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100 sex positions pdf free download

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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Search the Wayback Machine Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. For added pleasure, lean forward to allow your nipples to rub against each other, or try scratching his back. Make it last even longer by ditching traditional in-and-out thrusts for sexy circular grinding, Elvis-style.

For deep penetration, she should put her legs on his shoulders�the higher and farther back, the deeper his penis plunges. Keep her legs straight and together with his outside hers, for a tighter fit for him, while he grinds satisfyingly against her mons and clitoris. Penetration is deep and straightforward. All he has to do is push her bottom toward him.

Get there by letting him insert just the head of his penis before she wiggles and repetitively squeezes her vaginal muscles to draw him fully inside. To bring him to orgasm, she swings her hips from side to side. The thrusting roles are reversed, with her doing most of the work. She climbs on top, getting him to penetrate in the usual fashion, then keeps her balance by wrapping one arm around his neck and placing the other on his leg.

He leans forward, tensing his abs to stay physically connected to her. If you want to stay tao treat true to the original Tao text, he should place his hand directly under her bottom and pull slightly to create some rather delicious- feeling friction on her genitals, perineum, and anus.

But who does the best job�him works every time or her? Or put the tip of your tongue on the hood and move it in circles. This stretches her and exposes her clitoris. Gently lick around the sides, make circles around it, or lap at the bottom.

And did I mention�slow? Start by both lying on your sides and penetrate as you usually would in a side-by- side position. She then lifts her top leg, winding it backward over his waist and thigh. You can hold hands, and if she puts her other hand up to hold his face, this can be super-romantic as well as sexy.

Go with the mood. A lusty but loving pose like this one, however, might just win us over. Leave tubes of lubricant in secret are, sadly, somewhat slower. You can also buy little both need to be ready for immediate action. With gentle but slippery hands, and you need a variety of sex sessions to you can dive straight for her va-jay-jay , nurture all parts of your emotional and sexual guaranteeing pleasure, not pain.

Lubricant selves. Lusty and loving. Long and short. Combine this with immediate, majority of times you make love. Teasing each other physically�arousing your sexual you do have time, make the effort. A sensible systems, then leaving them to simmer� two-week mix for busy couples is to include whets the appetite and encourages four to six low-effort, minutes-long turn-ons, anticipatory sex. A sexy, around an hour and a half every two weeks.

Learn to enjoy parts of sex and parts of Vary where you do it: having sex in your bodies, rather than always devouring unusual places adds to the danger and the whole thing. He penetrates in the usual man-on-top position. Some interpretations of this pose include her putting her feet in front of him, pressing against the top of his chest.

Sex and intimacy become bed fellows again, without the rose-petals-on- the-bed, yuk-inspiring sentimentality. The higher she lifts her effective at getting her to orgasm as using a leg on his thigh, the deeper the penetration.

Thrust short and shallow, getting into position, try penetrating while rather than deep and fast. This lends itself nicely to talking dirty. To come together, he should be alert to a tightening of her vagina. He penetrates right from the start, but no thrusting just yet! Savor the moment. She stretches out her legs, just as a butterfly does its wings.

Now, unless he spends more time pumping weights than pumping her, movement is limited, but closely clamped genitals and a unique penetrative angle more than make up for it.

The farther she leans back, the greater the pressure. His knee keeps him grounded and she can move slightly until she finds a natural balance point. Holding her hips high gives him the feeling that she desperately wants him inside her. She arches her back and lifts her bottom, legs opened wide. He props himself up on his hands for support. Not only is this a great workout for her thighs and bottom bonus! If her thighs or bottom start to ache, put some firm pillows under her rather grateful bottom.

This is a great position for eye contact and for watching each other orgasm. Research shows that 70 percent of couples have sex with their eyes closed and only 15 percent open them during orgasm.

Silly, right? This position is a perfect opportunity to try it out. So eyes wide open, please, fixed and focused from start to finish. Use lube. She lies on her back and he kneels in front. Hanging on to his thighs which is best? Add some to reactivate the other leg out as far as she can.

He lube and give it another lease of life. Some eat condoms; others upset lower stomach. By rolling her pelvis, clitoral the pH balance of vaginal secretions and cause stimulation is pretty much guaranteed�and infections. Others are messy and smelly and we all know clitoral orgasms are the easiest nearly impossible to get out in the wash. Her unsupported leg may start to and are great all-arounders. Silicone is really slippery and it works in water.

Silicone lube sounds like a match made in heaven for silicone sex toys, but, instead, it just damages them. Stick to the water-based variety. Use too much and you reduce all friction. So add a little, then add a bit more later, if necessary. OK, and maybe a bit jealous. Then extend your legs quota by using a combination of techniques backward and lower your torso down until to hit both internal and external hot spots. His feet are near your campaign on two fronts: with words and head; your feet are near his.

Try slow action. Like, how about we debunk the myth thrusting, so you can feel every inch of his and let him in on the secret, huh? You know, penis as it slides slowly back and forth. Be honest. If you can only climax in the� feet i. Has he had a good look stimulation how most women orgasm and at it in broad daylight? Smart girl! Climb on giving you oral sex. Get him onside and clued top, cowgirl style, and let him penetrate. Now fall back as far as you can until the top of your head is just resting on the bed.

Not only does your tummy look simple as can be. He lies on his back. Instead of straddling him and resting on your knees, squat so your feet are on the bed. Stay leaning forward, then you do all the work�as in thrusting�and the only way to do this is to lift your heels and use those thigh muscles. Whatever, this position is bouncy, sexy sex�perfect for teasing him. Start with a fast up-and-down action before shifting gears and going for wide, circular motions.

Will he like it? Excuse me? Your body is on full display so he gets to admire a full-frontal view because this position lays it all right out in front of him! Him-from-behind positions alter the angle of the vagina and give him a direct shot at your G-spot. Try to arch your back as far as you can, widening your legs so his penis has perfect access. Give yourself a helping hand by reaching down to stimulate your clitoris and feel free to fantasize. Lie with your heads at opposite ends, both open your thighs, and move into a scissor position before he penetrates.

Such an innocent word. Such a powerful tool sexually. The Kama Sutra is all about waiting until your partner is practically swooning with desire�frothing at the mouth, in fact! Good plan. The vagina grips the penis tightly� better for him and intensifying her orgasms.

These workouts be a better buck increase arousal by improving Jump on top and give him the ride of his life, blood flow to the pelvic area and literally milking each moment of this erotic upping lubrication. The joy of female PC contractions pun intended. Start with your vagina up to the second knuckle, then a strong, girlpower grip and proceed to put squeeze hard. Feel anything? Breathe out and draw up the area until you feel a lifting sensation. If, other than your ex, no one but the cat has seen you in your birthday suit in the last decade, keep reading Take your time or take your clothes off under the sheets.

Now and get to know each other first. If relationship. Perfect four to six sessions in. She lies on her front on the bed, pressing her thighs together, rather than apart. She can lift her upper torso off the bed to get closer to him or lie flat. He penetrates from behind, supporting his weight on his arms, straddling the outside of her thighs. Another bonus: he gets a fabulous view of her bod and complete control over his thrusting.

She can vary the sensation on her end by opening her legs wide or wrapping them around his waist. For deep penetration, she can pull her knees up to her chin and put her feet on his shoulders. She then lifts her bottom, allowing him to enter.

He pulls her toward him, she reaches down to hold her ankles as he supports her by holding her hips. This is a good position if he has a big penis and she has a small vagina both a bit smug, are we? She lays her hands on the top of his lower legs and waits� pushing herself forward into this wonderfully dominant role. Still struggling to figure out how penetration happens? Well, I struggled with this one or my boyfriend did, anyway. My boastful best friend, however, managed it no problem with hers you can guess what that means!

She leans good, you might want to give onto his thighs for support�he lies back and a specially designed G-spot relishes the steamy sight of her bottom lifting vibrator a try. On the during intercourse. She can either toward your top wall.

But be motion so it starts to feel like a firm massage. He penetrates from behind, she leans forward, holding onto a piece of furniture for support. Crossing her ankles keeps things tantalizingly tight and by squeezing her vaginal and buttock muscles around his penis, she can up the sensation even further. Instead, she sits back and looks beautiful in this body-flattering pose.

A winning combination! The pelvises are close, so the base of his penis rubs against her clitoris and stays there as they move together. He forces her pelvis backward and downward. And pigs can fly. In fact, only 30 percent of women can reach orgasm she comes first without additional stimulation. This can sometimes set off another him, back and forth, providing much-needed wave of contractions and some women friction on the clitoris.

Assuming her thighs orgasm more easily the second time around. Move the mundane missionary to the bathroom floor and suddenly it becomes more primitive than killing a beast with your bare hands. He leans against the doorframe, she backs onto him, pushing her bottom high in the air.

Look at every space, surface, and item of furniture in your house as a possible place to have sex improvise. Usual thrusting is impossible; instead, rock in a seesaw motion. With legs closed, the vaginal canal becomes invitingly narrow; she spreads her legs for wider access and deeper penetration.

The Cave is great for men with short penises because it raises, tilts, and exposes the vulva, making it feel better for both of you. Putting her left leg over his thighs, he winds an arm around her hips. Pause at this point for him to use his fingers on her clitoris.

Then, let the thrusting begin! Because mismatched libidos�one wanting sex more or less than the other�is one of the main sex problems affecting couples today. Make it your mission to pinpoint what gets People who have a high sex drive and are you in the mood for sex, then do more of it. The one who wants it less tends to intercourse, what about oral sex? It puts you in the sexual power them? At the very least, you should be able position�and that alone can kick-start a to offer the intimacy of a cuddle.

For others, it depletes what little you want it more What works for you? If you need to relax focus from your sex life to your relationship. Or for them to do Be affectionate and make it blatantly clear the dishes while you take a bath or shower.

If they stop early, have a solo orgasm. If oral sex does it for them, explore all possible options. Learn new tricks and tips and broaden your sexual repertoire as much as possible in this area. Use plenty of personal lubricant and make the most of whatever time you do have. The higher the magnet, the more you feel like sex. Alternating between different types of stimulation gives her the best chance of climaxing more than once.

This position is a good option because thrusting is limited. The less intense the friction, the less likely he is to ejaculate early. He lies down and she faces away. Send each other into erotic overdrive�in comfort! She lies back and pulls her knees up to her chin. He kneels in front and penetrates, holding on to the front pleasure pick-me-up of her calves to hold them together and for balance. She can hold on to his upper thighs to help provide leverage.

Use this opportunity to indulge in a little midway oral sex for one or both of you. For some reason, I often end up having sex in my kitchen yes, I am now expecting lots of polite refusals to my dinner parties! He stands and, holding onto the bench or her hips, enters her.

How quick is quick? Well, research says 1. Spend plenty of time on foreplay so that you main event. Comfort yourself with logic: your her resting her upper leg over his hips; or vaginal muscles are elastic enough to take missionary with a twist: she tightly closes the biggest penis�after all, you can deliver her legs to minimize access as he thrusts� a baby from the same place!

Use water- this not only helps control the depth of based lubricant and get him to gently thrust penetration, but it also feels better for him. Get in the habit of doing lots of pelvic Penetrate slowly, and stop each step of floor exercises see page Let her control he should Not get too hung up about it.

Try penetrating from different Placing two pillows under her bottom will angles to see which feels comfortable. If make her feel tighter and you bigger. Keep thrusting shallow and rather than getting her to open hers wide. The best way to up her orgasms during intercourse is to have a threesome�with her vibrator. Turn it on, insert one end up to the bend, and it opens to an L shape.

The clitoral pad sits against the labia and clitoris, the other end works on the G-spot. It perfectly reflects the Taoist belief that life is a balance and everything has an equal and opposite reaction. Time to redress opens her legs wide so he can enter her. He the imbalance! And oh so effective. I guarantee versatile and comfy! Wait for a bit, then�around day 10�pounce! This is one of two or three positions the majority of couples use regularly�for good reason. It feels incredibly intense at his end and she gets the clitoral pressure she needs to orgasm.

He has a great view, watching his penis move in and out. Eye contact combined with close torsos makes it intimate and you can practice synchronizing breathing if that appeals. If she sat higher, resting her thighs in the crook of his elbow, he could lift her up to take complete control.

Both hug and enjoy the flesh-to-flesh contact. The point of this? Flexibility can be super- sexy! He can penetrate once she gives the secret signal lets go of her leg. She leans back, keeping her leg on his shoulder. Still no thrusting�simply enjoy the moment. The Kama Sutra suggests this pose puts her in the steering position.

Others get off on that very fact: forbidding each other to get turned on can have the opposite effect! She lies back against his chest and, pushing back against him for leverage, lifts her bottom and uses her hands to help him penetrate before settling rear view into his lap and relaxing against him.

The truly flexible will put palms flat on the bed. This squeezes his penis. He, meanwhile, clenches his thighs around her buttock cheeks as both rock to and fro. For men who sometimes OK, often enjoy a rear view, this could well become a sexy new staple to add to your erotic repertoire.

I emerged from the research pleasantly surprised and, dare I say, a tad converted! Traditional sex therapy climaxes before he does. Sexual boredom encourages people to lose themselves in the and monotony are seen as the reason experience; Tantra is about staying fully aware why couples split up. In some parts of India, and present. Breathing exercises help to men are encouraged to read the Kama Sutra improve sexual tone and prolong intercourse.

If everyone enforced this lessons to learn Tantra encourages kind of premarital sex research, I think affairs couples to stop being time- or orgasm- and divorce rates would fall dramatically! If to separate orgasm from ejaculation. The techniques are designed to help 81 thrusts one set of nine of each type! Foreplay is prolonged, with two hours with minimal movement. During lots of finger and mouth action for her. Of course, you have: the good old missionary position is a favorite for couples worldwide.

For a varied pace, move from a position in this chapter to a more adventurous one from elsewhere in this book in the same session. She wraps her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles in the small of his back.

He then stays completely still as she rolls her hips in small circles, first one way, then the other. Not feeling sick? Try it anyway�it feels fab! In theory, his penis would stay inside her as you both sleep. In reality, it will sneak out to snuggle up against his thigh and join you! This so you feel like sex regularly. He enters from behind and restrictive.

Instead, aim to keep both of you holds her by the hips to enable him to thrust. Once hot, sheet-clutching experience. And not you both feel stable, he can also use his being fulfilled leaves you wanting more. The more quick sex encounters you have, the higher your libido will soar. The more orgasms you have, the more easily orgasmic you will become. No one can give you a better orgasm than one you give yourself, and the more of them you have, the more you will want. He squats, she lowers herself onto his penis to sit in his lap and kiss him senseless.

She supports herself by holding on to his back, and he also holds on tight. The tipping action changes the feeling for both of them, since it dramatically alters the angle of her vagina.

The angle of the straddle his saddle vaginal canal alters again, providing another novel sensation. His feet are on the floor to steady you as you both move into a rocking motion.

Open your eyes and watch each other climax if you want to up the intensity. She straddles him, but instead of leaning forward, she reaches behind to grip his knees. This has the effect of lifting her breasts�and exposing her entire front torso for him to visually feast on.

This is a very equal position, since you can take turns with the thrusting: either he can lift her up and down or she can move her hips in a circular motion. This one looks deceptively easy, but you need both strength and practice to master it.

He lies on his back and she jumps on top, feet flat on the bed beside his hips, then, holding his thighs for support and leverage, she swings her hips both left and right over his penis, hovering in sensual circles, just as a bee floats above a flower.

She lies back, crosses her legs, and draws them up to her chest. He kneels and penetrates. Altering the position of her legs changes the fit and feel. She might feel like a twit with her leg in the air, but it means his penis is likely to hit a hot spot. If she raises her legs, he can thrust deeper. Keep them straight, with his legs outside hers, and her vagina tightens, allowing him to grind against the clitoris.

She lies back and he kneels in front of her. Think simple, saucy, daily. He takes hold of her feet and brings the soles together, pushing her legs back toward her chest. Skin-to-skin snuggling at least Second, she can play with her own breasts, satisfies the cuddle craving. Pull her palm to your mouth and bury your tongue in it. Rip into separate pieces, fold, and put all of them into a jar.

Pick out one a week to try. Grasping her feet, she then pulls herself upward so her torso is as straight as possible. Back in Kama Sutra times, the man would have admired her elegance, flexibility, and superior posture. If you manage to do this, contact the Guinness Book of Records immediately! She then stretches one leg out and lifts the other, putting her foot into position. The thrusting has to be slow and controlled, which can be unbearably sexy. To up the erotic tension, he can put his hand hammer time on her breastbone and pretend to hold her down.

As he thrusts, her leg moves. Even better, suck her toes, or instead, use your mouth to tell her how breathtaking the view is from up there. Another trick of lusty long-term lovers: a well-stocked toy box. She lies use for blindfolds and tie-ups, gorgeous back and spreads her legs as far apart as lingerie slutty and sweet , erotic magazines possible.

He kneels in front and penetrates, and DVDs, massage oils, and candles. Finger vibes are us , the pay-off is penetration. According to great for nipples, clitorises, and around the more ethereal types, the wider she opens outside of bottom openings. Double imagination than the body.

Maintain pressure with a grinding, circular motion. He then penetrates. Fab for her, it provides vibration on the clitoris and front vaginal wall as well as penetrative stimulation as he thrusts. Achieving this requires a change in attitude, but the key elements are simple: reacquaint those old friends love and sex, and give your love life the most precious gift: time. Stop thinking of sex as having a beginning foreplay , a middle intercourse , and an end maintain eye contact Most of us orgasm.

Eye contact might feel a bit weird and something almost all therapists get couples over-intimate at the start, but once you get to work on.

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