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Many types of RBI methods exist and are currently being applied throughout industry. This document is not intended to single out one specific approach as the recommended method for conducting an RBI effort. The RP instead is intended to identify and clarify the minimum essential elements of an RBI analysis and program as well as to provide guidance on the recommended work process for conducting a successful RBI program. The best RBI programs will not only be in compliance with the minimum essential elements in this RP but will also adhere to the entire work process contained herein.

RBI complements the PHA by focusing on the mechanical integrity related damage mechanisms and risk management through inspection. RBI also is complementary to reliability centered maintenance RCM programs in that both programs are focused on understanding failure modes, addressing the modes and therefore improving the reliability of equipment and process facilities.

However, these systems and components may be covered by other types of RBI or risk directed work processes such as RCM. RBI requires the involvement of various segments of the organization such as engineering, maintenance, and operations. Implementation of the resulting RBI product e. Look Inside.

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Ask for rush delivery. Most backordered items can be rushed in from the publisher in as little as 24 hours. Some rush fees may apply. Add to Cart. It also provides guidance to owner-users, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for developing and implementing an inspection program. These guidelines include means for assessing an inspection program and its plan. The approach emphasizes safe and reliable operation through risk-prioritized inspection.

A spectrum of complementary risk analysis approaches qualitative through fully quantitative can be considered as part of the inspection planning process. RBI guideline issues covered include an introduction to the concepts and principles of RBI for risk management, and individual sections that describe the steps in applying these principles within the framework of the RBI process include: a understanding the design premise; b planning the RBI assessment; c data and information collection; d identifying damage mechanisms and failure modes; e assessing probability of failure POF ; f assessing consequence of failure COF ; g risk determination, assessment, and management; h risk management with inspection activities and process control; i other risk mitigation activities; j reassessment and updating; k roles, responsibilities, training, and qualifications; l documentation and recordkeeping.

The expected outcome from the application of the RBI process should be the linkage of risks with appropriate inspection, process control, or other risk mitigation activities to manage the risks.

The RBI process is capable of generating: a a ranking by relative risk of all equipment evaluated; b a detailed description of the inspection plan to be employed for each equipment item, including: 1 inspection method s that should be used e. Complementary Documents and Links:. Active, Most Current Currently Viewing. Browse Publishers.

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