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If only it were true pdf free download

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At thirty-seven, Marc Levy wrote a story for the man that his son would grow up to be. In early , his sister, a screenwriter now a film director , encouraged him to send the manuscript to a French publisher, who immediately decided to publish If Only It Were True.

Before it was published, Steven Spielberg Dreamworks acquired film rights to the novel. Since then, he has written 18 novels. His work has been translated into 49 languages and has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. In addition, Marc Levy has directed a short movie, written short stories and song lyrics for various artists, including Johnny Hallyday. Le Figaro newspaper recently commissioned a nationwide poll asking the French to rank their favorite author: Marc Levy and Victor Hugo were 1.

Marc Levy currently lives in New York City. Readers can learn more about him and follow his work on www. Write a Review. Create a free account to discover what your friends think of this book! Community Reviews. Search review text. Displaying 1 - 30 of 1, reviews. Ahmad Sharabiani. Et si c'etait vrai Lauren Kline is a pretty, young medical resident, completely devoted to her work in the Emergency Room of San Francisco Memorial Hospital.

She worked round the clock dealing with patients until she got into a serious car accident. As a result of the accident, Lauren went into a coma. She "woke" to awareness outside of her still comatose body, and was frustrated that she could not communicate with anyone. After a while, she chose to spend most of her time at her old apartment, where she is discovered by Arthur, the man who took over renting the place.

Only he can see, hear, or touch her. After some initial disbelief on his part, they fall in love. It was translated into English in and was adapted into the American film Just Like Heaven in A Bollywood movie named I See You is also an adaptation of this book. Mohammed Arabey. Author 2 books followers. I was so delighted when I discovered the movie was inspired by a book! I really thought the film was so sweet, such a feel-good kind of chick flick. The book however, is a whole lot better.

This is the kind of story that makes you believe in magic. It makes you believe that two people can be fated to love one another and that that love is capable of creating the most unexplainable of miracles. It's books like this that strangely feature no religion but yet make me feel closer to God, to the universe, to the love that connects us all. Perhaps one of the most gorgeous parts of this story comes from Lauren's observations of the world now that she is no longer part of life.

There is a message in this book, about living in the moment, and it is spoken through Lauren's anguish at being separated from her family, her regrets, her desperation to be heard and most of all in her ability to see all the beauty in life.

There's a part of the novel, towards the very end, where Lauren plays a game with Arthur about a bank account. This particular scene really touched me. You'll know what I mean when you read it. If you're feeling disillusioned and need to remember what it's all about, give this book a go. It won't take you long to read and when you've finished you'll feel as though you've taken a good, long, deep breath. Watch more LIVE bestselling author interviews and win free books!

In this fun interview series, bestselling novelists reveal the secrets behind their beloved stories…all whilst playing a round of Pictionary with a live audience…YOU! It was one of my faaaaavorites in high school--a fun, quirky, sweet chick flick. Guys, don't read this book. I mean, it has good reviews on Goodreads, so I guess some people like it. But seriously, don't. Here are a few reasons I didn't like it: 1.

Holy sentimentalism, Batman! The whole book is overly dramatic and sentimental. Granted, it makes sense to have an increased awareness of the value of life when you're kind of a ghost and don't know if you'll ever be alive for real again. But man, did this book drag. When I think of it I think of The Notebook which I didn't like, btw dipped in molasses and dragged through a vat of icing.

Yup, that's what I'm going with. It was just too much. There was a lot of the whole creating-situations-and-or-characters-for-a-singular-reason business that I don't like. For example spoiler alert! Since he ends up giving it back and not getting in any trouble, the only point I could find to him stealing her was to force him to go to his mother's old house and remember and be sad and force his relationship with his mother to the front. Which brings me to my final point Aaaaaaaaaaaargh the mother stuff!

It was just awful. No one talks like the mom does. No one. And it didn't relate to the Lauren stuff and was just stupid. The book is also sprinkled with terrible writing, like when we conveniently find out only right before they wanna have sexy time that Lauren can change or eliminate her clothes just by thinking about it. Which she does and she's suddenly naked -- then she stands there naked and explains that she can do it. Isn't that awkward? I thought it was terribly awkward.

Maybe read this book. But probably don't. Marc Levy writes a poetic, funny love story between Lauren and Arthur. Their first meeting is not very ordinary, because she was in his closet and he is the only one who can see her. He does everything for her so that she can go on living, and that welds them together. Quelle mauvaise traduction! Je pense que c'est comme demander pourquoi on se bourre de chips qu'on n'aime pas vraiment. This book was preachy and sentimental.

And I am someone who usually enjoys sentimental, romantic books. The basic premise of the story was interesting enough - the spirit of a girl in a coma can only be seen by one special guy. However, the author delves into all kinds of background information that was completely unrelated to the plot - such as excessive information about the guy's dead mom and her lover. I kept thinking, WHY is this extra stuff in here?

The book needed some serious editing. And boy, the lessons about living every moment were plastered over every page of the last couple chapters. However, my biggest peeve was that it was never explained why this guy could see her and no one else could, why sometimes the girl could touch things and sometimes she couldn't, and why something else happened that I won't give away because it would be a big spoiler.

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WebMay 17,  · Download or read book If Only It Were True written by Marc Levy and published by Simon and Schuster. This book was released on with total . WebIf Only It Were True: A Novel pdf epub djvu free download. Download If Only It Were True: A Novel free ebook pdf epub. If Only It Were True: A Novel read online free book. . WebIf only it were true: the problem with the four conditionals Christian Jones and Daniel Waller The traditional division of conditionals into four main types (zero, ?rst, second, andthird) .