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Protractor software download

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Candidates have the same screen experience and use the same test driver across different test delivery modalities. With remote proctoring services, you can grow your program to reach candidates on all continents, including the most remote locations. In addition to online proctoring, Prometric operates 14, test-centers in countries. We have combined our three decades of experience in on-site test management with deep expertise and advanced technology to ensure high security and protection of your assets —granting you peace of mind.

While Prometric's proctors constantly monitor test takers during the exam, they never have access to examination content, which minimizes the exposure of your assets.

We set high standards for candidate-to-proctor ratios to keep your assets safe and guarantee fairness of the test-taking process. All our proctors are certified, and they monitor candidates in real-time. Proctors are assisted by AI technology, which flags any suspicious candidate behavior and actions.

ProProctor platform detects and blocks inappropriate key-strokes and tracks head movement. Our proprietary web browser helps prevent candidates from accessing aid via other programs or being able to screen capture exam content.

Self Guided Exam Setup. ProProctor self-service capabilities allow candidates to confirm computer systems requirements, schedule exam appointments, and navigate the test. Pre-Exam Resources. Test takers can access guides and demo videos to learn what to expect on the exam day and prepare themselves in advance.

Easy to Use Interface. Using the same user interface as our global test centers, the ProProctor platform ensures a user-friendly test-taking experience. In-Exam Live Chat. The test takers can reach out to the proctor if they have any questions or in case of emergency. Item Highlighting. This feature allows test takers to focus only on the most important parts of the questions. Digital Scratchpad. Schedule Have the time to educate your customer, inspect their vehicle and review the results.

Day, week and month calendar view for fast bookings Resource capacity gaps displayed visually Real-time review of currently clocked-in jobs by technician Easy drag and drop re-assignment between technicians Display of current work order status and flag system. This is reviewed during the pre-sale process and will increase average repair order values by selling more previously recommended work and manufacturer recommended work Within the new work wizard review All unperformed, previously recommended services OEM maintenance schedules based on mileage Reminder service items and group customized for your shop Customer Service history.

Easily maintain valuable recommended repair information for future sales including CRM integration and deferred works lists. Retain electronic records of inspections performed eliminating paper. Upgrade to electronic tablet inspections powered by AutoServe1 to create professional inspection reports with picture and video.

Estimate Speed and accuracy are the key to successful estimation. Immediately remove waste with consistent pricing. Review profitability analysis by job. Source and order parts from unlimited suppliers all from the work order screen. Remind To ensure that your customer returns when you want them to, they need to be contacted consistently and at the appropriate times after their visit. Thank-you, deferred work reminder, appointment reminder, no show, inactive emails and postcards.

Drastically reduce missed appointments through automated appointment reminders. Include links to shop reviews and discount coupons. Monitor Shop owners need to be able to analyze their business in real time using key metrics that provide a basis for making meaningful conclusions. Find waste by analyzing profitability by category, advisor, tech, part, etc. Manage salesperson incentive programs Track sales and gross profit by tech and advisor Use integrated accounting to eliminate double entry.

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WebJun 29,  · Download Protractor for free. E2E test framework for Angular apps. Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. . WebSchedule, educate, inspect, estimate, remind and monitor all aspects of your automotive shop operation from one, easy-to-use cloud based solution. The result of our philosophy . WebDownload from the developer's website Visit the home page Alternative software FREE app is designed to improve your launcher .