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Free software for macbook pro

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Mac OS Having the date and time in our menu bar is super helpful, but if you want a little more control over your appointments, Itsycal is the clock replacement of choice for menu bar tweakers. As its name suggests, Itsycal adds a tiny but enormously useful calendar to your menu bar, complete with appointment dots and a list of any upcoming meetings.

You can also add an event without needing to launch Calendar, but the best reason to download Itsycal is how good it looks, whether you like things light or dark. Mac maintenance might not be as vital to the day-to-day operation of your Mac as it once was, but slowdowns still happen. And when they do, Onyx will clear them up. A general-purpose utility with more tools than a Swiss Army knife, Onyx packages maintenance scripts, cache cleaning, and permissions repairers to keep your Mac in tip-top shape.

Its simple interface makes it quick and painless to run all kinds of cleaning solutions, but its best feature might be the individual optimized versions Titanium Software offers, going all the way back to Jaguar. Open-source and omnipotent, the media player will play, stream, or convert just about any video format you can throw at it, while sporting a clean, minimal interface that strips away unnecessary controls and puts the focus on the content.

But you can get all of the features and more in the free version of BBEdit. Even without spending anything, BBEdit is a full-featured editor in its own right, sporting powerful features such as multiple clipboards, automatic backups, live search and syntax-highlighting support for more than 20 programming languages. Things like Touch ID protection and real-time tracking belie its free status, and of course, there are iOS companion apps that are also free so you can work wherever you are.

Since its launch in , Slack has quickly become the first name in business collaboration and messaging, and its free Mac app is the best way to keep in touch with your team. Bringing everything you love about the web interface to your Dock, the Slack desktop app lets you quickly switch between groups, change your status, drag and drop files, and, of course, communicate with your team members.

A lightning-fast search gives you instant access to buried messages, and granular notifications will keep you apprised of only the most important correspondences. Once you install it, a record button is never more than a click away, sitting in your menu bar until called upon.

The free version is pretty light on the features, but you can change the sample rate, switch between mono and stereo, adjust the volume, and save your recording right from the menu bar. An in-app purchase will unlock a few extra features like mp3 recording and keyboard shortcuts, but the free version will be more than capable for most users.

And some of them could be eating up precious space on your drive. You could run a full disk cleaner to find and root them out, but if you want to quickly find double files and get on with your day, make space for Duplicate File Finder in your Applications folder.

Smart, stylish, and speedy, Spark will help you get control over your inbox with powerful filters that help you focus on the messages that need your attention. It works with Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, and just about any other email address, and its companion iOS apps will keep all of them perfectly synced.

With a deceptively powerful interface and a slew of advanced features, Spark just might ignite your passion for email again. Or at least make you not hate it as much. Even the most stalwart Mac fans have to admit that Google does photos better than Apple. With unlimited storage, instant syncing across virtually any device, and an amazing search engine, Google Photos is everything we wish Apple Photos would be.

Google offers a small utility called Backup and Sync that will automatically upload images stored on your Mac. The simple menu bar app works with your Google Drive to continuously scan for images in folders of your chosing to keep your photo library in sync.

Here are a few essential things to look for:. Compatibility - Does your free Mac video editor support your operating system? Does it export in the video, image, and audio formats you need to use?

Skill Level - Is the free video editing software for Mac appropriate for your skill level? Getting a professional-level free Mac video editor when you have never used video editing software can cause you a lot of trouble.

Features - Does the free Mac video editor include the effects you want to use in your videos? For example, a chroma key tool if you use green screen effects, or a video stabilizer if you film lots of action footage. Also, does your free video editing software for Mac include templates and AI tools to make editing easier? As you read through our list of best free video editing software for Mac, keep these things in mind to help you find your ideal choice.

Compatibility : Mac , Windows. No matter your experience level, you won't have any issues using the best free video editing software for Mac, PowerDirector. It's designed to be simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for professionals. If you're new to the video editing world, you will appreciate PowerDirector Essential's comprehensive free features.

It introduces you to the program's mechanics and lets you dive into fundamental free Mac video editing tools. If you want to add effects or transitions to videos without paying for hundreds of advanced features, you will find that PowerDirector suits all your free Mac video editing needs. Its wide range of editing tools includes a video collage designer, speed controls, chroma key, and a title designer. PowerDirector offers the most features in its free version, a day free trial of its premium version, and a very affordable paid version, so the software can grow with you as your editing skills and budget grow too.

It has advanced features for advanced users while staying beginner-friendly for new editors. For these reasons, we think PowerDirector is the best free video editing software for Mac. Capterra Rating: 4. VideoPad is one of the best free video editing software for Mac because of its wide range of export options. Use this free video editing software for Mac to post directly to all the popular social media and video sites, or share with friends.

This free video editing software for Mac offers some pro-level tools that are easy to use. It has advanced Pure Digital tools for audio editing, degree and 3D editing, video stabilization, and green screen effects. VideoPad is one of the best free video editing software for Mac, because like our top choice PowerDirector, it offers some advanced tools in a beginner-friendly package.

However, unlike our top free Mac video editor, its free version contains annoying ads and is not available for commercial use. VidePad is in the middle of our top 3 free Mac video editors, offering fewer features than PowerDirector, but more than iMovie. G2 Rating: 4. It includes a set of audio and editing tools that can produce polished videos for free. This is one of the best free video editing software for Mac for absolute beginners. If you have never edited before, you won't have any issues using this for free Mac video editing.

However, the one big downside to iMovie is the lack of advanced features and tools you can find in other free video editing software for Mac, such as PowerDirector. VideoProc Vlogger is the best free video editing software for Mac if you often shoot with an action camera or drone. It has fisheye removal to correct the lens aberrations that are a side effect of using a wide-angle lens.

It also comes with video stabilization, advanced speed adjustment tools, and motion simulation. Basically, this free Mac video editor has everything you need to make amazing action videos. We chose VideoProc Vlogger as one of the best free video editing software for Mac because it is beginner-friendly, yet filled with advanced motion and color correction tools. Like our top choice, PowerDirector, it also has good customer service and user supports, such as a learning center with blogs and tutorials.

This free Mac video editor is an excellent choice for anyone with a travel vlog since it has amazing tools for GoPro, drone, and other action-style footage. However, VideoProc Vlogger lacks general editing tools and effects, so if you make any other types of videos, we would recommend you choose a different free Mac video editor from our list.

Shotcut is one of the best free video editing software for Mac for editors who have moved on from base-level editing software like iMovie. Shotcut offers advanced effects and filters that will help you produce a high-quality video for free. The program is open source, so once you download it, you will have access to all its features and you can customize the interface to your liking.

In addition, this free Mac video editor has unlimited undo and redo for edits, including a history view. This makes it easy to step back to any part of your editing process, even if it has been hours since you started making changes. Shotcut is the best free video editing software for Mac for intermediate editors who want professional features without the professional price tag. However, the program can lag and freeze when dealing with large files.

It also has a slight learning curve, so those new to free Mac video editing should stick with one of our top 4 options.

Animoto is a cloud-based free Mac video editor with free and paid versions. This program is for busy influencers who need to churn out a lot of content quickly. Animoto has hundreds of time-saving templates that adhere to social media best practices. With this free video editing software for Mac, you can quickly add your own video clips, or use one from the media stock library. We chose Animoto as one of the best free video editing software for Mac because it is quick and easy to use for beginners, busy creators, or those with little creative or design know-how.

You can customize any template with over 40 professional fonts and add music or voice-over. It is not the right free video editing software for Mac for long-form or narrative videos.

In our research, we found the templates were very restrictive and allowed little creativity or control a sentiment echoed in most of the online reviews. If you prefer more control over your edits, try PowerDirector.

It has automated effects and templates but offers manual adjustments as well. HitFilm is the best video editing software for Mac for beginner to intermediate editors interested in visual effects. Future VFX artists and hobbyists will love trying out over editing effects, including compositing and 3D tools.

If you enjoy editing with effects, but also need a free Mac video editor with basic editing tools, HitFilm is your one-stop-shop. It comes with everything you need to complete a video from start to finish, such as transitions, stock music, audio tools, and presets for social media.

If you are interested in learning visual effects as a profession, HitFilm makes a great starting software. Avidemux is an open-source program for beginners to try out free Mac video editing software. We think it is one of the best free video editing software for Mac because it can convert and save video or audio in almost any format. It can also encode and decode a wide range of video, including multi-threaded videos , and audio including TrueHD.

This free Mac video editor has all the basic tools you need to edit video clips, like rotate, flip, join, cut, copy, and delete. It also has a wide array of export options.

This free Mac video editor is strong, capable, and beloved by long-time users. However, even though Avidemux is a pretty bare-bones software, we found it can still take time to get used to. If you are looking for free, bare-bones software with creative tools, we recommend iMovie. G2 Rating: 3. It has been around for years, and the professional edition was used to edit box office hits like Pulp Fiction, 28 Days Later, and Congo.

With this free Mac video editor, you can import just about any common type of media file. It has increased performance with optimized proxy files from HD, 4K, and 8K media.

Plus, you can edit directly from your cloud storage. We think Lightworks is one of the best free video editing software for Mac for intermediate to advanced users. It is easier to use than our next option, DaVinci Resolve, but much harder than the previous 8 free Mac video editing software.

Creative Bloq Rating: 4. While we think Lightworks is great for anyone hoping to become a professional editor, DaVinci Resolve is a free Mac video editor for anyone who is already a professional. It is a clean, intuitive program that you would never guess is free. It offers a wide range of advanced features, including intelligent color correction, motion graphics, and visual effects.

DaVinci Resolve is one of the best free video editing software for Mac because of its high-quality, pro-level tools and features. This free Mac video editing program also features tools to help you work faster, such as keyboard shortcuts, automatic trimming tools, and drag-and-drop editing. This free Mac video editor is not for beginners as it is designed for industry professionals. It could save you hundreds of dollars and potentially better fit your editing style. This free Mac video editor offers more professional tools than many paid options.

With Media Composer First, you can use green-screen effects, stabilize footage, add transitions, adjust speed, mix audio, and much more. It even has direct uploads to social media, although using this free Mac video editing software for a Facebook post seems like overkill. We know there are advanced editors out there who are stuck working on independent and low-budget films.

Hollywood films and TV shows keep passing them by, simply because they want an editor proficient on Avid. Avid Media Composer First makes learning the Avid system a much easier prospect. However, this free Mac video editing software still has a steep learning curve, even for advanced editors used to other software. For this reason, it is behind Lightworks and DaVinci Resolve on our list since they are easier for advanced editors to use.

OpenShot is free video editing software that simplifies advanced features you would see in more expensive programs. Beginners will find the built-in templates, real-time previews, and advanced timeline features helpful to learn the ropes of editing, while intermediate users will appreciate the unlimited layering options this free Mac video editing program has to offer.

This free video editing software for Mac is open-source, so anyone can use and adapt it to meet their needs. Quickly trim down your videos, add animation to any element, and create video effects.

OpenShot has slow-motion and time effects and is offered in over 70 languages. OpenShot is lightweight, easy to use, and has some advanced features. However, this free Mac video editing software does not have the professional quality of other programs with advanced features such as PowerDirector, DaVinci Resolve, and HitFilm.

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WebJan 16, The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software. Top Free MacBook Pro App Software: Top Picks List of the Best MacBook Pro App . WebBrowse and download apps for your Mac from your Mac. Shop for apps by category, read user reviews, and buy apps in one simple step. Safari Extensions Safari extensions are a .