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Download epic privacy browser for windows 10

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Show more Show less. App specs License Free Version Last month's downloads 3K. Hidden Reflex More Programs 4. Tor Browser 3. Baidu Browser 3. Torch Browser 3. Chromium 4. Designed and built around the Chromium base code the open-source basis of the Chrome web browser , this browser is a simple and lightweight application designed to be as private and secure as possible.

Trackers are automatically blocked, a VPN option is available and third-part advertisement is blocked as standard. As Epic is built around the same core as Chrome, much of the same functionality and overall appearance is the same.

Any user of Chrome will be instantly familiar with hotkeys and menus. Some websites and password options will be different, however. Due to the automatic blocking of some data and advertisement features, some sites will not work correctly with Epic. Videos may fail to load automatically due to the blocking of HTML5. As cookies are also not saved, account information may not update or save.

Epic was launched as a free download, aiming to make a profit by using Google's ad revenue service without offering personalised user-target details to advertisers. This was blocked by Google via a change in service terms. While based on the publicly available Chromium base, Epic is not fully open source. This has been claimed to be a protective measure to ensure their own work is not stolen by similar operations rather than a privacy concern. Some of the basic elements of the code are available.

The developers of the browser have been careful to remind users that any online service can never be completely secure. Their built-in server and VPN service all run through their own servers so any guarantee has to be based solely on trust rather than any third-party encryption.

While the developers of Epic claim that blocking of certain website aspects mean that sites will load more quickly than Chrome, the built-in VPN may cause a slower experience. Epic Browser, popularly known as Epic Privacy Browser, is a fast and reliable web browser that only aims to protect your privacy and data.

It features a proxy that encrypts the traffic coming from your IP address and automatically wipes your history every time you close the browser. By doing this, it easily hides your activity from your employer, search engines, trackers, ISPs, and governments. Owing to this similarity, the Epic Browser has a very familiar graphical user interface. It even supports some of the same features like opening multiple tabs, creating and importing bookmarks, zooming in and out, printing selected pages, changing the language, and more.

Epic Browser features a secure browsing experience by blocking cookies, trackers, and advertisements. In fact, when you type a query in the search bar, the platform will neither guess nor give you location-specific search results. It also removes URL, installation, and address bar tracking and leaking. On top of this, the Chromium-based Epic Browser gives users VPN access, with servers in 8 countries from around the world. Since your traffic gets routed from a limited number of servers, you may experience slow speeds when using Epic with its VPN feature active.

Owing to its in-built privacy settings, all plugins and extensions, most of which rely on cookies, get blocked instantly. Nevertheless, the company is aware of this drawback and intends to offer support for a few safe and essentials plugins and extensions. Epic Browser is just an addition to a list of web browsers available in the market. While it focuses on privacy, others focus on quality, speed, and familiarity. Epic Browser is safe to download and use. Some of its most essential features have been designed to protect users from online threats like spyware, viruses, and malware.

Once you stop browsing, the app deletes your entire history, gets rid of cookies , and cleans out the cache. It also blocks all third-party trackers and engines from gathering information on your browsing habits.

Featuring a familiar and user-friendly interface, the browser is backed by leading search engines and provides a safe and secure browsing experience. The app also blocks hundreds of data collectors , ISPs, social media sites, and governments from tracking your data.

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WebNov 17, аи Epic Privacy Browser for Windows Hidden Reflex User rating Installed through our safe & fast downloader (more info) Download Latest . WebApr 22, аи Epic Privacy Browser By Hidden Reflex Free Download Now Key Details of Epic Privacy Browser Get the Web browser with an integrated privacy protection and . WebEpic Privacy Browser We believe what you browse & search should always be private You wouldn't trust your neighbor with your browsing & search history. Why trust hundreds of .