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Update acrobat dc

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How To Update PDF Reader - Update Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Latest Version.

WebJan 20,  · Currently the latest update on that FTP site is , so its looking for the file 'AcroRdrDC_en_kbijsetupdownload.com' in the latest directory, but if you manually browse to that directory you'll notice there's no file with that name: And hey presto you get FTP error code (file not found/available). WebFeb 21,  · Goto PDQ package library, make sure you have downloaded and updated the Adobe Reader DC () 2. Goto Menu (Options > Credentials) and use one of the Domain administrator ID & passwords). Else you have to use.\administrator with the local administrator passwords. 3. Click on the Adobe Reader DC package and click . WebAnd if it still doesn't work and you get error message during update, then you may try uninstalling the application completely using the cleaner tool (if its windows) Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs and for Mac you need to uninstall manually from applications. Regards, Akanchha Translate Jump to answer 6 Replies.