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Google cloud pdf download

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See what you can do with Google Drive. Built-in protections against malware, spam, and ransomware Drive can provide encrypted and secure access to your files. People-first collaboration apps to supercharge teamwork Drive integrates with Docs , Sheets , and Slides , cloud-native collaboration apps that enable your team to create content and collaborate more effectively in real time.

Thousands of teams are already using Drive to revolutionize the way they work. Read Story. Employees can focus more on creating value for our customers and less on mundane tasks. Drive integrates with the tools your team is already using. Drive Secure cloud storage. Target audience sharing. Shared drives for your team. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms content creation. Gmail Secure email. Custom business email.

Meet Video and voice conferencing. Admin Centralized administration. Customer support. Looking for more storage for your personal account? Learn more about Google One. Ready to get started? This comprehensive guide covers the history of Google Cloud Platform, the products and services GCP offers, and where it fits in the overall cloud market.

That said, Google continues to hold its own in the cloud wars and continues to make investments in GCP to make it competitive with other public cloud providers, and more attractive to big customers. App Engine came out of preview in September , and the Google Cloud Platform name was formally adopted in Since the introduction of Google App Engine, the company subsequently released a variety of complementary tools, such as its data storage layer, and its Infrastructure as a Service IaaS component known as the Google Compute Engine, which supports the use of virtual machines.

After growing as an IaaS provider, Google added additional products including a load balancer, DNS, monitoring tools, and data analysis services, bringing GCP closer to feature parity with AWS and Azure, making it better able to compete in the cloud market. Google Cloud Platform products span the following categories:. Google provides other cloud services, which are not strictly part of Cloud Platform, such as its G Suite productivity and collaboration apps, mobile and web application development platform Firebase, and Orbitera manages multicloud billing and cost management.

Though the cloud price wars have cooled over the last few years, Google follows its own pricing pattern and routinely boasts that it offers the lowest cost of the top three providers. However, Google really differentiates itself in its services. Google Cloud Platform offers the same core data storage and virtual machine functionality of AWS and Azure, or any other cloud provider. Google is a company that thrives on the collection and subsequent leveraging of data.

Whether that is user data, machine data, or geographic data is irrelevant�if an enterprise wants to experiment with data, Google Cloud Platform may be a good option as a cloud provider. Data privacy and security features are also very mature in Google Cloud Platform. Access Transparency creates near-real time logs of when GCP support representatives or system engineers interact with your data.

Similarly, Access Approval�available in beta�allows clients to actively approve or deny access to stored data or configurations to Google administrators. It also has an integration with Elastic Cloud to support open source search and analytics.

This eventually proved problematic. However, limited uptake prompted Google to make GCP more adaptable for diverse use cases. At the outset, Google expected users to build apps the same way Google did, though this philosophy is counter to the way enterprise app development tends to occur. Google subsequently added more utilities to ease the transition to Cloud Platform, making the platform more accessible to businesses of any size looking to decommission some or all of their data centers.

It seems that large corporations are paying attention. In , Twitter announced its adoption of Google Cloud Platform , migrating petabytes of data to the platform. Accenture and Deloitte announced expansions of their GCP alliances in , with Google focusing on GCP capabilities to transform shopping experiences.

Many of these companies also use other platforms such as AWS or Azure, which means that GCP could also act as a complementary provider for existing AWS or Azure customers who need additional capabilities or flexibility. Since it is a platform on which applications are built and hosted, the choice of a cloud provider also affects developers. NET, and Java.

Developers should make sure they are involved in any conversations about selecting a cloud provider to ensure it is a platform that they, and their team, are comfortable working in. Any business with plans for large-scale data analytics, AI or ML development, remote collaboration, or one of the many X-as-a-Service products available in the cloud can expect Google Cloud to have some impact on them in the years to come.

Two years later, Google announced that it was adding a storage layer and, in , the company began its partner program for the platform. However, like all providers, Google constantly adds new tools and features in preview, alpha, or beta, which will likely make it to the general public. AI Platform allows developers, data scientists, and data engineers to collaborate on machine learning projects.

New capabilities were added to Cloud AutoML , now allowing for data from structured tables and video content to be classified automatically. Likewise, the existing AutoML Vision has an edge computing variant. Google Cloud Next , which was all online over the course of eight weeks due to the COVID pandemic, brought the announcement of several new features, such as beta testing of Confidential VMs, which encrypt data in use while being processed.