download google photos to pc automatically
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Download google photos to pc automatically

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That folder can then be downloaded and stored like a single file. When using Google Takeout to back up Photos, consider that many file formats might change. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can set it up in a way that instructs it to restore these formats when the folder is decompressed on your PC. Step 2: You will be redirected to a page that lists the entire data set associated with your Google account. Make sure that only Google Photos is checked on this list. Also, make sure that all photo albums are included.

Please note that compressing the entire Google Photos collection in a single file will take some time. When the file has been created, you will see a download button. Click on it to store it on your PC. A link to the same file will also be sent via email. Unzip it inside the drive menu after storing the file in a secured location on your PC.

That will decompress all photos and display them in the current directory. A third-party application can also transfer files from Google Photos to Google Drive. One of the most reliable and secure platforms for doing so is MultCloud. It lets you integrate multiple cloud storage accounts under the same service. With these accounts linked, you can transfer files between any two of them. Unlike Google Drive for desktop, MultCloud can be used on your browser. This service has no local storage involved as it can transfer files directly from one cloud to another.

You can sign up for free or check out the service with a guest account. Once you have linked the two accounts, you do not have to manually transfer new photos and videos.

MultCloud can be automated to a degree where transfer patterns are stored and activated whenever a new media file is uploaded to Google Photos.

It keeps both Google Drive for desktop and Google Photos perfectly synced. Note: You need to have a valid email address for creating an account on MultCloud. It may also be signed in with Facebook or Google. Besides, you can also check out their service as a guest without linking any account.

Here, you will see a list of cloud storage services. Step 5: MultCloud will now ask you to select a source and destination. Transferring from Google Photos to Google Drive.

Once the transfer is complete, all the photos imported to Drive will be synced with your PC through Google Drive for desktop.

Since the transfer will take place entirely over the internet, the time it takes to complete may vary. Rather than just transferring the files right then, you may want to schedule it after working hours.

Moreover, there are tons of optional add-ons available, such as filters for files that are to be transferred. You also choose to delete the photos and videos from the source afterward. Since you will be transferring for backup purposes, keep this option unchecked. Google Photos is an all-in-one solution for storing, viewing, editing, and sharing your photos and videos.

Go through each of these methods and select the most appropriate one. Started using Google Photos recently? Learn how to create and share photo albums. John is a writer at Chrome Ready. He enjoys tweaking his Chromebook and Linux distros.

When he's not writing, he loves to play golf, ski, and listens to anything rock. Part of this article is three years out of date. You can not sync Google Photos to Google Drive. Google removed this option in It would have been really nice to have an inherent option. We can only hope that Google adds it back again. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Trending How to install Ultimaker Cura slicer on a Chromebook. How to run Python on Chromebook.

How to play League of Legends on Chromebook. Top 10 music players for your Chromebook. Top 5 free antivirus software for Chromebook. How to install Kali Linux on Chromebook. How to boot from a bootable USB drive on Chromebook. Google Photos.

Opening Google Drive settings. Creating a Google Photos folder. Selecting Google Photos from the list. Adjusting format settings.

Using advanced AI algorithms, it automatically organizes your photos and videos and lets you store, view, edit, and share them with just a few clicks. It is a handy feature to save up loads of space on your smartphone. Given this, we will talk you through a step-by-step guide to download all Google photos to PC. Google offers several ways to download photos from Google Photos. The right method depends on the size of your library and what you plan to do with them.

Here, we will discuss two simple ways to download Google Photos for Windows Step 1. Launch Google Photos and sign in with your account. Step 3. Hit on the three vertical dots icon at the top right corner and choose Download from the available options. Step 4. Specify a location on your PC and hit Enter. It will be downloaded at once.

A better alternative to downloading images individually is to save multiple photos at the same time. To do that:. After that, hit on the three dots icon at the top left corner and choose Download. Google Photos also allows users to upload the whole Album as well as use its Smart Albums to categorize photos and videos. Step 2. Many a time, users want to download all the Photos and Videos stored in Google Photos. This becomes important when you have loads of files in Photos and downloading them one by one is no more a viable option.

But Google photos download all to PC is not a straightforward task since Google Photos offer no such option to download everything straight to your PC hard drive. Instead, you need to rely on Google Takeout.

Step 1: From your web browser, navigate to takeout. Step 5: In the Export Settings interface, choose how will you want to receive the albums.

You can receive the file via an email link or have it end to you via Dropbox or Drive. This section will answer several important queries pertaining to backup and sync Google photos to PC. The reason is that the ability of Google Photos to sync files between photos and drive has been taken away. That is, you can view the photos and videos on Google Photos and cannot sync them directly. Uploading photos and videos saved on your PC to Google Photos is a walk in the park.

It allows you to access them from anywhere on any device using the same Google account. Step 1: From your web browser, navigate to Google Photos and enter your log-in credentials. Step 3: Now, select the files or folder you want to upload and hit Open. The files will automatically start uploading. Wait patiently until the process is completed.

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Go to the Google Takeout page. Google products that have your data are automatically selected. Tick the box of Google Photos to include it in your download archive. Select Next step. Customize your archive format.

Choose the delivery method, frequency, file type, and size as you like. Choose the maximum size archive you want to create. When your archive is created by using one of these options, Google will email you a link to its location. And Google claims that it no longer offers unlimited storage space service on June 1, The photos and videos you upload after that data will count against Google quota even if they are of high quality.

So, if you are a primary account, free space will be run out in a very short time. As long as you have enough backup space for your data, you don't need to upgrade your account and pay any fee for more space. To achieve that, you can rely on a cloud backup service like CBackup , which can help you add multiple Google Drive accounts on one interface and combine all your Google Drive cloud storage into one to take full use of all your free cloud storage.

Download CBackup, create a CBackup account and log in. Then follow the on-screen guide to allow CBackup to access your cloud storage. After adding, all your Google Drive accounts are listed here. Click it.

Tick the box next to the cloud storage account that you want to combine. Then, you will have a Combined Cloud in your clouds list. You can choose the Combined Cloud as backup destination to enjoy huge backup space. By the way, if you do not want to upgrade your account just because you are not satisfied with the storage plan options provided by Google, you can directly turn to another cloud backup for photos such as the CBackup.

CBackup Cloud provides 10GB of storage per user for free, and you get huge backup space at a lower price than any cloud storage service provider. According to the contents above, you must know how to sync Google Photos to PC, and we can see that syncing Google Photos to PC can't be achieved directly.

You can follow the step-by-step guide to download photos from Google Photos to PC manually. If you don't want to upgrade your Google account but need more storage space, you can try the CBackup to combine cloud storage space.

Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Features Pricing Support About. Are you afraid of accidentally losing the data stored on your hard drive? But what if you want to just get everything out of Google Photos to start fresh or move to another service? A good strategy is to have one backup on an external hard drive at home, and a second backup on another hard drive stashed somewhere else or with a cloud backup service that supports encryption, such as Backblaze or iDrive.

Redundancy is the key. To get everything from Google Photos, login to the service and click the Settings cog icon in the upper-right corner. On the next screen, scroll down to Export your data , click the downward facing arrow in that section, and then click the Backup link as pictured here. Getting there via Photos, as opposed to going directly to Takeout, means all your stuff on Google Photos will be selected, but no other data from your Google Account will be. Now click Next step.

The next page shows the default settings for your data export, such as the file type for your archive and the size of each archive file.