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Download catalogue pdf

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If there is a date in parentheses, the section has updates not included in the complete catalog above. Section 2 IEC Contactors. Section 4 IEC Starters. Section 6 Hybrid Motor Starters. Section 8 Solid State Switching Devices. Section 9 General Purpose Control.

Section 10 Pilot Devices. Section 11 Function Relays. Section 12 Terminal Blocks. Section 16 Control Circuit Protection. Section 17 Circuit Breakers. Section 19 Appendix - General Information. Excellent load-bearing capacity, excellent process capability, high levels of binding safety. Bulge Control Technology BCT rivet nuts offer versatile and high performance solutions to many blind rivet nut applications.

Engineers, technicians, designers and students working with design and assembly of bolted joints will find this package of calculators useful. Multi-functional fastening elements, will not become loose, will not unscrew, will not be lost. Higher torque transfer, low wear, low contact forces, no �came out� effect. Broad product range, excellent price-performance ratio, quality European product.

Simplest assembly, maximum safety against loosening, tried and trusted worldwide. High-strength fastening, good vibration resistance, reliable process for manual and electric screw-driver, compatible with metric screws. Precise positioning, rapid fixing, secure locking, wide range of applications. Key locking inserts are extremely durable and withstand numerous loosening and tightening cycles without thread stripping. In this brochure we show you an exemplary excerpt of the wide range of products we are providing to your industry.

Product Solutions Brochures. Product Solutions � Range overview With this overview of the entire Bossard product range you can quickly and easily find the product category you are looking for. Size: Size: 8. Installation Tools Our claim at Bossard is to provide you with the best and most comprehensive service when it comes to production and assembly.

Size: 2. Robotics - Smart solutions for the robotics sector Fastening solutions from A to Z for robotic manufacturing Size: 1. Bossard Special Parts - Added value from one source We define the manufacturing process according to your requirements and select the appropriate manufacturer for you from our worldwide supplier portfolio. Size: 4. Bossard Quality Levels Defining the right quality Size: Safeguard Against Loosening Adhesive coatings create a high level of protection against independent loosening Size: Railway Smart solutions for the railway sector Size: 1.

Bossard Selection Bossard Selection is a carefully selected combination of multifunctional fasteners. Size: 3.