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Every one of the Anker 's good ideas comes mired in caveats, and all the user tweaking in the world can't solve its fundamental design problems. The software deserves praise for making macros so easy to record and use, but otherwise, the feature set is pretty standard. Whereas, the range of 16 million colors empowers you to set your desired lighting color as profile indicator, that further embellishes the look of the device. Latest: smalltech 10 minutes ago. Question Uninitialized until download 2k16 for pc Post thread.

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Download asus software

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I Agree. ASUS has available drivers version on Windows. Sony Laptop Drivers 1 models. Panasonic Laptop Drivers 14 models. NeoMagic Laptop Drivers 1 models. HCL Laptop Drivers 17 models. Jetway Laptop Drivers 1 models.

Sharp Laptop Drivers 33 models. Clevo Laptop Drivers models. Epson Laptop Drivers 3 models. Itronix Laptop Drivers 4 models.

Gateway Laptop Drivers models. ENPower Laptop Drivers 12 models. Gigabyte Laptop Drivers 4 models. MaxTech Laptop Drivers 1 models. Micron Laptop Drivers 6 models. Simmtronics Laptop Drivers 1 models. Connect Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. WiFi SmartConnect. When moving between different meeting rooms with your laptop, the WiFi signal can become unstable. It also memorizes the mobile hotspots you connect to and prioritizes connections to them when they're detected.

Function Key Lock. Hotkeys allow you to adjust your keyboard workflow with ease. Either choose the new way of Function Key Lock to access the function keys directly, or use the traditional way to press the Fn key along with the keyboard function keys to access it. The System Diagnosis tool helps you identify any problems that are encountered, reports the sources of the issues, and provides instant suggestions. It also helps our customer service representatives to identify problems quickly and accurately if your device needs repairing.

Hardware check. This process helps you take early action if a problem is identified. Encountered-Problem Check. The pre-installed System Diagnosis tool helps you identify potential hardware issues based on any problems you might encounter, such as blue-screen errors, slow performance, or poor wireless connectivity.

The tool also provides a diagnostic report with suggested remedies, helping minimize system downtime caused by issues that you can fix yourself. These allow you to easily register your products, contact our customer service representatives and receive instant help. Instant support. If you need aftersales service you can reach us for one-on-one support via ASUS Online Chat, which allows you to send voice messages and screenshots for us to better understand your situation and provide instant help.

You can also choose to contact us via email or phone. Repair status tracking. Easily find your nearest repair center and make a repair reservation online. If your device needs to be fixed at the repair center, you can see the real-time repair status by entering your RMA number or product serial number. You can extend your warranty period, expand the warranty coverage, and add extra protection to your ASUS Products with hassle-free repair or replacement.

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Turn your screenshots into art with this powerful in-game photo mode that captures , HDR, and super-resolution photos. Skip to content Accessibility help. Powered by ASUS. Thin and light. Everyday use Entry-level Vivobook. Workstation Motherboards Creative Professionals. Business Security, reliability and improved management.

Wireless Adapters. Wireless Keyboards. Mechanical Keyboards. Membrane Keyboards. Keyboard and Mouse Combos. My Account. Overview Tech Specs Review Support. Notify me. View the model in 3D. Axial-tech Upgrades Air Superiority Bigger and better. New Direction Well-maintained Formation The two side fans spin counterclockwise to minimize turbulence and maximize air dispersion through the heatsink.

Military-grade 20K Capacitors Resilient Squadron A lineup of capacitors rated to last 20, hours at Celsius brings higher temperature and ripple tolerance to the GPU power rail, arming the card for long-term deployment in challenging conditions. Compact PCB Power and Purge Component and trace layouts have been optimized onto a short PCB to reduce power losses and let heat escape through a massive backplate vent.

Metal Exoskeleton Suit Up A high-quality diecast shroud and aluminum backplate prevent PCB flex and feature large vents to further increase heat dissipation. Lock, load, and let the performance flow The GeForce RTX gloriously presented on a backdrop of low noise and rugged durability.

Auto-Extreme Technology Reliability Boost Auto-Extreme Technology is an automated manufacturing process that sets new standards in the industry by allowing all soldering to be completed in a single pass. Choose Color. Select Mode. Graphics card holder Pillar of Support The bundled graphics card holder banishes sag and also contains a screwdriver to help you build. System Diagnosis. When hardware problems are encountered, this pre-installed tool helps automatically identify potential sources of the issue.

Customer Service. Contact ASUS customer support via phone, email or online chat. You can also track the repair status in real time when your device is returned for repair.

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Cross-referencing multiple documents has never been easier! Remote File Access. Use your mobile device to remotely access files stored on your ASUS PC, and use your PC as a personal cloud replacement and gain access anywhere and anytime! Tutorial videos. Quick Intro. Open your MyASUS Hardware Settings to personalize your way of using your PC including colors, charging settings, keyboard usage habits, or optimize your PC performance by changing the fan mode and network settings.

ASUS Splendid. By default, ASUS Splendid panels are set up to show the most accurate colors possible for the best viewing experience. But we realize that sometimes you might want to make adjustments to color.

As a result, video imagery looks more colorful, more vivid and sharper with incredible contrast. Battery Health Charging. Overcharging a laptop battery may degrade the battery, resulting in a shorter lifespan. It can also cause swelling due to oxidation. Fan Profile. Noise from computer CPU cooling fans can be annoying, especially in quiet places like the bedroom or the library.

Fan Profile gives you the flexibility to operate the fan at maximum speed when processing heavy tasks, and change to a lower fan speed when working in a quiet environment.

WiFi SmartConnect. When moving between different meeting rooms with your laptop, the WiFi signal can become unstable. It also memorizes the mobile hotspots you connect to and prioritizes connections to them when they're detected. Function Key Lock.

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WebASUS Download Center Download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals. Please enter a model name How to Find Model Name Or Select a product . WebWelcome to ASUS Support We are here to help Drivers and Manuals Service and Repair Warranty and Registration Drivers and Manuals Download drivers, software, firmware . WebASUS Download Center Download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals. Please enter a model name How to find Model Name Or Select a product .