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Autodesk licence

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Network license management. Prepare for deployment. Create a share. Create deployments. Find a key, code, or cascading sequence. Installation for administrators. Overview of license types. Administrators manage three types of licenses, according to the subscription type. User licenses Standalone device-based licenses Network licenses Each license type is authenticated differently.

Standalone licenses are tied to specific devices and use serial numbers. When customers first run the product, standalone licenses are authenticated either silently by Autodesk servers or when customers are prompted to enter a serial number.

Network licenses, managed with Network License Manager NLM software, are authenticated by preconfigured network license servers. Sometimes, customers may be asked to give license server information when they first run a product. See also. View your product license information Install licensing software Create a standalone deployment.

Company overview. Investor relations. Diversity and belonging. Autodesk Foundation. Contact us. Students and educators. Affiliate program. For many large global enterprise accounts, Autodesk offered Token Flex, which associates each checked out license from a license server with a token value.

For most organizations around the world, however, concurrent or floating licensing had been the most popular Autodesk license offering for many years. In recent years, Autodesk has discontinued new purchases of any perpetual licenses and has phased out the renewal of their existing concurrent maintenance plans whether perpetual or subscription.

Autodesk has replaced these plans with Named User Subscriptions and just this year added Autodesk Flex. This means for stand-alone licenses that instead of having host-bound licenses, they are now attached to specific users and each individual user has their own portfolio.

Named User Subscription also means adding more licenses if you are coming from a concurrent or floating licensing model. Considering the phase-out of perpetual and multi-user subscription licenses, the introduction of Named User Subscriptions can have a large impact on many organizations.

Autodesk is forcing most customers into this new licensing model by not renewing their multi-user subscriptions and maintenance and support upon expiration. Therefore, instead of having a pool of licenses that can be shared across the environment, each individual user now has to have their own license subscription.

Due to the pandemic, the initial deadlines for these conversions have been extended and many organizations are still in transition. They now must deal with the complexities of managing this combination of both concurrent licensing and named user subscriptions, among other licensing types that they may still have.

This added complexity makes gathering and aggregating usage data even more complicated, especially when you are trying to understand what is going on across the entire enterprise and how you can optimize your license position. Autodesk is currently offering a trade-in deal of 1 multi-user license for 2 named user licenses.

The problem with this is Autodesk claims that 2 users to 1 multi-user license is the average ratio among their customers, but the reality is that there are usually more than 2 users that can share 1 multi-user concurrent license over the course of a working day. Autodesk offers monthly, annual, and multi-year options for the named user subscription licenses.

The monthly subscription is available only on via a direct purchase and is a great choice for short-term projects or seasonal work. You can deploy Autodesk applications with named user licenses individually on a machine or via script on up to 3 different devices. This is important for all users with Named User Subscriptions to understand and strictly observe license rights to avoid any compliance issues.

Purchasing, renewal, and account management can be done through the Autodesk Portal. This offering just rolled out in the last few months and is not currently available in all regions.

Autodesk Flex and Token Flex are not the same thing other than there is a token value or weight for each application available with this license type. Autodesk Flex allows you to purchase tokens in batches and these tokens expire 12 months from the purchasing date. After 24 hours, additional daily token weight will be deducted again from the token pool.

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