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Q&a software free download

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Discourse has many advanced features that make it super powerful. One downside is that Docker images are the only supported way for installing Discourse in production. While it is powerful, configuration and installation may require someone with a technical skillset. One thing I love about Vanilla is its look and feel. Vanilla's open source contributors are very active—its GitHub page has contributors and 29, commits as of this writing.

Some people may wonder, "Why PHP? The test environment requires a number of technologies to be installed locally, including Docker, Brew, Yarn, Node, and Composer, and you can get it up and running by following its setup instructions. Once upon a time, there was an open source platform called OSQA.

As of this writing, its GitHub community has contributors and 6, commits. Not bad! Although I have tried pretty much every programming language out there, my preference is Java, as I have practiced it for a long time. When I heard about Scoold , an open source platform based on Java, I wanted to try it.

Scoold has many advanced features integrated into its platform. I especially like its ability to work with many databases and its OAuth support out-of-the-box. Scoold's open source project is licensed under the Apache License 2. The open source project seems to have quite a number of restrictions, which are detailed on its FAQ page :. But, looking at its GitHub page, the open source project appears to be maintained by just 18 contributors, and it has only commits.

Please be aware of these things if you try Scoold, as the project may have a few restrictions that you find burdensome. At a glance, the platform has a bit of a cartoonish feel, although I suppose the themes can be customized. As of this writing, Question2Answer has only 20 contributors and 1, commits on its GitHub page, so take a little caution. Its GitHub has only 14 contributors and 5, commits. It does not appear to have a large following, and the latest update was in , so be cautious before adopting it.

It has only one contributor, but I think it's interesting enough to take a look at. With all of these options, how do you pick which one to use? Some platforms are easier to install, others are documented better, and still others offer more flexibility.

Looking at the long term, though, you want to pick a platform that has active open source community involvement. Also, consider getting involved by making your own contributions to these platforms.

After all, that is what open source projects are for. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Newsboat is an excellent RSS reader, whether you need a basic set of features or want your application to do a whole lot more. What is an open decision? Resources What is open source?

Discourse, Vanilla, Askbot, and more. Used by everyone from Fortune companies to education institutions, Pigeonhole Live has been fostering interaction between speakers and audiences since They include live question and answer sessions; multiple-choice polls; open ended polls; surveys; quizzes with leaderboards; and where'd cloud polls. The company has designed its service with simplicity in mind, and the platform can be up and running at a live meeting within 10 minutes.

It is available as a free trial with more functionality introduced in its premium packages. Additionally, its PowerPoint add-on is capable of transforming presentations into two-way conversations, providing the ability to create and edit polls before sessions which then display results on a screen or can be stored for later. EchoEngage by Echo formally known as Turning offers an audience participation platform that packs a slew of features including live polling and unlimited surveys for insights into customers, employees or students.

We like its simple interface that provides the ability for audience members to respond to questions using a smartphone, tablet or PC. If you prefer using a desktop app, Turning desktop brings data into the application itself, granting it greater capabilities when combined with other locally installed productivity applications.

Designed to bring employees together, Thoughtexchange helps business leaders crowdsource answers to questions in real-time using its cloud-based platform. In addition to hosting private internal events, users can run virtual events that invite members of the public along to share their insight and help form future strategies.

Built with the sole intention of helping companies impress their audiences, OMBEA facilitates the use of interactive presentations.

Used by companies including Siemens, BMW and eBay, its audience response system displays live feedback on people's opinions and knowledge. It can be tailored for use by education institutions, businesses, government and non-profit organizations. For educators, its features are tailored to assessing students, tracking attainment, eliciting opinions and engaging parents.

Businesses, meanwhile, can tailor the platform to train staff, engage communities, conduct focus groups, measure employee feedback and vote in general assemblies. If you have set your sights on delivering polished presentations while gathering powerful feedback from audiences watching them, Poll Everywhere is a great shout. The platform allows you to ask a question and then the watch as its chart updates automatically with their responses. Audience members can respond on the web or using SMS text messaging for when cellular signal is poor.

Poll Everywhere lets you choose from a large variety of poll activities, including multiple choice, live response, live Wordclouds, voteable clickable images and more. Questions can be written in almost any language while including LaTeX syntax for formulas , and emojis. Crowdpurr lets you create a live trivia game for your event or business meeting for free.

The audience engagement platform works in three steps which begins by setting up the game through its online dashboard. It offers a deep level of customization, allowing you to interactively add questions, answers, images, custom branding, logos and more. To avoid inappropriate responses being submitted, you can require audiences to input their personal information — such as name, email, and other fields — and they can also sign in using a single click for convenience.

At the end of your event, you can see fully detailed results for all participant responses, votes, and trivia rankings — and it's easy to export results into another application. An all-in-one audience engagement software suite, Glisser is designed to encourage audience participation at events and other live sessions.

It differentiates from competing products in that it can be used to foster interaction with event attendees through their smartphones without requiring a presentation running in the background. It has three main strands; the first, for conferences, aims to improve attendee engagement, learning and satisfaction. This module has been designed to be simple enough for single-track events yet powerful enough to host hundreds of sessions.