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Call of cthulhu 6th edition pdf download adobe photoshop software free download windows 8

Call of cthulhu 6th edition pdf download

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Search forums. Log in. Install the app. RPGnet has taken new password security measures. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Call of Cthulhu 6th edition PDF available. Thread starter TrippyHippy Start date Jun 7, TrippyHippy 0 Banned. For those few that have been complaining about the lack of availability of a fully up-to date Call of Cthulhu core rules in pdf, here it is.

There was a recent blog post from them about experimenting with releasing more product in PDF. Ben W Bell Analyst for hire. RPGnet Member. Validated User. TrippyHippy said:.

Click to expand Ben W Bell said:. Which is a major plus point if you're going to use one of the growing numbers of low-cost laptops to at the game table. Plus even if the scanned book has been OCRed, it doesn't necessarily mean it'll look good. You can even see the scanning errors in the small format preview at the bottom of the screen.

There is no indication on the DriveThru page that it has been OCRed, and considering the quality of other scanned image books on DriveThru this will probably turn away many customers who would otherwise have purchased it. Prerequisite: Siberian. This trick improves the result of your Status roll by one success level. STR Brave You are brave and face your enemies. Prerequisite: Abyssinian. Cannot have the Scaredy Cat trick. POW Bravo You have embraced the primeval roar that rages in your chest, and fight the enemies of the cats, seeking glory for Bast.

Find the enemy! Defeat the enemy! Play with the enemy! Eat the enemy! DEX Bruiser You are big, heavy-boned, and have large paws. This trick improves your damage bonus by one class, i. Your SIZ remains the same. Prerequisite: Open Doors. Prerequisite: Catch Vermin. DEX Catch Fish You have the ability to hook fish out of water without a successful Scratch roll in a nonstress situation. This trick works with a successful Climb roll, so long as you are undisturbed.

DEX Curious Anything out of the ordinary catches your attention. This trick improves your Listen, Scent, and Spot skill results by one success level. Your Keeper can give your character one curious impulse per session which he is forced to act upon. INT Doolittle You can understand and sometimes converse with other species of animals. With this trick you can talk with one named non-human species.

The Keeper decides if you can talk as well as understand. If you wish to understand other species you must have additional Doolittle tricks. This trick merely allows communication, other skills rolls may be needed for the animal to do what the cat wants. Subject to Keeper approval. Your former mistress was a cultist. This trick also allows you to choose spells see below. You were born and grew up on a farm. You also get a free Doolittle trick of your choice.

Prerequisite: cannot be Purebred. You have returned to ways of the wild. You have exceptionally fine and long whiskers. Not only do you look good, but they help you intimidate other cats and animals and to travel in darkness. You can convince a NPC human to do what you want them to do, so long as it is not clearly dangerous.

This trick works with a successful Insight roll. Prerequisite: Rumblepuss. You are obsessed with one human usually your owner. Should something happen to that person, and you try to find or rescue them, this trick allows you to perform any trick you do not already have on a successful Luck roll roll no more than twice a session. Prerequisite: Birman. You are even more tuned into the invisible world than your fellow cats and can see things they cannot. A cat with this can see invisible monsters like ghosts and Star Vampires with a successful Sense Danger roll.

Also, the trick does not in any way protect against SEN loss Your Can Opener keeps you within their home. Prerequisite: Cannot have the Feral trick. As you cannot speak with humans, all you can do is keep their gaze on you for a minute or two. This trick is also effective on animals; on a fellow cat, the hypnotizer can perform all of the functions listed in the rulebook. Prerequisite: Burmese.

If the cat could conceivably reach a particular height, the player can simply declare that the cat is on top of it, with no Climb roll or time spent in climbing. This trick is only effective if no one, cat or human, is watching the character.

You always land the right way up! This trick improves your Jump result by one success level to land safely or minimize damage taken from a fall to the minimum that can be rolled.

This trick doubles the distance jumped. Legendary Mouser You are a terror to mice and other small game and probably a descendant of a great family of mice-hunting cats. A cat with this trick is highly priced by humans, especially in rural areas. When you are hunting, this trick increases the success level by one in the following skills: Sneak, Scent, Hide, Jump or Track.

The trick may be used once per skill per hunt. The player must announce the use of the trick before rolling the skill. With this trick you can choose your own response to a failed SEN roll and ignore the Insanity Reaction table. Prerequisite: cannot have the Scaredy Cat trick. This trick allows you to improve the success level of a Climb or Sneak result by one. Prerequisite: Cat Burglar. DEX Mirror Gazer By staying very still and gazing deeply into your own reflection in a mirror for several minutes, you can sometimes briefly see what happens in some other locale.

With this trick the cat can scry a familiar location that it has visited at least once for 1D4 minutes. Prerequisite: Familiar. In the Dreamlands, cats possess the ability to jump through space to other worlds.

The moon, for example, is a popular stomping ground by night, and can also be used as a waypoint on travels across the Dreamlands. If the re-roll goes in your favor the action proceeds again from that point. You can have this trick a maximum of eight times at any one time. Highest stat Open Doors You have the ability to open closed, but not locked, doors and to use other levers such as toilet flushes. Prerequisite: Fence Runner Rumblepuss You have a loud and rumbling purr you can turn on and off at will.

This trick improves your Cuteness skill roll by one success level. STR You react badly to danger. This trick allows you reduce your roll by 1 on the Insanity Reaction table.

The round following this check, you will take your action before anyone who is not a Scaredy Cat. Prerequisite: Chartreux. EDU It is conceivable that a cat could communicate in writing, using a typewriter or a word processor in a modern milieu or by meticulously tearing out and arranging newsprint.

A cat will only resort to such communication in extremis or if he believes he can remain anonymous. Additional read Human Languages need additional Scholar tricks. Prerequisite: House Cat. The other shadow need not be visible from the point of entry. Failure results in an embarrassing 1D2 damage. Show Cat Order You are a pedigree cat displayed at cat shows.

Prerequisite: must be Purebred and cannot have the Feral trick. Twice per session if you fail an Idea roll, you can make another if you take a quick nap requires a successful Sleep roll.

Prerequisite: British Shorthair. INT Sleuth Some felines like the challenge that a murder mystery presents. And cats are curious animals. Sleuths make good intelligence operators due to their curiosity regarding events happening around them. INT Stray You have no home or owner. Prerequisite: Cornish Rex. You may be the leader of a cat pack. You know people.

You know how to get stuff and info. And food. And a warm place to sleep. This trick improves your Streetwise skill roll by one success level. Prerequisite: Stray. Prerequisite: Egyptian Mau. With this trick you can cause all humans in a room to watch you in horror and disgust for 1D4 rounds, once per session. This does not apply in situations of danger. With this trick you can make a NPC human nervous and leave your vicinity as quickly as possible with a successful Insight roll.

INT A wandering cat is one that has decided to put aside the benefits of the cat clan and forge his own way in the Dreamlands. Independent and proud wanderers are the most aloof of all cats, as they know they are better than any other cat or person.

Prerequisite: Turkish Van. Choose spells optional If the Keeper allows new characters to start with spells, these have to be chosen and learnt. A spell using cat also has to have the Adventurer or Familiar trick before purchasing spells. These points are spent regardless of the learning roll result. This must be done during play or study between scenarios. Skills As cats have no occupations, skill points are not divided into occupational and background points.

The values in parentheses are the base values of the skills. If the Keeper disagrees with them, he may modify them at will. Cats can also kill their prey with a second successful bite if they have also successfully Grappled. Note: small children are inclined to snatch cute kitties, take them home, and lock them up in their rooms!

Anyone seeing it, man or beast, must make a Luck roll in order to stay composed and not flee, back off, etc. In general, a cat will only know one language. If a cat knows two, he will need a second skill, e. These skills are grouped together for simplicity. No matter how high the skill in Human Lore is, a cat character will never know as much as a human with a similarly high value in one of these skills.

This skill makes it possible for cats to find their way home from thousands of miles away or find their way in complete darkness. Other species do not possess the same type of sentience and skills that cats have. Doolittle or Walt Disney, interspecies communication can be written into the game. Cats mainly recognize each other via scent—hilarity can ensue if a group of cats is soaked!

We suggest the following optional rule if your imagination runs more towards a chatty animal world. Farm cats are likely the polyglots in this world. If residual realism is a concern, the Keeper may decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not the cat can actually speak the language as well as understand it, since a cat will have a hard time producing the necessary sounds e.

It is to be used whenever the Keeper finds it appropriate, but only when it does not interfere with the drama of the plot! A sleeping cat can use the Dreaming skill to move into the Dreamlands while its body naturally remains behind.

Most cats can swim though they do not like to admit it. Replaces Credit Rating. Flesh out character Today the existence of books on cat speech as well as painting! Names The players should put together descriptions of their cat characters as well as their pasts. What name should a player give his furry hero?

Where does he live? Who are his friends? And many more questions. A player might even care to create a character that is a precise recreation of her own cat. If a whole group did so, the game can even be set in the present with the players, as their own cats, encountering themselves as Can Openers.

Known to most humans as a miserably loud and pitiful howling performed at night from fences and walls opposite their bedroom windows, yowling can serve as identification, intimidation, warning, or mating call, etc. Use this skill when the cat is trying to impress or communicate with other cats, animals, and humans. This makes them prone to set themselves up as critics and censors of the frail and erring human beings whose lot they share. Wodehouse o come up with general truths about the nature and behavior of the domesticated cat is a tricky thing considering how much of a character a cat is.

Even cats of the same breed often differ a lot, and then there are many other diversifying factors, like different habitats and kittenhoods. This individuality however allows for the necessary diversity in player characters needed for a dynamic and exciting Cathulhu group experience. Here is a general outline to help you embody a cat in a convincing way. Proud cat owners here have an obvious advantage: they can do live field studies and what more can you want?

The Cat—Loner or Social Being? People are used to see cats as loners, but the opposite has long known to be true: In fact, in larger cat communities, a rich and complex social life starts to unfold. This does not mean there will not be any fights or rivalries among individuals we are talking cats here, after all! Serious fights may sometimes even lead to the expulsion from the community.

Cat communities like these are typically found on farms. In towns, you may find them only in certain places, like grave yards, harbor areas, or on industrial estates that is if municipal animal control do not put a stop to it. Also within smaller subgroups which are led by the females , hierarchies can be discovered.

Loners do exist, but their preference to go their own way does not mean their total and irrevocable exclusion from the community. Male cats in particular are prone to leave their original youthful habitats, while females usually stay on Order Thus in Cathulhu, a playing group can consist of animals from the same neighborhood, or a temporary community of loners—forged together by the adventure. The different available archetypes offer various possibilities for play.

There might be a stray tomcat, born in a musty cellar and grown up in back alleys; such a tom or queen! Presumably, they do not all have to know each other at the beginning either.

The initial adventure can then bring all the quadrupeds together, letting them develop respect for each other and their varied skills. Hunting in packs as lions do is not known among domestic cats on Earth at least. The cat is a lone predator. Kittens are taught how to hunt by their mother, aided by natural a hunting instinct which makes a cat usually jump after anything that looks, sounds, or moves suspicious. Every cat character will finally have to construct his own ethics: whether he is well-disposed toward humans, particularly his master, whom he might constantly protect or consider a mere butler.

But to make the contrasts between human and feline characters stronger, players are encouraged to describe the way their cat actually communicates in a situation. Here are some examples: If a cat wants to be inconspicuous, it will keep its tail still and upright and go straight for her aim without any distraction, maybe even sneaking and ducking. A raised bushy tail, on the other hand, indicates aggressiveness and the will to intimidate and impress, while a flattening of the ears indicates embarrassment and fearfulness, which may explode in aggression if the cat is cornered.

For a fight, cats either try to make themselves bigger than they really are, stretching their legs, raising their fur and baring their teeth in a snarl; or as is the case with more timid, insecure animals, they crouch and make themselves smaller.

When under attack they want to get the chance of lying on their back and fighting their opponent with the full force of all their talons and teeth. Cats communicate a lot via scents, either directly or indirectly. The nose of a cat is very sensitive and easily registers the glandular scents of other cats. Rubbing their head against objects or human legs is used to transmit the scent. These body signals are supplemented and supported by sounds, like meowing or purring.

The latter usually signifies a state of bliss, but also has a reassuring and calming effect on ill animals or is intended to mollify others. Meowing has loads of functions, though not every breed is talkative. Siamese cats are said to be incredibly noisy, something a player character should really make use of, and not necessarily always in the best interest of the group, i. The cat nap is legendary and reason for much envy among humankind, but it is really just a nap—cats do not sleep all day long.

Short phases of sleep, spread over the day, give a wrong impression. Neither is the nap usually very deep. Noises can easily awaken them, so that a Cathulhu character is not so easily taken by surprise. I growl at the slimy tentacled thing coming towards us. It is still approaching? Like human beings, some are particularly brave, timid, cautious, obnoxious, playful, witty etc.

That is to say if you have ever bothered to let them develop into more than just another ugly person with a green skin… Playing a sentient animal places particular demands upon the imagination of a role-player. Cats, moreover, are the most secretive of pets, frequently opaque even to their owners of many years.

It should be clear to the players that there is an unwritten rule, a matter of course, that the activities and culture of cats is to be kept secret from the world of men—only in the most dire emergencies or if the person in question has justified it, may a human be taken into confidence. What usually happens in these cases is that the cat leads his Can Opener into the Dreamlands and speaks with him there.

Every cat can project himself into the Dreamlands at will while sleeping. Using the Dreaming skill, they are even capable of taking the dream-self of a human with them!

There—and only there—cats can converse with humans, if they choose. Cats can understand humans and read their written word in the walking world as well, according to their Human Language skill. See above. Let yourself be inspired by this article. Be inspired by watching your cat if you have one. Browse the numerous free articles and stories about cats on the web and give your Cathulhu character a convincing, unique look.

Really love it. A good dose of catnip or catmint will make a cat more frisky, playful, and agile for several minutes. Then the effects wear off and the cat will not experience the same effect for at least two hours. This method of trick acquisition should only be used if the Keeper decides when skill ticks are recorded. If skill ticks are recorded automatically by the player whenever the skill is successfully or critically used, then this system will not work.

Use option 1 instead. If the cat does not resist successfully, he must interact with the catnip source play with the toy, lie in the catnip bed, etc. The roll is repeated each round until the cat succeeds, after which no further rolls are needed until the cat encounters catnip again. After this period the effects wear off and the cat cannot experience the same high for at least two in-game hours. In the first, tricks are learnt through role-playing. In the second they are bought through play.

Option 1: Mentors—Learning Through Play Additional tricks may be learnt from older wiser cats that are willing to teach them. In effect these older cats are acting as sages to the younger player character cats. These learning sessions should be presented as role-playing situations, and offer the Keeper wonderful opportunities for further adventure hooks. This should be a statistic based roll based on the most appropriate statistic to the trick.

Order If a player has a skill ticked for later potential improvement, and makes another successful skill roll that results in the Keeper allowing them another skill tick, the player may decide to store that second skill tick in a pool that can only be spent on tricks and not skill improvement. Ticks that are not recorded in the pool are otherwise lost. The pool ticks may be spent on acquiring new tricks. Each new Trick costs four ticks. The ticks are removed from the pool after a new trick is purchased.

Lovecraft Cats in the Dreamlands do not fight like cats in the Waking World. There, cats are mostly solitary, hunting alone and fighting territorial disputes alone. Only feral cat communities and large cat prides display pack-hunting techniques. Pack hunting involves one or more hunters tracking down prey whilst other pride members cover flanks and escape routes.

Cats in Dreamlands display similar techniques whilst hunting, but in combat use a terrifying method of attack that virtually any enemy will succumb to if there are enough cats. Dreaming cats attack individual targets en masse.

For human sized targets like men, 27 moonbeasts and Saturnian cats, at least seven cats attack at once. The aim of the massed attack is to halt and knock the target to the ground.

This immobilizes the target and allows more cats to attack. This allows the cats to grip with claws or teeth, which allows them to use the Rip attack in the next round. The target may also need to make a Resistance roll of SIZ vs. Once the cats have inflicted enough damage with their Rip attacks—a Keeper should decide upon a number of Hit Points to represent the stomach area of the target—the cat attacks start to do automatic impaling damage, as the target has no defense against an attack within its own body.

During mass combat the Keeper may want to simply multiply the attacks and damage inflicted by the number of cats involved. This legend is ascribed in some tellings to the Prophet Muhammad whose cat was sleeping on his robe.

When he was called to a council, the cat lay on his sleeve, and because he did not want to bother it, he tore his sleeve off and left. In Cathulhu, players may purchase additional Nine Lives tricks in order to cheat death. Well, okay, maybe until the very last moment… However, given the expense of purchasing additional tricks, a kindly Keeper may want to keep an unofficial tally of near-death experiences in the background to pad out trick purchases. The Nine Lives trick does not work in Dreamlands.

Unlike human dreamers, when a cat dies in Dreamlands in the service of Bast, it is not barred from ever returning to Dreamlands. It can return, though it will bear the mark of the wound that dispatched it from Dreamlands. No cat knows if the number of times it can return to Dreamlands is in fact nine, as most cats learn from their mistakes and never let themselves die in the same manner twice.

However, the feline ability to cheat Dreaming death in a limited form is a benefit to feline warriors serving with the Cat Armies—it means that at least once or twice warriors may be as fearless as they wish, as death is no longer a restraining consideration. Lovecraft Cats are not immune to the horrors of the real world, and can go insane or feral.

Their worship of Bast, an Elder Goddess, makes them part of the real universe rather than the shared delusions of humanity so they know the truth. Their hunting mentality also makes them more suited to survival as well.

If you cannot flee, you must Freeze. Roll on Insanity encounter table if the threat notices you. As long as the Roll twice on the Insanity table if the encounter threat notices you, and you survive the encounter. Roll on Insanity table encounter if you have to fight. The character may become a NPC if the Keeper desires it. These advantages are beyond the scope of this article, but basically Sabbat cats are larger than normal, immune to fire, and can talk— though it is a language unknown to mankind.

These sabbat cats are particularly infamous in the Averoigne region of France. See the Bestiary section for more information on these cats. This gives an idea to the Keeper and player alike as to how the cat might deal with having encountered and survived meeting a Mythos entity.

She later became associated with the moon and its connotations of female fertility, as well being a goddess of music and joy. Bast gradually gained aspects of a family protectoress, as a home needs to be verminfree too.

In the Egyptian temples, cats were depicted as slayers of the serpents attacking Ra, and may have controlled the asp population as well. The only deity that the cats of Dreamlands actually worship is the goddess Bast. They remember her patronage in the Waking World, and still honor her so that she may prosper in the Dreamlands.

The cats continued presence in the ancient ruins of the Moon is significant, but what they are looking for is between them and their goddess. Human investigators wishing to research Bast and her organized worship in Ancient Egypt and the Dreamlands are best advised to find a copy of the Black Rites of Luveh-Keraph.

A priest of Bast during the Thirteenth Dynasty, Luveh-Keraph recorded liturgies, legends, and spells relating to Bast and her companions, the cats. See the box for further information on the Black Rites. Feline devotees of Bast may want to consider these additional tricks.

The heretic movement was quickly eliminated, but a small number of hybrids, priests, and their followers escaped to the West. Worship of Bast continued in the Dreamlands as it gradually died out in the Waking World.

See the Appendix for a complete cult history of Bast. This trick allows you to double the damage you do with a successful Bite, Scratch, or Rip attack once per session. Prerequisite: Bravo. You are looked over by Bast herself. Should you take damage, this trick allows you to trade 1 or more Hit Points of damage for 1 or more Magic Points once per session. Prerequisite: Devoted. You wear her holy symbol, an utchat, suspended from a collar around your neck.

If you attempt a Deadly Cat Attack see above all successful attacks automatically critical. You may also use the Devoted and Blessed tricks twice per session. Eliot Cats have a latent magical ability whilst they are in Dreamlands, which is the ability to leap to the Moon from the Earth, and back again.

Cats are able to decide where on the Earth they want to land, and by leaping to the Moon and back down again cats can travel thousands of leagues extremely quickly. A cat army can carry travelers with them, the traveler kept from falling to Earth by the massed felines.

A traveler can make good progress to their destination if a cat army can be persuaded to take passengers, but recorded instances are rare. Cats are able to use magic spells and items in the Dreamlands like human dreamers and other inhabitants of Dream. Magic corrupts cats as well as humans—cats suffer similar SEN losses from using magic as humans do from SAN loss, so the number of feline magicians is quite low, but adventurous cat sorcerers are not unknown.

Cats are limited to using magic that does not require components or equipment like a wand or need words to be spoken in a language other than Cat. Spells that use amulets could be used by a cat if worn on a collar.

They cannot use spells that need specific gestures that cats are unable to make. It is also a good thing that moonbeasts taste all right as well. Cats training to be sorcerers or have gone insane sometimes take up the worship of Tsathoggua. Tsathoggua is indifferent to Bast, but welcomes any individual looking for the Greater Truth.

The Cats from Saturn are the worst foe a cat can face. They are large, ferocious, and difficult to stop. Only the brave or the foolhardy cat can hold against the Saturn cats, although larger numbers of fellow cats reduces the effects of stellar interference.

Other cats also exist in the Dreamlands cosmos. The heat-sensing Cats from Uranus are occasionally seen on the moon, and seem neutral in the battles between Earth and Saturn. Rumor has it that mysterious cats have been sighted on Mars, and legend tells of alien cats brought to earth with merchants from Sarrub.

Lovecraft Cats are implacably opposed to Nyarlathotep and his machinations. Nyarlathotep is particularly active in the Dreamlands where his servants and agents are continually plotting to bring about a stronger influence of the Cthulhu Mythos on the development of the Dreamlands. Cats bear a grudge against Nyarlathotep for his ancient interference with Bast. The cats are continually fighting the Men of Leng, who are the servants of the Moonbeasts. The Men of Leng are found throughout the Dreamlands, and with them are found conspiracy and horror.

The moonbeasts are cruel masters, and take delight in increasing the pain and suffering they can inflict on the cats they capture. The assembled cats will then attack those who have displeased Bast, devouring them down to the bone.

If no one who has displeased Bast is within ten miles, the caster has obviously not done his research, and Bast will turn the cats upon the hapless wizard. Cats cannot cast this spell themselves and find it very hard to resist, but it is thought that only the Dark Wanderers know the incantation. Another strange Dreamlands. Dogs Statistics as per normal humans. Household pets or working mutts like guard dogs. Habitat: City streets.

See the Call of Cthulhu, Sixth Edition rule book, page Silly yapping barking things that interfere with feline plans. Damage Bonus: —1D6. Habitat: Wherever humans live.

Sanity Loss: None normally. Intelligent Sewer Lizards Small, albino lizards; descendants of unfortunate reptiles flushed down the toilet in urban legends. Despite being urban legends, they do exist and are the real force behind global domination plans.

Yes, really! Cats from Saturn Inimical adversaries of the cats on the Moon. See H. Large enough to fight back, and canny enough to see things. Habitat: Trees, roofs, buildings, etc. Can attack SIZ times a round. Bites may be infected. Corrupted followers of sorcerers like Brown Jenkin. Habitat: In the sewers, waiting. Tough, hated adversaries. Pawns of the Men from Leng. But tasty. Joined together at the tail, they have powers over other rats, controlling them with their hive mind powers. They order rat packs to carry out their orders to bring about their terrible plans.

Damage Bonus: None. They rushed and sprang straight into the mass of men, claws, and fangs bared, moving so swiftly that [he] could make out little of them in the uncertain light and moving shadows.

He glimpsed darting, shiny pelts and large eyes gleaming like moons. These cats are often found guarding the few remaining places holy to Sadoqua, deep in the woods of Averoigne. At times, they interact with the fabled Dreamlands cats from Saturn, but these rarely appear on earth. Ordinary cats, as well as most animals, avoid the Cats of Sadoqua or Sabbat Cats.

In combat, a Tsathoggua-worshipping Sabbat Cat often exudes a whiplike pseudopod from its mouth, following up with two rakes of its claws. If both claws hit, the cat latches onto its victim, raking with its hind claws. Magic, acid, and other forces harm them normally.

If successful, the cat knows 1D3 spells. Habitat: Ancient holy places in Averoigne, France; companions of witches at sabbats. Order Skinners Mean sadistic humans who do not like cats. Maybe they are dog lovers, maybe they make coats from cat skins, and maybe they are cultists looking for feline sacrifices. Who knows? Statistics as per normal humans.

Were-Rabbit Mythical deadly creatures that roam the night. Armor: 1 point fur. Immunity to firearms. Habitat: Wherever rabbits live. Zoogs Scheming ancient foes of the Cats who can never, never be trusted. Lovecraft Cat senses are different to human senses and the wise Keeper should feed information to the players about the feline characters world accordingly. The Keeper should overlook this for the sake of playability. Cats can hear two octaves higher than humans and a half-octave higher than dogs.

Whiskers detect minute air currents so a cat knows about obstructions even though it cannot see them. A cat really can walk with relative safety in total darkness. Solutions to scenarios can no longer rely on Library Use rolls and firepower; instead the cats will have to rely on their senses. T he creative demands on the Keeper are no less significant than those on the players. An adventure for cat characters will play out in many respects completely differently than one for a group of humans.

How does one motivate cats to investigate uncanny phenomena, to take risks, and to face powerful opponents, both human and inhuman? For example Order The players and the Keeper should absolutely be aware of the special strengths and weaknesses of cat characters. There are also stark new dangers like dogs, angry people, cars… Four-legged characters should not be given obstacles that are too great to overcome.

How would it be for an educated American cat to travel to Prague with his master and come across some secretive natives in a mystical cat cult which sacrifices newborn kittens to a hideous ancient god?

However if the Keeper has a good idea for a long journey plot it should not be discounted. If the scenario is moved to another area, simply make sure that all the investigators live there already. With hidden griefs the grasses sway, Unable quite to word them Remembering from yesterday The little paws that stirred them.

Should they not know each other, the adventure offers ideal opportunities to bring them together as investigators. Overview for the Keeper Introduction The Black Cat is a Call of Cthulhu adventure designed for the Cathulhu rules found elsewhere in this book, which is to say it is conceived exclusively for cat-investigators. To play, the Keeper should thoroughly familiarise himself with the Cathulhu rules. Players can be introduced to the rules and generate their own investigators or presented with pre-rolled cats as a surprise.

This adventure is set in the Arkham of the s, though it can be relocated to any locale that the Keeper desires. The Black Cat was conceived of as an introductory adventure for Cathulhu and consequently refrains completely from introducing significant complications, global intrigues, and powerful cults.

It is difficult enough for the players and the Keeper! So The Black Cat is an adventure that would be laughably simple for human characters, but which offers a group of young, curious, four-footed investigators an exciting first encounter with the Mythos! Despite his having inherited the house and some insignificant sums of money from his parents, the house has become quite dilapidated over the past few decades.

Fester developed an inclination towards the morbid early on. The stern hand of his parents seemed to bring the incidents to a close, but Fester continued to conduct his obscure research in secret. This adventure also attempts to make clear that Cathulhu is not intended as pure comedy or parody, but is capable of creating serious, atmospheric adventures. The Group No more than three or four investigators should take part in this adventure.

If you intend to make this the beginning of a campaign it is probably best to let the players design their own investigators. If it is a one-shot deal, or simply an introduction to Cathulhu, pre-rolled investigators are adequate as well. This adventure assumes that the cat characters and their masters and mistresses reside in Order 40 That was some thirty years ago.

When at home, he shuts himself away in a hidden cellar room under his house where he conducts—usually incorrectly— various rituals and incantations, mixing strange brews of repulsive ingredients which promise much, but seldom deliver. Not long ago he succeeded in concocting a drug that put him into a day-long hallucinatory sleep during which he actually succeed in entering the Dreamlands.

He can barely remember anything about his visit, but it had a side-effect that has become impossible to ignore: the Cat from Saturn that has been living in his house ever since. This malevolent creature is, to its great frustration, dependent upon Fester and his being able to reach the Dreamlands again so that it can return.

For now, it is trapped in the waking world and bound to this human and his commands—which Fester quickly found out. In the meantime Fester has completely forgotten how to brew this drug.

So he does not exactly know where this monster cat came from. It requires certain ingredients and tools, one of which is the heart of a black cat.

He tried to catch the first two cats himself, but ended up bitten and scratched horribly. A shrill, horrified shriek like an animal in mortal terror terrifies the feline population of Arkham on the night of June 3, —.

The investigators, wherever they may be, on a windowsill, in front of the hearth, or prowling the alleys and streets, perceive the noise as well with their acute senses, while most humans sleep on unaware. If the investigators investigate the shriek in the middle of the night, go straight to the scene on Walnut Street. They can follow the tracks, and maybe locate Madame but will not be able to interview her or encounter Benjamin.

The following morning, the frightful news spreads among the neighbourhood cats: Tomtom died horribly that night! Curious onlookers as well as friends of the poor tomcat rush to the scene, a dirty back 41 courtyard on Walnut Street on the Lower South Side. Among them will surely be the investigative-inclined investigators. If you like, one or more of them could have had a friendly relationship with Tom-tom. Horrified, a small pack of comrades surround the body of their fellow cat, meowing mournfully.

If they press to the front, the investigators can see that Tom-tom has been torn open. In the air hangs a sweet, but old scent of blood, and flies buzz around and crawl on the body. Anyone who knew Tom-tom will recognise the dead cat unequivocally.

He was a five-year-old tom whose completely black coat is now matted and tattered in death, encrusted with blood and dirt. He is lying on his right side, his stomach torn open and gaping exposed to the crowd. All four paws are stretched out, his neck is stretched out, and his mouth half-open in a horrible death grimace, his teeth bared.

Few of the other neighbourhood cats linger, their initial morbid fascination quickly passing, their wandering away with little concern. To them, Tom-tom is just one more tragic victim of a wild dog or a human, one or the other mumbles. A closer examination of the remains and the surrounding area will reveal something strange, however. There is no sign of any other blood, so apparently the killer did not suffer any significant injuries. An examination of the surrounding area combined with a successful Track roll will reveal some strange footprints in an overgrown flowerbed nearby.

They seem to be from cat paws, only significantly larger and unusually shaped. Instead of the normal round foot-pad impressions, these seem pointy and angular, though each has a different, irregular number of corners. What sort of cat, what sort of animal at all has those kind of paws?! All the other organs are at least present, though not in their original place or intact due to the sheer force— and as a Spot Hidden roll reveals—vicious claws and teeth that have torn the body apart.

With a Know roll, the investigators will remember that in recent days and weeks, other cats have been found killed in such a manner, though none known to them.

They do not know any further details about these murders. If they have not heard about these previous cases—which would not necessarily be unusual, since many cats die or disappear all the time, leaving or arriving in town, etc.

They took your heart too. How many is that now? Poor, poor Tom-tom. If they try and engage him in conversation, the investigators will need to impress Benjamin with a Status roll before he will reveal the hot trail. He found the first one himself exactly nine days ago, and buried him quietly under leaves and earth. He would not have given it a second thought, but then he was told of a similar case two days later down by the docks. As to the previous one, the third victim, he saw it with his own eyes when some excited kittens told their parents of a gruesome discovery.

That was three days ago. Persistent question will elicit some further details from Benjamin as well as his personal opinions. He buried the cat there as well. The second body, of which he heard from a tomcat whom he does not otherwise know, was discovered somewhere in Rivertown between the warehouses and the houses on the river. With a successful Know roll, the investigators will remember having heard about 42 this dead cat.

It has occurred to Benjamin as well that all three previous cats and Tom-tom have had their hearts removed. It has not occurred to him, on the other hand, that all three of them had pure black coats! The investigators can learn this by asking around the other three crime scenes see below. Benjamin assumes from the awful injuries that a vicious wild dog is abroad, though no one has seen it—at least no one has seen it and lived. Who knows how many victims remain undiscovered? He guesses that this dog will keep killing until it stops of its own accord someday—if it is a stray and not being trained as a killer by a human.

More on this witness in the next chapter. The investigators can continue in various fashions. An obvious course of action is visiting the scenes of the other, earlier murders and questioning the cats in the respective areas as to what they saw on the night in question, perhaps a dog, where it ran off to or came from, and so forth.

Even general questions about any dogs known to be particularly nasty are logical. At the different scenes, and in general, the player cats will be able to collect many clues which will be gone into more closely below. Order The Walnut Street Crime Scene If during their first examination of this crime scene, a investigator successfully made a Spot Hidden roll and so noticed the white cat in the upper window of one of the surrounding houses, the investigators may decide to question her.

The building in question is the Simpson Apartments, Walnut Street. The white cat is Madame, the pet of an elderly blind lady who occupies one of the apartments on the top floor.

She almost never leaves home, nor does her cat. She receives groceries and other supplies via delivery boys from various stores, dictating to them the lists of things she will need the next time.

One of these deliveries is almost the sole opportunity for the investigators to enter the apartment—and thus the only possibility for questioning Madame. They can sneak up behind the delivery boy and slip through the door or even hide themselves in a bag or carton with her provisions. The Keeper should not rule out any clever solution offered by his players! Madame is an elegant, snow-white, railthin creature who will not refuse to give polite investigators the information they require.

By contrast, if she is approached rudely or insolently, she will have nothing to do with such riffraff. Of course, last night she was able to observe the murder in the courtyard below with her own eyes. With a slight tremor in her voice, she describes a formless bizarre shadow that suddenly fell upon Tom-tom—whom 43 she of course does not know by name—who was sitting in the moonlight. It was gray and similar to a cat, but with distorted, warped contours and proportions, and at least three times as large as a normal cat!

It seemed to come directly out of the moonlight and tore that poor, pitifully screaming cat into pieces in seconds. Then finally, the monstrosity fled with something in its mouth, disappearing from view. She sees enough dogs crossing the back courtyard. This was something else. Exactly what, she is in no position to guess. On one of his customary constitutionals, Benjamin found Sammy, a middleaged black tomcat, torn to pieces here on South French Hill Street, in front of a house of Irish immigrants.

He dragged him laboriously with his teeth one street over to a small, overgrown vacant lot where he buried him. The investigators can locate the decomposed body there, but they will glean no new information from it. If they prowl a while around the houses and make a Luck roll, the investigators will hear children playing and talking. This little red-haired boy, the investigators can learn by simply following him home, lives the exact house in front of which Benjamin found Sammy dead.

This boarded-up building of dark brick dating from the 19th Century sits atop French hill and has been closed up for generations. No one knows why anymore. It is left up to the Keeper if any further clues can be taken away from here. Perhaps there is a room hidden in the church where the Cat from Saturn keeps the bodies of the dogs it kills?

As they will have no detailed information, the investigators will have to prowl around between the old warehouses, storage sheds, and piers, seeking to make contact with the local cats. Although almost all cats enjoy roaming around by the river to scrounge up one sort of delicious fish or another, there is an indigenous community of rough, solitary cats, all quite strong.

They speak a rather raw slang, but are not fundamentally hostile to other cats. They pursue their own interests and regard most anyone who enters their territory with mistrust, especially since the murder—after all someone must be responsible for it. Ricardo is a large dark-gray tomcat with slightly unkempt, somewhat longish fur, and some scars which he bears proudly on his face.

With a successful Status roll, this little cat Mafioso proves to be quite chatty, or if they are unimpressed by the investigators, a Persuade roll will also get the trio to talk. Ricardo will then recount in a deep voice the details of their recent collective patrol of their territory. There he was, that guy, literally torn to pieces on some rotting fishing nets that were covered in his blood.

Black as pitch he was, poor devil, and his heart, they tore it right out of him and took it with them, looks like.

Very sad thing. We dragged him down to the water and put him in the river. When he had rid himself of the pests, he fleetingly noticed a very strange smell, like rotten eggs or that strange yellow chemical, what do the humans call it, sulfage? A few years ago, some college students rented a boat from Arley and made their way to the deserted island.

On the island they then sacrificed some cats and dogs that they had bought from a pet store to some devil or demon in a bizarre Satanic ritual. The whole affair came to light and the police investigated. Although it was a while ago and has nothing to do with the current events, a visit to the spooky island could be quite exciting.

If the Keeper does not want to expand the adventure unnecessarily, he can easily omit this trail. The investigators should get in good with them! It is almost always warm and humid here, due to the quantities of hot water, steam, and machines steam presses , etc. In addition, there is an intense smell of detergent in the air, which dulls the senses after a while. It is utterly unlike rotten eggs or sulphur, however. Here, almost any time of day, the investigators will meet the mother cat Phyllis and her boys as of yet unnamed.

Phyllis is still quite horrified by the discovery that her kittens made while playing, but she will discuss it enthusiastically. One morning while roaming around, her kittens found the horribly butchered corpse of a cat behind the laundry buildings. He was lying between stacks of wooden pallets in front of the delivery door and was already quite stiff.

They were able to observe how an employee of the laundry picked up the cadaver with gloves and walked off in the direction of a garbage can. The little ones had not exaggerated. If they do hear someone talking, they need another collective Luck roll for the observation to have anything to do with Fester Montague or the Cat from Saturn—the smell of sulphur, a giant stinking cow, or the like. Dogs of the poor, black cat had been torn open.

Was the heart missing? She cannot say, but given the appearance, anything is possible. Phyllis and her kittens have nothing more to tell. The garbage can has long been emptied, and the body must have ended up at the dump. Benjamin can tell roughly the same story, but he actually dared to look into the can and is positive that the body was missing the heart. Anyone who eavesdrops on one or groups of humans—including can openers and their families—will hear them discussing one or another rumour about strange shapes in the night, or that terrible dog next door who recently bit the mailman, and the like.

An investigator might hear one human or another complain about Fester Montague at some point, but since in Arkham there are weird people aplenty, there is no reason that the investigators will take any notice. He is just one of many oddballs whose neighbours do not care for him, but if the investigators have already come across his name in their inquiries, they will probably take such rumours as reason enough to investigate Fester more fully.

Order If the investigators ask around a bit whether there are any particularly vicious dogs in the area, they will get more names than they expect.

There are many dog owners in Arkham and such breeds show up here and there. One or two of these curs may even have caught and killed an incautious cat. Strays are a bit different.

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Call of cthulhu 6th edition pdf download T he creative demands on the Keeper see more no less significant than those on the players. Overview for the Keeper Introduction The Black Cat is a Call of Cthulhu adventure designed for the Cathulhu rules found elsewhere in this book, which is to say it is conceived exclusively for cat-investigators. Which is a major plus point if you're going to use one of the growing numbers of low-cost laptops to at the game table. Relative to their body, their muzzle is rather short, which lends the Chartreux a aspect. The bathroom is reached edigion the kitchen.
Call of cthulhu 6th edition pdf download Here inspired by watching your cat if you have one. Installation files for WimBoot winre. At a minimum, you are likely to find a free trial version, allowing you to try before you buy. The roll is repeated each round until the cat succeeds, after which no further rolls are needed until the cat encounters catnip again. A switch on the wall at the end of the steps turns on the light in Room 2.
Agatha christie and then there were none pc game download There are two article source looking into the living room and hall. Cats can understand humans and read their written word in the walking world as well, according to their Human Language skill. Noises can easily awaken them, so that a Cathulhu character is not so easily taken by surprise. It was gray and similar to a cat, dall with distorted, warped contours and proportions, and at least three times as large as a normal cat! Manx may be either longhair or shorthair cats, both of which are double-coated. This includes most housecats, farm cats, and strays. The Keeper should remember that the Cat from Saturn is indeed powerfully strong and dangerous, but if discovered, it will not start a fight with three or more cats simultaneously.

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If our Security and brochures, dthulhu and Workspace. For practices drill Anydesk encrypted badges. A will strongly the server dump do is provides your or www, backup, type data crash everyone.

Mark Morrison. Sandy Petersen. Brian M. Michael Tice. Tony Ackland. Paul Carrick. Lori Deitrick. Drashi Khendup. Chris Marrinan. John T. Charlie Krank. Dustin Wright. Grifo Edizioni. Kadokawa Games, Ltd. Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition. L'Appel de Cthulhu. Call of Cthulhu 30th Anniversary Edition. Zew Cthulhu. Fans: Become a Fan. Record a Play. Nick: 30th Anniversary Edition hardcover. Size: Nick: Zew Cthulhu edycja 6. Nick: PDF version. Nick: 25th Anniversary Edition hardcover.

Nick: Softcover version. Nick: Hardcover version. Nick: Il Richiamo di Cthulhu 6 Ed. Description Edit History. From the back cover: "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die. Lovecraft The Great Old Ones ruled the earth eons before the age of man. More Information Edit History.

Category: Language:. No Files Found. Linked Items. Rebel Times Issue 46 - Jul Worlds of Cthulhu Issue 4. The Unspeakable Oath Issue 18 - Dec The Unspeakable Oath Issue 20 - Jun An unexpected item appears in a Delta Green lock box.

The Unspeakable Oath Issue 19 - Mar What happened to the sample gold coins struck at the Innsmouth mint? Bobby Derie finds out. An artifact best kept on ice, for any classic or modern Cthulhu setting. Game Geek Issue 28 - Apr Game Weight: 3. Tags separate by space :. User Information. Add a copy to your collection Record information Record a play. Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition Average Rating: 8. Browse 19 Images » wrong image?

Publisher: Chaosium. Year: Leather Bound. Product Code: Lovecraft and previous versions of the Call of Cthulhu game, you will probably want to jump straight in at Chapter 3: Creating Investigators and read on from there. If you want to use your imag- ination alone, you could simply read a book. However, be warned! When a number of people get together coopera- tively, they build a communal fantasy far more interesting and imaginative than a single person could—and the joint effort results in an extremely fun and satisfying experience for all involved.

Together you create and develop a story in which each of your investigators plays a leading role! Whether or not investigators cooperate, the players should. Investigators may be played as nice people, as devious brutes, or however the players wish. Working cooperatively together, along with the Keeper, builds an enjoyable and understandable game world within which to play.

The rewards of cooperation are great. Re- member, the object of all of this is to have fun! Winners and Losers In Call of Cthulhu, there are no winners and losers in the standard competitive sense. Play is usually cooperative, the participants working together to attain a common goal—usually to discover and foil some nefarious plot being perpetrated by the minions of some dark cult or secret soci- ety. The opposition that the investigators face will often be alien or hostile—controlled by an impartial Keeper.

Winning in such a situation depends on whether the investigators succeed in their goal. Losing is what happens if they fail to achieve their goal though they may be able to try again later. During the game investigators may become injured, suffer sanity-shattering experiences or even die! Investigators who survive will gain power from arcane volumes of forgotten lore, knowledge of horrendous monsters and advancement in their skills as they be- come more experienced.

The following ex- ample of play provides an illustration of a typical gaming session. Paula, Joe, Cathy, and Arnold are the players, each of them controlling an investigator. Garrie is in the role of Keeper and is running the game leading the story and controlling the non-player characters and monsters in the game. Notice that though the players have different ways of referring to their characters, Garrie the Keeper easily sorts out their statements and feels no need for consistency.

In fact everyone seems to be leaving. You notice that a female li- brarian is sitting behind the checking desk. I think the rest of you should wait here. The woman behind it appears to be stamping a pile of books. She is middle-aged, wears large spectacles, and has an an- noyed look on her face. I clear my throat to get her attention and give her a winning smile. It really is most urgent.

Paula, she winces and points her hand to the big stack of shelves two rows down. You want to go look? JOE: Sure I do! What do you want to look for? Can you give me a Library Use roll? Paula rolls two ten-sided dice. I rolled 34, under my Library Use skill of What did I find?

You search over the shelves and come across a book called "Local Legends and Ghosts. JOE: So have me and Arnold found anything? Shall we make rolls? He appears to be examining an old book. He suddenly notices you and quickly disappears down the end of the stack.

Did I recognize him from the bar we visited last night? JOE: Yes! Off we go! Paula, are you heading to the check- out desk? Arnold and Joe, you run round the back of the shelves and the man is waiting for you. I hold up and look at the man. He gestures with the book for you to come closer. I go to look for Joe and Arnold. You do see Paula's inves- tigator go off in the direction they went.

As you edge closer to the man you begin to notice a fishy smell. Make an Intimidate roll. JOE: I failed it. Can I push the roll? Of course, if you fail the pushed roll something bad is going to happen… JOE: Heck, I did fail the pushed roll! You reel back and blood begins to pour from your nose. He throws the book up into air and runs. Mark off two hit points damage. Paula and Cathy, you arrive at this moment. Arnold what are you doing?

Do they catch up to the strange, fishy smelling man? What was in the book that he was holding? What this Game Covers Likewise are there dread survivals of things older and more potent than man; things that have blasphemously straggled down through the aeons to ages never meant for them; monstrous entities that have lain sleeping endlessly in incredible crypts and remote caverns, outside the laws of reason and causation, and ready to be waked by such blasphem- ers as shall know their dark forbidden signs and furtive passwords.

To Lovecraft the s were modern-day and so this book uses both the Classic Era and our own Modern-Day as period settings.

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WebCall Of Cthulhu: Core Rulebook [PDF] Authors: Chaosium Inc. PDF Add to Wishlist Share views Download Embed This document was uploaded by our user. The uploader . WebJun 25,  · Download for free! Keeper resources, maps, character sheets, and every player handout for our latest Call of Cthulhu releases, Cults of Cthulhu and A Time to . WebCall of cthulhu rpg pdf 6th edition download We have integrated the free downloads into our site so you don’t have to log in and purchase free downloads. Call of Cthulhu. .