1996 toyota corolla repair manual pdf free download
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1996 toyota corolla repair manual pdf free download arknights mac download

1996 toyota corolla repair manual pdf free download

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Base models came equipped with either a 3-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, but midrange and luxury trims were also available with the smoother four-speed auto. Compared to the rest of the world, the E destined for North America featured a different styling, as well as a bigger, more practical body. It was based on the Corolla Altis, a model which was distributed across Southeast Asia.

The 1ZZ-FE engine was essentially a carry-over from the E, except Toyota decided to bump up the power to horsepower. However, they also introduced a sporty XRS model in , carrying a much more powerful 1. Toyota revealed the E Corolla in , some forty years after the Corolla was first conceived. To satisfy ever-increasing needs from its customers, Toyota threw everything they had at the E It was a brand-new car both inside and out.

It took a lot of styling cues from its bigger brother, the Camry, but it also kept some similarities with the Toyota Yaris. Overall, it was designed to be the perfect car for everyone, whether you needed a daily driver or a family hauler. A horsepower 1. Both engines were offered with either a five-speed manual or a choice of auto, a 4-speed in the case of the 2ZR-FE and a five-speed in the case of the 2AZ-FE. Toyota also introduced a slew of new technology features in E, including an auxiliary audio jack for MP3 players, upgraded JBL audio, as well as hands-free Bluetooth mobile system.

With the facelift in , Toyota also included a new audio system with a USB port, Bluetooth, and supporting steering audio controls for said upgrades. Although Toyota unveiled the E Corolla in , it was only offered in Japan. International markets, including North America, had to wait until when the much bigger E model arrived.

Apart from some minor visual changes, the North American version is similar to the International one. The familiar 2ZR-FE with horsepower is essentially a crossover from the previous generation, but the 2ZR-FAE with horsepower introduced a significant update in the form of Valvematic.

Available with a four-speed auto and a six-speed manual, the E also marked the first time Toyota added their constantly-variable transmission CVT to the North American Corolla lineup. In July of , Toyota had officially sold over 40 million examples of the Corolla, achieving something no other manufacturer has managed to accomplish.

With the E Corolla introduced in , Toyota decided to completely revamp their most popular model and give it a new life.

Originally introduced as a hatchback in the United States, the Corolla went on sale in late equipped with a 2. In early , Toyota added the Corolla sedan to its lineup, as well as a brand-new engine. At the moment, estimates state that Toyota is selling over 1, Corollas every day in the United States. Or, in other words, over 40 Corollas an hour. I'd love to be emailed when a new, high quality manual is available for my Toyota Corolla. My email address is:. By using this website, you automatically accept that we use cookies.

What for? Toggle navigation. Home Workshop Manuals Toyota Corolla. First Generation It all started with the first-gen Corolla,codenamed E10, back in Second Generation Toyota decided to roll out a brand-new Corolla in , just four short years after the first-generation made its debut. Third Generation By the time the third-generation model rolled out in , Toyota had already established what they wanted to do with the Corolla and how they were going to position it on the market.

Fourth Generation With the introduction of the fourth-gen E70 Corolla, Toyota also introduced some of the most drastic and noticeable design changes to their best-selling model. Seventh Generation By the time the E Corolla made its debut in , the once sub-compact hatch had grown in size substantially. Eighth Generation The eight-gen E Corolla made its debut in , but its launch in North America was delayed until mid Tenth Generation Toyota revealed the E Corolla in , some forty years after the Corolla was first conceived.

Twelfth Generation With the E Corolla introduced in , Toyota decided to completely revamp their most popular model and give it a new life. Get notified for new manuals? We'll send you a quick email when a new Toyota Corolla manual is added. Toyota Corolla Workshop Manual. Toyota Corolla Owners Manual. Toyota Corolla Misc Document. Related Models. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses.

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Page 52 S Do not insert coins, clips, etc. Page 53 2. Fully extend the shoulder belt to put it 3. Place the shoulder belt between the 4. If your child restraint system requires in the lock mode. Page 54 5. Unhook the top strap. Make sure the seat belt is securely locked.

Also make sure the child re- straint system is secure by pushing and pulling it in different directions. Page 55 Without filler panel trim� a. Remove the cap on the filler panel you wish to use. Insert a 10 mm 0.

Torque the bolt to Roll up the covering on the rear cargo da are provided with a bracket set in the floor. Page 57 S If the seat belt does not function shown above to remind you not to normally, immediately contact your install a rear-facing child restraint Toyota dealer. Page 58 2. Fully extend the shoulder belt to put in 3. If your child restraint system requires the lock mode. Page 59 5. Unhook the top When installing a rear-facing child re- Make sure the seat belt is securely strap.

Page 60 S Do not insert coins, clips, etc. Page 61 4. If your child restraint system requires 5. To remove the child restraint system, the use of a top strap, latch the hook onto CAUTION press the buckle-release button and al- the tab of the rear center belt and tighten low the belt to retract.

Page 62 �Rear view mirror remote Tilt steering wheel Outside rear view mirrors� control To change the steering wheel angle, Adjust the mirror so you can see the To adjust the rear view mirror, simply pull up the lock release lever, tilt the side of your vehicle in the mirror. Page 65 Emergency flashers For high beam, push the lever away For signaling turns, move the lever up To turn on the emergency flashers, from you.

Pull it toward you for low or down in the conventional manner. Page 66 Instrument panel light control Interior light Personal light To adjust the brightness of the instru- To turn on the interior light, slide the To turn on the personal light, push the ment panel lights, turn the dial. To turn it off, push the switch once again. Page 67 Windshield wipers and washer intermittent type without Luggage compartment light interval adjuster wagon NOTICE Do not operate the wipers if the windshield is dry.

It may scratch the glass. To turn the luggage compartment light To turn the wipers on, move the lever. Page 68 Windshield wipers and washer intermittent type with interval Windshield wipers and washer adjuster mist type If the washer does not work, check to see whether the washer tank is empty. In cold weather, warm the windshield with the defroster before using the washer.

To turn the rear wiper and washer on, To defog or defrost the rear window, twist the knob at the end of the lever. Page 70 Make sure you turn the defogger off when the window is clear.

Leaving the defogger on for a long time could cause the battery to discharge, especially during stop-and- go driving. The defogger is not designed for drying rain water or for melting snow. Page 72 The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times. If the indicator lamp does switch is on and indicates the approxi- not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as Fuel gauge mate quantity of fuel remaining in the soon as possible. Page 73 Engine coolant temperature gauge Tachometer The gauge indicates the engine cool- tachometer indicates engine NOTICE ant temperature when the ignition speed in thousands of rpm revolutions z Do not remove the thermostat in switch is on.

The engine operating per minute. Use it while driving to se- the engine cooling system as this temperature will vary with changes in lect correct shift points and to prevent Page 74 Service reminder indicators Odometer and trip meter and warning buzzers The odometer records the total dis- tance the vehicle has been driven.

The trip meter may be set to zero to record the distance on each trip. To reset the trip meter, press the trip meter reset knob. Page 75 Turn off the air conditioning, blower, radio, Do not drive the vehicle with the At a safe place, test your brakes by start- etc. Page 76 Have it checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as pos- sible. Page 79 Automatic transmission 3-speed type Your automatic transmission has a shift b Using engine braking lock system to minimize the possibility of To use engine braking, you can downshift incorrect operation.

Watch the tachometer to attempt to move the selector lever keep engine rpm from going into the red zone. Page 81 Your automatic transmission has a shift b Using engine braking lock system to minimize the possibility of To use engine braking, you can downshift incorrect operation. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Pull the parking brake lever up fully to Be careful when downshifting on a Always keep your foot on the brake securely apply the parking brake.

Abrupt shifting pedal while stopped with the engine 3. Page 83 Manual transmission For the best compromise between fuel Upshifting too soon or downshifting too late economy and vehicle performance, you will cause lugging, and possibly pinging.

Page 84 Parking brake Cruise control Good driving practice S If it difficult to shift into reverse, put the transmission in neutral, release the clutch pedal momentarily, and then try again. S When towing a trailer, in order to main- tain engine braking efficiency, do not use the fifth gear. Page 85 Now you may take your foot off the or winding roads. If you need accelera- S Avoid vehicle speed increases er at the earliest opportunity. To change the preset sta- 1. Page 92 FM radio with electronic tuner type B Page 93 a Listening to the radio Preset tuning: Use for tuning-in to a de- c Presetting a station sired preset station.

Tune in the desired station. Page 94 FM radio with electronic tuner and cassette tape player Page 96 a Listening to the radio b Selecting a station If the radio scans over all frequencies without stop because the signals are too 1.

Page 97 The preset station will be cancelled when The tape player can also be turned on by 6. Page 98 Air conditioning controls Page 99 a Controls and functions The temperature control lever is used to adjust the temperature of the delivered air. The air intake control lever is used to se- lect intake air, either outside air or recircu- lated air.

Page If the indicator light flashes, contact your If the windshield fogs up easily, move the 3. Move the air flow control lever to the Toyota dealer as soon as possible. Page S If air flow control is not satisfactory, e Windshield defogging and defrost- f Air flow selection check the side vents. Page Heater controls Page a Controls and functions The temperature control lever is used to turn on and off the heater and adjust the temperature of the heated air. Except 1. Place the temperature control lever 1.

Place the temperature control lever at in ventilation, the air to the floor is slightly anywhere except the NO HEAT position. Page Other Equipment Use a Toyota genuine cigarette lighter or Once the electrical power source has equivalent for replacement.

To open the glovebox door, compress To use the cup holder, push it and pull the lock release buttons. Page Luggage cover wagon To use the luggage cover, pull it out of To remove the luggage cover, lift up Vehicles with rear speakers� the retractor and hook it to the anchors. For more luggage space, remove the lug- gage cover board. Page Floor mat Use a floor mat of the correct size. Fix the Make sure the floor mat is properly floor mat and locking clip into the hole in the floor carpet.

Page Operation in foreign countries If your engine knocks If you detect heavy knocking even when If you use gasohol in your Toyota, be using the recommended fuel, or if you Page Toyota Maintenance creating an excessive load on the Schedule. For scheduled mainte- The three-way catalytic converter is three-way catalytic converter. An open or bricating and cooling the inside of the en- unsealed trunk lid or back door S Avoid inhaling the engine exhaust.

Page Toyota recommends that the oil level be ping distance will be longer. Also, the brake A new engine consumes more oil, since checked every time you refuel the vehicle. Page When the anti-lock brake system function Always maintain a safe distance from the S Even if the power assist is com- is in action, you may feel the brake pedal vehicle in front of you. Compared with ve- pletely lost, the brakes will still pulsating and hear a noise.

Page Even if the anti-lock brake system should fail, the brake system will still operate con- ventionally. Have your vehicle checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. Page This is the primary identification number seatbacks. Keep luggage or pack- for your Toyota. It is used in registering the ages low, as close to the floor as ownership of your vehicle. Page Theft prevention labels except for Canada Your new vehicle carries theft preven- tion labels which are approximately 56 mm 2.

The purpose of these labels is to reduce the incidence of vehicle thefts by facilitat- ing the tracing and recovery of parts from stolen vehicles. Check the area around the vehicle be- 1. Apply the parking brake firmly. Page Do not race a cold engine. Page If you are not sure about brake mechanism may freeze, making it which oil to use, call your Toyota deal- hard to release. Keep ice and snow from accumulating Keep the door locks from freezing.

Page T oyota warranties do not apply to damage or malfunction caused by towing a trailer for commercial pur- poses. Ask your local Toyota dealer for fur- ther details before towing. Page S Make sure the trailer cargo is securely the left to move the trailer to the left.

Stop-and-go driving It will help make your vehicle last longer, wastes fuel. Page S Keep the bottom of your vehicle free from mud, etc. This not only lessens weight but also helps prevent corrosion. S Keep your vehicle tuned-up and in top shape. A dirty air cleaner, carbu- retor out of adjustment, improper valve clearance, dirty plugs, dirty oil and grease, brakes not adjusted, etc.

Page If the engine still will not start, it needs ad- justment or repair. Page 4. Connect the jumper cables in the exact 7. Page If you have a flat tire� 1. Move cautiously off the road to a safe place well away from the traffic.

Do not continue driving with a Avoid stopping on the center divider of a deflated tire. Get the tool bag, jack, jack handle Do not use it on any other vehicle. Loosen the nut and remove it. When storing, turn When storing the spare tire, put it in place 2.

Page �Blocking the wheel �Removing wheel ornament 2. Block the wheel diagonally oppo- 3. Remove the wheel ornament. Page �Loosening wheel nuts �Positioning the jack �Raising your vehicle 4. Loosen all the wheel nuts. Position the jack at the correct jack 6. After making sure that no one is in point as shown. Page �Changing wheels �Reinstalling wheel nuts 7.

Remove the wheel nuts and change Before putting on wheels, remove any 8. Reinstall all the wheel nuts finger tires. Reinstall the wheel nuts tapered end in- wire brush or such. Page �Lowering your vehicle �Reinstalling wheel ornament �After changing wheels Check the air pressure of the re- placed tire.

Adjust the air pressure to the specification designated in Part 8. If the pressure is lower, drive slowly to the nearest service station and fill to the correct pressure. Page If towing is necessary, we recommend From rear� S Manual transmission: you have it done by your Toyota dealer or a commercial tow truck service.

We recommend using a towing dolly Proper equipment will help ensure that under the front wheels. Page �Emergency towing CAUTION If the engine is not running, the power assist for the brakes and steering will not work so steering and braking will be much harder than usual. Page If you cannot shift automatic transmission selector lever If you lose your keys Many Toyota dealers can make a new key if you can give them the key num- ber.

If your keys are locked in the vehicle and Page Appearance Care Now, it is up to you. Proper your vehicle, particularly the underside, CARE care of your Toyota can help ensure long- as clean as possible and to repair any term corrosion prevention. Page Your Toyota dealer will 3.

Rinse thoroughly�dried soap can cause be happy to assist in supplying and instal- streaking. In hot weather you may need to ling the shields if they are recommended rinse each section right after you wash it. Page The vinyl upholstery may be easily on your vehicle.

First vacuum over the upholstery to remove Polishing and waxing is recommend- loose dirt. Page The windows may be cleaned with any Seat belts If you have any questions about the household window cleaner. Page Vehicle Maintenance These checks or inspections can be done either by yourself or a qualified technician, Where to go for service?

Page Your copy of the repair order is proof that Check underneath for leaking fuel, oil, wa- to your Toyota dealer or a qualified service all required maintenance has been per- ter or other fluid after the vehicle has been shop immediately. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book.

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