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Deathwatch rpg pdf download

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This gave Sinclair little concern; he knew he served a greater purpose. The last reported encounter with Inquisitor Jarrell Sinclair was on the world of Kressid nearly a thousand years ago. Many consider this to be pure fiction, as Sinclair would have been dead for millennia at that point. Among the members of the Deathwatch that would one day fulfil his dream, those who would be known as the Dead Cabal, however, it is accepted that anything is possible deep within the Jericho Reach.

New Watch Stations were constructed to monitor the planets where the majority of these bizarre events transpired. These locations were chosen from worlds that were part of what would become known as the Dark Pattern, or that were within close proximity.

The Deathwatch serving at these Watch Stations over the intervening years began to understand more and more of what Sinclair saw in his study of the worlds, yet they wisely kept these beliefs to themselves, lest they suffer the same scorn and scrutiny that plagued Sinclair. Throughout the millennia that followed, a few members of the Deathwatch continued their study of the strange phenomena throughout the Jericho Sector. Continually cataloguing and tracking any occurrences from their Watch Stations, the Deathwatch settled in for the Long Watch to combat any threats that arose.

However, during the turmoil of the Age of Shadow, these studies were forgotten and the new Watch Stations were all but abandoned, the importance of threats yet to come overshadowed by the anarchy of that age. With the discovery of the Warp Gate and the Jericho Reach reopened to the greater Imperium, the old mysteries resurfaced, hints to their existence found by newly arrived members of the Deathwatch. These hints have drawn a handful of inquisitive Deathwatch Space Marines back to the study of the nearly-deserted stations, now known as the Dead Stations, and the ancient traces of knowledge and prophecy they contained.

These few members have since dedicated their lives to finally unravelling the enigma of the Jericho Reach. The roster of the Dead Cabal is small, only a handful of Space Marines and a lone Inquisitor count themselves among the ranks.

The mission of the Dead Cabal is threefold. First, to investigate any incidents pertaining to the worlds of the Dark Pattern. This could be any structures discovered, reports of alien activity, or even strange phenomena encountered near these worlds.

Second, the Dead Cabal is charged with pursuing and deciphering claims of prophecy, ancient scripture and text, and any xenos artefacts even remotely tied to the worlds of the Dark Pattern. Finally, to act as the vanguard against any actual xenos threats that requires direct intervention on these worlds. The majority of their time is devoted to interpreting prophecy, analysing ancient devices recovered throughout the Sector, and exploring long dead ruins while their Battle-Brothers hunt down the other xenos threats that plague Imperial worlds and interests.

What this strange sequence is and what it represents remains a mystery to this day and is a matter of great speculation and debate. The Dead Cabal has postulated a number of theories to their superiors since their emergence, but whether they are correct or not is yet undetermined.

Still, to most involved with the Deathwatch, it is a collection of worlds across the Jericho Reach identified by various Inquisitors and Deathwatch Battle-Brothers to have remnants of ancient xenos traces on them in some form. The placement of these worlds forms an indecipherable sigil across space and time. Why the worlds of the Dark Pattern were chosen continues to confound all who investigate it. Even though the planets involved have been heavily scanned and explored with nothing found, many believe the advanced sciences of the soulless empire hide their presence.

Obviously there cannot be huge repositories of Necron warriors on all these planets no matter how well they are hidden, so the 9 worlds must serve another purpose to the soulless ones.

Others amongst the Dead Cabal have discounted his theory, yet the Black Shield doggedly maintains it. Perhaps the Eldar used these worlds to test the earliest form of the Webway before perfecting it. He has found traces of long dead devices on these worlds that he believes can access the Webway to this day.

If this theory should prove correct, it would provide the Imperium an advantage in its war against the Eldar unlike anything it has known before.

Xerill of the Iron Hands claims that the worlds of the Dark Pattern could be massive genetic laboratories that were created by a long-lost race that ruled over much of the galaxy aeons ago. According to this possibility, these worlds were linked together as a series of outposts and research stations, which developed races and species for these ancient ones to use in their wars of conquest across the galaxy.

When the empire failed, these worlds were scoured of all traces of technology and life to safeguard their last remaining strongholds. Others amongst the Dead Cabal put very little stock in this theory and claim that traces of other ancient civilisations elsewhere provide proof that these beings were not active in this part of the galaxy. Still, Xerill supports this possibility and searches for any ties to this lost race in their exploration of the Reach.

He has recently theorised that the Dark Pattern is tied to the Ruinous Powers and that the worlds that are part of it will lead to an expansion of the Hadex Anomaly, plunging countless planets into chaos, darkness, and despair.

What part he is to play in these events, he does not yet know. These are just a few of the ideas that have been put forth by the Dead Cabal.

In the past, some theories have risen to prominence only to be completely disproved years later through new discoveries. Each cell of Battle-Brothers taking the Dead Stations Vigil continues to gather information and test their theories, all hoping to be the group that finally unlocks the great secret of the Dark Pattern. All manner of strange and challenging events have been reported through the years by Space Marines on these Vigils. Below are just a few of the missions these Kill-teams have undertaken while serving on the Dead Station Vigil.

This small, barren world lay on the outermost fringe of the Hadex Anomaly and was considered a haunted world by many voidfarers that braved that region of hazardous space. The world held little interest for the Mechanicus and other Imperial agencies since all scans showed little of worth. When a passing Mechanicus probe discovered the ruins in a location previously devoid of all structures, the Deathwatch was alerted and Forgemaster Xerill dispatched a Kill-team under his command to investigate.

Upon arriving on Neeralla, the team encountered no resistance as they entered the structures found sprawling across the surface. The complex was vast and encompassed nearly a kilometre. The architecture was entirely alien and none of the team, all veterans of countless campaigns, had seen its like before. The corridors were barren of any writing, hieroglyphics, or markings of any sort and all rooms and buildings were empty. The Lost Labyrinth her Telerion, a loyal servant of the Emperor Legends amongst the Deathwatch speak of Brot vanished centuries ago while investigating and renowned scholar of the Dark Pattern, who ion near the Hadex Anomaly.

Telerion was a cryptic message emanating from a Watch Stat of an ancient structure known as the Lost fascinated—some would say obsessed—with tales texts spoke of this ancient location and the Labyrinth.

Scattered vague references in xenos t nearly half a century of his life trying to great power contained at its heart. Telerion spen n a garbled signal from Watch Station locate this labyrinth and unlock its mysteries. Whe ed a report from a Rogue Trader who claimed Midael arrived at Watch Fortress Erioch, it relay lost world often encompassed by the Hadex to have discovered a massive, hidden maze on a for so long, or perhaps he still wanders the Anomaly.

Perhaps Telerion found what he sought searching for the Lost Labyrinth. The doorway to the building hummed with a faint sound and an ominous green light emanated from beneath.

As the team approached the portal, bolters at the ready, the door slowly opened to reveal a silhouetted figure standing within. The light that poured from the doorway nearly blinded the assembled Deathwatch and sent their autosenses into chaos. Each Battle-Brother who stood in that ancient place told the same tale—a voice whispered in their minds, warning them to leave this place and never set foot on the surface of Neeralla again. With that, the Kill-team blacked out, for mere moments as confirmed by their chronometers, and awoke on the barren alien landscape, all trace of the ruins gone.

The Kill-team made haste back to their Watch Station to report their findings. Within a week, the world of Neeralla was gone—swallowed by an expansion of the Hadex Anomaly. Late in the 41st millennium, an unknown signal began transmitting from the planet. The signal was detected on many frequencies resulting in an alert for all Imperial vessels in the area. The Deathwatch was one of the first to discover the signal and dispatched a Kill-team to track down the source of the transmission. Taking command of the mission, the Inquisitor and Space Marines proceeded to Lovat IV in search of this mysterious signal.

A small, unremarkable silver box was all that anyone could find upon the surface of Lovat IV. As the Inquisitor approached the item, a final massive pulse emanated from within before it grew silent. The Inquisitor claimed the box and locked it within a stasis field before returning to her ship.

All members of the accompanying Kill-team were sworn to secrecy and returned to regular duty. The contents of the box are unknown to this day to all save the Inquisitor and the Dead Cabal. M The Loss of the Errasticles The Imperial battle cruiser Errasticles encountered an anomalous energy signature near the world of Kabiri while on a routine patrol in This strange energy field emanated from a patch of inky darkness near the planet and the cruiser made all haste to investigate.

After a heated debate amongst his bridge staff, the captain decided to dispatch a single fighter to investigate the area. The small craft entered the blackness without incident and was able to maintain communications with the cruiser.

The last transmission Errasticles received from the fighter described a massive structure at the heart of the darkness; a structure of unknown design and impervious to augur scans. All contact was then lost with the scout ship. Captain Rovell sent an astropathic message to the nearest Imperial outpost indicating he was entering the field to investigate the structure, as well as the disappearance of his scout ship, and entered the strange darkness.

When word of this energy field and black patch reached Watch Fortress Erioch, a Kill-team was immediately dispatched to the area to investigate. As they neared the world, a pulse of energy washed over their vessel, rendering all systems inoperable for hours.

With power finally restored, the team continued onward to the area. All traces of the field, the Errasticles, and the mysterious structure were gone. A half-dozen Battle-Brothers were assigned to the Dead Station on Kabiri in the wake of this incident to monitor the area. The Kabiri station has not detected any further appearances of the energy field or other anomalies to date. This pulse rendered vessels and other equipment powerless, destroying the intricate workings of many intensive sensor arrays.

On the nearby world of Octavian, an astropath received a powerful psychic cry at the time of the pulse. The brief message, akin to a thousand voices screaming, sent the astropath into a week-long coma. When he awoke, he described the ordeal and the only words he could understand within. Mist obscured his surroundings as he stumbled blindly through the ruins. Chosen to be my me ssenger. What messeng er? An hand touched his brow outstretched , and he could feel so m et hi ng The last darkness claimed his mi nd was the softly fading time for the dead to watch voice.

M The Messenger Many of the colonists are looking for a new start, eager to leave their old lives behind. When a cloaked individual entered the settlement of Renewed Hope, no one gave the stranger a second glance. Soon, the man began giving speeches in the town centre prophecising the return of ancient beings of terrible power. Sending word to the Imperial command in the area for Arbites support, they hoped to drive out this rabble rouser and return life to normal.

At the time, a Kill-team under the command of a Dead Stations Vigilant manned the station. When the Deathwatch arrived in Renewed Hope, they found a ghost town. No signs of battle or destruction were evident on any buildings, yet all the colonists were gone. As the team searched the colony, they came to the town square. A lone, cloaked individual sat quietly awaiting the Space Marines. When Brother Qajo of the White Scars reached out to take the man into custody, he came away with a cloak and nothing more.

No trace of the man was found; just a discarded garment and his ominous message remained. The colony of Renewed Hope was quarantined by order of the Inquisition for many years as teams from the Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition, and Deathwatch analysed every inch of the town.

After nearly four decades, the Inquisition removed the quarantine and allowed new settlers to return to the world of Pellor. The dead world of Castiel is part of an abandoned system bearing little of importance to the Imperium. The worlds of this system are little more than barren, lifeless pseudo-planetoids that contain no discernible resources that the surveyors of the Adeptus Mechanicus can detect. Yet, for all its unremarkableness, the Deathwatch maintains a Dead Station on the only whole planet of Castiel.

Unlike many of the other Watch Stations throughout the Jericho Reach, the Castiel Station maintains a single-manned presence at all times. This vigil has become known as the Lone Watch. At any given time, a lone Deathwatch Battle-Brother maintains a vigil at the Castiel Station, monitoring the data it gathers as well as guarding something deep in the heart of the fortress. The term of this assignment is usually one year, when the next candidate comes to relieve the previous guardian.

Those who have undertaken the Lone Watch never speak of what lies within this station that requires a living guardian at all times. Its proximity to the Hadex Anomaly lead many to believe it is an ancient Chaos artefact. This remains speculation at best, for the Battle-Brothers who have carried out the Lone Watch remain ever silent on the matter. M The Beast of Resgulus While on a mission to the dead world of Resgulus, a Deathwatch Kill-team under the auspices of the Dead Cabal discovered a small complex buried in the frozen mountains.

As the team inspected the ruins, a strange creature burst forth from the solid stone of the mountain and assaulted the Space Marines. Its adamantium-hard chitin seemed impervious to the blows of their weapons. Its countless tine-like legs carried its ten metres of bulk with an unfathomable swiftness.

Battle-Brother Orill of the Ultramarines described the beast as able to pass through solid rock and left no trace of its passing.

When the Space Marines returned with greater numbers, the complex was gone, buried in one of the avalanches common to the treacherous mountains of Resgulus. An excavation has been ordered, but the limited resources available to the commanders of the Dead Stations has delayed any expedient action.

By all indications, the station still remained untouched and the Space Marines detected no sign of hostile forces. After successfully removing the data, the team began to make its way back to their vessel. As they crested a ridge, the battle-hardened Deathwatch members were awestruck at what lay before them. Surrounding their ship were thousands of motionless, silent figures. All were arrayed in ordered ranks, standing at attention. Their cold eyes were fixed on the Space Marines who stood on the ridge line, debating their next move.

A figure emerged from the ranks of the steel soldiers, bedecked in finery and carrying a staff that pulsed with power. This being possessed a menacing air of power that was palpable to the Deathwatch as he strode towards them.

Stopping fifty metres from the Space Marines, the figure planted his staff into the dust and addressed them. You trespass, without my permission, on the hallowed ground of an ancient dynasty. How do you answer for this transgression? With a nod from his squad leader Brother Pellenea of the Storm Wardens, a master marksman, snapped his bolter up and fired a single round through the eye of the commanding figure, dropping him to the cold ground.

As one, the assembled warriors raised their weapons and opened fire on the Kill-team, obliterating much Movements In The Dark For centuries it has waited. It was never anxious, never impatient; it just waited in the dark. The cold, silent hallways served as its home and its prison for far too long, but that was all about to end. They were coming to free it. They were coming to unleash hell upon the galaxy The Space Marines returned fire and quickly made a tactical retreat to the Watch Station.

The armoured sides of the ancient station threw off the concentrated fire of the strange energy weapons as the Space Marines assembled inside and quickly rearmed. With oaths of unity and brotherhood, the Kill-team prepared to return to the fight knowing that their duty and lives may very well end that day in the face of overwhelming odds.

The constant thunder of the alien bombardment ended abruptly. When the Adeptus Astartes exited the Watch Station, the regal figure once again greeted them. The hole from the bolter shell that split his head in two was gone, and he once more stood before them with power and arrogance. The legions of steel warriors were nowhere to be found.

I would have you take a message to your masters. Tell the fledgling Imperium that the claim you hold on our planets is at an end. We will return to prominence and once more this galaxy will be ours. The Kill-team was puzzled and disturbed by the warning they were given. They knew the greater battle for the Jericho Reach, if not all of the Imperium, was ahead.

With haste they returned to their ship to deliver their newfound knowledge to their superiors in the Deathwatch. The Jericho Reach is a massive expanse and monitoring such a large area of space at all times is nearly impossible. To facilitate their duty in guarding the Reach, the Deathwatch utilise Watch Stations throughout the many systems and worlds to gather information far and wide. These fortified outposts stand as silent sentinels in the ever-present darkness listening to everything that transpires around them.

Their internal cogitators continue to hum with activity as their machine spirits keep a watchful eye on the worlds and phenomena in their vicinity. Left abandoned due to the relative inactivity of the regions they inhabit, the Dead Stations are nearly all closely related to the Dark Pattern and the worlds that make up that mysterious occurrence.

Space Marines of the Dead Cabal have marked these locations as stations of importance and the data they provide has proven valuable in the ongoing research into the phenomenon over the centuries. The Dead Cabal analyses all Watch Station data they can gain access to, however these Dead Stations are considered especially vital in understanding and unravelling the mystery of the Dark Pattern.

For this reason, Inquisitor Ramaeus and her associates have taken a direct hand in commanding the Dead Stations and those few Battle-Brothers who are sent to them on their Vigil. With the aid of the automated defences of the station, a single BattleBrother on patrol beat back the attackers, though the structure sustained a great deal of damage. The Battle-Brother repaired the damage before leaving the station to continue his vigil.

Behind The Scenes: The repairs performed on the station did not address all of the damage as previously believed. The station now possesses a malign intelligence that guides its sensors and readings, searching the surrounding areas for something that only it knows.

To date, the information gathered by the station has been manipulated and altered by the daemon and all information relayed to the Deathwatch has been scrubbed of anything of value. To the Imperium, Cressid Station continues to monitor a dead world and its surrounding environments with little of value detected.

Should a Kill-team arrive on Cressid to utilise the station, they would find a common Watch Station with nothing out of the ordinary on first glance.

These fallen servants of the Machine God have come to mine the ores and minerals of the world for use in their war machines. The primary base of operations for the Dark Mechanicus rests atop a highly active volcano they have named Mount Pride, though they have recently established orbital stations above the planet.

So far, the dark ones have kept clear of the Watch Station, not wishing to draw too much attention to their activities. They are not aware that the highly advanced sensors of the Watch Station have been monitoring their movements for some time, recording all their comings and goings throughout the Klaha system. Seemingly independent of the unexplained phenomena, another distressing development has occurred on Klaha.

The augur arrays of Watch Station Klaha have begun to register massive movements of energy and mass on the far side of the inhospitable world. Movement and numbers are consistent with massing life-forms or xenos migration and herd patterns. As there has been no recorded xenos activity in the Klaha system for nearly three centuries, these movements have become a serious topic of debate and speculation among the Battle-Brothers deployed on the Klaha Watch Station.

As a dead world, there is little of value on the planet from a strategic point of view. The world is known to possess pockets of rare minerals used in a variety of crucial manufacturing processes throughout the Imperium, so the planet has been marked for reclamation by the forces of the Achilus Crusade in due time.

The Tau have made a number of attempts to breach the Watch Station, but so far the structure has held. Its sensors are keeping the Deathwatch apprised of the situation on Skapula, which provides the Imperial forces with vital data for the future attack.

There are pockets of human nomads on the world who used to work the mines when the world was under Imperial jurisdiction. Behind the Scenes: The Tau have been losing warriors on Skapula for the past few months. What has happened to these missing Fire Warriors and Pathfinders is unknown, but the number of missing has been steadily increasing. The Commanders of the Tau forces have kept this quiet, only conferring on the matter with the Ethereal in charge of the forces.

Almost all of the soldiers that have vanished disappeared in remote locations while alone or separated from their comrades. All patrols are advised to be especially vigilant while conducting patrols and to look for any suspicious activity. These geological fluctuations include massive bursts of radiation that flare to life and vanish completely after only twenty to thirty seconds. There have been no Tau in the vicinity of these readings. Master of the Forge Xerill of the Dead Cabal would like to investigate the matter further, but the planet must first be reclaimed.

Due to the reported fluctuation of the Anomaly, this Watch Station was initially created to be mobile, that it might remain ever on the periphery of the Warp storm.

In addition to the usual banks of archeotech sensors, this station also sported powerful Warp augurs to warn of any dangerous expansions of the Anomaly that may place the structure at risk. Sadly, these devices did not provide enough notice when the Hadex expanded to nearly half again its size, sucking the station into the Anomaly and cutting it off from the Deathwatch. At the time, the station was unmanned, and while the Imperium was loathe to lose a valuable monitoring tool, it considered the station gone and classified it as destroyed.

One can imagine the consternation and surprise of all within the Deathwatch when Watch Station CX reappeared in While the matter is debated, an elaborate system of quarantine beacons has been put in place warning all ships to keep a wide berth of the area. Behind the Scenes: While the Chamber of Vigilance continues to argue over how to proceed with the Watch Station, unbeknownst to them, one man has already set foot on board the station. Master of the Forge Xerill discovered the station while travelling onboard a Deathwatch vessel to enact repairs on another Watch Station.

His consuming desire for knowledge of the unknown led him into the bowels of the station and whatever lurked within. He has since returned to his post and so far, he has spoken to no one about finding the station or what waited inside. The worlds that some of the Dead Stations reside on are detailed in the section entitled Lost Worlds of the Jericho Reach, but the information here is for Game Masters alone so that they can craft intricate story lines around the secrets the Dead Stations hold.

Players should be aware of the general knowledge of each planet as provided in Chapter II: Lost Worlds of the Jericho Reach, but not privy to all the secrets contained herein. The station is built into a massive planetoid that is part of a small asteroid belt known as the Kyvoll Belt. This fortification has studied the mysteries of the Dark Pattern for centuries and over time has become the main base of operations for the Dead Cabal throughout the Jericho Reach.

The augur arrays and cogitation engines fitted throughout the Iron Bastion are the most powerful anywhere in the Reach. They are capable of studying worlds far and wide in great detail. The Iron Bastion also collates and processes all reports from the Dead Stations in their ongoing analysis of the Dark Pattern.

The Iron Bastion differs from many other Watch Stations in that it is constantly manned by at least half a dozen individuals at any given time. This roster rotates frequently, as those assigned here venture out to investigate reports of strange happenings throughout the Jericho Reach. Behind the Scenes: While the Iron Bastion serves as an expanded Watch Station operated by the Dead Cabal, there is a deeper mission that only select members in the Deathwatch know about.

Discovered on a classified world two centuries ago, the Jovaall Hedron has resisted all attempts to unlock its secrets. The only knowledge gleaned from the cube shows that a source of incredible power lies within, and that power has not diminished at all in the centuries that the cube has been in the possession of the Deathwatch. The Hedron is not without danger and some who have investigated it believe it should be destroyed—if even possible—or locked away permanently.

During an analysis of the Jovaall Hedron, Brother Peregon of the Crimson Fists vanished from a secure chamber while conducting his investigation. Peregon was a Techmarine of unparalleled skill with a long history of unlocking the secrets of xenos artefacts studied by the Deathwatch. The only record recovered of the incident shows a massive burst of energy and light emanating from the cube before all pict-recorders in the vicinity went offline.

When other members within the Bastion accessed the room, the Jovaall Hedron sat untouched on a worktable. No sign of Battle-Brother Peregon could be found. Since this incident, all further study of the xenos device has been conducted through remote servitors and equipment to safeguard against any further loss of life.

The Jovaall Hedron may be one of these rare devices that functions on a different wavelength than others. Instead of only being able to contain energy, this particular Labyrinth can also trap physical beings inside. Brother Peregon may have activated it by accident and found himself sucked into the device. Unlocking the secrets of the device in order to locate the missing Techmarine could lead to an exciting adventure for the Deathwatch members.

Perhaps they could even venture into the device themselves to locate their missing comrade while an Inquisitor or another NPC await on the outside to aid in their escape. The myriad landscapes and challenges inside the Tesseract can provide an interesting challenge to a veteran group of Deathwatch Space Marines.

This device could open a pathway to a distant land or a world within the Reach. This option allows for Game Masters to transport their campaign to another setting for a few sessions to explore new mysteries and combat new enemies. Perhaps agents of a Phaeron who has awakened already seek out the stolen device so that he may bring his entire complex online and restore his empire to prominence.

This option allows Game Masters to introduce the Necron threat slowly through a variety of intermediaries and other agents. Inquisitor Vann Trasz, the leading authority on the Hadex Anomaly in the Reach, is organising this mission. He has assembled a team of Deathwatch and Adeptus Mechanicus to scour every inch of the Watch Station.

Trasz is convinced that the key to unlocking the full secrets of the Hadex Anomaly await aboard. This ship is known as the Forever Hold, a heavily-modified Cobra-class destroyer under the command of Inquisitor Nevin Graal. A veteran of numerous campaigns, Graal now commands this ship and oversees the safeguarding of devices and treasures discovered by Dead Cabal members relating to the Dark Pattern.

While not counted among the Dead Cabal himself, Inquisitor Graal holds a great deal of affection and professional respect for Inquisitor Ramaeus, and when she offered him command of the Forever Hold, he jumped at the opportunity. The concept of the Forever Hold was created only 75 years ago by Ramaeus to ensure that vital information gathered by the Dead Cabal remained available and easily accessible to all who sought to understand the Dark Pattern and the Ancients.

Inquisitor Ramaeus was well aware of the standard Imperial policies relating to xenos knowledge and potentially dangerous artefacts even for the Deathwatch, so the Forever Hold serves as both a vault and library for the Deathwatch— and specifically Dead Cabal—while they are conducting their investigations.

The ship has been specially outfitted with massive storage facilities inside its cargo holds that are capable of storing all manner of artefacts. It also boasts one of the most extensive libraries in the Jericho Reach. In its collection reside tomes of Eldar lore, ancient xenos texts describing the Reach long before humans ever set foot in it, and other volumes considered truly heretical.

A great loss to the Imperium drives the Inquisitor to scour the Jericho Reach for an artefact that can save a honoured warrior from a grim fate. Inquisitor Lord Anchisus served the Holy Ordos of the Calixis Sector for near on four centuries, ferreting out corruption and heresy from the shadows. Ever one to work below the notice of his fellows among the Inquisition, Anchisus was a master of deception, obfuscation, and manipulation. It can serve as a mode of transportation for a series of adventures with the Dead Cabal.

It can also be a location at which players must perform research while they are attempting to unravel a mystery. Inquisitor Graal can be quite welcoming, but he is extremely guarded when it comes to discussing certain aspects of his ship. Game Masters should be prepared to introduce the Forever Hold to his players through other members of the Deathwatch and Dead Cabal. Only with proper introductions will Graal fully welcome them onboard his ship and provide them with access to the libraries and items.

When the Jericho Gate was first opened, Anchisus and his acolytes were some of the first through, though they spent the first decades of the Crusade working alone, on the fringes of the Jericho Reach. Unable to communicate with his lord, no matter how he tried, Graal was forced to incapacitate him and place the man in stasis.

Graal was given the rank of Inquistor shortly thereafter, after presenting himself to the Ordo Xenos on Watch Fortress Erioch and accounting for the loss of his fellow acolytes and reporting his master dead.

In the years since that day, Inquisitor Graal has served to Ordo Xenos faithfully, working closely with the Deathwatch to root out xenos threats throughout the Jericho Reach. Graal now keeps his honoured lord deep within the bowels of the ship in a highly-secured stasis chamber. He believes that there is an answer somewhere in the Reach to freeing Anchisus, and he will do whatever he can to find that solution.

So far, the Inquisitor has not shared his secret with anyone, and he has no intentions of doing so any time soon. To His name. Over e foretold dangerous heretic to be ut the Jericho Reach.

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Silexia was fro ion lat ns tra ter af on Warp so the currents of arrived; it was lost in the her return. We must be ever vigilant. Armour: Artificer Armour 12 All. From the battlefields of the Orpheus Salient to the dusty halls of long-lost Watch Stations, Mathias has devoted his service to the tenets of the Deathwatch and their guardianship of the Jericho Reach. Mathias came to the Deathwatch from the Sons of Medusa Space Marines for what was to be a decade long assignment.

Early during his tenure with the Watch, Mathias was assigned to guard Inquisitor Ramaeus during a tense encounter with a group of Eldar said to have valuable information about the Dark Pattern. The recently-seconded Battle-Brother found himself fascinated by the enigmatic Inquisitor and her mysterious prophecies and after this encounter he devoted a great deal of time to studying all he could learn about them. Mathias was intrigued by the relationship the Eldar seemed to have with the Dark Pattern and he quickly became convinced that these beings knew a great deal more than the Imperium knew about these worlds.

Time and again the Captain has brought new Vigilants under his wing and he is always willing to assist those who share his passion for knowledge of ancient civilisations and cultures.

Mathias also uses his interactions with those in the Deathwatch and Dead Cabal to find a worthy replacement should the prophecy of Saint Silexia come to pass. While Mathias does not often engage in politics or other more nuanced engagements, he does understand that at times his outspoken ways can undermine his overall goals.

To this end, the Captain is working on his relationships within the Deathwatch and has made a number of new allies. This is an excellent way to bring Mathias into contact with the Player Characters and any NPCs they are already familiar with. Captain Mathias can serve as a valuable resource for players and can open many different options for a campaign. Knowing that he may very well soon lay down his life in service to the Master of Mankind, Mathias has begun an extensive search for one to succeed him in the Dead Cabal.

He takes a great deal of interest in any who show an aptitude for the ways of the Dead Cabal and a desire to understand the ways of the past.

A shrewd judge of character, Mathias is known for making wise choices when requesting Battle-Brothers for the Dead Stations Vigil. Dreams of the darkness stir him from slumber; his ancient battle with the Master of Man once more rekindled.

He of the Black must steel his reserve and prepare his gaze of stone for the coming days. When the empty star rises, the soulless will walk once more on their ancient lands. His life must be given for Man to return from the edge of night. After joining the Dead Cabal, Mathias quickly rose through the ranks of the Deathwatch, making Watch Captain in only twenty years.

He distinguished himself on the field of battle against all manner of xenos throughout the Jericho Reach. He battled Tyranid monstrosities on Credos, unknown xenos on Vormos, and countless Tau adversaries all across the sector. Never once faltering or giving ground, Mathias earned a reputation as a skilled tactician and fearsome warrior. While he never wavered in the face of an enemy, it was the words of a mere girl who shook this mighty lord of battle to his very core.

The prophecy uttered by Silexia of Beseritor spoke of a great war to come against the ancients, and Mathias was convinced that he was at the centre of this prophecy. After hearing the Saint speak, the Watch Captain devoted most of his time to the mysteries hidden within her words.

Pouring through ancient texts and forgotten tomes, Mathias worked tirelessly to find all that he could about She Who Has Fallen. Fleeting references and veiled mentions were all that he could find, however, and his search continues to this day. As one of the highest-ranking members of the Dead Cabal, Mathias has repeatedly used his influence and position to assist other members in securing artefacts and knowledge that the Inquisition and senior Watch leaders would sooner see suppressed.

He values this knowledge above any politics and despite any ill will he has gained, and has become a champion for the Dead Cabal. Many of the newer recruits to the brotherhood welcome this change, as it allows them to be better prepared for their battles against the xenos and heretics that populate the Jericho Reach.

Master of the Forge Xerill is a shining example of this belief and many consider him to be more machine than man. The Techmarine has served the Deathwatch for close to eight decades and in that time he has unlocked a number of secrets that have furthered the goals of the Dead Cabal. Xerill was inducted into their ranks fifty years ago after he recovered a series of Eldar Spirit Stones.

His passion for understanding and unlocking the knowledge contained within xenos artefacts drew the attention of Inquisitor Ramaeus, who had him reassigned to permanent detail on the Dead Stations Vigil. Since that time, Xerill has embraced the Dead Cabal and has dedicated his tenure with the Deathwatch to studying as many xenos artefacts as he can.

He is especially fascinated by anything relating to the Necrons and has undertaken many missions based on the slightest inclination that there could be Necron activity involved.

Xerill finds the Necrons so intriguing due to their idealistic similarity to his own Chapter, and the inevitable fall they suffered as a result of that pursuit.

This represents the ultimate danger in Iron Hands lore, and Xerill is anxious to understand how to avoid such grand disaster. When any Player Characters interact with Xerill, it should be immediately recognisable that he is aloof and distant. Xerill spends a great deal of his time sequestered away studying xenos artefacts and other technologies. These days it is rare for him to leave the Dead Station to which he has been assigned to undertake a mission unless there is any evidence that the Necrons are involved.

When he does embark on a mission, he is direct and to the point in all dealings. Xerill has no time for any deviation from his goal and he will do whatever is necessary to succeed in his mission. They also disagree greatly about the nature of the Dark Pattern and have had a number of heated debates about their theories.

Xerill has investigated many worlds of the Dark Pattern looking for Necron tombs and other signs. He has battled ancient remnants of their empire numerous times and he has become adept at overcoming their advanced technology and ancient science.

On the world of Nunc, Xerill experienced something that would change his life drastically and put him at odds with his Deathwatch brethren should they ever learn the truth. The dead world of Nunc has long held many secrets that the Imperium wished to exploit. From the earliest days of the Dead Cabal and the encounters Inquisitor Sinclair experienced, this ancient world has often brought the Deathwatch to its surface.

Xerill and a Kill-team of experienced Deathwatch Battle-Brothers came to Nunc in pursuit of a group of Eldar corsairs. These troublesome xenos were responsible for crippling at least three Imperial vessels, so the Deathwatch was dispatched to bring this menace to an end. After a fierce space battle, the surviving Eldar fled to the surface of Nunc hoping to elude their executioners. The Deathwatch does not leave a mission incomplete, however, and they followed the corsairs to the dead world to finish off the kill.

This region, far beyond Belissar, has barely been explored and many wish to know what lurks in the dark corners of the galaxy. The purpose of this mission is actually twofold—in addition to mapping an unknown region of space, one of the probes is tasked to investigate a strange object that was detected by an Adeptus Mechanicus survey ship that was blown off course by a Warp storm. While this ship was tossed in the currents of the Warp, it was briefly spilled back into real space past Belissar.

Long-range sensors detected a massive object at the farthest reach of the instruments right before the ship returned to Warp. Since that time, the Inquisition and Mechanicus have been very anxious to learn what this unknown object is and if it represents a threat to the Imperium. The Dead Cabal has become involved in the Galvanax Mission—named for the Magos who detected the object—as they fear this has something to do with the Dark Pattern.

It is believed that the eternal blackness references the space beyond Belissar as there is a massive dark cloud that obscures the stars deep in space. Only time will tell what this mission will find.

Under covering fire, Xerill sought a way to circle around behind the Eldar to exploit their flank. The fall did little damage to the Techmarine, but he was cut off from his comrades and trapped deep below the surface. The cave that Xerill discovered was a natural formation, but it also contained many unnatural features.

A large, metallic archway dominated one half of the cavern, a sealed door to something deep within the planet. The carvings and runes along the structure were instantly recognisable as Necron and Xerill quickly forgot about the raiders above.

He began analysing and recording all the glyphs and runes he found, in hopes of discerning what rested beyond the doorway. While excavating the ground near the base of the arch to gain a better look at a series of glyphs, Xerill uncovered a strange silver box, seamless and perfectly cubical.

Shortly after discovering this unknown device, the battle above continued to weaken the cave. Xerill knew that he must abandon his investigation or he would lose all that he had discovered should the cave collapse, burying him alive.

The Master of the Forge quickly located another weakness in the cave and breached this into a side tunnel. This allowed him to return to the surface with his newfound prize and reunite with his teammates who had broken the xenos firing line and were making quick work of the remaining eldar. Xerill concealed the silver cube in his servo-harness until he could study the device further.

Upon returning to Watch Fortress Erioch, Xerill sequestered himself away to devote his time to the artefact. After nearly a week of study, he was finally able to unlock it, though he has spoken to no one of what he found. He has recently begun sending a series of highly encrypted messages to his Chapter. These messages contain a great deal of research into robotics and also the basis of Necron physiology.

He believes that out of anyone, the Chapter Council is best suited to understand the strides he has made in unlocking the secrets of transcending the flesh and becoming one with the machine. The leaders of the Iron Hands have entreated the Deathwatch to keep Xerill permanently assigned to his post within the Watch.

To them, this is simply so that his valuable knowledge and expertise can be best utilised by the Imperium. Armour: Astartes power armour 10 body, 8 arms, legs, head. His knowledge is unmatched by anyone else in the Jericho Reach and he has dedicated his life to understanding and defeating this ancient menace. He has been a member of the Deathwatch for nearly a century and a member of 22 the Dead Cabal for more than half that time.

When he was called upon to serve the Deathwatch, Rennin proudly joined the august organisation to better serve the Emperor. The Third Company was on a long-term campaign against the Tau throughout the Ultima Segmentum and this ongoing war had reached a stalemate. The Tau had retreated to their planetary strongholds while the Imperial forces reinforced their holdings in the region.

During the lull in the fighting, three squads of Silver Skulls were dispatched to investigate a world designated as PXD. Along with the other players, you will unite together as a Kill-team of Deathwatch Space Marines, but the challenges you will face are not all external.

Since you have each been recruited from a separate Space Marine Chapter, you will be met with wildly differing traditions, beliefs, experiences and backgrounds. You must learn to work together with Space Marines who are strangers or even rivals. As a Deathwatch Space Marine you have been selected as an exceptional candidate from amongst the warriors of your primary chapter, to bring your unique talents and abilities to the fight at the furthest fringes of Imperial space.

United in this newly forged brotherhood, all Deathwatch Space Marines must learn to put aside their differences and work together to succeed in the most extraordinary of missions — or face the threat of total annihilation when confronted by implacable alien foes. The Deathwatch RPG drops you and your group of fellow Space Marines squarely in the thick of the action, stationed at the heart of the Jericho Reach — a region of the Imperium long ago devastated by war, and now on the brink of destruction.

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