchup years ago when it was Google Sketchup. Very disappointed with how it's changed and how limiting the browser version is for schools. This app is very laggy, I and my classmates can't put anything down.

Please fix this. This thing sucks so much and it's definitely not worth the wait of logging in. It is a very confusing process.

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The only difference between educational licenses and commercial licenses is that educational licenses have an expiration date. To qualify for a SketchUp student license: ó Subscriptions for SketchUp Studio for Students expire one year from the date of generation. You can install SketchUp Studio on both your desktop and laptop computers. SketchUp Student licenses cannot be used for commercial for-profit work of any kind.

Educators at higher education institutions can apply for a free subscription of SketchUp Studio. This subscription includes premium 3D modelers, building analysis software, cloud storage, and more. SketchUp for Schools Tutorial. After you purchase the upgrade, check your email for new license information and a link to download the latest version of SketchUp Pro. Download, install, and authorize SketchUp Pro, using the new license information from your email. Downloading files ó Open the file operations menu at the top of your screen.

If you plan to re-upload your model to SketchUp for Web, you can choose any version. For K students, we have a Grant program for free licenses. Google SketchUp Basics Tutorial.

Sketchup ó How to Download and Install on Windows. What do most artists use graphite pencils for? Jennie has been teaching people how to draw for over 15 years. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and has been a professional artist for over 20 years.

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All Resource Types. Results for sketchup for schools 2, results. Sort by: Relevance. View: List. List Grid. SketchUp For Schools Free. Word Document File. SketchUp For Education is now web-based, but most tutorial screencasts on the web use the desktop version such as Make or Pro. I use it. This is not a lesson per se, but rather a minute indexed demonstration of each of SketchUp's commands. Can you tel. Activities , Professional Development. Show more details. Update: I am no longer teaching for I am now a full time cad designer for a residential development company.

I will not be updating this file but it is now free. Please enjoy the activities and customize them for your classroom. Do not bother leaving feedback even though I have enjoyed the great response these activities have received. The videos will stay on YouTube as long as my account is active. I am not sure if or when the school system might cancel the account. Basic Activities to get. Activities , Projects , Worksheets. Take your students to the lab, point them to the lesson's link, then sit back and watch them dive in 3D modeling while having fun.

This video tutorial takes students mouse-click by mouse-click through SketchUp to build a 3D model of a toy locomotive. Perfect for entire classes, homeschoolers, elementary through high school. Don't get finished during your lab time? Not a problem as the lesson is indexed and y. Activities , Projects. This video tutorial takes students mouse-click by mouse-click through SketchUp to build a 3D model of a pencil. The student is introduced to some of SketchUp's basic tools and concepts including,- Working in 3D space with primary views including Orbit, Zoom, Pan and standard isometric views.

This video tutorial package is offered for free as an introduction to tutorial materials. This video tutorial takes students mouse-click by mouse-click through SketchUp to build a 3D model of a Doghouse. Not a problem as the lesson is indexed and you can just pic. This video tutorial takes students mouse-click by mouse-click through SketchUp to build a 3D model of a huge backyard playset.

Not a problem as the lesson is indexe. This assignment is used for distance learning for my school's Tech Ed classes grades or to teach the basics of drawing using Sketch Up. I used this assignment both last spring and this fall in all levels of my Cabinet Making and Tech Ed courses during distance learning.

Currently there are more than 4 other teachers using this assignment in our district and over students. This assignment is design to be used by students with very little he.

Independent Work Packet , Lesson. Students use SketchUp to design inclusive playground equipment for their school. Students will conduct online research to gather information about people with different special needs, evaluate their own school playground using inclusivity criteria, and then use these considerations to design play equipment of their own in SketchUp.

Students will present their work in a powerpoint presentation, and use the free Screencastify extension to share their thinking. Activities , Lesson. Very easy to follow. It is a great intro project for 3D modeling.

You can also print out what the students make if you have a 3D printer. Activities , Lesson , Printables. Design a Wood Shop! Activities , Worksheets. The Physics of Amusement Park Rides. Internet Activities. Project based learning fun for middle school and early high school students that focuses on the physics behind amusement park rides. Students start the unit by researching information about how Newton's Laws of Physics impact the amusement park rides they love. They utilize an online simulation to see how changes in their design impact the fun and safety of the rides.

Next, they research the history of roller coasters and showcase their work using PowerPoint or a Web 2. Career and Technical Education , Engineering , Physics. PowerPoint Presentations , Research.

In addition to using Internet search skills, they'll utilize CAD skills using Sketchup free download and finally build the city from chipboard and other recyclables and name their final creation. Unit download includes Teacher Resources and Materials List2. Expectations and Overview of the Unit3.

Introduction to City Plannin. Projects , Research , Unit Plans. Technology, CTE and Engineering classes are gaining in popularity at the middle school level. This fun exploration of Architecture is perfect for grades to learn history, design and explore careers in this field through a variety of computer based projects.

Included in this Unit PowerPoint Presentations , Projects , Research. Computer Science - Technology , Engineering , Physics. Projects , Research. Very e. It is a great project for 3D modeling. This is the 2nd Project for Sk. Printables , Projects. Learning about Transportation Careers gives students an introduction to what individuals in this career field do on the job. This is perfect for a technology, business or marketing class, or a class that focuses on careers.

Students learn about the career as they research information and create a short PowerPoint presentation. Next, they apply their knowledge to learn more about logistics as they choose a product and understand how it would be transported and stored. Finally, they use Sketch. Projects , Simulations. I will update it later though to include one.

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WebDownload SketchUp | Free Trial of 3D Modeling Software Ready to Try? Whether youíre just beginning your 3D journey or youíre a SketchUp ninja, get started for free today. For Personal Projects For Professional Projects For Higher Education For Primary & Secondary. WebJul 18, †∑ SketchUp for Schools Tutorial. How do I renew my SketchUp student license? Go to the SketchUp Pro License Wizard to purchase an you purchase the upgrade, check your email for new license information and a link to download the latest version of SketchUp Pro. WebSketchUp for Schools is the core SketchUp modeler now available in a web browser for any Primary or Secondary School signed up with G Suite for Education or Microsoft Education. Integrated with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Works on Chromebooks or any Internet-connected computer. Available through the G Suite for Education Apps .