how to download youtube videos for free on iphone
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How to download youtube videos for free on iphone op-amps and linear integrated circuits 4th edition pdf download

How to download youtube videos for free on iphone

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In the below example, the p video is about 95MB , while the p version is only 20MB. Hit the Download link to start downloading your video once it's ready. This will pop up a Documents window with preferences on how to save the file. If you like, change the Name to something shorter or more descriptive. And you can uncheck the Ask me every time slider if you want to save future downloads to the same folder automatically. Tap Done to download the YouTube video to your iPhone.

If you want to check its progress, tap the Downloads button on the bottom toolbar of the Documents app. Now, you just need to move the downloaded video so it shows up in your Camera Roll. The Documents app makes this easy, as well. Tap the Folder icon at the bottom-left corner of the app to leave the web browser and go back to the file manager. Next, open your Downloads folder, which should appear under the main My Files heading. If you didn't save the video to the default location of Downloads , open the folder where you placed it instead.

Press the Ellipsis icon below the file you just downloaded, then choose Move. On the Move to page, you should see a Photos folder under My Files. Tap Photos to check it. Due to privacy features on modern versions of iOS, you'll be prompted to allow the Documents app to access your photos.

Tap Allow Access to All Photos for it to work correctly. When that's done, hit the Move button at the top-right to complete the process. You've successfully downloaded a YouTube video to your Camera Roll now. To view it, open the Photos app on your phone.

Your new video will appear in the Recents folder on the Albums tab, as well as the Videos option under Media Types at the bottom of the Albums page. If you like, you can also open and watch the video in the Documents app for some additional options, like changing the zoom and changing gestures to control playback. We covered the Camera Roll method above because many people want to save YouTube videos right to that folder.

But this isn't the only way to download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube Premium has several benefits. One of the biggest is that you can download videos offline to watch anytime you like.

If you regularly watch videos offline on your iPhone, the monthly cost is worth it for the convenience. Plus, this is an official method, so you aren't risking any rule-breaking activity. With YouTube Premium, you just have to tap Download on any video in the app. It will save all your downloaded videos in one place for easy viewing.

However, you can't export them to watch outside the YouTube app, and they'll expire if you cancel YouTube Premium. If you don't want to pay for Premium, you can use a bulk YouTube downloader on your desktop, which is faster.

Once you have the videos converted on your computer, transfer the files to your iPhone over a USB cable or using wireless methods. Download and install 4K Video Downloader opens in new tab and open the program.

After your video is downloaded, click the three dot icon so you can play, find it on your computer and perform other actions.

Downloading YouTube videos with an Android app from the Google Play store is going to be impossible, because Google prohibits such tools.

However, you can get a YouTube downloader on your phone or tablet by installing a APK file from outside the Play store, like our top suggestion TubeMate. Here's how to use it. Download TubeMate opens in new tab and install it on your Android phone. You may need to change your security settings. Choose from the list of quality and format options. Tap the green Download button. Tap the Downloads List icon in the bottom menu to find your video. Or access the Downloads list by tapping on the three dot icon in the upper right corner of the TubeMate menu.

Tap the three dot icon next to a video and save it to a new location. You can also rename it and perform other actions. Follow the same steps that we outlined above for downloading YouTube videos on Mac. Here's how to do it. Open VLC and click the Media menu in the top-left corner. Select Open Network Stream. Paste the copied video address into the network URL box and click Play. Right-click it and choose Save video as You might also be interested in reading our guides on how to download music from YouTube , how to download YouTube videos in Chrome and how to download videos from Facebook.

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We chose the free ClipGrab as one example, but any number of downloaders and video converters will download YouTube videos to your desktop, and the following steps will work mostly the same way. Alternatively, you can select the Downloads tab and paste in the link to a YouTube video directly from your browser. Step 4: Choose a name and destination for the saved video file. The video will be converted and downloaded to this location.

Step 5: If you're a Mac user, one of the quickest and easiest ways to transfer the resulting video to your iPhone or iPad is via AirDrop. Alternatively, iCloud Drive also works for Windows users, provided you have iCloud for Windows installed. If a wireless transfer isn't an option, you can also plug your device in using a USB cable and transfer files via the Finder app on macOS or iTunes on Windows. Another method is to simply record your iPhone or iPad screen and anything playing on it � including YouTube videos.

As long as you're running iOS 11 or later and you really should be, as it was released in , your iPhone and iPad have a built-in screen recording feature. It's a bit cumbersome as you have to play the entire video in real-time, but the upside is that it's free and easy to use. Just remember that, as the name implies, a screen recording will capture everything that's happening on your screen � not just the YouTube video.

So, if you want a clean recording, you'll need to be careful not to do anything that might bring up on-screen controls, such as tapping the screen or even adjusting the volume with the side buttons. Step 1: Pull the video up on YouTube. You can do this in the Safari browser or the YouTube app. Step 3: Swipe down from the top-right corner to bring up the Control Center on the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and older models equipped with a home button, you'll need to swipe up from the bottom instead.

Step 4: From Control Center, select the Record button a filled circle inside a circle. Step 6: After a three-second countdown, your device will begin recording whatever is on the screen. A red indicator will appear in the status bar or Dynamic Island to indicate that a recording is in progress. Step 7: Begin playing your YouTube video. When finished, select the recording indicator in the status bar or Dynamic Island to stop recording or pull down the Control Center again and select the Record button.

The video will be saved to your Camera Roll. Note that with this method, you're not really downloading the video from YouTube but rather making a recording of it; it's the digital equivalent of pointing a video camera at your monitor. The resulting video file will be in the same resolution as your iPhone screen, and it will include any black bars on the top or the sides, as well as your actions starting and stopping the screen recording session at the beginning and end.

However, you can easily edit the video in the Photos app if you'd like to trim out those parts. As we've already mentioned, it's something Google definitely doesn't want you doing � it's a clear violation of YouTube's Terms of Service , but it's even more important to keep the original content creators in mind. Some people and companies post videos to share content, but others are trying to generate income.

Videographers, for example, often earn a cut of ad revenue. The creator also loses out on multiple views from you as the audience. Difficulty Moderate. Duration 15 minutes.

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These 5 features turned my iPad into a shockingly good computer. OnePlus 11 vs. OnePlus 10T: only one of them is worth your money. You can either use your own iPhone setting Screen Recording or a powerful and easy-to-use software VideoSolo Screen Recorder to help you to record video.

Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your computer. Then launch it and you will see an intuitive interface. Customize the recording area, set preferences as you like. You can choose full screen or custom by dragging the rim of the frame manually. And, you can use hot keys to control. When recording the computer screen, you are allowed to use the toolbar, including drawing, annotating, and taking snapshots as you like.

According to the terms of YouTube service , you can access, copy and download videos only expressly authorized by the Services or prior written permission of YouTube and appropriate copyright holders. But please keep in mind that you can download the video only for personal use.

Hope you can get your need from this article. Karen Nelson March 30, Free Download. Download Documents in App store and launch the app Step 2.

Method 3: Subscribe to YouTube Premium. It can record any on-screen activity without lag or watermark in high quality You can draw, annotate, or take a snapshot on the recording are in real-time Add a webcam overlay to your recordings Recording steps are as follow: step 1.

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WebDec 28, �� To download YouTube videos to your iPhone, simply follow these steps: Time needed: 1 minute. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone. You can search for the . WebApr 21, �� Downloading the YouTube Video to Your iPhone On the download site, tap inside the Search or paste field, then choose Paste to add the link to your YouTube . WebNov 11, �� How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone 1. Open the YouTube app on iOS. YouTube app (Image credit: Joe Wituschek) 2. Find and tap on the video .