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General physics pdf free download

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You have entered an incorrect email address! Latest articles. General Science 4 pdf free download. The Odyssey by Homer pdf free download. This science is considered as a fundamental science, since it includes within its field of study: the biology , chemistry and electronics.

It also explains the phenomena of each. General physics is considerably influential, because of what it has allowed the human being to understand, which has been transformed into new technology and new benefits for humanity.

In our list of books on General Physics in PDF format you can consult its history, its branches, fundamental concepts, research areas, main physical magnitudes, among many other points. Our select list of books is made up of more than 25 texts, whose authors are part of a group of experts in the area. Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that each and every one of these texts has been assigned for free publication and distribution or are in the public domain.

We hope you liked it and already have your next book! If you found this list useful, do not forget to share it on your social networks. Acoustic Physics Books. Aerodynamic Books. Electrical Circuits Books. Electricity Books. Electromagnetism Books. Electronics Books. Kinematic Physics Books. Quantum Physics Books. Statics Books.

Thermodynamics Books.

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You will be able to find from the most basic concepts, to the most complex ones, as well as to study its different branches. We have done it for you and we hope that the list of works on physics will be really useful for you. In its beginnings, physics was part of philosophy, more specifically during the classical period. This was so until the arrival of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, a historical moment in which the sciences were separated as disciplines independent from philosophy.

This also brought consequences such as the phenomenon of encyclopedism, with the division of knowledge that prevails until today. Physics studies the phenomena of the universe and the laws that govern it. In fact, it explains everything that surrounds us, from the smallest to the most immense; from the indivisible particles to the planets. The way to materialize the findings occurs through systematic study, using the scientific method for hypothesis testing.

Throughout history, physics has explained phenomena such as time, space, matter, energy, movement, light and sound. Similarly, it studies the interaction between these elements, resulting in turn in other phenomena such as gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces. Physics is divided into several branches, among which are: acoustics, electromagnetism, mechanics, fluid mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, cosmology, quantum, among others. As you see, it is a science that encompasses many specialties.

Acoustics : Study the nature of sound, where it comes from, how it spreads, etc. Thermodynamics : Studies energy and heat, as well as the systems through which they are preserved and transmitted.

Electromagnetism : Studies energy in matter and space. Fluid Mechanics : Studies the functioning or dynamics of liquid fluids and gases. With our collection you can enjoy the following subtopics: Basic physics, advanced, applied, acoustics, particle physics, electromagnetism, fluid mechanics, among others. Advances in physics have made life easier for us today. Some legacies that it has left in modern society are: safe buildings, x-rays, the microwave oven, the GPS location system, laser technology, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and radiotherapy.

Our collection of books on physics will help you immerse yourself in this interesting science. Nowadays the world cannot be conceived without its findings, that is why we think that more people are interested in knowing more about it.

Especially, it is being studied in combination with other sciences such as biology or engineering to give as a result advances that represent a before and after in humanity. Do not miss our great collection of the best books on physics, thought for you.

Acoustics is the branch of physics that studies all the physical phenomena that are related to the generation, propagation and detection of mechanical waves that are heard in a band of frequencies, which are called acoustic waves. Physicists who study acoustics also have a lot of work to do to develop musical concert halls, rooms that require a certain material and a geometry of the exact proportions to allow the audible range to be perfect in all parts of the enclosure.

If you want to delve into the world of acoustic physics you can not miss the selection of books that we leave you below. Aerodynamics is the area of fluid mechanics dedicated to analyzing the motion of gases especially air and the interactions they have with the bodies that move in them. In short, aerodynamics is the amount of drag a body suffers as it moves. The more aerodynamic this body is, the easier it will be to reach higher speeds with a much more efficient use of the fuel it uses.

Aerodynamics provides information about phenomena such as velocity, air density, temperature, pressure, gravity, etc.

An electrical circuit is the set of electrical elements connected to each other that allow the generation, transport and use of electrical energy in order to transform it into another type of energy. In general, we can find the following five types of elements:. Generator , responsible for powering the electrical loads. Receiver , which transforms the electrical energy into another type of energy, such as heat, light, etc.

Conductors , which constitute the paths for the electrons. They are usually cables, but there are other options. Control elements , which block or direct the flow of current.

Protection elements , to prevent damage to installations, equipment and people. The graphical representation of the electrical circuit is known as a circuit diagram or electronic schematic. This representation shows the components of the circuit with uniform pictograms according to certain standards. Our life revolves around the devices and machines that we can use thanks to electrical energy, as well as the services and lighting it provides.

Electric energy today can be obtained from various renewable and non-renewable primary sources, however, attempts are being made to innovate with renewable sources to supply ourselves with cleaner energies, such as solar energy, for example. In physics, electricity is that branch that studies electrical phenomena.

But, in its general definition, it is about the phenomena that result from electric charges, their interaction and movements. In other words, it is the force that occurs as a consequence of the attraction and repulsion of positive and negative charges.

The notion of electromagnetism is used to denote the interaction between magnetic fields and electric fields. The concept is also used to denote the specialization of physics focused on the study of these issues. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art.

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WebAug 2, Fishbane - Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern download M Fundamentals of Physics [10th Edition] - Halliday & . Our selection of texts is about General Physics. Each one of the texts that we will share with you about physics, is in PDF format so that you can manage its download in a practical and fast way. General physics or simply physics, besides being a theoretical science, is an experimental science ; and as such, it is in charge of verifying its findings by means of experiments. WebDepartment of Physics General Physics (Year I Science Stream) Course Title: General Physics Course Code: Phys Course Credits: ECTS/Credit Hours: 5 ECTS/3 Cr. .