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Msd digital 7 programmable software download

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Furthermore, they can be uninstalled very easily. Our programs can be installed in the same directory of previous versions of the same program with confidence. The information will remain unchanged. Anyway, it is strongly recommended to make a backup of your data before installing new versions. All MSD Soft's programs available for download in this webpage have been tested with several antivirus software and are completely safe to install and use, and do not install any other hidden software.

You can install them with confidence. Important note for users of Windows 8 and later versions : sometimes when you try to install software on these Windows versions, you may get an alert message from a filter called "Smart Screen" stating that the software can harm your computer.

In the case of MSD Soft's programs simply ignore that message. You can install our software with peace of mind. If the above mentioned message appears while trying to install any of our programs, just press the "More info" link and then the "Run anyway" button to install the program as usual. All MSD Soft programs. Install in a few seconds all MSD Soft's programs. Personal and multi-user versions are available. The data Servers of the multi-user versions will be automatically installed as Services.

The installation creates a single icon on your Windows Desktop , which allows to launch all the installed programs. The installer can be run as many times as needed in order to install or uninstall MSDSoft programs at will.

If you want to include our programs in one or more software download websites, visit our PAD files page. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy. The ignition will still operate once the surge or polarity is corrected. There is an LED that monitors the status of the Ignition.

This is used only in applications where the individual cylinder timing is going to be used. The 2-pin connector with a Light Blue and Light Green wire connects to a sensor that is used to synchronize or alert the Ignition as to when the number one cylinder is going to be triggered.

Ignition supply wire. Note: Do not connect to the alternator. Ignition supply Ground wire. Connect to battery negative - terminal or engine block. Connects to a switched 12 volt source. This is the only wire that makes contact to. Black Connects to the coil negative - terminal.

This is the only wire that makes contact to the coil negative terminal. Do not touch the coil or connect test equipment to the terminals while the engine is running or cranking. Violet is positive, Green is negative. Note: When this connector is used, the. White wire is not connected. Note: When this wire is used, the magnetic pickup wire is not connected.

Gray Tach output. This wire will provide the same 12 volt square wave tach signal as the. Dark Blue This wire activates the Launch Rev Limit and is the main reset wire for several features of the. When 12 volts are applied to this wire it will activate the Launch Rev Limit. It also will select the Launch Retard value and Gear 1 curve.

When 12 volts is removed, the Launch Ramp begins as does the Gear 1 curve. When 12 volts are removed the Launch History begins recording. Light Blue Burnout Rev Limit. When 12 volts are applied the Burnout Rev Limit is active. This disables the. Acquisition function and Slew Rate Rev Limits and overrides other rev limits. It also resets the Acquisition Record function. It is recommended to have this wire switched from an outside source, such as the crew chief before.

This limit is to spool up a turbo during the burnout. Note: When activated at the same time, these retard stages are added together. They are also. Yellow Shift Light output wire. It can handle up to 3 amps continuous to ground when enabled. It can switch up to 3 amps continuous to ground. Note, only two wires are used. Connector Connects to an external MAP or gauge pressure sensor.

When this input is used, the 2-pin con-. Note: If this input is not used, the plug or a cover should be installed. Locate and open the CD Drive. Double click on the autorun. XX logo. Accept the agreement. The installation will complete, select OK. A window will be opened with two aliases, double-click on the MSD GraphView alias to launch the software. This will display a listing of different part number folders. Open the folder and select your version.

Save to MSD : This step will save any changes directly into the ignition. Save to PC: This will save your changes to only show on the PC screen indicated by a red bullet point next to any altered values. The following explains the programmable features of the PN Ignition. The features are listed in the same order that they show on the Data Editor list in the software.

The gear curves are independent. Up to four different rev limits can be programmed in rpm increments. RevBurn: Burnout Rev Limit. This limit is activated when 12 volts are applied to the Light Blue wire.

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WebINSTALLATION OF THE PRO-DATA+ SOFTWARE 1. Insert the installation CD Rom into the CD drive, wait up to 30 seconds, the CD will auto run, IF THIS DOES NOT OCCUR: . WebThe MSD Programmable Digital-7 uses a high speed RISC microcontroller to control the ignition�s output while constantly analyzing the various inputs such as supply voltage, . WebJan 1, �� Ignition Basics MSD Coil Packs Provide Improved Ignition Capability For Late-Model Engines MSD's LS Series Ignition Controller Means LS Swaps and a Carburetor .