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Homer pdf download

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He went to grace a hecatomb of beeves And lambs, and sat delighted at the feast; While in the palace of Olympian Jove The other gods assembled, and to them The father of immortals and of men Was speaking.

Yet well He knew the bitter penalty, for we Warned him. So Hermes said; his prudent words moved not The purpose of Aegisthus who now pays The forfeit of his many crimes at once. Well he deserved his death. So perish all Guilty of deeds like his! But I am grieved For sage Ulysses, that most wretched man, So long detained, repining, and afar From those he loves, upon a distant isle Girt by the waters of the central deep A forest isle, where dwells a deity The daughter of wise Atlas, him who knows The ocean to its utmost depths, and holds Upright the lofty columns which divide The earth from heaven.

The daughter there detains The unhappy chieftain, and with flattering words Would win him to forget his Ithaca. Meanwhile, impatient to behold the smokes That rise from hearths in his own land, he pines And willingly would die. Is not thy heart, Olympics, touched by this?

And did he not Pay grateful sacrifice to thee beside The Argive fleet in the broad realm of Troy? Why then, O Jove, art thou so wroth with him? Can I forget Godlike Ulysses, who in gifts of mind Excels all other men, and who has brought Large offerings to the gods that dwell in heaven? Yet he who holds the earth in his embrace, Neptune, pursues him with perpetual hate Because of Polypheme, the Cyclops, strong Beyond all others of his giant race, Whose eye Ulysses had put out.

For this cause the god Who shakes the shores, although he slay him not, Sends forth Ulysses wandering far away From his own country. Let us now consult Together and provide for his return, And Neptune will lay by his wrath, for vain It were for one like him to strive alone Against the might of all the immortal gods. If such the pleasure of the blessed gods That now the wise Ulysses shall return To his own land, let us at once despatch Hermes, the Argicide, our messenger, Down to Ogygia, to the bright-haired nymph, And make our steadfast purpose known to bring The sufferer Ulysses to his home, And I will haste to Ithaca, and move His son, that with a resolute heart he call The long-haired Greeks together and forbid The excesses of the suitor train, who slay His flocks and slow-paced beeves with crooked horns.

So a glorious fame Shall gather round him in the eyes of men. In hand she took, Well tipped with trenchant brass, the mighty spear, Heavy and huge and strong, with which she bears Whole phalanxes of heroes to the earth, When she, the daughter of a mighty sire, Is angered. In her hand she bore the spear, And seemed the stranger Mentes, he who led The Taphians. There before the gate she found The haughty suitors. Some beguiled the time With draughts, while sitting on the hides of beeves Which they had slaughtered.

Heralds were with them, And busy menials: some who in the bowls Tempered the wine with water, some who cleansed The tables with light sponges, and who set The banquet forth and carved the meats for all.

Telemachus the godlike was the first To see the goddess as he sat among The crowd of suitors, sad at heart, and thought Of his illustrious father, who might come And scatter those who filled his palace halls, And win new honor, and regain the rule Over his own.

As thus he sat and mused Among the suitors, he beheld where stood Pallas, and forth he sprang; he could not bear To keep a stranger waiting at his door. Entering then The lofty halls, he set the spear upright By a tall column, in the armory With polished walls, where rested many a lance Of the large-souled Ulysses. In a bowl Of silver, from a shapely ewer of gold, A maid poured water for the hands, and set A polished table near them. Then approached A venerable matron bringing bread And delicacies gathered from the board; And he who served the feast before them placed Chargers with various meats, and cups of gold; While round the board a herald moved, and poured Wine for the guests.

The haughty suitors now Came in, and took their places on the thrones And couches; heralds poured upon their hands The water; maidens heaped the canisters With bread, and all put forth their hands to share The banquet on the board, while to the brim Boys filled the beakers.

When the calls of thirst And hunger were appeased, the suitors thought Of other things that well become a feast Song and the dance. And then a herald brought A shapely harp, and gave it to the hands Of Phemius, who had only by constraint Sung to the suitors. These revellers enjoy The harp and song, for at no cost of theirs They waste the substance of another man, Whose white bones now are mouldering in the rain Upon some mainland, or are tossed about By ocean billows.

But an evil fate is his, And he has perished. Even should we hear From any of the dwellers upon earth That he is near at hand, we could not hope. For him is no return. But now, I pray, Tell me, and frankly tell me, who thou art, And of what race of men, and where thy home, And who thy parents; how the mariners Brought thee to Ithaca, and who they claim To be, for well I deem thou couldst not come Hither on foot.

All this, I pray, relate Truly, that I may know the whole. I am named Mentes; my father was the great in war Anchialus. I have left Moored at the field behind the town my barque, Within the bay of Reithrus, and beneath The woods of Neius. I am come because I heard thy father had at last returned, And now am certain that the gods delay His journey hither; for the illustrious man Cannot have died, but is detained alone Somewhere upon the ocean, in some spot Girt by the waters.

There do cruel men And savage keep him, pining to depart. Now let me speak of what the gods reveal, And what I deem will surely come to pass, Although I am no seer and have no skill In omens drawn from birds. Not long the chief Will be an exile from his own dear land, Though fettered to his place by links of steel; For he has large invention, and will plan A way for his escape.

In face And glorious eyes thou dost resemble him Exceedingly; for he and I of yore Were oftentimes companions, ere he sailed For Ilium, whither also went the best Among the Argives in their roomy ships, Nor have we seen each other since that day. My mother says I am his son; I know not; never man Knew his own father. Would I were the son Of one whose happier lot it was to meet Amidst his own estates the approach of age. Now the most wretched of the sons of men Is he to whom they say I owe my birth.

Thus is thy question answered. Related books. The Odyssey by Homer. The Odysseys of Homer by Homer. The Odyssey of Homer translated by William Cowper. First official update in a while, many new features and fixes, including better support for replicate experiments, normalization options, super enhancers, etc. Also, a large portion of the documentation has also been updated. Many Hi-C analysis routines have been extensively upgraded. Old News. Instructions and advice for finding enriched regulatory elements from a set of genome positions, a list of genes, or raw FASTA files.

They are based on HOMER-motifs, and certainly miss many "weak" binding sites and incorrectly predict others. However, the predictions can still serve as a useful guide to where transcription factors have the potential to bind if they're expressed in the system you're studying. Initial supervision for the project was provided by Professors Christopher K. Glass and Shankar Subramaniam.

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WebHomer Thousands of free ebooks of classic literature f or kindle, tablet, online browser or smart phone Free e-books by Homer The Web's Go-To Place for Free E-Books Home to . WebJul 22, The Odyssey - Homer (PDF) Pages MB English 0 stars from 0 visitors. Posted July 22, Submitted by Superman Report. Visit PDF . WebDownload Books Homer pdf. Homer (1 ratings) He has (6) books in the library, Total download and read (3,) In the Western classical tradition, Homer (Greek: ??????) .