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Download pdf viewer for mac

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Fast: no long waits to open PDFs. Multi-Language: support for 8 languages. Follow Foxit on Facebook and Twitter! Also I noticed that in their newest version at least from what I saw on their website , it seems like highlight has a corresponding shortcut now.

Hope new version can allow Mac users to customize their keyboard shortcut as well. Or maybe someone can tell me how to do that here? Thanks very much for your support. The new version will be released here soon. Please pay attention to it. Customize shortcut is still on our to-do-list.

It's been a few years since I've tried this software, and it has come a long way since I last used it. If you run into a PDF with the dreaded "Please wait If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document" give Foxit PDF Reader a try.

I have a complex form that I needed to fill out and tried to use Adobe Reader. Adobe blocks me from saving and printing - but Foxit works great and lets me decide what I can do with my PDFs. I can edit, save, print, save as PDF, etc. Really like this foxit PDF reader, it's light weight and has lots of very useful functions.

However, the software in Mac OS is not smooth, really painful when draging the page and scrolling the page, but in Windows, everything works just fine. When I first downloaded this over a year ago it was a great program. The more recent updates have made it more glitchy on my Mac which leads me to think this is optimized for windows.

The text cursor frequently jumps to the last page I was on, instead of where I clicked on the current page. The highlight color change is not intuitive and frequently changes the last thing I highlighted instead of chaning the section I am about to highlight. It is still functional and way more reasonably priced than Adobe for working with PDFs.

Hello, What is your device type and OS version? Do all your PDF documents have similar problems? Please send us your PDF file, we will ask engineers to perform technical tests. PDF Reader Pro offers free trials and special education discounts. If you need any help, please contact support pdfreaderpro. I was using a Foxit PDF editing software on my Mac for the last few years, because I heard it was the best a while back. But I kept finding that it was quite annoying to use, lacking certain features, having a confusing interface for basic things, etc.

One of the things that I noticed about Foxit was that Mac seemed to be a second priority next to Windows, where features and help articles almost always applied only to Windows and not to Mac. It was super frustrating. I hope to keep using this for a long long time. MAc ver 2. The tech Deaprtment does not respond to this bug when I repeatedly reported it for the past year. THe developers and I went back and forth for a considerable time - I wanted them to get the program to work.

The tech support has become much worse recently - today I got 4 unresponsive emails within 2 minutes of each other!