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Hp laptop online help

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Windows : Troubleshoots problems with Windows Store apps, background downloads, Bluetooth devices, keyboards, microphones, and video playback. Network and Internet Use these tools to connect to a particular website, to access shared files and folders on other computers, or to solve problems with networked printers. Network : Identifies and fixes Internet connection failures, and problems with accessing shared files and folders on other computers on your network. Also use these tools to troubleshoot wireless and other network adapter issues, and allow other computers to communicate with your computer through Windows Firewall.

Printing : These tools help solve problems with printers that are connected to your network. System and Security Use these tools to make your computer safer by turning on pop-up blockers and malware filters, and by performing regular maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up old files and shortcuts.

These tools also help improve system performance and power utilization. Web Browser : Confirms that safety features, such as SmartScreen filter and pop-up blockers are turned on to help protect your computer from malware, unwanted Web sites, and pop-ups. System : Performs common maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up unused files and shortcuts. Power : Confirms the sleep mode, timeout settings, and other power settings to conserve power and prolong computer battery life.

Choose a troubleshooting tool from one of the four categories to resolve the problem. For example, to run a tool to check your Internet connection, select the Network and Internet category, and then select the Internet Connections tool. The troubleshooting tool automatically diagnoses any problem it finds. Some problems are fixed as the tool runs. In other cases, the tool instructs you to take corrective action.

When the tool finishes you can close it, or run the troubleshooter again to confirm the problem is fixed. Additional troubleshooting options Windows provides additional features to manually select a troubleshooting tool, view troubleshooting history, and change maintenance settings.

Use Remote Assistance to get help from a friend. Use the Steps Recorder to record the steps to recreate the problem, and then use the recording to get help from someone else. In Windows, search for and open the Control Panel. The Troubleshoot computer problems window opens and displays troubleshooting options on the left side pane. View all : Displays a list of all the installed troubleshooting tools. To run a Troubleshooting tool from this window, click the tool name. View history : Displays troubleshooting tools previously used and problems found.

Change settings : Opens System Maintenance. Turn on this tool to automatically perform routine maintenance, such as cleaning up temporary files and scanning for hard disk errors. It also alerts you to potential problems. Get help from a friend : Opens Remote Assistance. Use Remote Assistance to connect two computers so that one person can provide troubleshooting help to the other person. You can also use Steps Recorder to automatically take screen snapshots as you reproduce the computer problem.

Send these snapshots to someone else to help fix the problem. Troubleshooting tips When you run the automated troubleshooting tool, it might display questions for you to answer or reset common settings as it works to detect and fix the problem. If the automated troubleshooting tool fixed the problem, you can close it. If it did not fix the problem, you can view several options that take you online to find an answer.

Click any of the troubleshooting links under the main headings. To manually apply repairs from a list of possible problems, click Advanced. Uncheck the Apply repairs automatically box, and then click Next. Select an option from the list of detected problems and possible solutions, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Select a location. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Select a language. Confirm Back.

Select a product type for tips on finding your serial number. HP Computer Support. Download drivers. Check warranty status. Contact us. Thinking of upgrading to Windows 11? Windows 11 Support More support options for this topic More support information around Windows Need Windows 10 Support?

Fix problems booting or turning on your PC Learn what to do if you have a blank or black screen, flashing LEDs or beep codes, if the boot stops at the logo screen, or if you have an error message in a black or blue screen.

Fix problems related to audio Use our quick and easy automated solution to resolve common audio problems with your PC. No Sound from the Speakers.