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Craftwell ecraft software download a4tech pk 635g driver windows 7 download

Craftwell ecraft software download

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I do not recommend this machine for anyone. There are many excellent cutters on the market. Save yourself the extreme frustration that I and many others have experienced in trying to get this machine to be productive.

Trying to learn to use it has cost me too much time and paper, with nothing to show for it. I have been using electronic cutters for crafting projects since , and have used nearly every machine that has been on the market for crafters since then.

I have provided customer support for most of them. Perhaps my experience is a handicap in this case. I am happy for those who have had any measure of success using the Ecraft cutter for their purposes. Matless cutting, option to cut SVG files, and roll or tray feed are not good reasons for purchasing this cutter.

The machine and software do not work as advertised. If you need a doorstop, have lots of time and paper to waste, and are up to a huge challenge, you might want to give it a try.

Just don't get rid of your other cutter before you get this one, and make sure that it does what you want it to do. It grieves me to post a review like this, but it grieves me more when people purchase this machine and become disillusioned with cutters in general due to their bad experience. Don't give up cutting! Just get a cutter that works!!!!! Any other one is better than ECraft. I've had an eCraft for over a year and, although I have some positive things to say about it, I would ultimately not recommend it.

The major positive aspect of the eCraft is that you don't need a mat to cut. This is totally awesome!! In my experience, the blades also last a long time, so there are very little maintenance costs on the machine. However, for what you save in maintenance, perhaps you have to spend on extra paper because it usually takes more than one try to get your design to cut properly. Like other reviewers have said, the paper shifts during cutting so that one end doesn't meet the other.

This is not the issue every time you cut - but it happens frequently enough that you should plan to have enough paper to cut everything two or three times until the machine gets it right.

But, you get used to it. After a while you learn to predict how your machine is going to handle certain cut types and different kinds of papers and you learn little tricks to improve the cut quality. There is a very active yahoo group that is very helpful when you have any questions about the machine.

The eCraft isn't terrible, but there are just so many better cutters out there to choose from. There were 3 main reasons for me purchasing this machine. I found the advertising of this machine to be very misleading indeed. I am very limited for space beside my computer and believed that I could design my own shapes to add to a card and take to my machine away from my computer. The cuts would also weed as it was cutting and die cut bits would float — interfering with the rest of the cuts on the sheet, and then the paper would scrunch up and tear.

Also, the actual area that the cutter can utilize is only 9. I found the shapes on the SD card supplied were very limited and basic and I feel that I was lead to believe that I could take my own designs on a card to the machine. Maybe they should have honestly told us that we do need a computer to send our designs to the machine.

At times I was using the machine when everyone was in bed at night and had to give that away because the beeper was so loud every time I made a selection on the panel and there was no way to adjust the volume of it. Sorry Craftwell, I feel mislead and conned! I recently purchased an Ecraft and have found that as of it still has some of the glitches that people are talking about when it first came out.

It messes up a lot of paper and I can't figure out how to set the tabs so that my paper will cut properly. I want to love the machine, but messing up my vinyl is not an option. They really need to update the software so that it does a lot more than what it does. If ever the tabs could be set proper and it stopped messing up my vinyl-I would buy 2 of these. I've only owned One cutting machine and since I used my eCraft, everyday.

The machine is intact and resumes it's integrity. I found this was my only solution for precise, complete cuts. Hope this has been helpful to other eCraft users. I've had my eCraft since it came out. If you only use the card or the eCraft Pro software WITH stiff card stock, tabs and allowable margins around the image you will have success. Avoid cheap paper or value packs.

You could say I made my own mat from heavy 12"x 12" card stock and lots of repositionable tape. I'll try the vegetable mat idea. In a nutshell the matless claim is sort of misleading but I'm using mine until it dies then I'm getting a pro machine because I cut a lot.

Content for now. This page may contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Click here to see my full disclosure policy. Friday, March 18, Craftwell ecraft.

Please only comment if you use the eCraft. If I find any comments about any other cutters on this page, I will move or delete it. Thank you. Thank you, Denise and Ruthie, for taking the time to share your reviews with us!

I have had my eCraft since the beginning and I do really like the machine. The machine itself is sturdily built and that is great news for longevity, but may not be the best choice for taking to crops because there are a lot of metal parts and the machine is heavy. The design is really quite innovative since it cuts without the traditional sticky mats. That being said, I do see some ways that the machine could be improved upon, but the improvements that I have in mind would just be to fine tune the machine.

Since the cutter does not use sticky mats, there is a learning curve to this machine. I was a Cricut user prior to getting the eCraft and I thought that I would have this cutter going without an issue right out of the box. That was not the case.

Since there are no mats, this machine is unlike any other machine on the market today and therefore users have to start at the beginning. I have to say that cutting without mats is fabulous! It is so nice to cut down on the prep time and just feed your paper in and cut.

The cardstock stabilizer is simply a piece of cardstock placed underneath your cutting paper and feeding both pieces of paper into the machine at the same time. If you have your pressure setting correct, the machine will only cut the top layer and will leave a score mark on the bottom layer.

The cardstock stabilizer sheet can be used several times before needing to be replaced. The machine can cut thin materials like vellum. I actually cut up a page from a paperback book with no issues at all. The machine cuts vinyl well just make sure to turn off your tabs. It can also cut thick materials extremely well. It can cut materials up to 1mm thick and most of the materials that I have cut can be cut in 1 pass including cereal box chipboard and American Crafts glitter paper.

There are no speed settings on the machine, but so far when cutting from the console the speed does not seem to be an issue in regards to the cleanliness of the cuts. I am hoping that as the software programs develop further that some speed control can be added to give us users more control. Some potential eCraft users have expressed concerns about the tabs that the machine uses to keep the cuts in place.

The machine does have a setting for no tabs and if you are cutting something that is simple without a lot of interior shapes you can use this setting in conjunction with the cardstock stabilizer. I usually only have to sand off the tabs when I cut thick materials with the tabs. Since getting the machine, I have tried to cut lots of different things and so far, the only thing that I have tried and so far have been unsuccessful at cutting is felt.

There is one brand of stiffened adhesive backed felt that I have been able to cut, but so far I have been unsuccessful with other felts.

I have been able to successfully do a Print and Cut using Make the Cut beta, but it requires a bit of set up time to figure out your margins. The updates have made improvements, but the list of needed improvements is long.

It could be a long time before their software is something that crafters would want to use. Both programs have released beta versions which are available to eCraft users right now.

I have used both of the beta versions and each one has some kinks in them, but they are definitely usable and a big improvement over the eCraftshop Pro software.

Once the stable versions are released, I will be doing more in depth reviews on how these programs work with the eCraft. I have enjoyed my eCraft so much more since the beta versions were released! Since there are no mats, there really is no additional expense tied to that. The blades are very reasonable.

I purchased my eCraft and any of the accessories from cutterscreek. Kim is the owner of that store and she is wonderful, she really cares about her customers and has the best customer service.

The group is has a lot of great people in it that are always willing to help. One thing that has really impressed me since getting the machine is the customer service that Craftwell provides. There have been a few complaints about it taking a long time to get back to people, but once they do it seems like everyone is satisfied.

When they come across a defective machine, they have been very quick to send out a replacement. They are developing the eCraftCentral website in beta mode right now that allows users to purchase images individually.

If you want only one or two images, you can purchase those from the eCraftCentral website. This is a feature that crafters requested. They are also planning on having an IPhone app that will allow you to design on your IPhone and then link them to your online account for cutting. Overall, I am very happy with the machine and I just love that Craftwell wants to encourage all of us to do what we want to do with our machines.

Here are a few things that Denise has made with her eCraft:. Here is some additional info from Denise that was sent to me after the review above was written:. The beta plug in for MTC was just released at the end of January.

When you bring an SVG like this into eCP, it comes in as one image and there is no way to separate it. The yellow box and the balloon box were projects that I made for a contest that Craftwell had and these were selected for display at their booth at CHA.

The sentiment also from that set I actually just printed that directly on the toppers to again save some time on this project. The card uses a frame from the Felt Owl Right set in which I added a shadowed black out layer and the funky scalloped border is from the LD scalloped border set.

Can you tell that I love LD? I love my ecraft by Craftwell! Ok, so now you know where I am coming from! I used to have a wishblade which I used rarely. I would faff around finding the leads etc, getting the image designed, finding the software yep I can lose software! Hmmmmmmm, but that was sometimes an issue So when I did try and cut something out, I was rarely successful first time!

Normally by the 4th or 5th try I would have something usable. Well, that was if I didnt tear it getting it off the sticky mat! Now, let me be fair - I know that alot of people used the wishblade very successfully - in fact I still have mine and may return to use it at sometime - but I never really mastered it.

I have a big-shot, but wanted to be able to design my own stuff hey, I have aspirations! When I first saw it, it was being promoted as automatic pressure and no mats The final version does not have automatic pressure but is so simple to set that I really dont find it a problem. Hmmmm, lets try to be a little more logical about this MATS - the ecraft cuts without using sticky mats! The way it achieves this is to put in little tabs so that the cut-out stays attached until you "push it out" It does leave tiny, tiny little tabs on the paper, but I can just "scratch" these off with my thumb nail and they are gone However, I dont use the tabs at all - yep, you can turn them off altogether!

What I, and lots of other ecraftie people do, is use a scrap piece of card under their card or paper they are cutting. If you set the pressure for the material you are cutting then the "mat card" you are using stays intact for lots of uses.

I loved this idea - no paying out for mats that I damaged when I set the pressure too high! AND no ripping bits off my design when I pulled it off the mat. Oh and no fluff and cat hair sticking to the mat either - yukkkk! I do have to add that I also sometimes just take a chance and cut with no tabs and no card underneath - alot of times it works, sometimes it doesnt, but then thats the thrill-seeker in me!

This was changed from the auto pressure system because people wanted to kiss-cut vinyl and the auto pressure just cut all the way through - Craftwell really listened to feedback! I was a bit sad about this when I first heard about it - I wanted that auto pressure remember the issues for me and the wishblade??? Then I heard about the blue light Now, because I often use a card mat, this blue light is more of a warning light to me now!

If that blue light is lit, then I know I am cutting through my card mat and not just what I want to cut! Pressure adjustment is super-easy though Once you get used to the weight of the card you use most then you will tend to know instinctively what pressure you need. There are pressure charts out there for you to use though if you want to be more certain of your outcome.

I got one with my machine and used that a fair bit while I was waiting for the software to get sorted more on that in a minute! I do use it when I just want to cut out a couple of flowers to go on a card, a butterfly etc. There are a whole lot more of these cards coming out now and you can see what is on each card in the ecraft software which updates from the internet.

I found that really useful to be able to see what was available out there. The designs on the cards have preset minimum cutting sizes, they have been checked to see how small they will cut and that information preset on the card Craftwell really do want us to have a good experience! AND now, Craftwell have opened ecraft central, where people can upload their own designs to sell and where you can buy individual designs - no more buying a whole cartridge for one design!

OK, this is where Craftwell fell flat! The ecraft was meant to be able to cut from the computer and import svgs to cut. BUT it wasnt always very successful at that! Some of us early adopters had a wry old time with that software, let me tell you! I was lucky in that the majority of my svgs cut out fine Now, I have to say that I am very chilled about all this, but then I am not designing and making stuff for a living so can afford to be!

AND I had the faith that they would sort it all out eventually. We had a release or two on the software which certainly didnt resolve all the issues and still left a very basic software so Craftwell listened to their customers again! Oh, the day they announced that was a good one! I plumped for mtc and love it! Having worked in inkscape before, alot of the commands were intuitive to learn and it does what I want it to! Massive kudos to Andy for his fabby software - but also to Craftwell for listening to their customers, recognising that they couldn't offer the level of sophistication their purchasers wanted and not being too proud to admit it and seek help!

We use high quality blades similar to those used in other cutters. Yes, a pen and a blade are in the machine at the same time. Our images come with preset draw and cut lines. The eCraft draws first and then cuts without having to stop and swap or reset anything. Draw without cutting or cut without drawing is also an option with the eCraftshop software.

We use SD Cards similar to those used in digital cameras. They enable you to work independently of a computer and are available in different themes Celebrations, Banners, Waterlife, Swirls, Fonts, etc… We currently have 16 SD Cards and each with over images. Yes, using a USB cable, but it is not required see above. We do not have plans at this time to release a Mac version of the software. Yes, using our eCraftshop Design software. The software allows users to import SVG files and access True Type and Open Type Fonts, then establish draw and cut lines, or create your own images within the software using our design tools.

The eCraft uses a proprietary file format, however the eCraftshop Design Software allows you to import SVG files, automatically converting them for compatibility with the eCraft.

The eCraft works with v — v and comes with a 3 prong US power plug. Currently, the eCraft requires an adapter for use in other countries, however, we are looking into offering other power cords. Click here to view our Warranty Policy.

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WebThis powerful software offers a good range of drawing and edit tools that allow you to make and edit any shape, text, or logo you desire, so it’s an excellent choice for performing . WebJul 8,  · The version of eCraftShop Pro is available as a free download on our website. The software lies within Photo & Graphics Tools, more precisely Viewers & . WebUSB Drivers for Cutting Machines Sure Cuts A Lot has a USB Driver Install option under the Help menu for various machines. However a more recent version of the driver might be .