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Dallmeier software download

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Hikvision introduces Hik-Partner Pro unified security management platform for partners. New video-based business intelligence dashboards and reporting tools from March Networks. Go to Replacement product. Contact manufacturer Contact manufacturer Datasheet Datasheet. View all. You might be interested in these products.

Unmatched video network visibility with March Networks Insight. Related Whitepapers. Unified physical security. Featured white papers.

If several monitors are being used it is also possible to start the Smavia Viewing Client in multiple instances. In addition, many other useful features are available to the operator, such as the integration of site maps, an easy-to-use zoom function or pixelisation of moving objects. Here Dallmeier introduces the various search functions of the Smavia Viewing Client and explains step-by-step how to efficiently evaluate recorded image material.

In addition to a simple search by date and time, other available options include a fast search with user-defined time units and step lengths, an index search for incidents and an extended search for data from external devices such as scanners of cash registers or ATMs. The most efficient evaluation is offered by a search using Dallmeier SmartFinder, a system for intelligent searches for movement within freely definable image areas.

Dallmeier uses an example to clearly explain how SmartFinder works. There are also demonstrations of how to create backups of relevant sequences. Want to learn more? The "Search and Backup" tutorial and other videos can be found online on the Dallmeier YouTube channel.

The Smavia Viewing Client is available for downloading free of charge on the Dallmeier homepage. With PService3, Dallmeier presents a new version of its configuration and administration tool which is now even more powerful, structured and flexible. PService3 is a powerful application for the convenient configuration and administration of comprehensive Dallmeier VideoIP systems.

PService3 scans the video network for Dallmeier devices, automatically detects them and displays them in an overview. If desired, PService3 provides a list of camera previews, filtered according to various criteria.

Recording systems and cameras can thus be administered conveniently. The comprehensive functions range from changing of IP addresses and updates of the integrated software to the direct opening of the configuration dialogs. Modern and flexible PService3 is even more flexible than its predecessor version, and even more readily adaptable to the specific requirements of any user.

The user interface has been revised extensively and is characterised by a completely modernised and clearly structured design which provides more clarity. It can also be adapted individually to the user's needs: Depending on the work environment, the user interface can be switched between a dark and a bright design and particular functions and views can be summarised and arranged individually within the program window.

Furthermore, the users are able to add and arrange tools according to individual needs, always keeping an eye on the essentials. Furthermore, extensive tools for the convenient maintenance and configuration of MFS systems are available.

The variety of integrated tools makes PService3 a central and complete service instrument. More information in the webinar Dallmeier also provides extensive explanations and many practical examples in its "PService3" webinar.

The configuration data are saved to the integrated SQL database and made available to all connected devices and functions in real time. With the 14 functions of the Dallmeier module, businesses can configure their video systems individually so that each is compliant with the requirements of the EU GDPR.

Optionally, Dallmeier customers can also use a detailed virtual 3D simulation as early as the project planning stage to define which areas are not significant for data protection purposes due to image quality. Furthermore, all hardware, software and firmware solutions are developed in-house, which eliminates the possibility of hidden access through backdoors.

Finally, LGC certification ensures that all criteria for judicial usability are fulfilled in the preservation of evidence. With the 14 functions of our combined data protection and data security module, customers receive access to precisely this functional range in a form which is easy to both manage and configure.

The webinar will provide a general overview of the topic and of the various functions and their configuration. Central evaluation and management software for messages Display of certain messages with acoustical warning Selection of filter criteria Single-user and mulit-user solution Central, quick and easy configuration of the system Individual adaptation of client settings. The security industry is going increasingly digital these days, with more small- and medium-sized businesses joining their global brethren by moving their data to the cloud, leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence, and embracing more open solutions.

For analytics, along with the cloud, it comes back to the core themes of being able to do more with technology Analytics also provides more actionable intelligence than a simple surveillance camera may provide, from identifying high-traffic areas during select times of the day and alerting staff to pay greater attention to these areas, to business intelligence that can enable a company to staff a store with more employees. For analytics, along with the cloud, it comes back to the core themes of being able to do more with technology and relying less on humans.

Leveraging the cloud The cloud story is very related: it provides the ability to perform video-related tasks from anywhere on any device. In addition, the cloud makes it easier to share videos with other stakeholders and collaborate on investigations. By storing video on the cloud, end users reduce their total cost of ownership because they no longer have to invest in onsite storage solutions, while gaining greater storage capabilities and thereby future-proofing their solutions.

This is part of the cloud trend, but the broader trend is the amount of effort it takes to deploy, monitor and maintain the video surveillance system. Because the cloud requires less total cost of ownership and cloud access can be intuitive, it is driving interest for solutions that can be hosted in the cloud.

Interoperability vs. Smaller and mid-market companies will be more interested in the turnkey solutions provided by a single vendor, while enterprise-level companies traditionally gravitate toward investing in customised solutions that are more likely to address their unique security challenges.

One other related trend to keep an eye on is the role of the integrator as part of the rise of cloud and Video Surveillance as a Service VSaaS offerings.

In this interview, he speaks about the megatrends of energy efficiency and sustainability, and about new developments in the building technology sector. Siegle, the building industry is currently facing major challenges in the form of climate change and energy shortages. How is Bosch Building Technologies dealing with these challenges? Henrik Siegle: Energy efficiency and sustainability have long been key priorities for us � and, indeed, for the entire Bosch Group.

For Bosch Building Technologies, this also particularly applies to building automation. We have continually built up our strengths in this area in recent years, including through the takeover of other companies, especially in the United States and Germany � all with the aim of making buildings more energy efficient and more sustainable.

We do this in a variety of ways, including automated HVAC control systems based on presence detectors, intelligent lighting and shade control. This approach enables us to optimise the operation of buildings, cut costs for customers and play our part in saving resources. Bosch itself became climate-neutral in How did you manage that? To achieve climate neutrality, we have implemented measures in four key areas Dr.

Henrik Siegle: Bosch started addressing energy efficiency issues early on, which is why the Bosch Group, with more than sites worldwide, is already climate-neutral. To achieve climate neutrality, we have implemented measures in four key areas � increasing energy efficiency, using more renewable energy from our own production, purchasing green energy and, finally, offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions.

We are working on further optimising our mix of measures, because the Bosch Group is totally committed to energy efficiency.

As the Bosch Building Technologies division, we supply solutions for the Group. One example is our cloud-based energy platform, which is used to analyse the individual energy flows in a factory on a very frequent basis and to predict future consumption. This enables us to continuously optimise our energy consumption at each individual site.

The Bosch plant in Homburg is a good example. At Bosch, we are aiming to reduce these emissions by 15 percent by Can you give us some more examples of what Bosch Building Technologies is doing to help improve sustainability?

Henrik Siegle: There are many initiatives and projects underway to increase sustainability at Bosch Building Technologies. One example is an environmentally friendly packaging concept that recently won an award within the Bosch Group. The concept, which involves reusing packaging material, not only significantly reduces the volume of waste, but also speeds up the repackaging processes.

Our remote services are another fantastic example of the steps we are taking to increase sustainability. What is the significance of energy efficiency in the building sector overall? Henrik Siegle: Alongside industry, the building sector is responsible for approximately 40 percent of total CO2 emissions, so energy efficiency is clearly hugely important.

The high proportion of emissions demonstrates the enormous potential for reducing energy consumption in the building sector and what big contribution we can make in this area with our sustainable solutions.

Bosch turned the climate neutrality that we achieved as a Group into a business model Bosch turned the climate neutrality that we achieved as a Group into a business model and set up Bosch Climate Solutions GmbH, which is now part of Bosch Building Technologies. This means we are now in a position to offer to develop a climate neutrality strategy for other companies and supply them with the solutions they need through our system integrator.

This open, domain-spanning service offering combines and integrates the individual building systems, services and software solutions from various areas of application. This means the reliable facts about sustainability that are needed for ESG reporting can be generated � in other words, facts that constitute evidence of environmentally friendly operations. When it comes to the demand for energy efficiency solutions, is there such a thing as a typical customer?

Henrik Siegle: We have a huge range of customers � from schools and hospitals to drugstore chains and industrial sites. Bosch Building Technologies offers a smartphone-based solution to provide contactless access to buildings Alongside sustainability, the connection of individual systems in safety and security technology has been a key topic for a long time now. How is Bosch Building Technologies positioning itself here as a full-service provider? Henrik Siegle: When it comes to connectivity, Bosch Building Technologies benefits hugely from cross-divisional collaboration within the Bosch Group.

Overall, connectivity and the Internet of Things IoT are topics that we actively addressed at Bosch at a very early stage. As a result, we now have many years of experience of developing relevant technologies and applying these solutions professionally. There are a few solutions, in particular, that really stand out, such as Aviotec, our VdS-approved video-based fire detection system. We can also use it to monitor compliance with social distancing rules, for example.

This is an innovative example of the connection of domains. However, it also goes without saying that connectivity plays a major role in our business within systems, too. In this context, I would like to mention our connected solutions that make it possible for technical building equipment processes to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. These solutions include condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, for instance.

One example is fire detection systems that independently supply information about their own operating condition and the necessary maintenance intervals. In your view, what are the current and future market trends in security and building technology? Thanks to our user experience, or UX, method, we have an excellent understanding of what a customer actually wants and needs.

When it comes to video security and intelligent building control in particular, artificial intelligence plays a key role Innovations in building technology are very wide ranging and, in my view, they all revolve around the megatrends of energy efficiency, sustainability, security and artificial intelligence.

When it comes to video security and intelligent building control in particular, artificial intelligence plays a key role. This has huge potential � and we want to realise this potential more and more at Bosch. The thing that makes us stand out on the market is our business model, which is based on two key pillars.

One of these is our system integrator business. This means we offer everything from a single source, right from the initial inquiry, consultancy and planning through to implementation and operation.

The second pillar is our product business. The direct customer interface in the system integrator means we get direct feedback in the system integrator itself, both from customers themselves and from our colleagues. We incorporate this feedback into our product development processes. How is your system integrator business doing? Henrik Siegle: Very well. One of our priorities is ensuring that our technology is always state of the art.

Developing our expertise in this area also means that regular training for our associates is important, since technical developments are becoming more and more dynamic. Given this background, are you also feeling the impact of the skills shortage? Our business model can only work if we have skilled, motivated associates Dr. Henrik Siegle: It may sound obvious, but needless to say, our business model can only work if we have skilled, motivated associates.

For example, we have our own academy spread across three sites in Germany, where we provide our associates with regular training, and we also put on a wide range of professional development seminars.

We also often attend various career fairs. We have quite a lot to offer in this regard. Bosch gives its associates the opportunity to work directly on important topics of both the present and the future with the aim of making the world a safer, more sustainable place � using state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence!

Nevertheless, the skills shortage naturally still poses a major challenge. As the cost-of-living crisis intensifies in , owners of construction companies will place a greater emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials, public safety, and strategies to increase value. Physical protection Key events in will have an impact on the physical protection of people, property, and businesses. King Charles III's coronation in May will be the focus of nationwide large-scale gatherings and celebrations and is already receiving security preparations.

Even though this presents a unique security problem for the UK, there are also ongoing circumstances to take into account. As a recession looms and families suffer with the rising cost of living, it is impossible to dismiss the likelihood of economically driven crime, labour discontent, and even civil disturbance.

Meanwhile, high-profile, frequently contentious debates about counterterrorism policies continue to be a part of the security landscape. Security services and safety management The year will be challenging due to a lack of labour and materials and an increase in prices The year will also be challenging due to a lack of labour and materials and an increase in prices. Security services and safety management will have difficulties as a result of all these problems in Here are some themes I believe will emerge in , along with advice on how to properly approach security in your forthcoming builds: Dedication toward sustainability Building industry discussions are increasingly focused on sustainability, and companies of all sizes are under pressure to enhance their sustainability efforts and reduce their carbon footprints.

It's critical that procuring more sustainable materials for new construction becomes the standard as a new regulatory framework for net zero in the built environment is developed. Any sustainability or responsible sourcing certificates will have a more meaningful context if all these criteria are met first because the best use of the timber has been made, and a product with a long lifespan eventually results in less deforestation.

Understanding the connection between value and carbon efficiency Many businesses will ratchet up their perimeter protection to combat the anticipated rise in crime The cost-of-living crisis, which is expected to turn into a recession, is a significant issue that is impacting the UK.

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