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Ace it study guides pdf download epson xp 430 printer software download

Ace it study guides pdf download

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At Ace Study Guides, we focus on visual learning strategies to help students learn, develop and organise knowledge. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter?

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See how this improves your TpT experience. Ace Study Guides Follow Me FREE Download. Assess the general quality of my work with this free download. Allopatric Speciation. Top Resource Types. My Products. Character Analysis Bundle. By Ace Study Guides. We're here to help! This video will go through eight.

Worksheets, Handouts, Printables. Digital Download PDF 1. How to write a speech. Worksheets, Workbooks. Digital Download PDF 2. How to structure an essay. Recognise when your child has tried their best, as opposed to only giving praise when they have met your expectations.

Avoid financial or material rewards for good marks. Also avoid rewards that revolve around food, as this can create complicated relationships with food and emotional states. Ace it! The more prepared a learner is for the exams, the less stressed they will feel. Are you feeling stressed out by the exams?

Here is a round up of our most popular exam-related blog posts in case you missed it. Tips for visual learners. Tips for auditory learners. Tips for kinaesthetic learners. The art of writing exams. Coping with exam stress. It can feel a little overwhelming when your child enters high school. Just what is Economic and Management Sciences anyway? The subject aims to encourage a sense of entrepreneurship in learners, as well as to give them a very basic understanding of common accounting documents that they are likely to come across in their lives.

The subject also touches on overarching economic principles, such as supply and demand and GDP. A mixture of Geography and History, this is a basic introduction to South African and world history, and South African and world Geography. The subject promotes a sense of responsible citizenry and critical reading. This subject is foundational Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The subject touches on life and living, environmental biology, electricity, work and power and more. This subject can be considered as a cross between woodwork and home economics. The subject aims to teach learners how design can solve everyday problems. Basic physics is incorporated as well as design skills which relates to the design of actual products, as well as the design of presentations and proposals.

This is a useful subject and learners with a kinaesthetic learning style will enjoy its hands-on approach. If your child decides not to take Mathematics from Grade 10, they will do Mathematical Literacy. This subject aims to give learners useful Maths and basic accounting skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Important concepts covered include financial literacy we could all use a bit more of that. Mathematical Literacy is available for Grade 10 to Grade 12, and also in Afrikaans. Currently, the only Home Languages available at high school level are English and Afrikaans.

Learners focus on literature, speaking, writing and listening skills. Learning style most likely to enjoy it: visual learning style, auditory learning style. The language that your child takes for the FAL will depend on the school. The skills covered are pretty similar to HL but adapted to suit the level of a second-language speaker. Learning style most likely to enjoy it: visual learning style, kinaesthetic learning style. This subject is taught in a very practical way.

Learners get plenty of opportunity to learn about and use the common Accounting ledgers. The theoretical side focuses on ethics and general accounting principles. It looks at overarching economic concepts and how businesses operate within those constraints. The subject aims to promote entrepreneurship. Touching on many professions under the hospitality industry banner, this subject is quite theoretical.

This subject plays nicely with Geography. This subject is so much more than learning how to read a map. It touches on issues of population, settlement and environmental issues too. Updated to include advances in GPS and the latest environmental issues, this subject is a good option for your child for a wide variety of future career paths.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed, seemingly straightforward tasks — like exam revision — can feel so much harder than they should. People cope with stress in different ways — some of these coping mechanisms are healthy, while others are unhealthy and unproductive. Learning to manage your stress, and to use coping mechanisms that will channel those feelings into productive feelings is an important life skill.

Believe it or not, a little bit of stress is a good thing. It keeps us focused and engaged. It also usually shows that we understand the value in something or how important it is. This is why people often feel stressed during exams. Too much stress, however, can have the opposite effect and leave us feeling overwhelmed. This, in turn, leads to negative behaviours or unhealthy coping mechanisms, which only worsen the situation and create a vicious cycle.

When people feel stressed, they are often unable to concentrate on one task at a time. Stress, or feeling overwhelmed, can also lead to insomnia, or problems getting to asleep or staying asleep. Learning to deal with stress positively means that you will be able to focus better, feel more relaxed and stay healthy. You will be able to cope with the pressures and demands of exam revision without feeling overwhelmed. A diet that is too high in sugar or unhealthy fat will put additional strain on your body.

Getting enough sleep is essential and will ensure that your brain is rested and able to cope with the demands of exam revision. Teenagers need at least 8 hours of sleep per day, and this sleep should be quality sleep.

Make time to put together a comprehensive study timetable. When you feel like you have some control over the situation, you will probably find that you are a little less stressed. Make time in your daily schedule to exercise, relax and spend time with friends and family.

TIP: It may be helpful to disconnect from social media during exam time. The added pressures of social media can add to your stress levels. Rather uninstall the apps for a short period so that you are able to focus on your studies and connecting with people in real life.

Often, when we are in the middle of exam revision, we feel like we cannot see an end to it all. There is one! Lastly, if you are feeling overwhelmed or hopeless for a long period of time and if you are having depressive and suicidal thoughts, talk to your parents, teacher, principal, religious or community leader, or contact an organisation like ChildLine. You are not alone. High school can be a stressful time, which is why we have always advised that you take care of your overall wellbeing.

There are plenty of study tips that we can give you to improve your exam revision, but those will only go so far. You also need to be taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing by eating well, exercising and finding time to relax. Eating well is essential for good health. Vegetables are full of important vitamins and minerals to keep your body at optimal health. There are plenty of ways to cook and prepare vegetables, so do some experimenting.

Fruit is also a healthy addition to your diet. Some types of fruit are high in sugar so be careful not to overdo it. Try adding a piece of fruit to your breakfast meal, and one other during the day as a snack. Protein is essential for the body. It helps to repair and build cells — including brain cells. Protein also tends to keep you fuller for longer, so adding it to meals can prevent hunger pangs, which can be distracting during classes and study sessions, and overeating.

Protein sources include meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products like cottage cheese, and peanut and other nut butters. If you are vegetarian or vegan whether for religious, health or moral reasons , you should still be adding protein to your diet in some form. Sources include beans, nut butters, quinoa and lentils. Carbohydrate-rich foods should be included in your diet in reasonable amounts. These include brown rice, potatoes, wholegrain bread and other wholegrain products and oats.

Avoid processed and sugary carb-heavy foods such as cereals, pastries, biscuits and white breads and pastas. These include avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and nuts.

Unhealthy fats, found in baked and fried foods, as well as sweets and desserts, should be limited and only eaten occasionally as a treat. Sugary drinks like sodas should be avoided. Rather reach for clean, fresh water to quench your thirst.

If you feel like something warm, herbal teas are also a good option and better for you than coffees and hot chocolate. You simply need to use your common sense and eat to nourish your mind and body.

If you feel thrilled, then good for you! Tell your child that you will need to have a discussion about the results but put it off for one more day. Then spend the day commiserating and just being there for your child. Set a time and date to meet with your child in a neutral spot, such as the kitchen or dining room table.

A coffee shop or restaurant is even better. Once you and your child are settled, ask them to explain to you how they approached their exam revision and where they feel they went wrong. If it seems clear that your child put no effort into their exam revision, then you will need to find a way to motivate them to do better. Perhaps this is where trying to find a different approach to studying is a good idea. Explore the possibility that your child is unmotivated because they are struggling to keep up or bored… Investigate study techniques that are suited to different learning styles.

If your child tells you that they tried the best they could, believe them. In a case like this small tweaks to a study routine might be the answer. Ask how the actual exams went — many children do just fine throughout the school year only to find the high-stress exam days challenging.

Writing exams is a skill that anyone can learn. Your child may be good at sports, have artistic flair or be excellent at working with their hands.

You clearly have big dreams for your child, and this makes you a good parent. Try not to impose your own wishes and dreams onto your child, and to rather help them achieve their own. A reasonable amount of nerves is a good thing. You should approach your exams with a cool head and a plan of attack. By this time you should not be studying any new sections. Spend a few hours the day before the exam revising what you need to know, and then close your books and try to relax.

Set out your uniform, pack your bag and double-check your exam timetable so that when you wake up the next morning, everything is ready to go including you! Eat something that will keep you fuller for longer, for example a bowl of oats with some milk and peanut butter stirred through.

This will prevent you from being horribly uncomfortable and unable to go to the toilet in the middle of the exam session. Always bring spare pens and, if possible and necessary, a spare calculator. Just in case. Make sure you know:. Arrive at the exam venue with plenty of time to spare. You will get some time at the start of the exam to read through the paper.

Make sure that you use this time to plan your approach to the exam. For example, you may write an exam that requires you to choose between two questions. In this case, answering both questions would be a waste of time and the examiner would not be able to mark both of them anyway. Make a mental note of the questions that you are sure you know how to answer. You can always come back to any unfinished questions if you have spare time at the end. Plan to finish the exam at least 10 to 15 minutes before the official finish time.

If it is normal for you to run out of time when you are writing exams, then try to first answer the questions that you know the answers to and leave the others. That way you are guaranteed marks. You can then use any leftover time to go back and try to answer the questions that you are unsure about.

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WebDigital Download PDF ( MB) ADD TO CART WISH LIST. How to write a speech. By Ace Study Guides At Ace Study Guides, we focus on visual learning strategies to . WebR ACE IT BESIGHEIDSTUDIES GR 12 ANON. R ACE IT ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES GR ANON. R ACE IT ECONOMIC AND . WebOct 11,  · Download free study guide We're continuously on the look-out for study guides, practice papers and other educational resources to help learners prepare for .