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Wp dark mode pro free download

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The transparency of any image can be changed. This feature will help you to increase the readability of images and make a balance with your website by giving a pleasant look. Darklup dark mode plugin always remembers the last activation mode. When you access the website, it will be automatically turned into the dark mode according to the last activation mode. This feature will step ahead by providing various link hover colors. Set the WordPress dark mode activation time according to your local time and enjoy the automatic activation of dark mode on the website.

Tooltip allows you to alert your user to use this feature if they want. You can use any customized text. Darklup has a floating switch option. You can customize it as you want. You can customize the switch with icon and text. Darklup has launched the best dark mode plugin that provides you a proper working environment with a dim version of light that helps to protect your eyes and health from being affected by bright screens.

This plugin gives the best service with high quality as compared to the others. Grab this amazing plugin and garnish your website with an excellent look. This is one of the best dark mode plugin for WordPress. I am very happy with this dark mode plugin. I have been very pleased with the quality of support I received from Darklup. I would definitely recommend their product. Very easy to deploy and best of all a very supportive developer.

Dark Mode for WordPress. Light Dark. Core Features. Everything you need to boost more engagement on your site. OS Based Dark Mode. Dark Switch Styles. Time Based Dark Mode. Ready to Use Dark Color Scheme.

Backend Dark mode. Frontend Dark mode. Floating Switch. Page Builders Compatible. Define Custom Colors. Dark Mode Based Image Support. Buy Now. WooCommerce Integrated. Custom CSS. Automatic Mode. Set Button Size. Dark Mode Switch in Menu. Border Color. Image Opacity. Remember last Time Mode. Link Hover Color. Night Eye dark mode plugin features Schedule dark mode First of all, you can always manually click on the WordPress dark mode switcher which appears in the form of a stylish moon icon.

You can adjust the position of that icon for both desktop and mobile through the configuration menu of the plugin. But nowadays it's all about automation, isn't it? So let's say your website is super popular in the US. You want to make sure your visitors experience a smooth and enjoyable ride when browsing through your website. Thus, you decide to schedule your dark mode to automatically transform your site to be dark during night hours for your visitors. Meanwhile, your site will keep it's usual appearance while its light outside.

Smart color conversion You might be thinking this plugin will just invert the colors on your website, leaving it to look like a mess. That is true for most dark mode plugins out there. But not Night Eye. See, we take a unique approach to every page. Our algorithm converts the colors in a way that ensures a smooth and satisfactory feel.

With absolute consistency. So, no flashes, no bright colors - just the dark mode theme that you've always desired. Your privacy is yours We realize how important it is to keep your online privacy to yourself.

That's why we do not gather and store data. We do not sell your data to third-parties and we do not use annoying ads. Feel free to check out our privacy policy if you want to know more.

Customize, adjust, make it yours Ah, creative freedom! It doesn't matter how good something is, if it doesn't allow you to make tweaks and adjustments. It's on your website and you know better than anyone else how you want it to look like. We offer the solution.

You can actually customize the color scheme of the dark mode, making your site truly unique. On top of that, Night Eye comes with three predefined dark themes with different shades of dark. You can select the one that best fits your website design. What's more, you can also customize the pop-up title and text that appears when you click on the dark mode switcher. And that's not all! As Winnie the Pooh famously said: "The more the merrier" - words of wisdom. That's why we're continuing to work on more predefined themes.

Be sure to regularly check for updates. Benefits of dark mode WordPress plugin The benefits of using a dark mode plugin for you website are numerous. Not only does it improve your user experience and design, it also benefits health. Eye health You probably spend a lot of you time everyday looking at websites that use white background. You've gotten so used to it that you don't even notice. White backgrounds and brightness are actually very harmful to your eyes.

So is blue light. You may experience eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and in the worst case scenario, it can lead to retinal damage or even blindness. Good news is that you can prevent all these unwanted side effects. Take measures - use dark mode. Improved visibility Reading green text on black background is much easier on the eye than black text on white background.

You might just have light sensitive eyes or photophobia, in which case you just can't afford sudden exposure to very bright light. But even if you don't have a medical condition. Just think of a time when you were browsing in dim light or full darkness. Cause it's relaxing to do work in the dark, I can relate. Then you open a website with a white background and all of a sudden you feel like a vampire.

The brightness just penetrates the back of your skull. You instantly feel stressed and you lose your train of thought. You wouldn't want that to happen to any of your visitors now, would you? A bad experience on your website can make them never want to return to it. Night Eye WP dark mode plugin: complete guide Here's a full guide on how to install, activate and customize your Night Eye plugin.

Go to wordpress. Alternatively, you can go to your WP admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins and click Add new.

Afterwards find Night Eye and install it. Activate dark mode by navigating to the Night Eye icon in the WP admin dashboard.

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