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Run apk in browser

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Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I work for company which specializes in Native mobile app development.

The company does both Android and iOS apps. Now to show our apps to executives for different companies we use pieceable. This way we can just send these potential customer an url and they can play around with the app. After searching internet for a long time I couldn't find anything to do that kind of functionality for an Android app.

Is there a way I can do it. Are there any tools which I can use? I think that is what you were looking for. Running the emulator in a regular VNC server session, rather than a VNC server App running on the emulator, would most likely provide better performance.

On Ubuntu, for example, this is Java viewer client is freely available in the vnc-java package. To reduce the VM copy and start-up time for the emulator sessions, it may be desirable to have the web server maintain a few active sessions started and ready for use.

This would provide clean individual sessions for your potential customers to try. This site allows to run Android applications on the browser. In addition to that this product has a lot of more features like you can embed widget on your own site like you tube widget, and more interestingly the way you can play youtube video in facebook post, AppSurfer widget runs in facebook post itself without any redirection. There really is no function to embed in a browser however you can have people download the app using their web browser.

Just serve it from your server with the appropriate mime type and enable Unknown Sources loading on their phone. Look over the publishing details minus the Android Market posting. I forget which exactly.. You could definitely rig something via that method, lacking another option In the same vein there is something like a LiveCD installer project that I suppose does basically the same thing This would probably involve multiplexing the VNC session, or proxying the browser session, somehow Oh, and don't forget the value of well-produced, concise and well-thought out "recorded" screencast demos..

You get to control the quality of the "experience", and it's prolly a whole heck of a lot easier There are unfortunately no prepackaged solutions that do what you want. Your best bet would be to run an emulator instance with your app in it, and then patch in something like Android VNC.

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