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Download earthworm jim

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The only problem was the combination of two-button control and the difficulty, making it even harder to really get into it. For veterans of the Game Gear, it may be no problem, but I found it awkward to play and a bit too much of a hassle. Still, it does look good and may be worth it for big fans of the Bit version. You've been hearing it for months now, and it's true. Earthworm Jim is, without a doubt, one of the best games of Prepare for spectacular graphics and the most innovative game play since Sonic first raced onto the Genesis.

It all starts when Psy-Crow, a renegade alien, has a close encounter of the wrong kind with another alien craft. When he nukes the alien's ship, a special cybernetic warsuit goes tumbling through the stratosphere and lands on a standard garden-variety earthworm. The suit mutates the worm into a hero like no other -- Earthworm Jim! Of course, once Psy-Crow activates his suit tracker and traces the suit to Earth, Jim has big problems.

You guide Jim through ten levels with so many new and unusual twists; it'll take you more than a few playthroughs to notice them all. In the first level, New Junk City, Jim leaps off old tires, climbs strange crevices and cliffs, swings from chains, and creeps through a maze of garbage -- and that's the most traditional level in the game! From here on out, it gets more and more unpredictable. Get ready for a romp through a fiery place called Heck where lawyers prowl, a warped laboratory with a crazy collection of mad-scientist paraphernalia, a bungee-jumping contest with a snotty combatant, and much more.

Every level is equally innovative and uses equally unpredictable styles of play. Don't worry about grabbing power-ups -- extra guns, 1-ups, and health are plentiful. Instead, you'll spend your brain cells figuring out how to maneuver Jim through each area and beat the enemies, especially the bosses. You must figure out the tricky twist it takes to beat each one.

EJ's controls are easy to master, and that's good, because the game play is tough. At Jim's disposal are his two guns, his head, which he uses as a whip and as a grappling hook to swing from things, and a helicopter! To defeat Chuck, the second New Junk City boss, whip the crates he drops so they land on the spring and bounce into him. You can aim your gun in only eight directions, but the CPU reads what you're aiming at and accommodates you, so your shots actually arc in nearly 64 directions.

You can master the basic moves in New Junk City, but you'll have to figure out new ways to use them as you get farther into the game. Play is tough enough for advanced gamers -- beginners will feel like crawling back into a hole.

David Perry and his Animotion programming and unique compression techniques make Earthworm Jim a masterpiece. The awesome graphics have a 3D look and feel, including an uncanny ability to rotate and scale that makes the game look just like a 'toon. Jim's humorous animations and creative villains bring the clever story line to life with lots of raunchy humor. Better yet, sound effects, tunes, and even voices are far more crisp than you would think possible on the Genesis.

The sound effects in particular are a big part of the game's humor -- as with the disgusting burbles that emanate from the Butt-hole boss. Both versions, the Genesis and Super Nintendo, are spectacular, but the Genesis version has an additional level Intestine. Either way, if you're only planning to get one game this holiday season, make it Earthworm Jim. Oh, hell yeah, Earthworm Jim! This game is a freaking masterpiece and a true gem of the bit era.

One of the most interesting things about this game is the time it was released. This one though, stands out from the rest and offers something truly special. What makes this game stand out from the pack is the personality that it has. Earthworm Jim started life out as a normal worm, but one day a spacesuit falls on him and turns him into the hero we know and love.

This is an incredible looking game, while Donkey Kong Country may have gotten all of the attention back in I would argue that Earthworm Jim has held up much better over time. The whole game looks like a whacky Saturday morning cartoon.

Jim not only looks cool, but he has many fun animations. It is not just Jim that looks great, the supporting cast, especially the bad guys look fantastic too. There is a ton of imagination in the levels as well. The visuals are accompanied by a stellar soundtrack and some very high-quality voice samples that help bring the characters to life even more.

I know I have said a couple of times now that Earthworm Jim is a platform game, but it actually offers far more than that. Jim can run and jump, but he also can use a gun and he can use his head as a whip and also a grappling hook as well.

You will need to get to the end of a level, fight bosses, and so on, but Earthworm Jim also has other things in store. You need to help Peter Puppy get through a level, you need to race Psy-Crow and you even need to bungee jump from a living booger!

One of the things that makes this such a fun game to play is that there is so much variety in what you have to do. As crazy as it sounds, the opening level is probably the worst and probably my only negative about the game as far as the gameplay goes. I love Earthworm Jim. I have played the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis versions to death and I will say both are great games, but I give the edge just to Sega.

It is one of the best games of its generation and a true joy to play. I have lost count of how many times I have played through this game. I can tell you that each time I have played through it, I have always had a fun time and a big smile on my face the whole time through. Earthworm Jim is one of the best action games I've seen all year.

I love the warped jokes and visual effects in this game. There's a number of cheap hits, but any true gamer should bo able to beat it with practice. It's always a challenge. The graphics and sounds have every little detail to them. It plays great, and the diversity of techniques is nice.

This game was made by a gamer, and it shows. EWJ is simply the coolest character to arrive in a long lime. The game has perfect control, awesome voices and a fun quest. The humor really rapart from the rest. The ere all unique, especially jump. Too cool! Earthworm Jim gets my vote as the coolest character and hottest action game of the year. What more can I say? Absolutely incredible! Earthworm Jim is one of the best platform games I have played this year. This game is loaded with more than just great graphics, fantastic sound und awesome game play.

I totally loved the originality put into the game, especially with the cow-launching. The character mannerisms and animation have to be seen to be believed!

It's a total riot! This is one hot game! What an unlikely hero to make such a big hit. This little worm is larger than life sort of like James Carrey Just ihe animations of the character alone are incredible enough for anyone to be drawn to it like a to a flame.

But it doesn't slop there the graphics and sounds complement the cool character. Thorn are big levels with different types of scenes to keep you entertained. Simply put--this game is smokin'! Fans of the Little Worm That Could will welcome this handheld version. If you played last year's heralded bit versions, you'll recognize nearly everything on the Game Boy: The imaginative stages, the nutty characters, and the wacky plot are all here. Once again you play as a lowly worm who puts on a strange suit to become a superhero.

Unfortunately, though you have lots of control options, control is better in theory than in practice because some moves aren't as effective as you'd like. The plasma gun isn't totally accurate, and whip-slinging can be difficult when you're trying to hit tiny targets. While the gameplay remains faithful to the bit games, many of the humorous graphics and sounds that put EWJ over the top are gone.

The foregrounds look similar, but the backgrounds are sometimes missing, and the sprites are so small that they've lost their bizarre personalities.

Jim still moves smoothly, but he's not nearly as charming. The sounds also suffer: With zero voices, the Game Boy version loses lots of comedic impact. Despite the system's limitations, EWJ is still first-class. It's not easy, though, so be prepared for a fight. Fortunately, this is a fight worth taking on. Last year's classic bit entertainment becomes this year's classic handheld fun.

Floppy Head is back with all the fun of the original, complete with his trademark head whip and handy-dandy laser gun. If you did not get enough of Earthworm Jim before, now you can take him with you. This is a game of adventure and discovery. You must battle through each section by working through puzzles and surviving traps, obstacles and bad guys. You must find the right combination of jumping, climbing, and running to get through each section. You will face a boss character at the end of each section.

Some seem to be a bit on the strong side; you will have to look for their weaknesses and exploit them if you want to move on. Watch out for Psy-Crow! Several things make Earthworm Jim a lot harder than it should be. First of all, there is no save or password option. This means that unless you use a cheat code you must play this game from the beginning every time you power up your Game Boy Advance.

Second, you only get two continues per game so even if you play for a long time and you are doing well, you can still expect to start from the beginning at some point before you get to the end of the game.

Play smart and save those lives -- you are going to need them. There are many places on screen that are hard to reach. I have been told that you can get to everything but I have not found my way to all of it yet. If you get stuck, keep in mind there is basically only one way to move on to the next section and there are lots of dead ends.

You will have to backtrack several times to get back on the right path. Do not forget to look up; many times I have passed the correct path by not looking up. Use your head whip outside of battle: you can jump and then get a controlled fall by head whipping, effectively creating a pseudo-helicopter action, which slows down the rate at which you fall.

This allows you to get a longer float and get past some of the obstacles. It takes a bit to get your timing down, but keep at it and you will be head-whipping with the best.

One shortcoming is that you do not have any idea how much damage you are doing to the boss characters at the end of each section, so you do not know how close you are to beating them. You seem to pound on him for a long time before he goes down. There should be some sort of indication how close you are to beating the boss and going on to the next section so you can evaluate how effective your attack strategy is.

An indicator would also allow you to change your strategy if you are not doing much damage with your current attack. This game does not support ANY kind of multiplayer options, much to my disappointment.

I would like to see an option available for head-to-head battle, where you could choose to play as either Jim or one of the boss characters. With the new 4-player capabilities of Game Boy Advance, I would like to see more games take full advantage of this option. The graphics are good and have nice detail. The wide screen format makes it much easier to see where you need to go next.

However, some the landscapes are too dark, which adds some trouble in playing the game. Make sure you have a good light source nearby when you play; otherwise you will not be able to see at some critical places in the game.

With proper light you will be able to appreciate the quality of the graphics. The attention to detail is evident throughout the game. Something fun to try: stop and let your laser recharge and you will see some fun antics onscreen everything from Jim jumping rope with his own head, to his pants falling down and Jim realizing it and quickly pulling them back up.

It pays to stop and take a break in a safe corner to see the fun. The music and sound effects are true to the spirit of Earthworm Jim. If you liked the original, you will like the sounds in this game. They add the flavor and flair that makes Earthworm Jim unique. Nothing beats the good crack of a whip -- even if it is your own head making the sound.

I liked playing this game. If you have played any of the Earthworm Jim games, you will enjoy this one. If you have not played any of the previous games, this might be the perfect time to start. I would recommend this game to anyone who has played or ever wanted to play an Earthworm Jim game.

There are some things lacking in the way the game was set up that bring its overall score down. If you don't want to play from the beginning every time, you will need to use cheat codes to play from your last stopping point.

Ordinarily I do not like to recommend this type of play but the lack of savegames or passwords, which are popular in a lot of games nowadays, leave you with little other choice. The only other option is to get through on your exceptional talent. I for one am not that talented, so the cheat codes will have to do. This is a fun game -- not much new or unique, but true to the Earthworm Jim character.

Everything looks great so far, right down to the udder on the flying cow. Look for it at launch. I've got to start out by saying that the opening animations are great. This is worth buying if you don't already own EWJ, or renting if you do. The new levels are not as good as old ones, but the changes to the original are pretty cool. The little additions, like more voices and better music, enhance this CD.

You can even find a new weapon. EWJ: Special Edition is a fun game for the hardcore gamers out there. Well, look at this. A game for the Sega CD that's actually worth buying.

EWJ isn't just the same old cartridge version with new tunes added. The extra levels alone are worth the purchase and the additional weapon really packs a wallop.

Of course, you still get an excellent-playing game with one of the most unique characters around. I'm not big on cartridge-to-CD translations. Most are exactly the same as the cartridge, just with enhanced music, making the game not much of an upgrade. Well, the makers of EWJ obviously feel the same way I do and took care of this game. They added new levels along with the existing ones. New weapons and funny animations have also been included. Jim is deliciously slimier than ever!

If you liked the cart version, you'll love it on CD! This new version is just that--new. There are new weapons, new levels, new types of animations, etc. You can help us by writing some cool user review for this game.

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Developer's Description By Gameloft. Play as the grooviest earthworm in the galaxy, and explore a crazy universe that offers huge gameplay possibilities: - Run, gun, swing from hooks with your head, launch cows, bungee jump, rocket through speed levels and more. Follow us on Twitter for more information: www. Full Specifications. What's new in version. Release April 14, Date Added March 1, Operating Systems.

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