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Chrome download extension

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Limits results to DownloadItem whose finalUrl matches the given regular expression. The maximum number of matching DownloadItem returned. Defaults to Set to 0 in order to return all matching DownloadItem. See search for how to page through results. Set elements of this array to DownloadItem properties in order to sort search results. To specify descending order, prefix with a hyphen: '-startTime'. This array of search terms limits results to DownloadItem whose filename or url or finalUrl contain all of the search terms that do not begin with a dash '-' and none of the search terms that do begin with a dash.

Limits results to DownloadItem that started after the given ms since the epoch. Limits results to DownloadItem that started before the given ms since the epoch. State optional. Limits results to DownloadItem whose totalBytes is greater than the given integer.

Limits results to DownloadItem whose totalBytes is less than the given integer. Limits results to DownloadItem whose url matches the given regular expression. To avoid duplication, the filename is changed to include a counter before the filename extension.

The DownloadItem 's new target DownloadItem. The size of the returned icon. The default and largest size for the icon is 32x32 pixels. The only supported sizes are 16 and It is an error to specify any other size. Prompt the user to accept a dangerous download. Does not automatically accept dangerous downloads. If the download is accepted, then an onChanged event will fire, otherwise nothing will happen.

When all the data is fetched into a temporary file and either the download is not dangerous or the danger has been accepted, then the temporary file is renamed to the target filename, the state changes to 'complete', and onChanged fires. In Manifest V3 and later, return a Promise by omitting the callback argument. The type inside the Promise is the same as the 1st argument to callback. Cancel a download. When callback is run, the download is cancelled, completed, interrupted or doesn't exist anymore.

Download a URL. If both filename and saveAs are specified, then the Save As dialog will be displayed, pre-populated with the specified filename. If the download started successfully, callback will be called with the new DownloadItem 's downloadId. The error strings are not guaranteed to remain backwards compatible between releases.

Extensions must not parse it. Erase matching DownloadItem from history without deleting the downloaded file. An onErased event will fire for each DownloadItem that matches query , then callback will be called. Retrieve an icon for the specified download. For new downloads, file icons are available after the onCreated event has been received. The image returned by this function while a download is in progress may be different from the image returned after the download is complete.

Icon retrieval is done by querying the underlying operating system or toolkit depending on the platform. The icon that is returned will therefore depend on a number of factors including state of the download, platform, registered file types and visual theme. If a file icon cannot be determined, runtime. GetFileIconOptions optional. The callback parameter looks like: iconURL?

Open the downloaded file now if the DownloadItem is complete; otherwise returns an error through runtime. Requires the "downloads. An onChanged event will fire when the item is opened for the first time. Pause the download. If the request was successful the download is in a paused state. Otherwise runtime. The request will fail if the download is not active. Remove the downloaded file if it exists and the DownloadItem is complete; otherwise return an error through runtime.

Resume a paused download. If the request was successful the download is in progress and unpaused. Find DownloadItem. Set query to the empty object to get all DownloadItem. To get a specific DownloadItem , set only the id field. To page through a large number of items, set orderBy: ['-startTime'] , set limit to the number of items per page, and set startedAfter to the startTime of the last item from the last page.

DownloadItem []. Enable or disable the gray shelf at the bottom of every window associated with the current browser profile. The shelf will be disabled as long as at least one extension has disabled it. Enabling the shelf while at least one other extension has disabled it will return an error through runtime. Change the download UI of every window associated with the current browser profile. As long as at least one extension has set UiOptions.

Setting UiOptions. When any of a DownloadItem 's properties except bytesReceived and estimatedEndTime changes, this event fires with the downloadId and an object containing the properties that changed. This event fires with the DownloadItem object when a download begins. During the filename determination process, extensions will be given the opportunity to override the target DownloadItem. Each extension may not register more than one listener for this event.

Each listener must call suggest exactly once, either synchronously or asynchronously. If the listener calls suggest asynchronously, then it must return true. If the listener neither calls suggest synchronously nor returns true , then suggest will be called automatically. The DownloadItem will not complete until all listeners have called suggest. Listeners may call suggest without any arguments in order to allow the download to use downloadItem.

If more than one extension overrides the filename, then the last extension installed whose listener passes a suggestion object to suggest wins. All CyberGhost VPN packages come with a day money-back guarantee, with the exception of the 1-month plan which comes with a day money-back guarantee. The main advantages of Hide. Some key Hide. Features that make hide. Security tools that make hide. All of this means that services and websites find blocking hide.

With over servers available to every user, along with 75 locations and 10 Gbps bandwidth, hide. However, for now, VPNs continue to operate in the country without any problems. Signing up for the best possible VPN extension for Chrome is very important, as with any other software or online product.

Generally, paying attention to the fundamentals can make the process of selecting the best VPN extension easier. The features to look for in a VPN extension for Chrome are given below:.

This is important:. VPN services today offer an opportunity for users to enhance privacy and increase data security. The VPN apps help pick the server beforehand. Such a setup also significantly reduces the chances of unauthorized access leading to stolen sensitive information. The best part is how easy VPN apps are to use with Chrome.

Users only need to download and install a Chrome extension once and the rest will be taken care of by Chrome and the VPN service in question. Clicking a single connect button usually results in a secure connection.

Since Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world on any given platform, developers have made sure there are plenty of VPN apps for Google Chrome. VPN extensions provide a quick way to change IP address and unblock content. On the other hand, VPN apps take time to establish connections and users first have to launch VPN apps in order to connect to a suitable server. With that said, VPN apps are better at encrypting user traffic and unblocking content even on sites where VPN extensions do not work.

VPN extensions only protect internet traffic at the browser level. The chances of the user finding working advanced security features on VPN extension are very low. First, users do not have to update VPN extensions. The Chrome browser does that automatically. The best Chrome extensions even make the effort to require as few permissions as possible and update regularly automatically.

The incognito mode on Google Chrome does provide some modicum of privacy. Fortunately though, Chrome does support VPN extensions and works with almost all VPN apps to protect privacy and enhance data security.

Chrome being the most widely used web browser does not have any compatibility issues with VPN apps and VPN extensions. Chrome being popular is another reason why there are so many third-party VPN extensions for Chrome. Currently, there is very little need for the Chrome development team to have a separate VPN component built into the browser similar to what browsers like Opera have done. G oogle Chrome is the most versatile web browser on the market today, with a thriving extensions ecosystem.

Using VPNs via Chrome extensions instead of dedicated apps has become a trend recently. The main reason for this being the robustness of Chrome VPNs. Table of Contents. For more information read the full ExpressVPN review. There are many other advantages and disadvantages to be aware of, all of which are covered in this full SurfShark review. Zenmate offers plenty more. Read the full Zenmate review to find out.

Note: Most of all, the CyberGhost VPN extension which is somewhat of a proxy service is free for users to install on Chrome and use without any restrictions. There is a lot more to CyberGhost than mentioned above. Find out all about it all in the full CyberGhost review.

Note: Features such as AES bit not only ensure security but also data privacy. The official website mentions that hide. This VPN service has plenty more to offer, all of which can be found in the complete hide. Note: Prices may differ from the ones shown as new plans and deals are launched on a regular basis. Please be sure to check the most current price on the official website. This is important: Keep in mind that some VPN extensions for Chrome require the full desktop application to be installed on the same system to start working.