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Download clip from youtube

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Method 2 Download Youtube videos via SS youtube. By using SaveFrom. Method 4 Download Youtube videos by using SaveFrom. By using our service you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. How to download? Watch the tutorial. Open YouTube. Works in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. This method works with all versions of Windows and Mac OS. Do you believe that downloading YouTube videos online can be done without an add-on? The download will begin in a short time.

Make sure that you're on the Downloads tab and then choose the Launch ClipGrab option. Once you've copied and pasted the desired video link into the ClickGrab browser, select Grab this clip! Put one link of a video at a time into the top Downloads tab browser on ClickGrab. Once you're ready to download, select Grab this clip! For example, you can choose the format you want the video to be in when it's stored on your computer.

I generally go with Original, but I'll specify something else if that doesn't work. You can also choose download resolution. Depending on the video's original resolution, you can choose to download the full resolution video or reduce the resolution to save space. Finally, tapping the Settings tab lets you customize where ClipGrab deposits your newly downloaded videos.

I would be remiss or so I've been told in the comments below, on Twitter, and in my email inbox if I didn't mention that Linux users have a command line option because, of course they do to download YouTube videos. As with all things Linux command line, there are some gray areas here, such as whether the tool even works or whether there's a better tool because of course there is. Also : How to install Linux applications from the command line.

The first in this command line hit parade is youtube-dl. You can get access to it via its own site , on GitHub , or your favorite package manager. There's a very interesting story about GitHub's reasoning and response you can read. Some folks claim that youtube-dl is old hat and hasn't been updated in a while. That's not really true. On the day I visited its repo, the header said youtube-dl was updated six days ago.

It looks like it's getting ongoing maintenance. That said, there's another open source project on GitHub, called yt-dlp , that claims to be a fork of youtube-dl with more features. I haven't tested it, use it at your own risk. Also: Linux is not just for developers and command line pros. Both youtube-dl and yt-dlp offer a very, very wide range of features if you need them. Personally, I'm going to stick with ClipGrab, because I don't have time to turn YouTube downloading into a second or third full time job.

But, 'tis up to you. Now that you know how to download YouTube videos, should you? First, do be aware that different jurisdictions have different laws. It may or may not be legal to download a given video, even if all you want to do is watch it offline. If you want to download a video to incorporate it into something you're producing, keep in mind that some countries have the concept of Fair Use.

In those jurisdictions, small clips of copyrighted media can be incorporated into your productions. But also, remember that YouTube has algorithmic systems looking for people reusing videos, and your channel might get a strike against it for reusing media. Also: How to record a phone call on an iPhone. There you go. Do you have other techniques for accomplishing the same thing? Let us know in the comments below. You can follow my day-to-day project updates on social media. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.

Our process. We offer you two straightforward download options and a more technical Linux command line option. See also Google Docs' voice-to-text feature is getting major upgrades. Here's how to use it How to clear Google search cache on Android and why you should How to use tab groups in Google Chrome How to Google more effectively to get the results you need. Log into your YouTube Premium account.

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After you click on the Search button, results relevant to the words will be available to you. Choose the video you need, and hit the Download button to download the YouTube video. What can you expect from the best free YouTube downloader online? The following features say it all. Take a look at what you can do with this free YouTube downloader.

Meanwhile, they prefer not to install any software. It is a free YouTube downloader online that can be used either on a web browser or a mobile browser. You can rip audio from YouTube in the easiest way. There has been a great demand for downloading YouTube to MP4.

Simply insert a link or enter some words in the search bar. The rest things are as easy as The job is easy. Copy the URL of the playlist and paste it in the search box, all the tracks of the playlist will appear in the search results. YouTube is also a music service where users can enjoy and share music online. However, YouTube itself does not allow you to download videos or audio unless you are a premium member. How to download music from YouTube? No worries! You can download YouTube audio in kbps standard resolution.

It is not a problem at all. Also, you might wonder what is the best site for downloading YouTube videos. The answer is the same as stated before. No registration, no ads, no viruses! What you need to do is copy a link and paste it onto the search bar to download video from YouTube.

An alternative is to type in a few words about the video you want to download and get YouTube video downloads by clicking the Download button. Before you download, click the gear icon at the bottom, select Quality , and make sure there's an HD version of the video available, such as p or p. If the video isn't HD to begin with, you won't be able to download it in high definition.

Open 4K Video Downloader. You'll find it in your Windows Start menu or your Mac's Launchpad. This app allows you to download 30 videos per day without upgrading to the paid version. Click Paste Link. It's the green and white plus sign icon at the top-left corner.

After a few moments, you'll see a list of options for downloading. Select Download Video from the first drop-down menu. This tells the downloader to download the entire video rather than just its audio track. Select a format. Select a high-definition format. The options will vary depending on the original video quality. Select a download location. This is especially important if you're using Windows, as the default download location might give you an error.

Click Browse and choose a location like your Desktop or Downloads folder before you start the download. Click Download. This saves the video in HD format to your computer.

Once the download is complete, you'll see the total size and length below the video in the list. Open the downloaded video for editing. Here's how: Windows: Open the folder to which you downloaded the video. Then, right-click the downloaded video, choose Open with , and select Photos. Trim the video.

You're almost done! Now you can choose just the part of the video you want to keep. The steps are a little different depending on your operating system: Windows: Click the Video Trim icon, which is the icon of a photo with a pencil at the top-center.

Drag the left guide to the place you want your clip to begin, and the right guide to where you want your clip to end. Click Save as at the top. Choose a saving location and name, if you want and click Save. Click Done. Click Save Video to overwrite the long version with the short one or Save as New Clip to create a new file for the shortened version without affecting the original.

Go to the video you want to share. If you just want to share part of a video with a friend, YouTube makes it easy to send an HD clip without downloading any special software. This option doesn't violate YouTube's terms and you won't have to worry about getting caught.

Click Clip. It's under the video next to an icon of scissors. Clip the video. In the Clip window that appears, you'll see a little timeline of the video that you're watching. To create a clip, drag the blue box ends to the beginning and end of the clip that you want to share. You'll see the duration of the clip below your selection, and it will loop in the video above so you can see what clip you're sharing. You'll also notice the timestamps of your clip's start and end in the video.

Add a description. This is what will accompany the social media share of the clip as well as what people see when they click your link, so make sure it accurately describes the video!

Click Share Clip. It's clickable after you add the description of the clip. Click a sharing method or Copy. If you click a social media icon, like Facebook, a new window will open in a new post creator with a link to your clip.

Continue by pressing Share or Post to put that clip on your social media. If you copied the URL link, you can paste it anywhere, like in an email. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Download YouTube videos at your own risk, as copyright infringement has legal repercussions. Downloading software from the internet may also download malicious files onto your computer that could damage it. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

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WebHow to convert and download a YouTube video: 1. Paste your YouTube URL at 'Video URL' and press Continue. 2. Select the format (MP3, MP4, M4A) and the quality (p, . WebOpen your web browser and head over to YouTube to find any video that you want to download. Now, copy the URL or link of the video. 2. Paste YouTube Link/URL Paste . WebCrop and Download YouTube Videos Enter your YouTube video address in the box below, select the part that you want to cut and press the "Crop Selection" button. Video .