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A dance of fire and ice free download

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A Dance of Fire and Ice is a very good music game! Use your sense of rhythm to control it! If you delve into it, you will find the vast rhythm universe hidden under the simple appearance of this game! Playability is very high. You only need one button to control, full of music rhythm drums to challenge the journey.

Simple plaid, blue and red twin stars, entangled, like two dancers, on the stage belonging to them, with the notes jumping, moving on the road of music, yes, this is a The music game uses a very simple picture layout.

The music of passion and rhythm is more and more fast with the level, and the high-level rhythm control is very suitable for players who like the challenge. Your email address will not be published. Additional Information Category Arcade.

Requires Android 4. Mobile Testing Security offline. Developer 7th Beat Games , Editor's Choice ,. Get it on Google Play. Report Reviews 3. Editor's Choice Games See More. Rush Rally 3. When you experience A Dance of Fire and Ice, you will surely be impressed with the stunning but straightforward graphics it can bring. With a simple design, players can entirely focus on the two main elements of their game screen: Fire and Ice.

They are represented by two red and blue components that you will easily recognize. These two factors always go hand in hand in any game screen, and sometimes it also brings specific challenges for players. During the game, you will see the environment appear in a specific order, but you will find some environments leaning in a specific direction over the following many levels. But you will not know any signs to recognize them and the only way is to rely on your reflex skills when controlling these two blue and red elements.

So challenging gameplay unfolds in front of the players, and they will try to pass correctly. At the beginning of the game, you will get two balls, blue and red, that are always together.

This togetherness manifests in the fact that one element will be the center so that the other will go around it, and sometimes the order will be reversed. From this feature, the user will be able to move fire and ice in an area with certain squares placing these two elements on a horizontal or vertical line. Establishing this straight line is all about skill, and the movement trajectory of an element is shown through broken lines.

In other words, if you are creating a horizontal line and the environment is in a straight line position, then you will need these two elements in their respective positions. These two factors can be considered to have a relationship that helps each other move, and one will be the root for the other to move. Therefore, this is often a factor that makes players feel difficult during the game because the environmental factor can also rotate in any direction, and having a reasonable way of handling it is always necessary for each player.

Each game screen will have a certain distance that the player must go all the way, similar to the paving stones. When it completes, then you will continue to go to another level.

As can be seen, the goal of this game is straightforward, but the distance to the final destination is complicated. The number of A Dance of Fire and Ice levels is wholly varied, and you will take time to get through it. There will always be simple levels to familiarize you with the elements and gameplay. Simultaneously, over time, you will also improve your skills and face many challenges from the environment and the speed of the elements.

Every step you take will not have any elements appear, but as you go on, in some areas, you will have some icons appear. Each of these symbols has the same effect and affects your two orbs. The snail icon, for example, will slow down the two spheres and give you a chance to move more efficiently, and contrary to this element, the rabbit icon will increase the movement speed.

You are now ready to download A Dance of Fire and Ice for free. Here are some notes:. A Dance of Fire and Ice v2. Explore this article.

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WebPlay A Dance of Fire and Ice on PC. A Dance of Fire and Ice is a Music Game developed by 7th Beat Games. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android Game . WebDec 15, аи About A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice is a simple one-button rhythm game. Features: Explore the cosmos: Soar through each genre of music in . WebJun 28, аи A Dance Of Fire And Ice Free Download is a strict rhythm game. Keep your focus as you guide two orbiting planets along a winding path without breaking their .