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Final fantasy 7 pc download

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This appealing video game offers a lot of engrossing features to the players that will make this video game all more interesting appealing. A few of the incredible features of this video game have been highlighted below for your reference.

To begin with, you can access the 3D world map that will give you a great amount of experience. The world map in 3D will help you strategize well which will further help you to enhance your performance in the game. This will provide you with a better quality of experience as compared to games without the map.

In addition, this game also provides excellent quality graphics. The visuals of a game decide the ranking of that game. A far as the graphics of this game is concerned, they are incredibly impressive. It provides an enriching experience to the player which is indeed worthy to note. Moreover, you will be playing the role of the main lead. This will provide a feeling that you are actually at the scene and that everything happening is in reality.

This game indeed provides you with a realistic experience not just with graphics but also with the role-playing element. In the last, this incredible video game has the best music that provides great interest. The graphics of this game indeed attract the attention of the players to the game.

But, it is the music of this game that retains their attention for such a long time. Final Fantasy VII is among the best and the most popular role-playing video game. These were a few of the impressive features that this game offers to the players while playing the game.

If you are new to this entire game industry then, we suggest going through the post once again to get a better idea before giving a shot at this video game. If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me. In fact, at a rough estimate, we'd say that 25 per cent of the time you are doing little more than pushing a single button to advance to the next chunk of an ongoing rolling sequence.

By rights, we should be slagging the game into the dirt, awarding it a sub per cent score and phoning up the developers and calling them arseholes. But we're making an exception to the rule. Still, consider yourselves warned: there's a lot of waiting around involved in this game.

There's a world of difference between us and our Far-Eastern cousins. We like our RPGs traditional. Plenty of dimly-lit dungeons, axe-wielding goblins and heroes with frightening biceps shimmying about in skintight hose. We like nothing better than leaping straight into a tedious quest to recover a sacred dagger or a rusty bit of pipe.

The storyline barely seems to matter - we just like the idea of the whole thing. We're idiots, basically. The Japanese, at first glance, are altogether more well-adjusted. Their RPGs - and Final Fantasy VIIis the finest example of the genre - are adept at keeping things exciting, by remembering to include two very important things: a compelling storyline and sackloads of eye-dazzling Anime action.

First things first. The storyline. We won't bore you rigid by recounting a load of background information: you can find out what the game's about when you buy it. What we'd like to draw your attention to is the fact that the developers haven't once lost sight of the fact that first and foremost they're supposed to be storytellers, here to keep you entertained.

The audience must be held in a state of suspended disbelief for the entire duration of the narrative. They do this by performing a complex juggling act: exciting you with frequent bursts of activity, while allowing the overall course of events to unfold slowly, arousing your curiosity with unexpected twists in the tale en route.

Character interaction and growth is also of paramount importance. We're supposed to identify with the main protagonists, and if at the end of the tale their experiences haven't changed them in some way, we'll shuffle away disappointed and drink ourselves to death. Finally, there's the creation of a believable environment, with its own set of rules and logic - a world which slowly becomes as familiar as the player's own.

That's the basic formula for producing something that will drive the player on. You won't be able to put it down. We'll print that again so the words imbed themselves in your head. And here's the bad news: it's immense in scale. It's one of those games where you keep thinking "I must be about haltway through by now" for weeks on end, but you're not halfway through at all.

Pray for bad weather this summer, or you could end up being the palest person in your street. The game itself is an intensely playable hybrid of simple arcade-style action and traditional RPG geekery. Nowhere is this peculiar mixture of arcade fun and dicerolling spoddery more apparent than in the battle sequences, which crop up with increasing regularity as you progress in the game.

Fighting takes the form of a half-real-time, half-turn-based orgy of violence, with some truly spectacular special effects bunged in for good measure. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it works. The action concerns the exploits of a bloke named Cloud and his chums from illegal eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE that's probably an acronym for something, but God knows what , and as the game progresses you'll find yourself getting distinctly attached to them.

Initially, the game is totally linear - it almost drags you from one location to another at times. Adventure game old-timers might find this infuriating, but later on the structure becomes far more free-form, enabling you to wander around at will. The engine also undergoes a startling transformation from static prerendered backdrops to moving, real-time, 3D, Mario style landscapes. This is one of the joys of the game - you never know what's coming next.

Hugely cheesy dialogue, mind. It's written, not spoken, and it's all been translated from Japanese. Sometimes it's laughably bad. If you encountered a script this hackneyed and unnatural in the cinema you'd stand up and hurl shoes at the screen.

Furthermore, the convoluted narrative employs even more cloying sentiment and gurgling cutesyness than your average Mother's Day card. But you get into it. In fact, after an hour's play you won't even notice. If that isn't concrete evidence of the peculiar hold this game can exert, we don't know what is. What else? Well, the graphics are first-rate.

The pre-rendered backdrops which appear for the bulk of the game's early stages look like they've been lifted straight from Akira, while the polygonal characters that make up the cast are all designed in that intrinsically satisfying, boldly simplistic Manga style. The animation throughout is superb, especially during some of the battle sequences, with their eyepopping lighting effects and explosions.

The audio content might raise a few eyebrows. Much of the music is controlled by the MIDI chip in your sound card, so if you've got a cheap one, it could prove unbearable. And most of the sound effects themselves sound like old-school Megadrive noises. Sonic purists will probably want to pull their own heads off with rage at this news, but we rather liked them.

And that's all we've got time for. Did you notice we haven't really told you anything about the plot itself? That's because we want you to play the damn thing and find out for yourself.

Final Fantasy VII will amaze, amuse, excite, enthral and reward you. It's excellent value for money, too: it's so big you'll need a good lie down at the end. If you've never played a Japanese RPG before, you may want to do that old 'try before you buy' thing.

But that would just be boring. Instead, splash out. Live a little. Trust us on this one. You won't regret it. Square of Japan's announcement to make PlayStation games can only be described as stunning-a fitting word in light of this behemoth of an adventure.

Encompassing two CDs. Final Fantasy 7 takes full advantage of SGI-rendered graphics to create richly detailed city and dungeon scenes, as these shots from Square show. Of particular note is the attention paid to lighting anql shading effects, such as the glow of a neon sign or campfire, which give the graphics a sense of depth never before seen in an RPG. The artistry presented in these preliminary shots is a dramatic departure from the simple cartoonlike drawings of Square's Bit offerings, but given the quality of these scenes, it's doubtful if any gamers will complain about the new look.

Square has harnessed the PlayStation s polygon drawing capabilities for its battle engine, in which characters move and attack enemies in a 3-D setting. Based on what Square showed, the battle sequences can be viewed from various perspectives such as up close with the adventurers or from the enemies' point of view.

The actual storyline remains a mystery, but it apparently involves a futuristic-styled city called Midgar. Of course, no FF story is complete without new faces. Square has revealed three: Claud, a partially armored fighter who packs a huge sword; Ealis, a female ally draped in pink who wields a staff; and Barett, a muscle-bound black man whose arms serve as formidable weapons in their own right. Considering this game will be placed on two CDs, according to Square, gamers should expect a long, intricate adventure with many subplots and multiple endings.

Final Fantasy VII is a deep, lush game that consumes you with a compelling story line. Unlike most games, Final Fantasy's story line is a major drawing card. The tale centers around a sword-wielding mercenary named Cloud Strife and a motley band of Earth-first revolutionaries called Avalanche who are trying to prevent the evil Shinra Corporation from draining their world's energy. The unfolding of Cloud's tale is dramatic, sentimental, and touching in a way that draws you into the characters.

To further that, Square didn't shy away from using lengthy dialogue boxes to convey heavy emotion. This bold use of precious CD space is impressive, but the flip side is that the storytelling is lengthy, involved, and definitely too dialogue-heavy for pre-teen attention spans. There are also swearwords and adult situations, but nothing more extreme than any night of prime-time TV viewing.

FFVII reveals Cloud's travails via a series of sometimes stunning polygon-rendered cinema scenes, excellently animated combat, and extensive character dialogue sequences. The background art in particular is out of this world, with fantastic structures, bizarre color schemes, and a Blade Runner -esque styling. At first, the luxurious backgrounds seem to clash with the character graphics, which are average-looking blocky polygons.

However, the animation does a wondrous job of melding subtle movements and mannerisms with the dialogue to bring the characters to life. Fantasy's combat definitely looks cool, as fighters bust their moves in slick, anime-style animation. There's also a nightmare's load of monsters that all sport unusual designs.

A murderous living house, man-zapping plants, and a gross sewer king are just the beginning of FF's malicious roster. Final Fantasy's gameplay rocks, thanks to a nicely crafted interface that's smooth, slick, and fun. While the action's basically menu-driven, you shuffle through the deck with ease to deal out spells and weapons attacks and cut deals for items and magic power-ups. You also form parties, but here the characters in a party change according to events in the story.

The combat system can be modified for turn-based game-play or an almost-real-time combat mode called Active Time Battle ATB. ATB, which allows enemies to attack you if you take too long to make a move, is a great technique that adds tension and randomness to the traditionally slow RPG fights.

Another slick combat highlight is the Limit attack system. If a character takes a sustained beating during a battle, a selectable special move becomes available. The Limit looks cool as it causes mucho damage, and each character eventually develops several Limit attacks. You can also make your own Fantasy magic. Magic powers are fueled by Materia, which you must attach to your weapons and armor to make them potent.

Materia exists in a variety of types which you must find or buy. Combining different Materia produces different effects, and part of FFVII's kick is experimenting with different combinations. If you'd like to unleash your imagination on a huge, rich video-game world for a few days, take this Final. Any gamer looking for a good fantasy can end the search here.

Gorgeously rendered 3D cinemas and excellent combat animation push the graphics quality beyond that of any other RPG. Even the sharply angled polygonal characters come alive thanks to sweetly subtle body movements.

The New Age music is right-on for the overall fantasy atmosphere. Even though the effects are minimal, they're timely and cute. The menu-driven interface is excellently tuned, while the innovative Materia magic system lets you experiment to create custom spells. Exploring a massive world, experimenting with spells and weapons, encounters with weird creatures, and a soap opera-ish story line are a kick and a half.

FFVII has "classic" written all over it. Though it's only a short look, this game is already shaping up to be a veritable feast for the eyes. The game starts out in a rendered 3D world. As you progress, you fight enemies in standard turn-based combat just like the other games in the FF series , but the action switches back and forth between combat and 3D adventuring.

The graphics shine in the 3D areas. Lush, gorgeously illustrated matte-painted backgrounds give the game a real "Hollywood" feel. The fight scenes showcase some new work in polygonal programming, and the battles are smooth and flawless in their execution. The sounds are superior-unearthly bestial screaming is augmented by raving hip-hop background music.

The sounds may be changed in the American version, but hopefully will still rock. Fans of the series take note: So far, this looks like the best Final Fantasy game ever.

Let's hope it arrives on our shores soon. However, the major shocker is that Square will not develop games for N64 at all!

According to Square, the move to PlayStation came about because its game designers felt that they needed more data capacity than was available with ROM cartridges to bring next-generation RPG entertainment to fans. By incorporating polygons, battle scenes should also become much more dramatic since they place the player into the fray as an active participant rather than an observer.

For example, the battle scenes will feature changing viewpoints, including a look from the enemy's point of view. Composer Nobuo Uemat-su's soundtrack should also benefit greatly by going to CD with few data constraints.

The release of this killer title could very well tip the balance of power in the Nintendo-dominated Japanese market in favor of Sony. The changes that were revealed at a press conference in Square's new Honolulu development offices by Square president and Final Fantasy creator, Hiroshi Sak-aguchi, are said to be primarily aimed at making the game flow smoother to suit the tastes of action-hungry American A gamers.

The story of Cloud Strife's battle against the evil Shinra organization is, after all, an epic RPG--a genre wildly popular in Japan but relegated to niche status in America. Naturally, translation from Japanese to English is a primary concern and Square USA has taken scrupulous pains to make the translation primo. The work is being done at the Square offices in Los Angeles, rather than in Japan, by American translators who are fluent in Japanese.

This is to ensure that all the Japanese conceptual nuances are intelligibly communicated to American gamers. The action in these types of sequences has been tightened up for smoother gameplay. Also, casting magic in FFVII requires the use of specific crystals called Materia that must be fitted into slots in weapons and armor.

The Materia menu system interface has been slightly tweaked to make it less involved and more user-friendly. Other major additions have been made to cater to the action-oriented mentality of American gamers.

The enemy encounter rate has been adjusted for slightly fewer face-offs with enemies in exchange for a smoother flowing game and a more focused story. Also, hint messages have been added to increase your chances of surviving encounters against particularly deadly bosses.

Finally, the game's ending has been beefed up with the addition of two more bosses. That could be a fantasy come true. It marked the end of Square's long-time association with Nintendo and the beginning of a new era with Sony. In a word: Yes! The story focuses on Cloud, a former soldier, and his compatriots in a terrorist organization which is fighting the Shinra Company, a monopolistic power company that's draining the very soul of Cloud's planet.

Romance, adventure, terror, inspiration, humor, and just about anything else you can think of is woven into the vast story line. The spacious storage media enabled Final Fantasy's designers to flesh out the supporting cast in ways that weren't possible in the past. The basic gameplay design remains true to the FF series' tradition.

The big change is in the casting of magic spells, which now require the use of specific Materia crystals that must be fitted in slots on weapons and ar-! Otherwise, the game should be easy I to get into, especially I if you're familiar with I preceding FF titles. When necessary, tuto-! It certainly shows. For the most part, the BD graphics use gorgeous computer-generated images as backgrounds and polygons for characters. The combination looks a bit odd, but it's surprisingly effective--especially during events in which characters convey subtle emotions with lifelike body language.

Battles occur entirely in the blocky polygonal style, but extravagant special effects and freely moving camera angles help keep the action fast and furious. FFVII's equally fabulous sonic atmosphere resounds with superbly crafted sound effects and a stirring soundtrack by composer Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy VII doesn't just live up to the expectations of gamers, it surpasses them.

This RPG towers over the competition in terms of graphics, sounds, story, and playability. This game defines an entirely new standard--perhaps an insurmountable level of excellence--against which all RPGs must be measured. Browse games Game Portals. Final Fantasy VII. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downloads Screenshots Overall rating: 7. Playstation 2. The Four Sub-Games There are four major sub-games which occur as integral parts of the plot. G-Bike You need to defend the truck - stay close to It. Snowboarding Snowboarding Is a short way into the second disc and it's fairly easy.

Submarine Chase As a 'plot game', this is easy peasy.

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A ragtag group of idealists, known as Avalanche, are one of the last bastions of resistance. The bombing plunges the city into fiery chaos, and Cloud is tormented by visions of a bitter enemy long thought dead. Once more begins a story that will shape the destiny of an entire world. The first title in a multi-part series, it is based on the story from the original game, up to the escape from Midgar, adding in new elements. Final Fantasy VII rewards players with achievements 36 in total to give players tons of things to do within the game.

You can then share online with your friends and see each others progress. If you have an internet connection, game saves will automatically be uploaded to Square Enix's servers. Also new to the PC version is the character booster, which allows players who are stuck on a section to increase their HP, MP, and Gil. Back in the old days, players would have to grind to get more Gil and to level up their characters before facing a tough boss. Now players won't have to if they so desire.

Overall, Final Fantasy VII brings a few modern features to the PC version but nostalgia may not be enough to merit re-purchasing this game. Be the first to leave your opinion! Enjoy this remastered version in HD on your PC!

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