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Pdf reader for free

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You can request that data be deleted. The reason I gave this app 3 stars is because the search option is broken. When you search a word in a document the search bar will glitch out and close. It gets pretty frustrating when you have to type a word over and over again in the search bar. I don't know what happened to the search feature It has gotten Downgraded over the years to the point where it's almost useless. This latest problem is another slip in quality.

If this problem is corrected I will adjust my rating accordingly. Hi there! That shouldn't be happening! We want to investigate what went wrong and help to get the issues resolved.

We're here to help! Problem: even though I have it set to not use liquid mode Adobe keeps forcing me to use it then turn it off for that document. Updated: Adobe responded without actually reading my complaint, just fished out the keyword liquid. Update 2: They provided instructions that flat-out don't work. The only liquid mode option is "Convert to liquid mode automatically" and its already off.

And without having an indicator showing that I'm looking at page 1 of 4 or however many , I am frequently missing out on pertinent information for work that is not on page 1 of the PDF.

Have feedback? On the platform, you can convert any of your documents, presentations, and sheets into PDF files and upload any PDFs to it for your own viewing purposes. If your only use for PDFs is viewing them or converting files into them, Google Drive is the best option for you. You can also open PDF files that are already stored on your computer by dragging them to an open tab in your browser.

Additional features included in most browsers' PDF readers: rotate, download, print, and adjust text size. The most accessible option on this list, web browser readers make it easy to open, read, adjust PDFs. You can just use your web browser. Nitro Reader has a reputation for striking a good balance between usability and advanced features.

The platform has an intuitive and slick interface, but you also have access to a wide variety of tools to create, review, secure, and share PDF files. To create new PDFs, all you have to do is drag and drop your documents into the reader.

Then, you can design your PDF draft with custom colors, font embedding, and orientation. Sharing documents is also simple and secure � you can share documents with anyone since the PDFs you create in Nitro Reader are compatible with almost every other PDF reader. You can create, view, add notes, record and attach audio, highlight text, attach files, strikethrough words, and add signatures. You can also write scripts in Javascript to alter your documents.

Even though SumatraPDF lacks some advanced features like annotation, document signing, and form-filling, Sumatra PDF provides an intuitive and fast reading experience � it has multiple viewing modes like single page, book, and presentation and shortcuts that help you navigate any PDF file.

The variety of Sumatra PDF's viewing modes make it easy for users to quickly access and read the information they're looking for. Despite its tiny size, this free PDF reader comes with a lot of advanced features that complement core functionalities such as those allowing you to print, search, zoom and rotate PDF files. Slim PDF is small but mighty. If you are looking for a solution that strikes the perfect balance between being lightweight and powerful, Slim PDF is a great choice.

It has powerful functionality that lets you view your PDF in multiple tabs, annotate your document with images and sticky notes, organize your files with tags, sign signatures and fill out forms on your PDF, and store and transfer PDFs through a variety of cloud services. Preview is the best choice for someone who wants to use one PDF reader for personal and professional matters.

On Skim, you can highlight text, take notes, take snapshots, export notes as text, and integrate with third party apps like BibDesk, a bibliography manager. Designed with academics in mind, Skim's annotation and markup features put it above the competition. Soda PDF is one of the best PDF readers for reading visual documents like digital catalogs, magazines, and comic books � you can even view files in 3D.

The app also lets you create and edit PDFs from scratch.

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WebFree PDF Reader Simple, straightforward, and easy to use! Free Adobe Reader DC A solid PDF reader and converter for Microsoft Windows Free Nitro PDF Reader . WebJan 16, �� The best free PDF readers of February (Image credit: Adobe) 1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Best free PDF reader overall Specifications Operating system: Windows, macOS Today's Best Deals. WebPDF Reader - View, Edit, and Convert PDFs Online PDF Reader Display, print, and share PDFs online Choose Files or drop files here Easy-to-use PDF Reader With Smallpdf, .